Zink Calls Enters Custom Turkey Call Market With Instant Classics

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PORT CLINTON, Ohio -(Ammoland.com)- Veteran turkey hunters know there’s no such thing as a single, perfect call.

Diaphragm calls present a highly versatile and effective hands-free option when manipulated in the mouth of a practiced caller; pot calls are almost as versatile and are somewhat easier to use.

But nothing, it seems, rings out to elicit responses from stubborn or distant gobblers quite like the sweet, wood-on-wood pleadings produced by a top-quality box call.

And there’s one more thing veteran callers know: Just because box calls are among the easiest to use, doesn’t mean they’re just for beginning callers. Don’t believe us? Check one of their vests.

New for 2017, Zink Calls is proud to introduce a pair of high performance, hand-built and hand-tuned box calls to their trusted and extensive lineup of hunt-proven pot and diaphragm-style turkey calls.

Zike Turkey Calls
Zike Turkey Calls

Each of these new double-sided Power Hen and Wicked Box calls deliver pure turkey sounds and maximum versatility to the turkey hunter who never leaves the truck without a box call in his or her vest. Whether the situation calls for yelps, cutts, purrs, putts or cackles, either of these beauties will tell old Tom just what he wants to hear.

And like all Zink Calls, every Power Hen and Wicked Box is built by hand and custom tuned right here in the USA, one at a time and with pure turkey passion.

The new Zink Calls Power Hen is a compact-sized hybrid-style box call made from select cherry and maple. Traditional design combines with modern technology and custom, hand-built construction to make the small but mighty Power Hen worthy of the Zink Calls name.

Its hybrid design produces that all-important double note – a desirable high-pitched front end that grabs a gobbler’s attention, with a gradual slide into the gnarly backside rasp that drives him crazy.

Despite its small size, the realism of the Power Hen’s tone and pitch is unmatched. Each slide of the paddle delivers pure turkey sound, regardless of which side of the box it’s played on.

The double-sided design of the sound chamber produces different tones to emulate multiple hens, while providing maximum utility and convenience for all callers.


Zink Calls Power Hen Hybrid Box Call
Zink Calls Power Hen Hybrid Box Call

Zink Calls Power Hen Hybrid Box Call:

  • Hybrid Boat Paddle Design
  • American Cherry and Maple Construction
  • Compact Size
  • High Front-End with Backside Rasp
  • Unmatched Realism
  • Double-Sided for Multiple Tones
  • Hand-Built and Hand-Tuned
  • Made in the USA

Model / SKU: 336
UPC: 8-10280-01336-8
MSRP: $79.99

Born from a partnership between Zink Calls and NWTF Grand National Champion Custom Call Maker, Marlin Watkins, the new Zink Calls Wicked Box is a versatile, traditional-style box call constructed from poplar and extremely dense bloodwood, the tight grains of which combine to produce pure and consistent tones – just one of Watkins’ many tricks that puts the turkey in the call.

“The natural turkey sounds that come out of the Wicked Box are astonishing,” says Zink Calls / Avian-X Turkey Brand Manager, Matt Morrett, who knows a thing or two about box calls; he’s a past World Turkey Calling Champion in the Friction Call Division. “From soft calling to loud locating and everything in between, the Wicked Box gets it done with unmatched realism… times two,” Morrett continues. “Its double-sided design produces different and distinct tones to emulate multiple hens while also supporting ambidextrous calling.”

Expected to be branded by box call aficionados as the most authentic production box call available when it hits the market in early 2017, Zink’s new Wicked Box is the ultimate traditional-style box call, and the first-ever regular production model to feature Watkins’ traditional custom touches.


Zink Calls Power Hen Hybrid Box Call
Zink Calls Power Hen Hybrid Box Call

Zink Calls Wicked Box Traditional Box Call:

  • Traditional-Style True Custom Box Call
  • Poplar and Bloodwood Construction
  • Designed in Partnership with Marlin Watkins
  • Nasal Front-End with Backside Rasp
  • Excels in Soft Calling
  • Superior Low Tones and Volume for Long-Range Locating
  • Made in the USA

Model / SKU: 337
UPC: 8-10280-01337-8
MSRP: $99.99

Experienced turkey callers know at least two things. The first is that, sooner or later, a well-made box call is going to help them put a wise, old longbeard on the ground for good. The second is that when you want to sound like the real thing, trust in a Zink Call.

Zink’s new traditional-style Wicked Box and hybrid-style Power Hen box calls deliver true custom-grade quality and proven Zink performance at hunter-friendly prices. Better make room in your vest… and on your wall.


About Zink Calls:

The premier Zink and Avian-X brands offer today’s waterfowl and turkey hunters the best and most complete line highly realistic decoys, beautifully effective calls and other related products that result in increased success and satisfaction afield — whether that means more birds on the ground, or the creation of additional cherished, lifetime memories. At Zink and Avian-X, our goal is to use our team’s extensive field knowledge and experience to promote and advance the sports of waterfowling and turkey hunting in a traditional, ethical, responsible, and enjoyable manner. Mediocrity is not an option.