Vote for Candidates Who Support your Second Amendment Rights!

2nd amendment is my permit
The 2nd Amendment is My Concealed Carry Permit

USA -( The election is here. And now the future of Ohio, and the country, is in YOUR hands.


Download our Pro Gun Voter Guide so that you can VOTE YOUR GUN RIGHTS.

It is vital that you vote in EVERY race. Your choice for President is important. But so are your choices for every office all the way down the ticket.

Local races for sheriffs, commissioners, boards of education, and other offices, will directly impact your life every day. And don’t forget … these candidates are the people who will run for higher office later on.
Wise votes in this election will assure good choices in future elections.


Buckeye Firearms Association
Buckeye Firearms Association voter guide

In addition to our Voter Guide, here are other resources:


Voter App – Create a personalized pro-gun voter guide on any mobile device or computer.

Where to Vote – Find your polling location.

View Your Sample Ballot – See the ballot for your voting location.


Trump vs. Clinton on Your Gun Rights

Donald Trump – “I will never let you down. I will protect our Second Amendment. I will protect our country.”

  • Supports the Right to Self-Defense
  • Supports Pro-Gun Supreme Court Justices
  • Supports Right-to-Carry
  • Opposes Gun Bans
  • Opposes Magazine and Ammo Bans
  • Opposes Gun-Free Zones
  • Opposes “Universal” Background Checks



Hillary Clinton – “The Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment. And I am going to make that case every chance I get.”


  • Supports Anti-Gun Supreme Court Justices
  • Supports Gun Bans
  • Supports Gun Confiscation
  • Supports Taxing Gun Owners and Ending Gun Shows
  • Supports a National Gun Registry


About Buckeye Firearms Association:

Buckeye Firearms Association is a grassroots political action committee dedicated to defending and advancing the right of Ohio citizens to own and use firearms for all legal activities. Visit:

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Anibal J Matias

That’s what it is my friends. Since the day we were born, we became us citizens, we came with the whole package and that cannot be banned and infringed. God bless you all!!


Right on brother… We are the people, if government goes BAD then it is the Natural and Constitutional right of the people by VOTE and by APPROPRIATE ACTION. You are right the Constitution is only putting it into words but the rights of all people come from NATURE and can NOT be refuted in any way. No one can change Nature without suffering the consequences. Corruption eventually brings destruction upon it’s self. May the righteous people of the US always protect the Constitution as it is the only guide the the Natural rights of humans.Good people will always fight to… Read more »

Mark Are

What is it with you people and “2nd amendment rights”??? Be it UNDERSTOOD! NO ONE has CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS or 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS! PERIOD! OUR rights are based on natural law. They are the rights to life, liberty and property. The rules on the paper (Constitution) explain to those who we are allowing to be agents for us WHAT THEY CANNOT DO. These prohibitions are AGAINST those agents. They are NOT TO infringe on our right to defend ourselves. (Right to bear arms) They are NOT to search us without a proper warrant, they are TO ALLOW us to assemble and… Read more »


Well said.

Wild Bill

Are, Yes, what you have written is so. We only refer to those Rights in that way as a kind of short hand when writing or debating. Using the short hand terminology merely saves a lot of typing or talking.