Wiebe Adventure Knives Unleashes The Boss Dog Knife

Wiebe Adventure Knives The Boss Dog Knife
Wiebe Adventure Knives The Boss Dog Knife
Wiebe Knives
Wiebe Knives

Lennox, SD (www.ammoland.com) — Wiebe Adventure Knives, the replaceable-blade knife category leader in durability and value, introduces the Boss Dog to its extensive line of hunting, field-dressing and skinning knives.

For those hunters and trappers who love a fixed-blade knife, the Boss Dog sports a replaceable-blade design that secures a surgical-grade scalpel for a long-lasting and consistent edge to work with. And when the blade does become dull, simply dispose of the old blade and insert a new, wicked-sharp blade.

Wiebe’s replacement blades are designed to withstand the toughest field work by the most serious hunters, as well as the lightest precision work done by the most detail-oriented fur skinners. No more wasted time sharpening afield, and no more messy precision work due to a dull blade.

The easy to see—and hard to lose—orange handle is constructed of a soft-touch material for wet days afield or greasy hands in the skinning shed, yet the material is durable enough to stand up to years of extensive, hard-core use.

The knife measures 8 inches overall with a Wiebe wicked-sharp replacement blade inserted, and comes with 24 wicked-sharp replacement blades.

MSRP for the Boss Dog replaceable-blade knife is $19.95.

For more information about the Boss Dog or any other Wiebe Adventure Knives products visit www.wiebeknives.com.

About Wiebe Adventure Knives:
The entire collection of products from Wiebe Adventure Knives—including hunting knives, field-dressing knives, skinning knives and an extensive lineup of fur-handling tools—were developed, tested and proven by hard-use hunters and trappers. Wiebe’s mission is simple: to provide tools of exceptional quality at an unbeatable value.

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3 years ago

Are these standard scalpel blades?