Call TODAY to ensure Self-Defense bills advance in Minnesota Legislature

Constitutional Carry
Constitutional Carry
Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus
Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus

Minnesota-( Earlier this month, two critical pro-Second Amendment bills were heard in the Minnesota House of Representatives Public Safety and Security Policy & Finance Committee:

HF188, authored by Rep. Jim Nash, would make permits to carry optional throughout Minnesota. This concept is known as “Constitutional Carry” and fully recognizes that a law-abiding citizen should not have to beg government permission to carry a firearm. Permits would remain available for individual wishing to carry in other states that recognize the Minnesota Permit to Carry.

HF238, also authored by Rep. Jim Nash, reforms Minnesota’s self-defense laws, codifying decades of case law, expanding castle doctrine, and removing the “duty to retreat” in Minnesota law. This concept is often known as “Stand your Ground”.

Both bills were heard in a committee hearing earlier this month – the bills were held over with the intention of being included in the 2017 Public Safety Omnibus Bill.

If they are not included in the Omnibus, the bills will die until next year.

We need your help TODAY in order to ensure that these bills move forward!

Call and e-mail the following Minnesota House Republican Leaders and tell them that law-abiding gun owners in Minnesota are eager to see important self-defense legislation bills move forward in the Minnesota House this year:

It’s important to both call and e-mail so that your message is heard loud and clear. Be polite, but firm in your position that these bills should move forward this year.

Gun owners across Minnesota worked hard in 2014 and 2016 to elect pro-Second Amendment majorities in both the Minnesota House and Senate. Now is the time to advance substantive pro-gun rights legislation.

Again, please call and e-mail these leaders TODAY!

We’ll have further updates in the coming days.