Walther Arms, Inc. Rewards Contingency Dollars

Walther Arms, Inc. Launches 2017 USPSA & IDPA Contingency Program
Walther Arms, Inc. Launches 2017 USPSA & IDPA Contingency Program
Walther Arms
Walther Arms

FORT SMITH, Ark.-(Ammoland.com)- Walther Arms, Inc. is proud to announce the payment of contingency dollars to multiple competitors at IDPA State Championships. “Walther is excited to see gaining participation in the contingency program and we look forward the numerous matches in the upcoming weeks,” says Kevin Wilkerson, Marketing Manager at Walther Arms, Inc.

IDPA Louisiana State Championship – High Overall
IDPA Louisiana State Championship – 1st Place ESP Marksmen
IDPA Florida State Championship – 2nd Place ESP Sharpshooter
IDPA Florida State Championship – 1st Place ESP Expert

The PPQ and the new Q5 Match have become serious contenders for practical shooters in the production and carry optics categories because of the ergonomic grip and top of the line factory triggers. Walther Arms is offering a contingency program for USPSA and IDPA top matches, putting $400,000 on the line for competitors that win with a Walther. Walther has made it incredibly easy for shooters to participate in the program, and will be rewarding top placement in specified divisions.

For more details on the 2017 Walther Contingency Program visit www.WaltherArms.com/winwithwalther

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