OH: Store Owner uses AK47 for Self Defense

Ohio: Store Owner uses AK47 for Self Defense

Dean Weingarten

Arizona -(Ammoland.com)- Dayton Ohio cell phone store owner Adam Seaton used an AK-47 clone to defend himself and his store. It happened about five a.m. on Sunday, 19 November, 2017.

Store video shows the thieves breaking the window at the front of the store, then trying various strategies to get through the security gate. Seaton was alerted on his cell phone by the security system. He was only a block and a half away.

The store has been open since December last year. This was the fourth robbery attempt, the first that has been stopped.

From wdtn.com:

DAYTON — A 22-year-old Dayton business owner fired an AK-47 at burglars breaking into his cell phone store early Sunday morning.

Dayton police were dispatched to Fix or Cell Now at 619 Watervliet Street around 5:09 a.m. after the business owner called to report the attempted robbery.

According to a police report, owner Adam Seaton was blocks away when he received a notification on his phone from the store's security system.

As he arrived to the store, Seaton told Dayton police he saw two men running from the store. Seaton said one of the men then stopped, pulled out a gun, and pointed it in his direction.

According to police, Seaton then grabbed an AK-47 from his passenger seat and fired at the men. Seaton told our breaking news team he believes one of his bullets hit a suspect, but he cannot be sure.

The thieves fled in a silver truck.  Seaton pursued them. He was on the phone to the dispatcher, who urged him, repeatedly, to pull back and let them go.

It is discouraging to listen to the 911 call. Seaton is hyped up about the potential to catch the suspects. He expects immediate reinforcements from the police. Instead, he gets disbelief, discouragement, and not much of an immediate response.

Link to audio 911 call of chase.

Sometime during the chase, a suspect shoots at him again. He backs off. In one interview, he says it became too dangerous to continue the pursuit.  The police have not caught any suspects as of the latest reports.

A modern sporting rifle was used for self-defense. Semi-automatic rifles are rarely used in crimes. They are large and hard for criminals to conceal and to dispose of.

The defensive uses of modern sporting rifles are under reported in the media.  Most reporters do not know the technical aspects of firearms. In addition, details of defensive shootings may not be released until long after the event was considered news.

Those who desire a disarmed population repeatedly claim that semi-automatic rifles like Seaton's AK, and other types of modern sporting rifles, are not useful for self defense.

Adam Seaton thought he might have hit one of the suspects. If so, it is likely they will turn up at an area hospital. Wounded suspects almost always result in solved crimes.

Modern sporting rifles are easy to use. They fire cartridges of adequate power that are easy to control. They offer sufficient magazine capacity to handle multiple suspects in a variety of situations.

They are excellent tools for defense of self and property.

2017 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

  • 20 thoughts on “OH: Store Owner uses AK47 for Self Defense

    1. This reminds me of the owner of a watch repair/sales store in I think Detroit. He was held up three times in his store. Fortunately for him he had not one pistol. but three, all placed at different locations under his counter. In one instance he had a bullet graze his neck just before he dropped one guy on the floor. I think he killed two total in the three attacks.
      He used to go to the range regularly to hone his skill, and it really paid. He did have to move his business to an undisclosed location, and is probably still in business today. He said, ”Im just a guy who doesn’t feel someone else should be able to determine if I should live or die”.Im not a hero, just want to live. He was so good at this, he was able to crouch down below the counter, and fire blindly and still hit the target, without endangering anyone else.
      If you Google watchmaker defends his business and shoots intruders, it should come up on your screen.

      1. You should have googled it yourself so your story would be accurate. He was robbed FOUR times, and the store is in LA. In the four attempted robberies he wounded one and killed five, and he was wounded twice, both times in the neck (not grazed).

    2. People always ask: “Why would anyone need an AK-47 ??? Well, if that’s what thugs and thieves are armed with and you want to defend yourself, your store, your customers or your family THEN THAT’S WHAT YOU NEED !

      1. when an anti gunnner tells ya no one needs a semi or fully auto matic weapon, ask them what kind of car they drive and how many HP it has.

        When they reply with a name of an expensive car wit 250+ hp or more, tell tem no one needs a $40,000 or costlier car thta has over 250 or more HP just to drive to work. Because a 28 yr old 4 cylinder car with 65 to 100 hp will do the job just fine

        The expression on their face wil be priceless

    3. His results in “Calling 911” are VERY LIKELY to have differed greatly, had he been in pursuit of the same guys, after they had shot a POLICEMAN, and fled, leaving him to die! (Tho good-old “Double Standard” of police response!

    4. Cops stands for: Can Only Protect Sometimes. If they aren’t eating doughnuts in the morning or having lunch or dinner. Most are so fat I don’t see how they could ever run after and catch even an unarmed thief. Maybe that’s why they just shoot people instead of chasing after them. That is if they show up and the thief hasn’t already left the seen.

    5. The truth is, fellow citizens, the police will always show up AFTER the crime. When it is actually occurring, you are on your own to protect yourself and your loved ones, as well as your home and livelihood. Be smart and be prepared. This guy did the right thing, just too bad he didn’t eliminate the scum from society completely.

    6. Probably some liberal PD policy so as not to offend any fleeing felons, or other special snowflakes. Take heed and keep those perishable skills as sharp as you can folks!

    7. My experience in the ’70s w/Dayton police. Reported mugging. response was ‘Detectives have gone home for day. call tomorrow’. Yikes!

    8. Like the police in my area , If shots are ,
      fired ! They come after the shootings done .
      Do they do this on purpose ? not sure but ,
      seems that way . Other area’s have great ,
      law enforcement , those are the places with
      dedicated officers and lower crime rate.

    9. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on confronting and shooting at the burglars. He got a notification of a burglary and interrupted it while it was still in progress, and was shot at by one of the burglars, so the shooting was probably justifiable. But car chases are a bad thing to get into. They look cool in the movies, but in real life too many end with the fleeing vehicle killing innocent people. And if you break off your pursuit, the bad guys don’t slow down; they just keep driving fast and recklessly. That’s why most PDs severely limit pursuits.
      The pursuit in Texas after the church shooting took place in a rural setting. This was in the middle of a city in a mixed residential-business neighborhood.

      1. I wonder how you know bad guys fleeing don’t slow down? Hmmmm Have you read stats and how they were taken or surely you weren’t one of those fleeing. Right?

      1. @Roy D and @GaryGary,

        Oh yes, I take it neither of you gentlemen have ever bothered to actually own a small business of your own, and to run it so that it will make a profit?

        Further, neither of you seems to be financially stressed, so that you can go down and buy a couple of cases of whatever caliber you use in your AR AK is, and just plain shoot away four hundred dollars in a weekend?

        News flash gentlemen, one man running a small business is pressed for time, so having two to three hours to go to the range and practice is luxury Time by his standards!

        I imagine he will try and go to the range more often, but real-world Necessities on his time may not allow a regular trip to the range!

        I made less than 6 grand last year, and it looks like I’ll be making about the same this year, which means I can’t afford to go out and shoot up $200 in a weekend, or for that matter I can’t afford to shoot up $50 in a weekend!

        Bottom line, one size does not fit all, so how about you boys consider that not everyone has the finances and free time that you do?


      1. Exactly why you can’t rely on other people to defend you that’s the problem with these anti-gun people they don’t want to defend their selves they want to rely on the help of other people who have guns and police I say if they won’t defend their selves why should we do it for them they’re going to end up in a bad situation where they’re going to wish they had a gun to defend their children or themselves but they’re going to be shit out of luck. But once enough of them get killed off from relying on other people to protect them we won’t have so many anti-gun snatchers out there

      2. Good Russian AK ammo Golden Tiger, is around $230 per 1,000 round case. $400 would be close to 3,000 rounds. Why would anyone go to the range and shoot 3,000 plus rounds for target practice? One hundred rounds should be sufficient, which would only cost around $23.

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