The Calguns Foundation’s Fight to End the Handgun Roster

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Calguns Foundation
Calguns Foundation

USA -( The Calguns Foundation and our attorney Alan Gura (who won the landmark cases of D.C. v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago at the Supreme Court) just argued the case of Peña v. Supernor before the Ninth Circuit.

As you know, this case is our Second Amendment challenge to the State of California’s Handgun Roster and “microstamping” laws.

These are unconstitutional and essentially act as a ban on modern handguns. Even though the oral arguments have already been presented, this case if far from over.

Please chip in and help us meet our goal to continue this and other important pro-2A legal work. $25, $50 or more goes a long way.

This critical case has a very real chance of going up to the Supreme Court. We’re going to need all the resources we can get in order to push it forward.

Click here to continue to fight against the handgun roster.


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