Brownells Retro XBRN177E2 Carbine Rifle in 5.56mm Giveaway

Brownells Retro XBRN177E2 Carbine Rifle Giveaway
Brownells Retro XBRN177E2 Carbine Rifle Giveaway

Manasquan, NJ -( New and existing subscribers to the AmmoLand Shooting Sports Newswire emails will ALL be eligible to win an awesome retro built Colt style rifle from Brownells, the Retro XBRN177E2 Carbine Rifle in 5.56mm.

One lucky AmmoLand Subscriber will take this historic rifle remake home!

AmmoLand Shooting Sports News and are giving away a limited-edition, 1967-1982 inspired, Retro rifle to one lucky AmmoLand email subscriber and that could be you! The Brownells XBRN177E2 Carbine is an homage to the classic carbine used by US troops in Vietnam.

This cool “assault weapon” (yes it is fully semi automatic) giveaway includes:

  • Brownells Retro XBRN177E2 Carbine in 5.56mm
  • Brownells Rifle Parts and Components

Brownells Retro XBRN177E2 Carbine in 5.56mm Specifications

  • M16A1 Style Lower Receiver with full “magazine fence.”
  • M16A1 Upper Receiver
  • Matte gray anodizing (not painted)
  • 12.7″ 5.56x45mm NATO Barrel with 1-12 twist & chrome bore
  • XM177 flash hider with grenade ring (pinned and welded to meet legal length)
  • Mil-Spec Phosphate/Chrome Bolt Carrier Group
  • Black CAR buttstock, pistol grip & handguard assembly
  • Includes 20rd Magazine, GI Operations Manual & Chamber Flag

Read AmmoLand's review of the Brownells Retro Xbrn177E2 Carbine found here.

But you can't win it if you are not in it!

Brownells Retro XBRN177E2 Carbine Rifle Giveaway Winner Announced

Brownells Retro XBRN177E2 Carbine Rifle Giveaway Winner Kenneth H
Brownells Retro XBRN177E2 Carbine Rifle Giveaway Winner Kenneth H

The winner of AmmoLand New's most recent Brownells Retro XBRN177E2 Carbine Rifle Giveaway is AmmoLand reader Kenneth H. of Ohio.. read more.

  • The giveaway entry dates run from March 15th, 2017 to April 30th, 2018 with the winner drawn on May 1st, 2018.
  • Everyone who signs up, or is an existing active subscriber, to the AmmoLand Shooting Sports News daily & monthly emails are eligible to win.
  • Eligible Winners, must be 18 years of age, a legal resident of the United States and be lawfully eligible under local, state and federal rules to accept the transfer of firearms through a licensed Federal Firearms License. NOTE: Residents DC, CT, NJ, IL, MD, and NY may not be eligible to win. Take your complaints up with your local anti-gun lawmakers.
  • No monetary compensation or substitution for ineligible winners. You are just out of luck.
  • Do you get our daily email? Then you are already entered. Do you need to sign up? Then you can do so at the link/box above: Sign up for AmmoLand in your Inbox!


About Brownells:

Brownells : About Firearms Since 1939, Brownells is the world’s leading source of guns, gun parts and accessories, ammunition, gunsmithing tools and survival gear. With a large selection of both conventional and hard-to-find items, and an extensive collection of videos, articles, and gun schematics, Brownells is the expert for everything shooting-related. Visit their website.

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  • 53 thoughts on “Brownells Retro XBRN177E2 Carbine Rifle in 5.56mm Giveaway

    1. where/how do you sign up for this Armalite Rifle giveaway?

      Armalite Rifle is exactly what AR stands for.

      82nd Airborne-Vietnam 1968-69

      1. Hang tight Carl. The Brownell’s rifle giveaway is over and we are in process of notification to the winner of the Brownells rifle. Check your inbox daily. Ammoland will announce our next giveaway in a week or two. We are in the final touches on a great gun package that is worthy of our subscribers. Stay Subscribed and you are automatically in the draw for the next giveaway.


    2. I believe and live by Psalm 91. I also trust in a fine rifle for protection. God will equip us . I stand with the NRA and my God stands with me.

    3. Really Great Giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity to win a great rifle that’s built by an awesome company. Will never have big issues with that pretty. Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to all. Really, all that enter. No, my fingers aren’t crossed, seriously.

    4. Wait….wait…..just hold on here a minute or three. If this is fully semi-automatic then that means our military is equipped with partial semi-automatics, right? Then, if so, somebody messed up their interpretation of Sun Tzu, where he clearly implies that “ One cannot achieve a complete state of Zen when one is partially semi, one must be fully semi to complete the half circle of happiness in victory.” Geronimo clearly mumbled this as he passed into the Spirit World after the infliction of a stab wound by an agent of the government.

      1. The kind the anti’s are trying to get banned. With all the other guns in the US. But they really love the FullSemiAuto guns because they can shoot spears and arrows really fast, and like kill people while it’s still in the case or closet. Bad Gun! LMAO

    5. Just retried anthropologist who traveled the world armed if possible and with non-USA camouflage ID .At 68 I am telling everyone to shut our borders down by force and vacate the last 10 yrs of citizenship.I worked the 1970 census when we had 205 million…..I think? Real money! Not fiat! Why?….Because there is an unchecked population explosion with no thought to stop it. I show my super8 films with empty Sunday cities and the kids are dumbstruck. There is no diversity or multiculturalism….it doesn’t exist…..Any anthropologist will tell you you can’t push different people together by any third party without disaster. 95% of the world sees our altruism as mental illness. Bring back Civil Defense and file a Writ of Mandamus to remove the US government as per the Judge Learned Hand protocol(originally for post nuke USA). There is no sunset on this law. Basically a populist group with the military removes not overthrows the sitting reps and institute’s a special election for non partisan only. Also we check if Fort Knox has gold. This country is incredibly screwed.

      1. Oh man. Now the dems. know what to do as soon as they get any kind of power again. Anything they can do to turn this country into a dictatorship is happy, happy for them.
        I know exactly what you’re talking about though. All the newer legal immigrants and illegals need to be cleaned out of the country. Including all the mooslims obama shipped over here illegally. It’s like I hear nothing about them lately except for the whole terrorist thing of course.

    6. Thank goodness it is a Brownells built and not an original. At least it will work when you need it. Thanks to you and Brownells for the chance to win it. I will leave it to me grandson and tell him a few stories about the rifle.

    7. I have no money for modern firearms. I like old ones just fine but this rifle would be a break from my normal and offer much more for my usage these days. I’ve never owned anything like this.
      It looks cool and effective. I saw where Australia is banning a Single Bolt Action Rifle because it looks more modern like this one even though it’s nothing more than a WWII Enfield. It was claimed that would never happen over there.

      1. I also live here in Illinois Mathew, and not anywhere near cook county, and I own several ar’s and never had a problem. Someone should check the rules for the states not allowed, because Illinois is not one of them. What say you Ammoland?

    8. Nice of y’all to give this away to some one and who doesn’t like the retro rifle’s ??? I know I do I would rather have an A! or A2 then any thing else as most of my rifles are lol love building the retro;s ……. and I just wish I had a ASSAULT WEAPON LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. You have been the “GO TO COMPANY” for many, many years and I happily live in the same state as the Brownell company.

    10. “This cool “assault weapon” giveaway includes:” seriously you’re calling this Semi-automatic rifle an “assault weapon”? Who is the libtard asshat that wrote that. Surprised you didn’t mention in the features that it’s “Full Semi-auto”

      1. JohnnyG, apparently you do not get the sarcasm, it says “Assault Rifle” in quotes, because nothing scares liberal snowflakes more than giving away free “Assault Weapons” and yes it is a “fully semi automatic assault machine”!!!

        Wait what?

        Full Semi Auto

        1. My bad I’m all about sarcasm, insufficient amount of coffee caused my lack of judgement. love the Kirk Lazarus meme

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