D.T. Systems Announces Gold Level Business Partner/Sponsor for 2017 UFTA Nationals


AmmoLand.com , TX. — D.T. Systems manufacturer of dog training products and accessories for over 30 years, is proud to announce their Gold Level Business Partner sponsorship of the United Field Trialers Association (UFTA) and Sponsor for the 2017 UFTA National for 2017.

Participants of a UFTA event are given 15 minutes to point/flush 3 birds. Points are awarded for full retrieves and early time completion. Events are held in a 7-12 acre field.

“We are proud to be a part of great organizations where owners can test their dogs in a competitive and fun environment,” said D.T. Systems Marketing Director, Brian Lasley.

The UFTA rules were established to help eliminate any bias from the judge’s part and remove as much subjectivity as possible. For more information on the UFTA and upcoming events, go to www.ufta-online.com

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