GAMO Airguns Introduces The Swarm Maxxim, World’s Only 10-Shot Air Rifle

GAMO Airguns Swarm Maxxim
GAMO Airguns Swarm Maxxim

ROGERS, Ari. -( GAMO lets you shoot with the impact of a cloud of killer bees with the new Swarm Maxxim 10-shot break barrel air rifle.


GAMO Airguns Swarm Maxxim

A unique, easy-to-load 10-pellet magazine gives shooters the ability to shoot, break the barrel and shoot again without reloading, up to 10 times. It’s available in .17 and .22 caliber versions, and there’s some sting to both Swarm versions.

The .17-caliber Swarm Maxxim is perfect for ridding your area of pests such as squirrels and other little beasties, as well hunting small game like rabbits. It features a velocity of 1,300 feet per second when using PBA Platinum pellets.

Amazon Customer Review : “Ordered it Tuesday and it was delivered Friday morning. I slathered all the screws with Loctite and mounted the scope. After giving it a few hours to dry I sighted it in. I can’t believe how accurate this gun is. With cheap Crosman pellets I have no problem hitting empty .410 shotgun shells at 30 yards. Not hold sensitive at all. The mag system has been flawless. I’m an airgun guy and I have a lot of them. This might be the best under $200 gun I have ever seen.”

The barrel is fluted polymer jacketed steel with WHISPER MAXXIM Technology that dampens the sound to produce less volume in the report.

The CAT (Custom Action Trigger) is two-stage adjustable and the Swarm Maxxim comes with a durable 3-9×40 air rifle scope. Stock it tough all-weather molded synthetic with a non-slip texture design on the grip and forearm.

To put a little more sting in your shooting, the .22 caliber Swarm Maxxim produces a velocity of 975 feet per second and is available with the same features as the smaller caliber version.


About GAMO:

GAMO Adult Performance Airguns is Europe’s largest airgun manufacturer. Based in Barcelona, Spain, the company began manufacturing high quality airguns in the 1960s, and shooters in more than 50 countries all over the world rely on GAMO air rifles and pistols for their durability, accuracy and power. A world leader in the production of top quality, accurate airgun ammunition, GAMO produces more than 20 different pellet styles.

For more information, visit their website and follow us on social media.

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That Gamo isn’t the “only” 10-shot air rifle on the market. Benjamin makes 10-shot PCP guns. I have a bolt action CO2 rifle that uses the 10-round Benjamin Marauder magazines and 9-oz. paintball CO2 tanks.


Gamo may be the only manufacturer with a current 10 shot airgun on the market but they were not the first. When I was in Junior High (’58-’60) I received a Crosman 410 Repeater in 22 cal for a birthday present. (How times have changed on what is acceptable these days.) The Crosman 410 is CO2 powered and had a ten shot tubular magazine with bolt action. I still have the rifle but somewhere among many moves lost the magazine. It was / is a great little rifle and I am sorry Crosman discontinued manufacture. Waited to long to try… Read more »


“I slathered all the screws with Loctite and mounted the scope”
The directions from Loctite are to use only a small amount. In this case more is not better 🙂
I also am a big fan of airguns and I’ve managed to stay away from Gamo because they are not “tuner friendly” from what I’ve read on numerous forums.