Comp-Tac Conceal Carry Holsters Offer Speed, Comfort

Comp-Tac Concealed Carry Holster
Comp-Tac Concealed Carry Holster

HOUSTON, Texas -( Comp-Tac holsters are extensively used in IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) competitions due to their great effectiveness in various concealed carry scenarios.

Competitors seek every advantage they can and that should be the guide for those who carry concealed to defend their lives (the ultimate competition).

“I entered into the holster business because I needed an everyday carry holster that was comfortable, concealable, fast, and didn’t cost and arm and a leg,” says Gregg Garrett, owner and president of Comp-Tac Victory Gear. “The MTAC started out as the solution to my personal carry situation, but when others liked what they saw, it pushed me to make them available for others and that resulted in it becoming one of our most popular holsters.”

Modular Design:
The Com-Tac MTAC is an inside-the-waistband holster that uses modular design for better concealability, comfort and flexibility. The foundation is built with premier cowhide pinch and rub-free leather backing, then the precision-formed Kydex handgun shell is attached.

The Kydex shell can be removed and replaced with a different handgun model shell in about five minutes, saving the cost of an entire new holster and retaining the leather backing.

At a total weight of 12 ounces, this fast-to-employ holster attaches to the belt with your choice of several belt clip types, and the width profile is barely wider than the pistol itself. Over 169 different handgun models are available.

Fully adjustable:
The MTAC holster can be vertically adjusted by the height adjustments on the belt clips, and the cant angle can be changed forward or rearward. These adjustments may take as much as five minutes for those of us who are mechanically challenged.

Couple these features with Comp-Tac’s one year warranty and unique “you-no-like-it” 30-day return guarantee and the MTAC makes for a very friendly self defense package.

So what does a world-class competition and real-world self defense holster run? MSRP $80.99. Additional or later purchased Kydex handgun shells run only $24.99!


About Comp-Tac Victory Gear, LLC:

Comp-Tac Victory Gear, LLC combines experience in personal protection and tactical applications combined with the love of pistol shooting competitions into every product they develop. Comp-Tac strives to deliver high value, quality solutions and improvements at the best price. With satisfaction a top priority, we ensure speed, quality and superior customer service to support your desire to take responsibility for personal safety, security and recreational firearm use.

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I use the IU Max. Not a fan of the double-clip like Alien Gear.


I have two Comp-tac holsters that I use in IDPA. I bought the first in 2011 and is more than sufficient. The second one I use when I want to shoot my BUG in IDPA for competition. Solid inexpensive holsters.


I have one of these and they are tremendous–especially since I can switch from my Glock to my 1911 (which I like better) as the social situation requires. Neat holsters!