Three Quirks of Donald Trump, I Get Them ~ VIDEO

USA – -( Donald Trump is a man who has many skills and eccentricities, but some his day-to-day habits are totaly relatable. Most everyday folks can relate to these three quirks as we all have had bad experiences in life, or are just self conscious of particular body traits, or just can’t help our selves.

No Alcohol, Cigarettes Or Coffee

Despite thriving on a high-pressure environment, Mr Trump does not drink alcohol, coffee or tea, nor does he smoke, although he enjoys the occasional Diet Coke (real Coke on treat days) and Virgin Bloody Marys. This is said to be because he lost his brother Fred to alcoholism. He did, however, introduce Trump Vodka in 2006 and bought a winery in Virginia in 2011, Trump Vineyard Estates, now owned by his son Eric.

Wouldn’t Pose Side-On, Maybe Due To The Comb-Over’


Photographer Nigel Parry did a recent photo shoot of Donal Trump (image above) for American Esquire magazine last year.

“They wanted to run a three-portrait cover – of him, Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio – looking like they were part of Mount Rushmore. When it got down to Trump, this was the result because he refused to do the three-quarter angle. “No, Nigel,” he said. “It feels like a profile shot to me.”

“No, Donald, I can see your other eye, so it’s not a profile. Why didn’t he like being in profile? Maybe he doesn’t like the wattle beneath his chin. Maybe he thinks people are trying to get a good shot of his comb-over. ” said Parry.

He Can Not Resist Fast Food

Trump’s addiction to fast food is well-documented. Donald Trump’s affinity for fast food, soda, and well-done steaks with ketchup is, at this point, old news. Who can blame the guy for enjoying a greasy hambuger or two even when you are sitting down to dine with some stodgy world leader.


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One of Donald Trump advantages is that he is human and has flaws that make him very relatable to voters. I get his quirks.