Watts’ NRA ‘Hate’ Smear Part of Renewed Collectivist Effort to Discourage Truth

By David Codrea

Yet despite all the hysteria, not only didn’t they shoot anybody, they didn’t even threaten anyone. And note the old “outgun the police” lie being dragged out again for a new audience.
David Codrea in his natural habitat.

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- “The radicalization of America has been encouraged by the @NRA and open carry laws, which enable armed intimidation. #Charlottesville,” Bloomberg Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts tweeted Saturday. She was condemning the fact that some protestors chose to peaceably demonstrate while bearing arms.

The truly radical idea, of course, is that exercising an entitlement recognized in the Bill of Rights is intimidating to any but aggressors, and that Americans who do so are a threat to be neutralized, as Watts’ ”Disarm Hate” Twitter header photo suggests.


No doubt the weekend protest attracted its share of “haters,” most notably as culminated in an evidently low-hanging piece of … uh… fruit using his licensed and registered vehicle as a deadly weapon. But there’s one curious thing about alleged assailant and apparent lone wolf James Alex Fields Jr., whom the media is making sure everyone is told was “a registered Republican” — his Facebook page, where he is said to have praised both Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler has been deleted from public scrutiny. That means is all we will hear about him is what has been funneled to the media and they are parroting. The path for independent investigative journalists to see for ourselves and to pull threads on our own has been effectively blocked, so we’re now essentially dependent on those with an agenda to craft the narrative and to decide what they’re going to include in it for public consumption.

And what we see now is the ramping up of an agenda to tar Constitutional conservatives as racists and haters, a tactic straight out of the Southern Poverty Law Center playbook, and one approved by the so-called “Deep State” including (especially) “establishment Republicans.” It’s obvious that Trump is an avatar for those who support him because what he pledged reflects their views on what America’s laws should be. By “delegitimizing” him, they’re invalidating his supporters, allowing things to return to the fraudulent two-party paradigm envisioned by “progressive” icon Carroll Quigley.

With that status quo unexpectedly threatened, measures to discredit challengers, thoroughly and decisively, are being stepped up. The object here is not just to “convince” a critical mass of Americans, but to also give anyone thinking of dissenting with the “progressive” orthodoxy second thoughts over what it will cost them. It’s to make people afraid to speak the truth because they’ll be lumped in with the hateful.

So if you believe in the right to keep and bear arms, you’re called a violent extremist. If you believe in having the same immigration laws as Mexico, you’re called a xenophobe. If you think “refugees” need to be properly vetted, you’re called an Islamophobe. And you’re no doubt called a homophobe.  And a white-privileged racist. And anti-Semitic. All of which makes you a Nazi and a fascist, meaning your hate speech is not free speech and can be shut down. And, of course, if you have no right to free speech and no right to keep and bear arms, how can you have any rights? You obviously don’t deserve any, right?

Anybody see a familiar pattern developing here?

No doubt about it, there are American Nazis we’re told are part of the “Alt-Right.” The thing is, Hitler and the Nazis were National Socialists (and don’t let any revisionist liar get away with maintaining otherwise). That they and the commies are at each others’ throats is hardly anything new – rival gangs battle over the turf they claim because it’s what they do.

The other thing is, look at what we saw unfold at the so-called Malheur occupation, where the protester ranks were infested with confidential informants. Who thinks there aren’t similar numbers of snitches and provocateurs, stirring up the hotheads and otherwise distorting the optics to keep the picture focused on where all we’re being directed to look?

The fact is, you can’t be a Constitutionalist and be either a Nazi or a fascist. Those indictments are being hurled by accusers who don’t believe in limited, delegated powers and in the Bill of Rights. And Constitutional fidelity precludes active racism as well, since rights belong to individuals, and stripping them based on ethnicity is a collectivist violation.

It’s not the antis who laud the memory of civil rights pioneers like Roy Innis of the Congress of Racial Equality, or who supported the late Aaron Zelman of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, or encourage Pink Pistols on their right to defend themselves against physical abuse. But the supposed “liberals” are quick to brutally condemn and disparage any who step forward from those groups for the grievous heresy of not acting according to stereotype.

It’s curious, because there is no more true egalitarian power-sharing arrangement than the right of the people to keep and bear arms. But as we see every time they open their yaps, for “progressives,” every day is Opposite Day.

Moms I’d Like to Mock (MILMs)

And speaking of flapping yaps, one more thing about Watts: Notice how she’s all outraged over open carry. Left to a different discussion is that she doesn’t much believe in concealed carry by non-“Only Ones” either (unless you’re on her armed security detail).

Matter of fact, she and her Everytown subsidizers are not all that keen on you having a gun in the home either, especially if you’re a woman.

Too bad these women who were bludgeoned to death by a lone male assailant evidently believed the anti-defensive gun use propaganda Watts and her useful idiot MILMs spew. But argue against that and you’ll no doubt be branded a radical sexist on top of everything else.

Don’t let the cultural Marxists intimidate you away from freedom advocacy by threats to smear you as a bad and hateful person. You know you’re not, as do those you love. Throw their hypocrisy back in their faces. Be defiant. Be confident, because you can see for yourself the truth is on the side of responsible American gun owners. And do it with good cheer.

Besides, nothing makes tyrannophiles rage more than knowing we’re not afraid of them.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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True but it’s hard to resist batting him around



I dislike the left libertarian Reason, but thry is a good story up now linked by drudge. VA police have now corrected Governor McCrook’s falae claims with an official statement:

1. They did not find weapon caches hidden around the area as MCCrook claimed in an interview with the terrorist hate group BLM

2. The va state police were not “outgunned” and did not consider themselves to be at a disadvantage

Wild Bill

, Bulls eye! And what employer would let someone go to forums several times per day just to entertain himself? I think that propaganda is his job. He admitted to getting paid. He also denied getting paid. So he has said both things, which makes him a liar one way or the other. It also means that he is a natural propagandist.


Some of us have to work, pal, so that we can provide your social security. Can’t sit on forums all day arguing with idiots.


XX is an MMMM: Media Matters Meat Muppet.
How’s Brock’s dictate?


Tel your boss,l Nazi collaborator George Soros, we are pleased he is spending resources on codrea. It will only generate more views and revenue for his work.

Please keep posting!


Great point


As David said, Hitler was indeed a socialist – by his own admission: “We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are determined to destroy this system under all conditions.” Adolf Hitler, May 1, 1927 Nazis – fascism – is socialism. Isn’t it interesting that AntiFa is so ignorant of their own roots? (You can bet Soros knows, and is laughing his filth-smeared little a** off.)… Read more »


Yeah, we do, but you’re working for Soros


Apparently the governor and mayor did their best to make sure something like this happened so the psychopaths could grandstand about it. Even the aclu has stated the police did not control the situation or provide proper security to stop the violence. Instead of creating exits, the police on the scene made the people walk through the alt left red brigade antifas. This guaranteed a violent encounter would take place which is what Terry McCrook wanted to happen! It has been documented at every event, but antifa is a true terrorist hate group who hates western civilization, free speech, the… Read more »


True, so why should we “back the blue” if they’re going to betray us as they did here?

Wild Bill

@AJ, Generally “the Blue” are ours sons and daughters and people that think like us. It is the politicians that told the police chief what to do, and the police chief that followed his orders so as to keep his job that betrayed the people. That is why we need to keep lists of the betrayers that give the orders: the politicians, the police chiefs, the directors of LE agencies, the judges, and of course where they live. I would task everyone reading here to do their local research. Who is the local federal judges, appellate judges, state judges that… Read more »

Jim Macklin

I have already called my Congressman to “suggest” that the Mayor and Governor conspired to have a riot. I suggested that Congress investigate by getting ALL email, text messages and phone call records and testimony from ALL parties, involved with Charlottesville rather than continue the investigation into the trumped up Trump Russian hillary meme.

Carlos Perdue

Generally, I agree with you, they’re generally honorable people and the order givers are the prime culprits. However, *every* officer takes an oath to uphold the Constitution, and that oath does not allow for “just following orders”. It is *every* officer’s duty to flat out disobey, or somehow sabotage or thwart unconstitutional or unconscionable orders. No one should become an officer if they think the oath somehow equals “mindlessly OBEY”. That’s why I support OathKeepers, morally and financially. If more officers belonged to Oathkeepers and took the oath seriously, unconstitutional orders would be far more rare. Any officer who obeyed… Read more »


You are undoubtedly a deluded [email protected], Old Useless Bill. I pity you. I’m sure your Congressman just loves to hear from crackpots like you. You know where your “suggestions” go? Right in the trash, where they belong.


Do you deflate after Soros pulls his arm out of you?


Do you feel empty and used and yet yearn for more, or do you just get a glow-on for the $5 on the dresser?

Wild Bill

, that is funny!


Thanks Wild Bill! I aim to please. Can’t figure out why XX isn’t giving me any attention. Starting to hurt my feelings a little.

Wild Bill

, I feel sorry for the little socialist. His life is going by and he just sits at a keyboard. Unless he is a quadriplegic, he should really get out and see the world, get a job that pays, and build a retirement. What is he going to say on his deathbed, “I am so glad that I was an underpaid, low level website troll for George Soros.”?

Wild Bill

, Just ignore his racist comments. If you respond to him then he gets paid. His observations are mediocre. His logic is totally unsat. He does not have the wit to put together a joke. He is Xtra-mediocre Xtra-unsat.


Roger that. When lefties get racist, looks desperate. I doubt Soros pays much for his weak posts here, since all he does is provide amusement. He’s a sad little low rent meat puppet in a big pink pussy hat

Carlos Perdue

LOL. I think you’re close to the money, it was funny for a while but now it’s sad indeed. He’s just lashing out in frustration.


Carlos, that’s a nice American name. You have yet to prove you’re worth the keystrokes. You are bush league.


And yet you wrote that. So sad.


Do I make you sad, Carlos? Stick around.

Wild Bill

, I just can’t get past that “nice American name”. Who is he to judge what names are American. And “You have to prove” that follows implies that he is racially superior and someone has to come up to his standard. I think that he has just proved, by his own words, that he is a racist! This is so depressing.

Carlos Perdue

True. You know, if XX is what passes for talent in Sorosland, we might just win.

John Dunlap

Mr. Codrea is spot on with the suspicion that there has been collusion all the way up to the governor’s office to manufacture an incident. I read a few still unconfirmed eyewitness reports that Mr. Fields’ car was being mobbed by ball bat wielding Antifa when he apparently panicked and hit the gas. I doubt we will ever manage to sift the truth out of all the media hype. I spent some time looking into the involved groups yesterday. What I found could not be further from the MSM white supremacist mantra. There may be one or two supremacist types… Read more »


They might as well quit taking the statues away because they are bringing out the real feelings of the true Americans by destroying our history. Not teaching real history in school was bad enough but it was silent and no one could actually lay eyes on it. They may be biting off more than they can chew. Every snowflake I have ever seen melted eventually.
The next civil war will, more than likely, bring more statues to be erected because I feel true patriots would win and win bigly and we need a Trump type as a leader.


So, I’m supposing you are all in favor of black militias showing up to these tea parties? Just to “keep the peace” of course.


Why does that sound so disengenuous? I’m sure you’d find a problem with their agenda.


Unlike the cultural marxists, true liberty advocates like codrea don’t change their views based upon who is in power or who is involved in an activity. I still remember the daily warning cries from the msnbc types about nsa spying and drone strikes on civilians when bush was in power. Judging by the reaction of the left, all of that went away for eight years – we would certainly never know spying and drone strikes were dramatically increased under obama. Luckily, now that trump is in power it is ok for the left to suddenly be concerned about foreign wars… Read more »

VE Veteran - Old Man's Club

Because the left goes by the belief that the truth can be manufactured and facts manipulated to suit one’s agenda, you’ll never convince the author of this particular posting that he’s wrong. He play’s devil’s advocate and agent provocateur all the time. He’s a just a wannabe trying to be relevant. If you look at the facts – the police were told to stand down. The White Supremacists had a license to march, the left didn’t. Both sides have “storm troopers” whose job it is to foment violence. And a Democratic / Socialist McAuliffe who was bought into office by… Read more »

Wild Bill

David C, XX is also known as TS and several other names. He has admitted to getting paid for his comments. The more that you respond, the more outrageous his comments become, and the more he gets paid. He is a tar baby. But your response is up to you. Oh, yeah… and we really enjoy your research and writing!


Total bs. Why do you think I support taking guns away from people? Careful, David, the sycophants on this forum will give you a big head. The real reason you don’t deign to comment is that you would have to defend what you said. Gosh, I feel so exploited.

VE Veteran - Old Man's Club

XX is a waste of time and breath. He supports taking guns away so that he and his ilk can watch others being marched into trenches and being gunned down. Or lined up five deep so that they can save on ammo like the Bolsheviks used to do with their victims. He’s a Marxist loser and will always be a parasitic pimple on humanity’s a**.

Wild Bill

, I don’t think that he could defend any position. He has no OJT skills, no education, no original research. I would not let him be in charge of the spare M-60 barrel.

Wild Bill

Gentlemen, Now, he is in favor of taking guns away from people. Before he said he was a gun owner and Second Amendment supporter. Said he had three Glocks, but could not describe them. What a revealing day.


Codrea agreed with YOUR conditions, but that’s not good enough for you. You’re just another Soros-Media Matters paid meat puppet who trashes Trump no matter how many times he condemns racism.

If Trump condemned terminal cancer, you and Jimmie Acosta would claim he hates women because he “didn’t condemn breast cancer specifically by name (over the weekend/today, in the last hour, etc).”

If David Brock had his arm up you working your controls any harder, your children would be born without tonsils.



Thanks oldvet!

Jim Macklin

If anybody, black, white, yellow or red, even green or gray shows up to keep the peace based on the Constitution and law, they’d be welcome. The problem seems to be that BLM wants trouble and violence, so does the KKK, so does the communist party. But Oath Keepers, the NRA, the sheriff and those who swear an oath or have sworn an Oath and don’t recall an expiration date when they raised their hands . None of the “armed” men and women shot anybody. But when the police leave the field as they did in LA 40 years ago,… Read more »


I’m probably not racist enough to understand your comment, so I’m not sure what you meant by it. There’s little need for anyone to “keep the peace” since TEA Party rallies are justly famous for being peaceful and law-abiding. If you were referring to the OathKeepers, they are not generally considered a militia by anyone but leftists, and they have a racially diverse membership. All they require is a commitment to honor your oath to support and defend the Constitution. I’d have no problem with them showing up at a TEA Party rally, in fact many probably do so. As… Read more »

Jim Macklin

I’ve been to many TEA Party affairs. I always circulated in the crowd looking for someone who appeared out of place, stalking the stage.
The ground was always cleaner when we left, there was no trash left behind.
If somebody came to “our parade” to cause trouble they never made any overt move. But as it can be seen after Charlottesville, any trouble will be blamed on the conservatives by the MSM.


Dear X-File, if you wish to speak authoritatively, please let us know if you have read the book “Negroes with Guns” – then perhaps you will have some credibility.


McAuliffe is just another ‘Clinton Stooge”!

Bill N.

@Janek No, he’s a Bloomberg stooge. Bloomie’s money got him there and he’s trying to get elected president in 2020, simple as that.


You are both right. He is such a “yes” person( I origionally called him a man but that’s questionable). He followed HiLiary around like a puppy while collecting his pentace fro Bloombum. Terry McAwful.


The photos don’t make it clear, but it looks to me like the “militia” members are actually a group of “OathKeepers” who went there to keep the peace, given the expectation of violent confrontations between the opposing radical groups. What I have heard so far (still unconfirmed), is that there was NO violence in the areas where they were present, unlike the areas where police were present, but had been “stood down” by the governor and mayor’s failure to take appropriate action. On the topic of the driver of the vehicle that killed and injured people, I’m going to go… Read more »

Jim Macklin

The “RIOT” WAS PREDICTABLE . When the police were ordered to pull out Governor McAuliffe got his talking point. Was he “hoping” for gun-fire and 100 dead, probably..
Why wasn’t the permit for the “two” groups 2 blocks apart? The confrontation and riot were expected and planned by the city PTB and probably the Governor.


What if there’s a Caucasian college fund? Your a racists. What if there’s a white miss America pageant? Your a racist. I’m not a racist, I’m tired of being called one because they are.

2War Abn Vet

Hmm, all these armed maniacs on the street, and somehow nobody was shot. That hardly supports the “Moms Demand …” argument.

Jim Macklin

Exactly. But even more telling a question; Why were the police withdrawn? Was it ordered by the Mayor or the Governor?

Seems like somebody issued parade/demonstration permits to set up a confrontation and then pulled the police so the riot could begin.

Did the Governor want the riot and death to create talking points ?

Bill N.

I’m so proud of the fact no shots were fired. This alone says what we are made of. This also pokes very large holes in that idiot gov of Va, and Watts ideology. We, the gun owners and 2nd Amendment supporters kept our heads and didn’t give the fake news anything to lie about. Makes me so proud!


I wholeheartedly agree, fully. Proud of the people that were brave enough to carry. Shows the libs something even if they are too stupid to realize it.


I am so beyond disappointed what this country has become period. I strongly support and believe in the 2nd Amendment. It is so painfully obvious that so many want Guns gone period, no two ways about it. There is a major push in this country and in the wold it seems to hate and destroy whites and anything & everything to do with whites and white history , white tradition, etc, etc. It is rather odd how it is so okay for anti white groups such as BLM to do their thing and no one cancels their hate marches and… Read more »


SImple logic: since the whites, in general, are the ones preserving our long history of good moral standards, equaity (of status, not outcome), responsibility, self-motivation, generosity, etc, as long as we remain we are “salt” to help preserve a healthy status quo. Thus we are “in the way” and must be :dealt with”. Or so THEY say. Thus they who want to control and redefine the whole of society realise they cannot do so as long as WE remain a signficant force. Ergo, we must be liquidated. But WE will not “go quietly into that good night”. We WILL “cling”… Read more »

Ohio Guy

1930’s Germany atmosphere appears to be reviving here in the USA, not a good thing to see manifest itself….




The “anti-gun” crowd ignore one thing at their peril and that is when the Elitists take over control and bring the world under the “One World Government” they and their ilk will be the first ones sent to re-education camps or exterminated because they are no longer useful to the cause. They have carried out their mission and are now expendable. I wonder who will come to the aid of the Shannon Watts of the future when the thugs of the New World Order come and knock on their doors. I agree with the VE Vet, my Oath never expires… Read more »


What this guy did was HORRIBLE! I love the fact they were out with there arms and everything was peaceful. Now i hear that A&M shut down there white lives matter rally in austin . THATS TOTAL HORSE S**T! WHY DIDNT THEY EVER SHUT DOWN THE BLACK LIVES MATTER ????? Why is ok for the blm to walk and protest but shut down WLM???? We are crossing a dangerous line when it comes to the 1st amendment ……..

VE Veteran - Old Man's Club

They can call me anything they want – it wouldn’t be the first time in my life someone has said disparaging things about me. We’ll see who stands for what when the SHTF. As I’ve said before – my oath of enlistment has no expiration date and they ARE enemies of the Constitution (the domestic variety). Besides we’re all going to die anyway, but its how you lived that will count at the final reckoning – did you oppress others or did you stand for their freedom?


Amen VE Veteran – Old Mans Club.