Parents Complain Dead Thug Son Couldn’t Terrorize with Impunity

By David Codrea

A better question: Why shouldn’t someone who victimizes and terrorizes others with the threat of lethal force not expect a commensurate response?

USA – -( “Why in the hell did this guy have a gun?” Temia Hairston, the mother of a restaurant invasion robber demanded to know about the Pizza Hut employee who shot her son in self-defense. Michael Grace Jr., intent on violently victimizing others, instead ended up with a bullet in his head, North Carolina’s CBS affiliates WBTV/WNCN reported.

“Hairston said she thinks the employee who shot her son needs to be in jail,” the report explains.

“If there was to be a death, it was not the place of the employee at Pizza Hut. That is the place of law enforcement,” she declared.

Except that’s not the place of law enforcement. First, they’re nowhere around when stuff like this goes down and they have no legal duty to protect anyway. And second, when they do react with force, the same crowd declaring police should be the “only ones” with guns demands they be defunded, and that rampaging lawbreakers (a.k.a. “political prisoners”) must experience no consequences.

“This wasn’t a body shot. This was a head shot,” Hairston continued. “My son was shot in the left side of his head just behind his ear. A head shot is personal.”

Doe she have a point? Is that not clear evidence of malicious intent and overkill?

She must not know how many shots “trained” police have been known to fire in lethal force responses – how many miss, and how many hit everything but the target. That a projectile fired by a pizza worker during a high-stress defensive gun use encounter struck an attacker so effectively is much more likely a matter of the breaks than of Tier One operator skill.

We’re told Grace was desperate, that he’s fallen on hard times. He (an by default his two fellow desperados) wouldn’t really have hurt anyone, he just wanted to provide for his child. And the “news” report does much to bolster that narrative. We see a slideshow featuring the dead perp wearing stars and stripes, smiling, wearing a tie, holding his son.

“Grace was just 29 years old,” the story laments. Who among us didn’t know invasion robberies were wrong at that tender age?

What the story doesn’t tell us – you need to access a different report to find out – is that Grace was armed and what with:

“Police said the robbery suspect was carrying a gun when he was shot.”

That’s quite the little factoid to leave out of the heartstring-tugging “report,” is it not?

It’s not like people working hard at entry-level jobs don’t know desperation themselves. It’s not like some of them don’t have children. And it’s not like we don’t have example after example of remorseless predators slaughtering the hard-working poor because they’re too evil and lazy to do things the right way. Ask the Wendy’s massacre survivor if he thinks it’s safe to assume compliance ensures safety.

Temia doesn’t think Mikey Jr. would have hurt anyone?  Would she have thought he’d rob a Pizza Hut at gunpoint if you’d asked her beforehand?

“Just give them what they want” is a deceptive mantra promoted by those who would rather see good people dead than armed, as if it’s about a few dollars in the cash register as opposed to some dirt bag thug, unfit to live among decent people, threatening to kill you. What if “what they want” is everything you and yours have, including your lives?

It’s not like this is the first time we’ve seen relatives of serial degenerates blaming the victims.

The family of a suspected thief is lashing out after their son was shot during an armed robbery. Relatives of Adric White, 18, believe the Good Samaritan who opened fire should have “just left the store.”

There’s an excuse for everything:

“You have to look at it from every child’s point of view that was raised in the hood. You have to understand… how he gonna get his money to have clothes to go to school? You have to look at it from his point-of-view.”

We could find more examples, but the point is made.

We can still find a degree of common human sympathy for Grace’s parents and resist the urge to blame them for his adult decisions. They lost their child, someone they raised and no doubt loved. We can feel sorry for his kid. They‘re all  hurting. That’s sad.

That said, here comes the “but.”

The “progressive” entitlement mentality—that some can victimize others with impunity, and that if a victim resists and prevails the fault is his – is as offensively delusional as it is un-American. Couple that with the “progressive” demand for citizen disarmament and it’s evil, dangerous and intolerable.

The parents’ loss doesn’t change that. By acting like it does, any sympathy rational people have for them quickly — and deservedly — turns into something else.

David Codrea in his natural habitat.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Jim Macklin

Doesn’t the welfare check, Section 8 housing, food stamps and WICS provide for the needy, whether truly neddy or just lazy?


Dear Mr. & Mrs. Grace: As they say in Russia, “TUFFSKI SHITSKII!” When Junior deployed a firearm and demanded money, he forfeited his life. It’s called survival of the fittest. Maybe Junior was stopped before he could pass on his criminal genes, thus cleansing the genetic pool.

BTW, there is no charge of racism in their complaint. Could the successful defender have been – GASP! – BLACK?


The good guys are fiting back. just hope it is not too late, Trump may be our last chance.


Dat poor thug missed Crooked Hillary losing to Trump


Almost a certainty ,this was NOT the perp’s first armed robbery and may have in fact already killed or injured for some quick cash. Just speculation on my part , but…… Perhaps some unsolved crimes may be resolved with closure for other innocent victims.

Brandon R.

This piece of crap is laying exactly where he needs to be…..6 feet under!!!


I guess the parents expected the armed employee to give their criminal son a verbal warning? Head shot, straight up! You don’t pull your lawfully owned and carried concealed firearm while the bad guy has his eyes and gun trained on you. You wait for him to look away and take your best shot. Drop them where they stand. Want to know why they said the police should have been the one to shoot him? So they can file lawsuits. I have no feeling for the dead man. His life was NOT taken by a good guy with a gun,… Read more »


I think his mother was so upset because the head shot took away her sons chance at three squares and a bed. Now all he get is a final resting place.

Kerr Mudgeon


Pistol Pete

He got what he had coming and his parents are stupid to think there son could do what ever he want.
I guess they think it would be ok for him to shoot the victim but not the other way round.
Look at what as been going on with the police in this county when most black people think it is ok for murders to shot police but the police have no right to shoot the murders an if you think I am wrong look at the black lives matter and what they are saying




Golly Joe, didja HAFFTA ask THAT question? Careful, ya might give someone some bad “feelz”. This mamma’s boy’s mamma clearly proves she also has no respect for other people and their stuff… the source of the thugpunk’s value set is quite evident. Mamma and her partner in the spawning of this punk should apologise to the MAN who was forced to defend his own, and others’, lives against an armed robber who, as far as they could tell at the time, would not have hesitated to kill any/all of them had they gotten between the thugpunk and what he wanted… Read more »


Unfortunately, because of the current state of national affairs, she will never realize that her son was “just a THUG”! You want to threaten employees at a Pizza Hut; then be our guest. CARRY ON!

Bob Shell

When you have such parents it isn’t hard to see why the son was a thug. It is hard losing a child I know all too well but when you go around robbing people sometimes bad things happen to bad people. How about if he was desperate for $$ how about getting a job like the rest of us. I have been dead broke a couple of times but I never stuck a gun in someone’s face and robbed them. Parents take some responsibility instead of blaming someone else.


Another example of “give them what they want” … (and your lives) is the Lane Bryant massacre in Tinley Park, IL. The victims gave in and complied with the suspect, and then he bound them up and then executed them. So, this is why giving them what they want is never the answer. Can you trust someone who is stealing from you?


Further proof that sociopaths have raised another sociopath. People should be scared by this, as it points to a real problem in our society. I think the only way to curtail this would be to make parents responsible for their children as they are growing up. I have no doubt that this guy was a problem student growing up and society excused his parents, so that nothing ended up being done. I would think that there could have been a different result if the parents had to face a judge when their kid missed or disrupted class. If we don’t… Read more »

Doug Dickerson

Lol how he going to get his money? How bout getting a job at Pizza Hut instead of robbing them! Good guys-1 bad guys-0!


Reports said that he HAD a job there-but no longer worked there. Do you think the three employees would have been left alive to identify him? I doubt it. Glad the employee had a gun so that he couldn’t use his. Justice was served, and three innocents got to go home. The employee was given a “leave of absence”-corporatespeak for being fired, I’ll bet.

Wild Bill

What a fascinating view into the mind of a liberal family. Everything from justice is what they dictate to the head not being part and parcel of the body. It is amazing how uneducated and foolish liberty will allow one to be.


Given the parasite response of the “parents” I can see why a 29 year old MAN reasoned it was easier and lazyier to take a weapon and force others to “give me what I want and think I deserve”. The real failure is this deceased THUG is now dead from lack of real parenting and installation of common human core values. Amazing how parasites reason, its only their world and everyone else owes them. I suppose with this kind of upbringing and lack there of, this is what you get. A 29 year old Man couldn’t get off his ass… Read more »


If it isn’t yours, you don’t touch or take it… You try, you die. That is how it should be. Maybe his parents should have instilled this in him from the start, instead of the now “normal “hoodrat” or “thug” mentality. Got EXACTLY what he should have. That is how criminals SHOULD be dealt with, instant justice.

Jim Macklin

Maybe the armed robber was about to shoot somebody and a head shot was the only instant stop the perp’s trigger finger?
Maybe these “parents” told their 29 year old adult son to look for a cop in uniform before executing a robbery?

If anybody other than the dead robber is to blame, it is the parents failed to teach the simple rules of civilization. The government has written detailed laws that include punishments. Religious people should have heard of teh Ten Commandments which are simple and don’t specify what punishment will happen.


Head shot is mean ?

Dead is dead. And some people just need killin’.

Good kill.


Well written article. It’s very sad that instead of coddling the parents in the interview the “reporter” didn’t ask why the store employees parents don’t have a right for their child to go to work and earn a living in peace…. what about the parents of all the customers? Would be great to have a Dr Phil with these people and have all the parents of the possible victims in the audience.


Phil McGraw is a socialist like dOprah! He would surely side with the parents of the dead thug! What is stupid is that these idiot mudhens are being given airtime to billow their ignorance!

Jacob M. Opperman

I am sorry this guy got shot and died, but I am tired of hearing well he did it to provide for his family cause he fell on hard times. Well let me tell you some thing I have been in hard time most of my life and I have not ever thought about robbing some one or a business. I have had to do a lot of hard work that I did not like to provide and help my family. And do not give me this shit about he was black or discriminated against cause I will tell you… Read more »



I am not sorry the scumbag got shot and was killed. I’m overjoyed that a good citizen put him six feet under. Why preface your comments with sympathy for the now deceased POS ?

If MORE good citizens were armed and practiced with their chosen weapon and MORE of these dirtbags were sent to Hades, the better this nation would be.

Good kill !


Even a necessary killing can be a burden on the conscience, so it is a sad thing for everyone. It is horrifying that the parents have this mindset that poverty excuses armed robbery, but even if it did, in the photos I see three well fed people, in a comfortable home. They may have “limited means”, but that isn’t poverty by any stretch. What my father grew up in, after his father died, was poverty. A four year-old boy living in a barn and nearly starving to death is poverty, but he grew up to be a judge instead of… Read more »

Don Bailey

@Smedley54–Good & thoughtful response. Too bad a good citizen was forced to take action against an individual and will now live with those consequences. Hopefully the local authorities/grand jury will see that his actions were justified.


Hey Don, Maybe you and Smedley can meet up to share some herbal tea and a chorus of Kumbaya ? Your mentality and that of your pal Smedley is why heroes are hung out to dry. Your “poor baby” mentality for the now deceased scumbag are exactly what the PC district attorney relies on to bring homicide charges against the Pizza Hut employee. Pizza Hut will fire the hero and the scum parents will sue Pizza Hut and their parent company. They’ll get millions and the defender of Freedom and self-defense will be a pariah. Then, you’ll have Gabby Giffords… Read more »

Andy Buckmichael

And they can not understand why they do not get any respect.

Tim Michaels

Had this person been raised with respect for others and his parents, he would have too busy working to try robbery as a profession. I hope that the employee gets a bonus and a raise.

Clark Kent

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Good riddance to the scumbag suspect.

BillyBob Texas

Superman….I LOVE that quip…… I ‘ll be using it!. THX!


His mama should’ve swallowed 29 years ago instead! Good riddance to a waste of the planets air!


Perfect examples of why we should have picked our own cotton. Would have saved a shit-load of problems.


no, that load of problens has mainly come upon us in the last generation, with all the DemoRat Pay to Play welfare and bleeding heart nanny state largesse. Punks like this one, Trayvon Martin, and Michael Brown, are all dead because their pappies (driven from home by the economic policies put in place by aforementioned demorat nanny state operatives) failed to TEACH them to respect other people and their stuff. This armed punk respected neither, falsely held to the premise that HIS wants were of a higher moral value than the needs of his putative victims. One small piece of… Read more »

steve Womack

I had to deal with a burglar a few years ago. He had a knife but I hit him with 3 shots with my .38 Special, that according to the 911 tape were in less than 2 seconds. Since all the Allah Akbar incidents lately, I have been packing 2 extra speed loaders with me. If I hear some raghead shouting and acting stupid I plan on having both speed loaders ready to make it 15 shots ready to help him meet his maker. Be prepared is more than just a Boy Scout Motto.


For the same reasons, I carry 44 rounds of .40 HST (14 in my Glock 23, and 2 Glock 22 mags with 15 each) on my hips, a LCP with 7 rounds on my ankle, and a second LCP mag of 7 rounds in my pocket. According to statistics I have read, the average number of attackers in a home invasion is 3, the average number of shots required to get ah it under stress is 3, and the average number of pistol rounds required to stop someone is 3. 3 X 3 X 3 = 27 rounds required for… Read more »


Sharp minds think alike.


I early voted for trump, despite disagreement on many issues, as an extended middle finger to the SJW cultural marxists that dominate the media and society today for exactly the type of “logic” displayed in this article.

I thought the initial story was some sort of elaborate troll article. Unfortunately, it was serious.


The “white race” (which includes all races except negroes) has been lied to and lead away from God and scripture. There is a reason that negoes have NO moral or ethical values, there is a reason that they act like feral animals over the most minor of incidents, there is a reason that they are of lower intelligence (PROVEN by scientific testing, biological physiology, and reason standards of education have been lowered in this country to allow them to compete). The negro is NOT of Adamic ancestry! Negroes are referred to as Behemah (Hebrew)/Beast of the field (English translation) in… Read more »

Andy Buckmichael

Back away from that keyboard.