Anti-Gun Congresswoman Introduces Magazine Ban, Threatens Slippery Slope

Elizabeth Esty
Elizabeth Esty

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USA -( Recently, Rep. Elizabeth Esty (D-CT) introduced H.R. 4052, a ban on what she is calling “large capacity ammunition feeding devices.”

Esty’s bill would ban any “magazine, belt, drum, feed strip, or similar device that has a capacity of, or that can be readily restored or converted to accept, more than 10 rounds of ammunition … .” It exempts firearms with “an attached tubular device designed to accept, and capable of operating only with, .22 caliber rimfire ammunition.” Mere possession, as well as import or transfer, would be prohibited by the bill.

The bill has a grandfather clause that would supposedly exclude “possession of a large capacity ammunition feeding device otherwise lawfully possessed within the United States on or before the date of the enactment,” but it’s hard to imagine how this exemption would work in practice.

The simple possession of a non-conforming magazine would be presumptive evidence of its criminality, and because many magazines are not date stamped or serialized, owners would have few options to substantiate eligibility for this “affirmative defense.” This could lead to arrests and confiscations even for lawfully-possessed magazines, with the only recourse by the accused to “tell it to the judge.”

Violations would be subject to ruinous fines and imprisonment of up to 10 years for possession of a single magazine.

It’s pure fantasy on Esty’s part to believe that yet another form of gun control will have an impact on violent crime in America. We’ve been down this road before, and we know gun control doesn’t work. Restricting the rights of the law-abiding does only that and has no impact on what violent criminals or deranged madmen will or will not do.

We sure don’t have to guess where things are headed if the decision is left to gun banners like Nancy Pelosi or Elizabeth Esty, who will never be satisfied until what you “need’ will only be defined by what they will tolerate. And this is precisely why America’s law-abiding gun owners must tell their story, again and again if necessary as we continue our fight to protect the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

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  • 58 thoughts on “Anti-Gun Congresswoman Introduces Magazine Ban, Threatens Slippery Slope

    1. The second paragraph of this article seems like pistol caliber, tubular feed rifles would be a problem. I do think a really good lawyer could make a 2nd amendment argument against such legislation. The words “Shall not be infringed” includes more than the lefties want to believe.

      1. The S.O.B.’s know exactly what it means, they just don’t care. And please, please, on behalf of left handed people everywhere, don’t start referring to the lunatic leftists as “lefties.” They’ve ruined so many perfectly good words already. Some overpriced academic may notice, and decide we need concepts like “handedness equality” or “handedness choice.” The first time some fresh from college knucklehead calls me ” sinisterially challenged”, I may end up with an assault charge.

        1. John, 10-4 on lefties. I have 2 siblings who are left-handed. I’ll refer to them as communist c and cs. The “c” ends in a “t” and the “s” is for sucker.

    2. Now, everyone calm down. I encourage curling up under a blanket in a comfortable chair,put your feet up,near the fireplace, with a nice reading lamp nearby. For some fine entertainment only reading, Might I suggest ” Unintended Consequences “. Oh, and yes, be sure to have your favorite beverage nearby. Hot chocolate is a treat.
      sat cong

    3. Would she put gang members involved in a drive-by shooting in prison for 30 years? I’ll bet she’d say it would violate somebody’ civil rights?

    4. @W. Bill, Sir, you are so correct. He should go back to playing in the sandbox and mommie should take his keyboard. Come to think about it, maybe congress should pass a law requiring a permit for using a keyboard. After giving that some thought I think only the bad guys would have keyboards.

    5. I would venture that after the way the elections went last night some republicans had better wake up and smell the excrement that we as a nation are headed for. We will be headed for a lot more of what you have been discussing.
      Its off the subject but I heard today that in the city of Wichita has set up cameras on three intersections looking for illegal turns ,no seat belts , and other serious infractions . They have been issuing tickets already . And so it begins. If The left gets the numbers all kinds of this crap may start , beginning with impeaching Trump .

        1. @john, OV is not an “a-hole”. You have failed to read enough of his writing. It has often been said that intelligence skips a generation. If true, lower case john, your kids should all be geniuses!

          1. @Wild Bill …Thank you sir I had not seen little johns comment but tend to ignore that type so as not to award any recognition . Remembering the articles about the cameras , one of the local news outfits did the story I related to . Guess what apparently public opinion carries some weight , The cameras will not be used for traffic enforcement any longer . How ever they are in a district of a lot of the night time activities occur. They were used to identify the perpetrator of an assault of some type.

      1. This sort of thing has been going on longer than most are aware of, and getting worse. Check this out:

        Just as the Amazon Echo has to be listening all the time to do what it does, so do these things. A ready made public surveillance system. Las Vegas and Los Angeles, among others, have been quietly rolling out these systems for a few years now.

    6. I carry a weapon not because I’m looking for trouble but because it might find me. Same deal for her as she asks of me. I’ll give up my firearms when she gives up her armed security detail. Live life like the rest of us honey and you will want the best weapon you can afford in your purse, holster or on your shoulder sling. Come on baby leave the campus and run through the jungle.

    7. Let me see killing someone is against the Law right, but the LAW doesn’t stop people from doing the act.

    8. What in the world has happened in Ct? Once a bastion of liberty and freedom, it’s now home to marxists! Our forefathers must be spinning in their graves !!!

    9. @Bucksnort: While your comment may be well intentioned, unfortunately you are operating from total ignorance on the topic of PTSD and violence. I suggest you start researching and reading before you become so quick to deny people their Rights.

      1. that’s just it…they think they’re the only ones who need to be/should be armed. While we “peasants” just are not worthy enough.

    10. Any military veteran who receives disability $$$ for PTSD should be banned from owning firearms. They have a mental condition prone to violence and should be on the background no sell list.

      1. Bucksnort:
        What do you know about veterans, war and PTSD? I am a retired Infantry Officer who during my long privilege service to our Republic proved that cowards like those who call themselves “Bucksnort” have no real understanding of our constitution and how its only preserved for cowards like Bucksnort only by the sacrifices of soldiers, airman, sailors and Marines. Bucksnort’s attempt to degrade, demoralize and torment all veterans is protected by those he hates so much. He is sad and pathetic but protected…
        LTC Chris Carrier, USA, Ret.

        1. Chris: Thanks for your service. He’s ignorant and what makes it worse he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. Vets suffering from PTSD are rarely violent and that comes from VA studies on that very subject. Rest easy my friend.

    11. She can ban what she wants, just try to enforce it?..another a**hole who would try to take what one bought legally without compensation…i will give her one for free if she sticks it where the sun doesn’t shine!

    12. I would suggest that instead of any form of gun control, we would be better served by a waiting period and background check for the purchase of politicians.

    13. It’s a amazing to me that these people get away with trying to destroy the constitution immediately after they take an oath and swear to defend it. They should all be charged with treason.

    14. Think about this , this is not a small step. It would effectively ban all Winchester , Henry , Rosi , and any other lever action rifle larger than .22 cal.

    15. Herein lies the root cause of the division and hate that exist in our country today. Predatory politicians like Esty, only are heard when they can use a tragedy like the Vegas or Texas crimes to batter our constitutional freedoms. They feed off the blood and souls of the victims while seducing the ignorant to vote for them. Power and control over the rest of us is their goal. They can care less about the victims, law abiding citizens, or anything else that doesn’t advance their political self enrichment. Unfortunately, here in Connecticut, we keep manufacturing and sending vermin like Esty to Washington to desecrate the office they hold.

    16. She CLEARLY isn’t going to make it on her appearance, so she reckons to stay in office forever by appealing to the anti-gun libtards and their money-bag supporters.

    17. Instead of, “large capacity magazines,” say we ban congressmen and women who demonstrate large capacities of bullshit.


    19. What in this world is wrong with these people…. IT IS NOT THE GUNS !… it is the MORON IDIOTS with gun\s.

      I’ve had an AR-15 loaded sitting next to my futon for years and it has never made the slightest move toward harming anyone … EVER ! ….. and neither has it’s owner, …. but then again, he is of sound mind and well trained with firearms from day one ( 5 years old ) … maybe it is time to have a professional screen you and give a mental O.K. to legally purchase over the counter… I know it will nothing about the illegal back door sales but we need to do a little something to catch some of the possible nuts with guns that are popping’ up all over……. just a thought.

      1. @Russell, Permission from the government to purchase a firearm after a professional mental screening? Time has nothing to do with the equation. God given, Constitution enumerated, American Civil Rights has everything to do with it.
        How can the “state” say that it has no duty to give you police protection and also say that it has an interest in your safety as a basis for disarming you, in nearly the same breath. The “state” likes to have it both ways. If the “state” has an interest in keeping you safe, then why is the “state” not required to give you police protection?

      2. Russell: What we “don’t” need to do is keep millions of Americans from being able to defend themselves while the Federal Govt digs around in their medical histories and makes a totally subjective decision whether they believe that person is “fit” to own a firearm. Is that what you really want, your inherent freedoms based on the whim of a bureaucrat? What’s next, permission to speak on the street corner dependent on whether you pass a competency test administered by the Govt?

        Our freedoms, ALL of them, are sacrosanct and the real question you should be asking is why does any Govt agency have the power to tell an individual they can’t have the means to defend themselves anywhere they go, and that includes church? We should be demanding the repeal of ALL gun laws that restrict, in any way, the ability of a law abiding citizen to defend himself with whatever he chooses whenever he chooses.

      3. Russell your intentions may be good, but that just opens the door to Esty, Shannon Watts and the Deep Staters to deciding that all their political opponents are mentally unfit to owning a firearm. They will expand it to include as many law abiding citizens as they can. I would rather live in a dangerous society than a Soros controlled police state.

      4. Russell, Do you really believe that a “professional” screener and a phycologist, of course “approved” by the government, will be able to stop any future mass shootings. Really, not even a thought! This would be the same government that knew all about the Texas church shooter and did NOTHING, to warn us the civilians of the mentally disturbed person that once worked for them and was sent back into the public to finish his madness. . Rethink your position RUSSELL, please.

    20. Ban Elizabeth etsy that woman makes no sense. She’s trying to put us back to a Japan against the last samurai situation, machine gun for oppressor ,knife for the oppressed

    21. Its just hard for me to understand how so many people think that more legislation will have any effect on violent crime. PEOPLE THAT COMMIT CRIMES DON’T FOLLOW THE LAW!!!! Helllllooooo….Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. I invite anyone that thinks guns kill people, to come sit with my guns for as long as they wish. If one of them jump up and kill you, I promise to pay your funeral costs, and change my stance on gun control. Someone had to operate the gun, be willing to kill people, be willing to die, or do time, and be willing to break the laws that you’re working so hard to enact. You cannot legislate morality.

    22. it’s ALWAYS THOSE COMMUNIST DEMORATS who start this crap.
      and any so called law that is REPUGNET TO THE CONSTITUTION IS NULL AND VOID.

    23. here they go taking small bites at the time . just enforce the laws already in place .thugs & criminals steal weapons they use & the gov let a lot of them out there.

    24. The Marxists who serve in Congress must know that any laws that restrict the access to and use of arms and attachments to arms that are protected by the Constitution will result in a civil insurrection of the type described in the Declaration of Independence. Americans will not submit to Tyranny and will resist all means and methods imposed upon them by the Marxist legislators and Judges who work tirelessly inventing methods to enslave Americans.

        1. As your hero Gump bragged about using his power to get away with sexual assualt:
          I dont even wait, I just kiss, I dont even wait, and when youre a big star they let you, you can do whatever you want, grab em by the pussy, whatever you want…

          So Im sure many Gump acolytes would slur women they disagree with as cunning runts… just as Hump also slurred that fool fro Fox as “bleeding” because she dared to challenge him…

          These are you disgusting values, the absolute worst of America, 71% of dumb white guys with no feminist consciousness voted in this Chump making us a disgrace/laughing stock

          1. Yet you voted for Clinton and Obama FAR worse choices in EVERY aspect… You seem to forget Clintons rides on the “Lolita Express” banging teens or his jizz slinging Monica fiasco’s in the oval office. Obama’s COMPLETE farce of a Presidency and signing off on our uranium. Infact he got rid of anything right or honorable in this country. He played the part of the Pied Piper for the FREE RIDE people of this country. Enslaved MILLIONS with his government bread crum path to dependency… You say Trump is bad ? You are nothing but a brainwashed typical lib/Dem hypocrite troll.
            A libtard Democrat using the term “disgusting values” refering to Republicans is actually pretty funny…. GOOD ONE !

            1. Billy Boy Clinton SHOULD wear a T-shirt with arrows pointing to the right and left and saying “I’m with her and her and her and her and her and her…”!!!

          2. @Michael Fantastique, you must be kidding. The name you chose doesn’t coincide with your post. How does it feel to be a liberal troll with no future except what the government gives you in freebees.

            1. @tcat, I read MF’s blurb. There was no Gump or Gump quote in the article or following comments. What MF does in not debate or logic. What MF writes is barely English and total make-believe. Is that what is taught in schools now, just make statistics and other stuff up. We used to call that lying.

      1. The modern day Democrat has morphed into a card carrying Communist. Just look at the platform of the Democratic Party…redistribution of wealth, civilian disarmament, removal of religion from schools and more. There is no difference between the Democrats and the Red Brigades that tried to take over Germany in the 1920s. Hillary Clinton is the new Rosa Luxembourg and Antifa are their shock troops. The days of the traditional patriotic Democrat are gone forever.

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