OATH 12 Gauge Tango Ammo Review (VIDEO)

OATH 12 Gauge Tango Ammo Review
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OATH 12 Gauge Tango Ammo Review
OATH 12 Gauge Tango Ammo Review
Clark Armory
Clark Armory

USA -(AmmoLand.com)- After more than six months of waiting, Oath Ammunition finally released their promised Tango Shotgun round.

To see if the nearly $10.00 per shot ammo is worth the hype, Clark Armory sent a box to GBGuns for ballistics gel testing.

Anything that carriers approximately 2,000 foot pounds of energy is going to do some real damage to ballistics gel. As shown in this gel test, the expansion diameter of the OATH shell, is what really sets it apart.

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About Clark Armory:

Clark Armory exists to supply sportsmen and women with the hard-to-find ammo they need, and to ensure the future of the shooting/hunting sports by making tomorrow's ammo available and affordable today. They are a family owned and operated American company and the premier source for all your lead free ammunition needs.

For more information, visit: https://clarkarmory.com.

  • 9 thoughts on “OATH 12 Gauge Tango Ammo Review (VIDEO)

    1. Look up the reveiw by gy6 on the OATH 12 Gauge Tango Ammo Review you can see for your self a 1 dollar slug from Winchester is better

    2. It took me five months to receive my order of ten 12 gauge Tango rounds, the aluminum cased ones. None of them, I mean none of them would even load in my shotguns (Mossberg 500, Remington 870, and even a couple break action shotguns) The lip on the casing is too thick for the breech to fully go into battery and for the extractor to wrap around and lock up. I contacted the company and they apologized and had me send them back and stated they solved the problem and would send me new ones. About a month later I sent an email back asking if they were going to send any rounds. They said they were sorry and that I got lost in the emails and sent me another package right out, plus a special gift for my troubles. Well, no gift came and the shotgun ammo they sent, would again, not work. My word of the wise, just stick with a company that had been making quality ammo for years. This guy Marty doesn’t really seem to get the whole business thing or even care about his customers.

    3. I’ll stick with either 00 or #4 buckshot. Having watched what it does in gel, I feel sure that pretty much where I hit a perp, he’s either dead or wishes he was.
      Even cheap buckshot (I shoot Royal; I have had no problems with in in well over a thousands rounds) will do the trick.
      If I were using something like an AR or AK for home defense, yes, I’d need something other than plain ball ammo to make use of all the energy available. But buckshot out of a 12 gauge just works.

      1. 00 Buck or rifled slugs work really well.
        Both of our 9mm home defense weapons are chambered with Oath Ammo hollow points.

        1. From what I’ve seen, at normal interior distances (10 yards or less), there’s little difference between 00 and #4 buckshot. Patterning my Mossberg at 10 yards with either one shows a spread of under 10 inches (usually about 7~8″). With 9 or 21 pellets, the effect is pretty much the same.
          Slugs are not my choice; there are a few reasons for this. They tend to go through a lot of things (moreso than buckshot) if I miss. Also, in case of SHTF in my home, and I use a slug, I can foresee a prosecutor using my choice of a slug over a more “normal” load as being somehow sadistic; juries eat that up.
          I’m not trying to say my choices are perfect by any means. It’s just my choices, is all.
          00 buck or slugs are certainly effective, just not what I choose.

    4. Awesome looking impact, but, really, is the Oath more of an advantage than a hot load of buck priced at a tenth of what this new round costs?

      1. Agreed. I love ot see firearm and ammo innovation but I don’t have the silver spoon to pay for it. I’ll stick to this:

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