CorBon Ammunition Update February 2018


CorBon DPX Ammunition
CorBon DPX Ammunition

Ft Collins, CO –-( CorBon Update:

I just got off the phone with TA Perrine at CorBon in Sturgis, SD.

He indicated that Cor Bon is now shipping ammunition (including DPX) to Cabela’s and Sportsman’s Guide. It may not appear on retail shelves for a few more weeks, but you can order it now from Cabela’s Web Page.

TA assured me that all quality standards and performance specifications, including velocities, are unchanged, and that he is anxious for all of us to examine and test his ammunition for ourselves (which I’ll be doing).

Not all calibers, nor bullet weights and types, are available yet. Understandably, TA is currently concentrating on 9mm and 5.56×45, but plans on restoring, even expanding, the entire line, including 30 Carbine and 300Blk.

Like all ammunition manufacturers, TA is at the mercy of vendors! Cases, primers, propellant, and bullets are all manufactured by big companies in various parts of the country, and when these components all come together in one place, they are assembled into individual cartridges, inspected, tested, packaged, and subsequently shipped to various big distributors and big retailers (like Cabela’s) by CorBon, also Super Vel, Underwood, Speer, Hornady, Federal, Black Hills, Gorilla, et al.

Thus, “waiting on components” is a headache shared by all ammunition manufacturers!

I’ve always been attracted to CorBon’s long-time devotion to the highest terminal performance and consistent product quality. For those of us who carry guns for serious purposes, high and reproducible terminal performance, combined with unconditional reliability, are more important, by far, than all other specifications, including price!

All manufacturers mentioned above are competent and enjoy my recommendation. I’m using and testing their products as I can.


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John Nixon

Interested in the 38 special + p and the 357 magnum DPX…any idea when they will be coming out again?