Honor Defense Honor Guard Rated Most Accurate by Gun Tests Magazine

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Honor Defense LLCUSA -(Ammoland.com)- In a recent article, Gun Test magazine claimed that the compact 9 mm single-stack pistol is the most popular carry gun in America. That same article also claimed that the Honor Defense Honor Guard was the most accurate of four guns tested.

In fact, when compared to three other compact 9 mm pistols, the testers stated the Honor Guard Sub-Compact was the most controllable, especially with 9 mm +P loads, and the obvious choice for home defense.

According to the range data, the Honor Guard had a 15-yard average group size of 2.4 inches using American Eagle Syntech 115-grain FMJ loads, a 2.3-inch average group with Hornady XTP 147-grain hollowpoints and a 2.5-inch average group with Black Hills 115-grain JHP +P. The smallest measured groups were 2 inches, 1.9 inches and 2.2 inches, respectively.

Honor Defense Honor Guard Rated Most Accurate by Gun Tests Magazine
Honor Defense Honor Guard Rated Most Accurate by Gun Tests Magazine

“We’ve known for a while that we make the best single-stack, concealed-carry 9 mm,” said Gary Ramey, Honor Defense president. “Now others are starting to realize the proficiencies of the Honor Guard.”

The magazine, which accepts zero commercial advertising, gave the Honor Guard Sub-Compact an overall grade of B, giving it high marks for its extended magazine, sights, ease of takedown and controllability. The Honor Guard had zero failures to feed, chamber, fire or eject in testing. The testers also like the texture on the grip, which made shooting the Honor Guard comfortable and easy to grip, calling it, “a natural pointer.”

The Honor Guard is available in 3 different grip sizes and 2 different barrel lengths. All versions have an integrated Striker Block, also available with a Manual Thumb Safety.


About Honor Defense:

Honor Defense offers the finest American-made pistols-using only American partners and materials. Honor Defense pistols are built with more features and higher quality standards than other pistols in their size range. To create its pistols, Honor Defense secured input from a panel of professionals that have defended our nation or have extensive credentials in self-defense training.

For more information, please visit their website.

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Mark Wagner

Follow Honor Defense on Facebook for a chance to win in their 10K followers giveaway of 2 Honor Guard Pistols – Here is the direct link – https://www.facebook.com/HonorDefense/posts/1121035008029580

Gerald Brennan

“…the most popular carry gun in America.”
Really? Outsells the Shield 9? C’mon…


Gerald, The magazine said the single stack 9mm was the most popular carry gun in America…not a specific model. I don’t own a Shield, but like the way it shoots, having shot some carried by my friends. I don’t care for the requirement to pull the trigger to field strip it. I’d suspect that if Honor Defense was as large as S&W, we’d hear more about the HG platform. I bought one of the first Honor Guards sold in my local area and it is a wonderful platform. But like husbands/wifes, everyone has his/her own requirements and specifications in what… Read more »


Did they drop it from a helocopter at 200 feet? Drag it through the mud behind a pick up truck for several miles? Or even put 5,000 rounds through it without cleaning it? Then see if it still functioned flawlessly?

Sounds like a great pistol, but I’ll stick with my Glocks…

Jim Sidebottom

THe accuracy differences between the Honor Guard and the Walther PPS are insignificant; particularly in a real life shooting situation. Why was it only given a grade of B. There must have been some issues not discussed here.

Gary Ramey

Jim Sidebottom – read the full article on Gun Tests.

Honor Defense was rated with same grade as the Glock.
For Honor Defense, they tried to turn the Slide Catch into a Slide Release.
Which is like trying to use a barrel for a hammer, it’s not designed for that.
It got dinged for that.

They also said it was the obvious choice for home protection.


Kinda knew it wouldn’t take too long for the news to get out. I think its the very best 9mm Compact handgun period. I just ordered a FDE Frame for mine. Many salutes to the Ramey family and all the fine American Veteran Artisans crafting the very best in little ole Gainesville Georgia. Semper Fi.