California FFL Decries Legislature’s Attack on Gun Dealers

SB 497, SB 464 & AB 1525 could put gun stores out of business

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SB 497, SB 464 & AB 1525 could put gun stores out of business

California Association of Federal Firearms LicenseesSACRAMENTO, CA-( The California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees (CAL-FFL) is asking the California Legislature to reject measures they believe will significantly impact the ability of licensed firearms dealers to remain in business in the state.

  • SB 497 (Portantino) – Limits an individual to one firearms purchase every 30 days from an FFL.
  • SB 464 (Hill) – Mandates costly new security requirements on licensed firearms dealers.
  • AB 1525 (Baker) – Mandates new warning signs be posted at gun stores and included in all firearm packaging.

“By limiting how many firearms we can sell to our customers and putting costly mandates on us, the legislature is hitting us from both ends”, said Mike Baryla, President of CAL-FFL. “These bills add to the ever-increasing number of unnecessary laws and regulations that restrict how, when and where we are able to engage in the business of facilitating the exercise of a constitutionally enumerated right.”

SB 464 is a solution looking for a problem. Data from the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE) show that while 70,000 firearms have been lost or stolen in California since 2011, only a fraction of them were stolen from gun stores (797 firearms, representing about 1%). In fact, recent reports have shown that a firearm in the hands of law enforcement officers and agencies is more likely to come up missing than those in the possession of licensed firearms dealers.

SB 497 seeks to limit, chill, and ration a fundamental, individual right by making it a crime to even apply for the otherwise lawful purchase of a constitutionally-protected firearm more than once every thirty days. This type of legislation will only fuel the underground economy as people seek to dispose of a collection—or build one, no longer feeling bound by the constantly moving goal-posts masquerading as laws in California.

AB 1525 (The Brady/Baker Act) not only requires new warning signs be posted at gun stores and included in all firearm packaging. It also places a strange mandate on manufacturing by changing their California only “descriptive materials” on their lawfully distributed and Constitutionally protected products, with a warning that sends people to a web address of an agency which is hostile to gun owners, provides absolutely no technical support to the consumer, and simply doesn’t have the expertise to do so.

The most frustrating part of this entire process, Baryla notes, “… is that not one of these authors has offered any evidence that their legislation will do anything to reduce gun violence.”

About the California Association of Federal Firearm Licensees

California Association of Federal Firearm Licensees ( is California’s most tenacious advocacy group for Second Amendment and related economic rights. CAL-FFL members include firearm dealers, training professionals, shooting ranges, collectors, gun owners, and others who participate in the firearms ecosystem.

  • 14 thoughts on “California FFL Decries Legislature’s Attack on Gun Dealers

    1. The denizens of Sacramento are criminals. Many may be mentally unstable, at least insofar as having a god complex. What they are not is stupid. They know that these laws are largely unenforceable, especially in the face of mass disobedience. Conclusion? They expect, even want, us to refuse to obey. Ayn Rand was right, at least about this. It’s all about relieving the common man of what little wealth he has acquired, under the color of law. It reminds me of the Sullivan Act (should have been called the Capone Act) in New York City, which put an end to shopkeepers resisting Capone’s protection rackets. Asset forfeiture and the so called drug war are similar scams, on a national scale. Citizens have rights, and can defend themselves. Criminals can be robbed with impunity. So, just write laws we can’t or won’t obey. That little speed bump called the Bill of Rights just becomes irrelevant.

      The thing is, the game has run its course, and they must know it. If the Sacramento oligarchs don’t disappear with their offshore rainy day accounts soon, the best case scenario for many of them will be a Federal prison cell. Instead, they appear to be doubling down. I have to think that, like the French aristocracy, they are simply incapable of imagining that the peasants have had enough of them.



    3. Those of us here in khalifornistan do get it. Trust me, we are doing the most that we can. But, when you live in a bureaucratic functioning state, led by progressive Democrats what more could you expect. Several years ago the illiterate we want free stuff voting people voted in redistricting here in this socialist state. Only to give dimocrats more seats. Correct me if I be wrong, but I believe we have the only state government that writes bills all year. What their fascination with our guns is, is unknown to a lot of us. Other than total conformity to their laws. It just continues, and you must remember, we also have the 9th circus of appeals.
      So, yeah we get it.

      1. Born&raised in cali,I now reside in Geargia. Among the first things I did was go to my co. Courthouse and apply for a ccp.After a background check at local police sration ($20) and paying the county permit fee, I could legally buy and carry.This took only about 2 hrs .Even if we did not have a right to do so (2cd amd) I believe God grants us Grace to defend ourselves.


    4. Ca will lead the way in teaching the rest of the states how to disarm their residents by using bureaucrats to do it.

      1. Will not obey any law by any government which does not allow me the right to own firearms for protection for my family and myself it doesn’t follow the constitution in the meantime the people stuffing this down our throats have armed security lead by example or shut the hell up idiots

        1. Not only that but they the politicians, passed for themselves, into law that they are exempt from the gun laws that they make , talk about a double standard …………………that’s it………

    5. They want to put gun dealers out of business and they want your guns. What part of that don’t people who have fire in California don’t get!

      1. We get it! We get it! (but the majority in CA do NOT)

        Just because we GET it unfortunately doesn’t mean that we can *change* what the Constitutionally-ignorant and firearm-ignorant populace has voted into effect here in CA.

        “Obi-wan (Supreme Court of the US), you are our only hope!”

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