USCCA President: “London Terror Attacks SHOULD Spark Gun Debate”

U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA)U.S.A.-( In the aftermath of this past weekend’s terrorist attacks in London, some in the national media and anti-Second Amendment community criticized President Donald Trump for rightly observing that they did not immediately spark a renewed debate over gun control because the attackers did not use guns. But Tim Schmidt, President & Founder of the U.S. Concealed Carry Association, said today that the President’s observation was the correct one and that the recent terrorist attacks in London, Paris and elsewhere SHOULD bring the issue of failed gun control laws to the forefront including the inability of citizens in many countries to adequately protect themselves.

Both Paris and London have some of the most restrictive gun laws in the world and media outlets reported that some in London had to resort to throwing bottles and chairs at the attacking terrorists in a desperate effort to protect themselves. In London, even many police officers are not allowed to carry a firearm which led to one officer reportedly fighting the three attackers with nothing more than a baton Saturday night. In March, an unarmed London police officer was killed when he tried to prevent a terrorist from gaining access to the Parliament building.

“With terrorist attacks on the rise and threats from ISIS more present than ever, the question everyone should be asking is why isn’t the national media making failed gun control laws a centerpiece of this debate,” Schmidt said. “While the heroism of the London police to eventually kill these terrorists should be commended we shouldn’t ignore the reality that London and Paris are soft targets because citizens aren’t allowed to protect themselves. These attacks should spark a serious debate on guns and the importance of allowing Americans to defend themselves and those around them.”

The U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) provides education, training and self-defense insurance to responsible American gun owners. Headquartered in West Bend, WI, the USCCA is the largest and fastest-growing association whose sole focus is the responsibly armed American.

About the USCCA:

The U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) is the first and largest, member-owned association designed to educate, train and insure responsibly armed Americans. USCCA members receive access to a wealth of industry information and insurance protection through its SelfDefense SHIELD program. The USCCA also provides expert advice, product information and the latest news centered around the concealed carry lifestyle via email, social media, Concealed Carry Magazine and their nationally syndicated radio program, Armed American Radio.

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If the U.K. had access to firearms then they could being their gun deaths up in line with the U.S.

Robert Thomas

Actually, Azz hat, you are two times more likely to suffer a violet assault in London than New York. Gun deaths in the US are hugely skewed by the number of suicides and rampant gang violence. British law enforcement recovers approximately 1000 guns per WEEK nationally, so apparently the criminals there have no issue getting them. Now anytime you want to move your fucktard self there, I’ll buy the one way ticket for your ignorant trolling b itch a SS.


Naw, the gun deaths because it’s the right of Americans to use a gun to settle their problems.

Old Man's Club Veteran

I promise never to use my gun in defense of your life if it was being threatened, solely out of respect for your anti – gun views. I think the name mas – in – Gil is most appropriate

M Reyna

Gil. I think your new name should be May Tag. Because the agitator rarely if ever goes out on
That bar and of washing machine.
So folks as of now Gil’s new nickname is May Tag

Wild Bill

@M Reyna, Brother, the May really fits. GFYMayTag!

Craig A

The gun deaths are the acts of bad people, not law abiding citizens who are armed for personal protection or for sport

Wild Bill

T, Some ignorant trolling b itches make a meager little living criticizing the law and society that keeps them alive. There are some people that one would never shoot, when the pleasure of strangling them to death is so available.

Craig A

If you take away Chicago and Detroit the US is near the bottom the list on gun deaths (save for suicides) – and those places have the toughest gun laws.

How about blaming forks on obesity or blaming cars on vehicular deaths?

Your logic holds as much water as a sieve


Gil you are a fool and know nothing of the numbers on deaths that are prevented by armed citizens. Where law abiding citizens have the God given right to protect themselves the numbers of crimes and murders is lower then your liberal so-called safe zones.

M Reyna

Didn’t you here the Muslim London Mayor tell everyone that they have no need to be alarmed.
And the sheep said OK and went about their business