In America, We Shoot Back

By John Farnam

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In America, We Shoot Back
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( “The first five seconds are more important than the next five hours”

Last weeks’s shooting incident in VA:

I won’t comment on motive of the single shooting suspect (now deceased), as these facts have been reported elsewhere.

I will comment on tactics:

Representative Mike Bishop (R-MI), who was there, said this in a radio interview:

“The only reason any of us walked out of this thing, by the grace of God, one of the folks here had a weapon to fire back and gave us a moment to find cover. We were inside the backstop, and if we didn't have that cover by a brave person who stood up and took a shot themselves, we would not have gotten out of there, and every one of us would have been hit, every single one of us.”

Representative Rodney Davis (R-IL) added:

“… would have been a lot worse without Steve Scalise’s (security) detail. They immediately began returning fire. They were the true heroes. They fired back”

Scalise’s bodyguards [Uniformed Capitol Police] where apparently the ones to which Mike Bishop (above) was referring.

Uniformed Capitol Police were on the scene, and apparently fired at the suspect. Uniformed APD officers arrived within minutes and could have fired at the suspect too.

In any event, the suspect was fatally wounded at some point, but perhaps dissuaded (maybe wounded too) by return fire at a much earlier point, as Mike Bishop indicated.

Points everyone needs to take away from this:

  • 1) Decisive and IMMEDIATE return fire doubtless prevented a much larger massacre.
  • 2) Those who go armed routinely, and have IMMEDIATE access to guns, are the only ones who can possibly influence these kinds of terrorist incidents in any meaningful way.
  • 3) Competent training is the only way through which one can adequately prepare to deliver precise, war-winning fire on pernicious threats, at the moment it is required. Simply “giving guns” to the incompetent accomplished nothing!
  • 4) “Armed and well trained,” is the solution to terrorist attacks, whether you’re protecting a dignitary, your family, or just yourself.
  • 5) “Helplessly waiting to be rescued” holds out scant hope!

This tragic incident has changed our political climate already! Many politicians and bureaucrats, who rarely thought about the subject before, will be carrying guns this week. Many others will be clamoring for bodyguards!

This is America, and we shoot back!


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As a defensive weapons and tactics instructor John Farnam will urge you, based on your own beliefs, to make up your mind in advance as to what you would do when faced with an imminent and unlawful lethal threat. You should, of course, also decide what preparations you should make in advance, if any. Defense Training International wants to make sure that their students fully understand the physical, legal, psychological, and societal consequences of their actions or inactions.

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    1. I agree 2nd Amendment is every law abiding citizen right to bear arms. I was referring to those that are military, LE and retired LE that LEOSA applied to. That bill itself needs to expand to allow those who keep up firearm certification the right to carry anywhere. Again I agree everyone should have that right too. If govt was not going to allow everyone that right then at least afford the right to those that fall under LEOSA.

    2. The second amendment applies to all of the people not just to LEO or retired LEO. The more armed and trained people out there,it would seem the better the chance we would have of someone there to help.

      1. @Clarence Main, I don’t know if you intended it or not, but when you say, “… The more armed and trained people out there…” THAT is a nearly perfect description of the militia that the founders envisioned. And ” … the better chance we would have of someone there to help.” certainly relates to the security of a free state! Well said, sir!

        1. WILD BILL, I third that motion and vote yes for more trained persons with firearms in more places that we all maybe safe in our society. Thanks again Wild Bill for an informed comment.

            1. Uh? The thirst of power over people goes further back than the Bible… As for,gun control, THAT began almost as soon as the creators of guns seen what they can do to humans with them.also, Hitler did a pretty good job of, “gun control” back in the 19th century.

            2. Suppose no one ever heard of the sheriff of Nottingham or the sheriffs men ?
              Don’t think I ever read where they were called deputies back then.

          1. “Gun Control” started in the South by the DEMOCRATS and their KKK to prevent Blacks from being able to protect themselves. It was also put into play by Criminal Democrat political gangs in New York City to prevent opposing criminal gangs of democrats from defending themselves or taking power. The whole idea of “gun control” has been a left winger DEMOCRAT GOAL to prevent citizens from assuring their rights.

            1. Towns back then were not thousands of people. Do no think in current terms. Remember, one armed man can control 100 unarmed men.

      2. Agreed!!!!! American Universal Carry Permits need to be accessable to all LAW ABIDING Americans in EVERY State of the Union. The First responders are the PEOPLE THAT ARE THERE!

    3. LEOSA isn’t the answer. Neither is a special law for Members of Congress. Hudson’s [R-NC] has a very good National Reciprocity bill in Congress.
      But even concealed carry for everybody might not stop the assassin who is willing to die.
      The security team of two who were at the ball park should have been four in plain clothes with one in each dugout and armed with an AR scope sighted. Two guards with patrol duty to circulate in the area to watch “unusual activity.
      Rifles could be carried in the ball/bat bag.

        1. And yet, 5 people (including the scumbag thug) were shot. In a perfect world, these tactics wouldn’t be needed, but as long as you have people willing to commit violence in the name of some asinine ideology, there WILL need to be people willing to prevent it.

    4. This is why the LEOSA / HB218 should be expanded to allow LE and retired LE to carry with no restrictions to where we can carry regardless of Federal or State laws. Bad guys don’t care about any laws. Perhaps when people realize it could be them or their families lives in jeopardy they would appreciate someone legally carrying a concealed firearm to stop a threat and save lives. If one carries in a ball park to injure others what about parks and buildings where they are now prohibited in places?

      1. ut WHY grant “speshull priglidge” to LE, current or retired? WE ALL need this right. We who carry most places within our own states as we go about our daily business must NO LONGER be prohibited fron lawfully doing so in other states, or in places like this ball park. On WHAT basis can you justify the continued disarmament of WE THE PEOPLE who bear the pracitcal burden of assuring “the security of a free state”?
        This nation was founded upon the principle that there is ONE set of rights and responsibilities for everyone here. There IS no elite, no “blueblood”, no “ruling class”, no }priviledged” class.

      2. Roger: As a retired LEO I disagree completely. Our lives are no more important or “special” than anyone else’s. If current and retired LEO’s should be allowed to carry everywhere then so should every law abiding citizen WITHOUT restriction. The “only ones” mentality is one perpetuated by some police and politicos and it’s just plain wrong.

      3. Not to mention the over 22 million professionally trained military personnel, hunters, private security and everyday average citizens with BACKBONE and the will to engage a threat?

    5. the need to carry a concealed in this dangerous society today is paramount, you cannot depend on the state/s or even the police to save your life as they can’t get to you every time you are in danger of losing your life, this is up to you and your concealed carry, it’s just the way it is and what the 2nd amendment was put into the constitution, the government should butt out.

      1. YUP…. “the security of a free state” is WHOSE responsibility? Right.. THE PEOPLE’s. And THAT is why WE have the right to arms. Sometimes we carry them in militia, sometimes as military or law enforcement, but ALWAYS as a responsible citizen.

      2. Marvin Wilson/[email protected]

        Re: “LE will protect you”

        Whenever you hear someone make that claim, remind them of the following LE ‘failures’ to “do their job”,:
        (The Rodney King riot)
        (The Freddie Gray riot)

        then ask if LE should/can be sued for the above failures & if the answer’s yes, drop the following Supreme Court decisions on him/her/them,:
        (Note the dates)

        & the following from a major LE site.:

        Note: If you decide to use the above, DO NOT present the info in a rude/smug/confrontational manner as that’ll cause the other person/s to easily dismiss it & you. Be conversational (using a slightly helpful &/or inquisitive tone) & if the other person/s won’t accept the above final 3 proofs of the incorrectness of the initial premise all you have to do is use the ‘authority ploy’ & tell him/her/them to ask a lawyer/cop. Whether he/she/they do so doesn’t matter since you’ve simultaneously shown that you know what you’re talking about & he/she/they don’t then proved it by furnishing authoritative evidence that’ll be impossible to refute &, if you’re lucky, he/she/they just might be goaded into doing an inquiry of his/her/their own (“I’ll show HIM!”) & get the shock of his/her/their life/lives after finding out that everything YOU said was TRUE. I’ve been doing it that way for years & turned some around & caused others to shut their yaps (including some local anti-2A talk radio hosts/LE/officials w/ the last 2 being especially enjoyable) & it’s great fun, but if you can’t keep your cool don’t do it as you’ll screw things up for someone else.

        That’s all, now go forth & cause manifest consternation, wailing, & gnashing of teeth among the opposition!

    6. If the police, sheriffs, federal agencies too numerous to mention, local, county, state, and federal prosecutors too numerous to mention would get the heck out of the way for just a week We the People could be a lot more safe.

      1. Go back to olden days when local volunteer militia (i.e. posses) enforced the law and charges would only be laid if meting out justice wasn’t good enough then and there.

        1. So. You equate defense of self and family with some kind of old west vigilantism that may or may or may not have existed as a general practice. I find your reasoning to be rather foolish and quite flawed. Perhaps propaganda and drivel might be better ways to describe it. But, I will give you the benefit of the doubt

          1. Research Northfield, Minnesota; there are countless other good examples of citizens acting alone and in concert to protect themselves, family and community. By and large, even today, law enforcement personnel usually show up long after the bad guy has done his worst. The FBI and private research puts the number of self-defense incidents where firearms make a difference at anywhere from hundreds of thousands to millions…each year. When evil raises its vile head, YOU are usually the ONLY “first responder”.

            1. another classic case, long since swept under the rug except to locals, is the Clackamas Towne Centre Mall massacre…. that wasn’t. After two deaths, at the hands of a perp equipped and apparently prepared to take out hundreds, ONE 22 year old local guy, carrying his own defensive weapon, heard the gunfire and ran… toward the sound. He took cover behind a column, drew down on the perp, who saw him, ended his massacre and crept off to a quieter part of the mall and made the best use of his gun possible at that point… he used it to end his own miserable existence. I know that man’s name, believe we have met, he never fired a shot (he hald his fire because, being aware as should be, he could not get a shot with a clear background, in sace of a miss or overpenetration. He refused to put innocents at risk, so held his fire until he could get a clear, safe line of fire.

              In contrast, not long before, NYPD’s Finest were involved in responding to a suspected murder in New York City, identified the suspect as he walked down the street, ordered him to stop, at which point he refused, taking steps to evade the officers. They began firing (four coppers, one perp) and though they DID manage to subdue the suspect, NINE innocent passersby were hit by police gunfire.

              SO here we see a 22 year old “untrained” private citizen exercising far more wisdom and restraint than New York’s fattest…….

              and the gun grabbers are all on a whinge about citizens hitting innocents… rarely happens. Cops? Hah, innocents are more likely to be hit with police gunfire than are the criminals they (LE) are supposedly shooting at.

    7. Always expect the unexpected any Moment all sane people should be protected 24 hours a day for instance in New York my friend said you don’t need a gun is safe in New York yeah read the newspaper

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