ISRA Thursday Bulletin for Dec. 7. – The 76th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

The USS Arizona moored in Pearl Harbor

USA -( Today is the 76th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the beginning of the United States formal involvement in WWII.

I say formal because we had been helping supply Britain with material and ships through the Lend-Lease program.

President Roosevelt had been preparing for war even though most Americans were against the U.S. entering WWII.

Much of the United States was isolationist, but technology combined with international events was about to change all of that.

I spent much of my youth in the Chatsworth American Legion Hall with my dad and his buddies who were veterans of WWII, but there were some WWI veterans there also. Whether they were in the Pacific Theater or European Theater, it didn’t seem to matter.

They all understood one another and, in many ways, were closer to their fellow veterans than their own families. In those days we didn’t know what PTSD was, but they all had some form of it and dealt with it; most came out alright, largely because of the Legion Hall and the support of each other.

I am sure the same thing happened in American Legion Posts and VFWs all across the United States.

Take a minute or two and think about the 16,000,000 Americans who served in WWII, all they gave and all they built when those who made it got back.

The anti-gun forces were pushing hard to stop HR38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, from passing the House, but failed. The anti-gunners have a far better chance of stopping HR38 in the Senate because of the 60 vote rule.

In short, the real battle will be in the Senate. Of course, both Senators from Illinois are squarely in the anti-gun camp.

When Donald Trump decided to drain the swamp in Washington D.C., I don’t think he, or any of us, had any idea of how deep and foul the swamp was going to be. One of our most trusted institutions, the FBI, turns out to be more like the KGB. It is more than sad and disappointing; it is a danger to us all. Terrible.

If there was ever a trial where justice was locked out of the Court Room, the Kate Steinle murder trial was it. This trial was held in a sanctuary city, in a sanctuary county, in what will soon be a sanctuary state.

The Judge, the District Attorney, and the Public Defender all work for the very entities that wanted to let the alleged perpetrator go.

Was the prosecution as vociferous as it should have been? Were all the facts brought out that could have been? The jury could only decide on the evidence presented. The Public Defender thanked the prosecution.

What about Kate Steinle, her family, and the other families that have suffered deaths of their loved ones at the hands if illegals? There is no justice for them, nor will there be, unless we rise up and put a stop to this nonsense.

I have been receiving phone calls about the U.S. Government Surplus 1911s being released for public sale. Please refer to the CMP informational article published on our website regarding this matter.

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Pearl Harbor is seared into the memory the the American soul. But the treachery that is the “Deep State” turning the national law enforcement and intelligence agencies against the American People is far more damaging than anything the Japanese did on that Sunday morning 76 years ago. President Trump was sent to Washington to clean out “the swamp”. Little by little, he is exposing it to the sunlight and “the swamp creatures” are fighting back. I have never really been concerned about politicians because they come and go. The government bureaucrats are forever and they are the true “swamp creatures”,… Read more »