Etymotic High Fidelity mk5 Earphones Provide the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

By Joe Evans
Writer Joe Eveans reviews the Etymotic High Fidelity mk5 Earphones.

Etymotic mk5 earphones in package
Etymotic mk5 earphones in package
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Etymotic Research

USA -( It’s a noisy world and background noise isolation is needed now more than ever. With mk5 Isolator earphones, there’s no need to turn up the volume to overcome outside sounds.

Now every detail in the music can be heard clearly.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Etymotic mk5 earphones is how lightweight they are.

The thin cord and earphones themselves seem light and airy, not snagging on my clothing or shirt collar while I was using them.

The earphones come with a convenient little travel bag as well, so the low profile design helps them avoid getting tangled up at the bottom someone’s carry-on bag or school backpack.

For one, the mk5 earphones come with three different heads, each one for different uses.

The two light, rubbery heads worked best for me while sitting still, whether it be at my desk at work, as the passenger in a car or just while lounging on the couch. The design of these head attachments is great.

Etyomotic mk5 headphones curved cords
Etyomotic mk5 headphones curved cords

It fit snugly into my ear, and stayed there comfortably. Unlike many other earphones, the mk5’s stayed in place comfortably while delivering excellent sound quality.

While I liked the softer rubber heads, my favorite feature of the mk5’s were the foam eartips. These two little attachments are the best part of the products.

Etymotic foam headphone tips
Etymotic foam headphone tips

These foam attachments mold to the shape of the user’s ear, cutting out disruptions and helping me focus on the high-quality sound. These earphones offer 98 percent (35-42 dB) noise isolation, paving the way for crystal clear sound, without outside interruptions.

These attachments are especially good for runners. Whether you’re pounding the pavement of the urban jungle or running a mile around the lake on a gravel road, these earphones let users zone out and power through.

Etymotic mk5 earphones full package
Etymotic mk5 earphones full package

Instead of having to turn up the volume to hear over outside noise pollution, the mk5’s block out exterior noise, protecting user’s ears from the harm of super high earphone volume can have.

The mk5’s are good for music, but where they really shine is while listening to audiobooks or podcasts.

The voices are so crystal clear and crisp. Even in a noisy gym or running trail full of ambient noise, the sound quality was golden. On top of the excellent sound quality and noise canceling features, the Etymotic mk5’s are available at retail for only $60.

When compared to prices for other high-end earphone products such as Apple’s Beats by Dre for up to $300 or Bose noise-canceling earphones for $350, the Etymotic mk5 Noise Isolator earphones are a quality product for a great price.

On top of the mk5 Isolator’s already low price, Etymotic is offering an exclusive discount for Ammoland readers. Using the coupon code MK15TP on Etymotic’s website, customers will receive a 15 percent discount.

The mk5’s are a practical options for folks in any income bracket.

Whether you’re mowing the lawn, hiking through the woods, riding your motorcycle down the highway or just trying to block out that noisy sibling or roommate, the Etymotic mk5 earphones are the right choice at the right price.


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Hi Joe,

I am a gun owning audiophile; two things that never seem to go together! The Dres and Bose products are ridiculously overpriced. I probably would not buy them even if they were $20.

Have you had any experience with the Klipsch 10 or 11, Shure Customs, open air Stax, or open air Grado 225?

If not, can you compare them to other earbuds you have heard?