New York ‘May Issue’ Arrogance Forces Gang Target to Sue

By David Codrea, 
In this article David looks at the flawed logic of the “Only Ones” professional enough to carry a gun, like DEA Agent Lee Paige.

This is the mentality “Only Ones” have about guns in the hands of anyone but them. Is it any wonder they refuse to issue concealed carry permits, even when citizens are victims of death threats?
David Codrea in his natural habitat.

USA – -( A New York man who was targeted for death by the leader of an outlaw motorcycle club has filed suit against Suffolk County, its police commissioner and three officers for denying his application to carry a concealed firearm, Courthouse News Service reports. Sean McCarthy had been beaten and stabbed “at least seven times” by Pagans gang members “in the late 1990s,” when, as a nightclub manager, he’d refused to be extorted. The group’s leader admitted in court during his guilty plea that he’d ordered McCarthy’s murder.

Noting many of the members have served their time and have been released from prison, McCarthy applied for a concealed carry permit, which is “may issue” in New York. In this case, officials chose “may not.” And they did so in the most arrogant manner imaginable: by not checking with law enforcement officials who could corroborate the death threats; by not checking relevant records; in the case of the Police Commissioner Timothy Sini by not even reading the application; and by arbitrarily ruling McCarthy “had failed to establish ‘proper cause’”!

“McCarthy accuses the defendants of ‘delaying indefinitely plaintiff’s application for licensure, by knowingly, intentionally and maliciously failing to perform a thorough, complete and accurate background check and verification of plaintiff’s stated reasons for needing an unrestricted carry license.’”

His 29-page complaint follows:

McCarthy v Suffolk County

This is what happens when states can get away with ignoring “the supreme Law of the Land” and denying the right to bear arms. It also indicates institutional arrogance on the part of police officials and officers who “have theirs” and don’t care about “yours,” fitting the definition of being “Only Ones.” That’s a term I coined after DEA Agent Lee Paige informed a classroom full of school kids he was “the only one in this room professional enough” to carry a gun — and then shot himself in the leg trying to holster it:

Although Suffolk County has unilaterally decided Mr. McCarthy is not “professional enough” to carry a gun, don’t expect them to be there to protect him should any of the gang members try to make good on their threat from years past. And likewise, don’t expect the county to assume any liability should he be killed. As attorney and author Richard W. Stevens explained in “Dial 911 and Die”:

“[T]he police owe no legal duty to protect individuals from crime.”

Besides, there’s little chance the “Suffolk homicide spike” will personally impact Commissioner Sini.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

  • 9 thoughts on “New York ‘May Issue’ Arrogance Forces Gang Target to Sue

    1. The SCPD is only interested in making money for the county and keeping their great salaries and pensions going, arrests cost the county money giving tickets for any lame excuse is what makes the county money, and the target ? Law abiding citizens. Which is why heroin is dealt in our schools, and just about every one on the road has been ticketed, whether they did it or not. My support for the police had gone from 10 to 0 over the last couple of years. I will never volutarily assist for anything, they only use anything said against you anyway. Blacks are 100% correct with their view of the police. “Got a warrant ” no ? Get the fckc off my property then.

    2. My sister had a violent ex-husband who rode by at 2-3 in the morning shooting bullets thru her house; she slept on the floor next to her bed. There were bullet holes just above the bed; he was trying to kill her. He had chased her on the roads in his vehicle when he saw her a number of times. The policewomen under Captain Skrima in the Suffolk Police Licensing Section denied her a carry permit stating that she would probably kill him if he tried to hurt or attempted to kill her and they did not want her to do that. After app. $400 in fees they offered her the same sports/premise-only permit; she appealed and was denied.
      Great job on that 29-page Complaint by attorney Michael Sordi; I love it. The Suffolk County Police, especially their executive staff have been looking down on the law biding citizens of Suffolk County for a long time; their police policies violate federal law many times. They size one up as “poor” and not having money to hire a lawyer, so they violate basic laws/constitutional rights knowing that there will be no repercussions. The highest paid Police Executives in the country and the serial killer who murdered and buried those 11 prostitutes over at the beach could never be found by them. Suffolk County Police Chief James Burke arrested by the FBI is now doing 4.5 years in Federal Prison. I heard that app. 16 other executive police officers in the Suffolk County Police stepped down fearing prosecution. Suffolk Police Chief James Burke (after he lost his police pistol the third time) the carry bag was found with pornographic video’s in it. During his trial it came out that he had frequented prostitutes on Suffolk Police Duty time. Many people in Suffolk County believe that the serial killer that murdered the 11 prostitutes is an Executive Suffolk Police Officer. Suffolk County Executive Steve Belone (Democrat who wears makeup when he strikes a pose for the camera’s) hired/promoted Chief Burke as Chief of Department; at the same time he laid off county workers, he gave the Suffolk Police a lucrative 10-year police contract. U.S. Prosecutor Preet (Democrat fired by President Donald Trump) seemed to drop the ball on further investigation of corruption, constitutional violations, pornography, etc. within the Suffolk Police Department. I hope that the Republic appointee to U.S. Prosecutor/Investigator Office by President Trump continues the investigation into Suffolk County Police corruption and violations of Federal law, Constitutional Violations, etc, and why the Executive Staff of the Suffolk Police Department threw the FBI out from assisting them into investigating the murders of the 11 women buried over at the beach.

      1. Wow. Sounds like Germany in the 30’s. I guess it doesn’t pay to be a “Pro” in Suffolk Cty. Makes me sick.

    3. David, another great article. You did coin the term, but. My friends and I have laughed for years at the only ones. At their narcissist view of the gun world. At their ignorance of our countries principals. And, at their disregard of anyone else’s right to protect themselves. I believe, I despise these people worse than anyone in the anti gun community.
      As a firearms instructor, I can honestly say. The two worst, unsafe gun handling, people, I have encountered. We’re both cops. I was amazed by their total lack of safety. And their view of gun possession by others. They were both the sons of police officers. With the same philosophy on gun possession.
      God help us.

    4. I tried to get a permit for a .22 pistol for target shooting at the County Range in Middle Island NY in 1975,
      waited 1 hour at police station in Coram, then Detective hands me a legal length application,
      six pages with NCR paper (carbon less copies). It wanted five references who were not blood or related to me.

      What a joke, worse then a mortgage application, I took it home and chucked it.

    5. Does anyone know it this dude is holding another ‘classless’ class? Thre are a few kids in my hood that could use some edumication on guns.

    6. OMG!!!! This, bar none, the best story Ive ever seen here. The video says it all. Was this total moron charged with child endangerment? Thats a rhetorical question, we all know the answer.

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