Trulock Introduces New Choke Tube for the Stevens 555

Trulock Stevens 555 Choke Tube
Trulock Stevens 555 Choke Tube
Trulock Chokes
Trulock Chokes

USA -( Trulock, the American manufacturer of premium choke tubes for shotguns, has developed a new line of 12-gauge chokes for the Stevens 555 O/U shotgun.

For the Stevens 555, Trulock makes 12-gauge tubes in cylinder through turkey constrictions in three styles. The first is a flush-style choke tube.

The second is an extended-tube style with a black oxide finish (like other chokes in Trulock’s industry-leading Precision Hunter lines). The third is an extended “bright” choke designed for sporting clays.

All the extended choke tubes for the Stevens 555 are also available in ported versions.

George Trulock has been making choke tubes since 1981. Trulock Chokes are designed for specific guns and specific applications.

Trulock Chokes are known by hunters and shooting sport enthusiasts to be world-class with respect to function, quality and durability. As part of that quality assurance, all Trulock Choke Tubes are designed, built and field tested at Trulock’s U.S. facilities in Georgia.

Trulock doesn’t release a new choke tube for sale until they are sure it works. They’re sure it works because Trulock tests the chokes, firing rounds through prototypes, and adjusting design parameters as necessary until the choke tube delivers the best possible results.

It’s a time-tested process for Trulock, which now makes over 2,000 different choke tubes.

Aside from wanting to make the best possible product, Trulock Choke Tubes takes such pains on product development and testing because they fully stand behind their products, with a guarantee that effectively eliminates risk for the customer.

If you buy a choke from them and aren’t satisfied for any reason, then within 60 days of purchase you can return it to them for either a replacement or a full refund of your money – your choice.

To learn more about Trulock and their range of choke tubes, check out their website.


About Trulock Chokes:

The staff at Trulock Chokes prides itself on providing excellent service and an excellent line of products. In the event you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you can return it for a refund or exchange within 60 days from the date of purchase – with other firms, the moment you open it, you own it.

For more information, please visit their website.

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Scotty Lindley

Need 2 Stevens Model 555 28 gauge I/C flush or extended choke tubes