Colt Announces the New Cobra Double-Action Revolver

Colt Cobra Double-Action Revolver
Colt Cobra Double-Action Revolver

Colt's Manufacturing CompanyWEST HARTFORD, Conn.-( Colt, historic manufacturer of what many have heralded as the finest double-action revolvers ever made, is excited to announce its re-entry into the market with the release of the Cobra.

The all stainless steel small frame revolver features the classic lines of a traditional Colt double-action revolver, along with some great upgrades and modernizations, including Colt’s new LL2 (Linear Leaf spring, version 2) trigger spring which offers a premium trigger pull experience without the need for hand-fitting.

“The bar was set so high,” said Paul Spitale, SVP for Colt, referring to the legacy of fine double-action revolvers in Colt’s history. “And the team in Colt’s Innovation Center really knocked this one out of the park. The grip was moved rearward to not only allow for more comfort and recoil control, but this also opened up the trigger guard area to allow for a flatter, more intuitive feeling trigger, as well as easy use with gloved hands. The trigger pull is phenomenal. The feel of this trigger both in the hand and when measured by a computer is very favorable to, and some might say better than, the triggers in Colt’s legacy double-action revolvers.”

The Cobra was designed for concealed carry, with its 2” barrel and .38 Special chambering. “To offer new shooters a rewarding experience, we focused on the manageable .38 Special round,” said Spitale. “We want folks to be equally comfortable carrying this great firearm for defense and enjoying it at the range with family and friends.”

The new Cobra is available in .38 Special (+P capable), has a six round capacity, and features a 2” barrel, all stainless steel construction to aid in recoil mitigation, and a Colt branded rubber grip. The Cobra also features a user-upgradable fiber optic front sight. The sight can be easily swapped by the user to the available aftermarket tritium night sight. The Cobra is now shipping; it has a SKU of COBRA-SM2FO, and an MSRP of $699.

About Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC

Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC is one of the world’s leading designers, developers and manufacturers of firearms. The company has supplied civilian, military and law enforcement customers in the United States and throughout the world for more than 175 years. Our subsidiary, Colt Canada Corporation, is the Canadian government’s Center of Excellence for small arms and is the Canadian military’s sole supplier of the C7 rifle and C8 carbine. Colt operates its manufacturing facilities in West Hartford, Connecticut and Kitchener, Ontario. For more information on Colt and its subsidiaries, please visit

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curtis wright

How do i find aftermarket sights for the new colt cobra?

Michael J. Frankowski

I like stainless steel .38 snubnose revolvers, and am interested in learning more about the new colt cobra. I will appreciate being educated on V versus coil springs. Based on a quick review of online information, it’s my understanding that Colt’s SF-VI and DS II revolvers—and also the .357 Magnum Carry—were not as great as they could be due to having V springs. From what I’ve read, coil springs are much more desirable.
Is this true? And will the new cobra have V or coil springs?

Michael J. Frankowski

I don’t like fiber optic sights and am glad the standard fiber optic front sight will be user upgradeable to an aftermarket sight. It seems tritium night sights are preferred by some, while others may favor a traditional serrated ramp front sight.

Are such aftermarket sights available for the new Colt Cobra? If yes, how so, as the new Cobra itself is not yet available.

Larry Wennlund

I ordered and paid for the new Colt Cobra March 27th, 2017 from a dealer in Tinely Park, Illinois. When can i expect to receive it or when will it be available to gun dealers?
Thank You

Fred Flintstone

Colt is like those software companies producing what is called vaporware. They announce a product that is not ready for release until over a year later. I heard about this new Colt late in 2016 and have been looking for it to be in stores ever since. I finally gave up and bought a smith and wesson 638, for a lot less than Colt is asking. I really wanted to buy this gun, but when I finally realized it doesn’t exist except in picture form, I gave up waiting. So if Colt was hoping this gun would revitalize sales, well… Read more »

David Stynchcombe

Colt introduced yet another new revolver at ShotShow 2018, the Night Cobra. It looks awesome! Imagine my surprise when I called Colt and I was told the gun was not even in production yet. I can look for it in April per Colt. Why would you introduce a gun at ShotShow that hasn’t even been made yet? SMH.


Nothing new with gun makers. Even Sig Sauer’s P320 has had delays in producing all the “promised options” (several years later). Ruger guns often go through several years of ‘workin’ out the bugs’ (study the ‘SR’ history). Few LGS in my area have even gotten a new Cobra yet!


Thanks for the update. I’ve been wait’n to actually see one. I’d sure like to see it with a 2 1/2″- 3″ br. & a longer ejection rod for “positive ejection”.

Eric Mello

I never understood why colt discontinued their greatest guns of all some 20 years ago but it’s awesome to finally see them making a come back with them. Finally! Let’s all wish luck on this.


Nice to see Colt come back with something so nice.


Would love to see it in 357 and +P, with 4″/6″ barrel options, which would still offer the ability to shoot 38 at the range. I have a S&W Model 19 6″ in 357, which offers me that capability and love it.

Tom Maloney

Still have my King Cobra… if the continue with a 6″ in .357, I’ll buy another. Wish I still had my old Python and Anaconda.

Lui Linguini

Buy another 4″ – 6″ revolver! No beed to for anything longer than 3″ on this gun.

Don Prather

If they do this one right, it could be the return of the ever-so-practical “kit gun” (if they take it to a 3″ or 4″ barrel).

JorgeNorberto Pedace