NRA Cover for Trump Unconvincing in Light of Its Own Support for Infringements

Singing from the same page again? (Chris Cox/Twitter)

USA – -(  “I had a great meeting tonight with @realDonaldTrump & @VP,” Executive Director for NRA’s Institute for Legal Action Chris Cox tweeted Thursday. “We all want safe schools, mental health reform and to keep guns away from dangerous people. POTUS & VPOTUS support the Second Amendment, support strong due process and don’t want gun control. #NRA #MAGA”

Cox was obviously doing damage control to a series of hip-shot statements the president has made in recent days, the most troubling being during a Wednesday meeting with lawmakers when he endorsed confiscating guns from people suspected of being dangerous:

“Take the guns first, go through due process second,” Trump ventured.

He was responding to comments from Vice President Pence that families and local law enforcement should have more tools to report potentially dangerous individuals with weapons.

“Allow due process so no one’s rights are trampled, but the ability to go to court, obtain an order and then collect not only the firearms but any weapons,” Pence said.

“Or, Mike, take the firearms first, and then go to court,” Trump responded.

The “different president now” has also threatened to ban so-called “bump stocks” by executive order, called for universal “background checks,” called for raising the age for owning semi-automatic rifles to 21, endorsed expanded “mental health” prohibitions and even said he’d consider Dianne Feinstein's pet bill, which would ban semi-autos for all.

Some, desperate to defend the president, are venturing unfounded hopes that he’s somehow lulling Democrats into a genius 3D chess trap. It sure doesn’t appear that way.  If he secretly wanted to kill things, he wouldn’t be insisting on separating nationwide concealed carry reciprocity because it’s a “poison pill.”

What Cox is doing is reining Trump back in, getting him to “walk back” preemptive surrender-signaling and stick to NRA talking points. The thing is, those points bear very little relationship to “shall not be infringed,” and in fact represent “gun control” no matter how Fairfax wants to parse it and pretend otherwise.

In fairness to the president, they’re the ones who gave the green light on rate-enhancing devices. They’re the ones pushing “Fix NICS.” They’re the ones telling us we need not trouble ourselves with due process concerns over John Cornyn’s mental health blanket dragnet.

And they know none of that would make a bit of difference at halting “gun free zone” massacres.

What would?

We all know the answer to that. All, evidently, except for the one guy who ought to know better than everyone.

Here’s Wayne LaPierre’s statement after Columbine:

“First, we believe in absolutely gun-free, zero-tolerance, totally safe schools. That means no guns in America's schools, period … with the rare exception of law enforcement officers or trained security personnel.”

Even after Sandy Hook, “School Shield” emphasis was not on “the right of the people to keep and bear arms.”

Why not?

There’s been a contention and underlying effort since then on the part of our political insider “gun rights leaders” that we have to give the Republicans “something” to offer their constituents as a sop, and that they can’t just offer them nothing.

How about offering the truth: That no concession will be enough, that if you give the gun-grabbers something today they’ll be back tomorrow demanding more, and telling everyone what a non-compromising extremist you are? That the enemies of freedom want nothing less than eradication of the right of the people to keep and bear arms, and that whatever ground you don’t make them fight tooth and claw for will be used to launch their next incursion?

How about if someone makes a claim on your birthright you tell him “No,” and if he persists let him know there's a cost? What the hell good is the Second Amendment if you’re just going to surrender it when ordered to, whether it's all at once or a little at a time?

Where are the “leaders” asking that?

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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    1. Chris Cox and Wayne LaPierre if you really want to help gun owners step down from your respective positions for someone who will actually stand for our rights.

      1. @ Ton E

        That would indeed be a good start to righting the NRA along with some complacent/compliant board of directors resigning.

    2. Amazing why so many people assume that their pathetic mumbling will have any affect at all on the course our nation follows. But it does make them feel as though they actually mean something in overall tapestry of American life. Keep it up, though, it makes a good substitute for the daily comic strip in the daily newspaper.

      1. Great point. It’s not as if the far left media has reported with anger about all of the times this type of “pathetic mumbling” directed towards congress has stopped gun bans from happening over and over again or anything.

        Speaking of substitutes for comedy, nothing is as funny as the daily news from the mentally ill coalition of the fringes that represents the modern day left. Transgenders, black lives matter, black Muslims, feminists, fascist college kids, antifa, gay rights, twig boy types in the media, holywood rapists, effeminate males of all types, and various millionaire and billionaire elitist hypocrites deliver comedy on a daily basis that Mel Brooks could never have imagined. Please continue to support the coalition of the fringes for the entertainment of normal people all over the world.

    3. J wrote: “People like you and arguments like this are literally the reason politics are broken in our once great nation. Enjoy your cold metal penis replacement. One of these days you’ll tell me why freedom to kill cops and kids is a natural right.”

      How did you morph the right to bear arms into a right to kill? Weird. Owning a gun doesn’t give one the right to shoot someone. Just like owning a hammer doesn’t give one a right to whack someone over the head with it. Instead of worrying about civilian weapons why not focus on disarming the govt? They kill many more than any civilians do.

      1. @ Darren

        We were ignoring J because one, his argument is categorically moronic, and two because he is an obvious plant troll. It was designed to trigger a response.

        What is even more interesting though is the fact that if you look at his argument and follow his same thought process then you could say this. Since he supports disarming citizens and trying to infringe on their rights, he wants them to be defenseless against rapists and pedophiles. Obviously, J then supports rapists and pedophiles because he hates women and children.

        His argument is so easy to destroy that most of us have moved past it and focused on talking about actual issues.

    4. this is exactly what the no gunners want division and malcontent among ourselves.listen to yourself people so you will know the ammo they use.

      1. @Terry Lewis

        Couldn’t you also say then that they want the weakest when it comes to the constitution to lead us? If you are really worried about division and malcontent then fix the NRA, and come back to the constitution. It was not us that left you, it was you that pulled away from us.

        David Codrea is right in the article above.

        1. @ The Revelator

          Correct,if there is any hope for the NRA there is going to have to be a change from the top down and getting back to it’s core mission,not enriching its officers.
          Four months ago I wrote the entire board,I’m still awaiting a reply,Crickets.

          1. @ Green Mtn. Boy

            Doubt you will hear anything but that, unless it comes in the form of a non addressed article on Ammoland insisting all naysayers shut up and get in line. You know, the usual.

    5. People like you and arguments like this are literally the reason politics are broken in our once great nation. Enjoy your cold metal penis replacement. One of these days you’ll tell me why freedom to kill cops and kids is a natural right.

    6. Mr. T. Jefferson was quoted as saying: ” The beauty of the Second Amendment, is that it’s not really needed; until they try to take it away!” Huh!

      1. Yes, he keeps being quoted over and over as saying that, despite the fact that he never, ever said that.

        Jefferson said so many supporting, uplifting, and liberty-enhancing things, making more up is not just dishonest, but unnecessary.

        “A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise, and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball, and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be the constant companion of your walk.”

    7. The NRA, that is all the paid employees of the NRA (NOT the members) are dependent on having something to “fight” to receive a paycheck!

      Therefore, sadly, if the 2A still stood as the Founders intended, there would be no need for the NRA, GOA et al, to be lobbying FOR “gun rights”, which would really mean we wouldn’t need them, nor pay them our hard earned $$$.

      They have a vested interest in keeping the fight going, if we won ALL our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS back, they would all be without a paycheck…

      1. @ Graham

        The NRA when founded in 1871 was to teach and promote proficient marksmanship, that was their original mission as the second amendment hadn’t yet come under attack by Leftist’s as of yet.

        1. And when they were ultimately dragged into the political aspect of gun ownership, they were straight off the turnip truck. They agreed to gun-control laws, capitulated, and compromised, then learned first-hand that their opponents not only were unappeased and immediately came back for more, but outright lied about their past cooperation, demonizing them. Read “Gun Control” by Robert Kukla (past NRA president). Eye-opening. Maybe ought to send a copy to Wayne and Chris.

    8. In canada, that exactly what the police do, any rumour of a firearm threat , cops will come to your house and confiscate all your guns, lay charges, and you have to prove your innocence, horrible system, if your wife want you locked up, she just needs to call the 911, say you were threaten and that you own firearms, cops will at your door collecting you and your firearms, or your neighbour could falsely accuse you of pointing a firearm at him, your in trouble, too many false arrests and gun confiscations under Canadian law currently, easy for cops to victimize the lawful firearm owner, urban Canadians are paranoid about guns, tooo much American movies and tv shootouts

          1. @InkyMP, Ok, I don’t mind reading, from you, how things are in Canada because you are an expert on that subject. Where in does sovereignty lay and what document describes that, in Canadian law?

            1. You can find firearm control in legislation called Bill C-68. And the criminal code of canada, a firearm offence is a felony in canada, you must have a Possession Acqusition Licence in order to possess any firearms legally, all handguns are registered with the federal govt., with a PAL, you will be charged and have your guns confiscated, everyone must take a federal firearm safety course, to own a handgun one must take another course for restricted guns, canada has outlawed 100’s of semi auto( eg. All AK variants) AR’s are classified as restricted and registered, very easy to get in trouble up here, we also have strict storage rules and transportation rules

            2. @Inky member of parliament, What gives the parliament authority to make those laws? Do the people of Canada have any Civil Rights that the Canadian government can not diminish?


            4. Now, InkyMP, What is it to you if Trump is a moron or not? You have no standing to complain. I must make a special notation in my diary today. I have never been yelled at by a member of parliament before.

            5. Not yelling at you, just my opinion about your president shared by most of the world’
              Trump is your president, not mine. I think i’v said enough for a 5 term MP

            6. No, you have a moron like Trudeau. It’s clear to me which is worse as this point. The “rest of the world” also thought that Obama deserved a Nobel Peace Prize for, um, getting elected.

            7. @InkyMP, I think that Canadians have no rights because sovereignty went from the British Crown to the government of Canada. Unlike America’s founding fathers, having successfully rebelled, and took sovereignty from the British Crown by force then gave it to the American People along with a Constitution describing how to do things.
              I may not be correct about Canadian Sovereignty because I am not up on Canadian history, but a five time member of parliament ought to know about Canadian Sovereignty.

    9. I’ve always been furious with the NRA on the ’86 machinegun ban. They could have exerted influence to get the provision stripped out of the final bill but wanted to be “reasonable.” I wrote then telling them that if they agreed to a ban, the Democrats would push for more and pro-gun folks would be fighting bans on everything else from then on.
      I was right.
      I don’t mind some of the changes, but we can’t accept any ban, denial of due process, and preventing LEGAL adults from exercising a Constitutional right. Once we accept restricting rights based on age, sooner or later 18-21 age adults will be second class citizens with the right to travel, marry, and vote coming under increasing attack. They already have problems with renting homes, hotels, and car rentals in many places.

      1. The NRA, that is all the paid employees of the NRA (NOT the members) are dependent on having something to “fight” to receive a paycheck!

        Therefore, sadly, if the 2A still stood as the Founders intended, there would be no need for the NRA, GOA et al, to be lobbying FOR “gun rights”, which would really mean we wouldn’t need them, nor pay them our hard earned $$$.

        They have a vested interest in keeping the fight going, if we won ALL our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS back, they would all be without a paycheck…

    10. Trump has always been a whore and he will gladly take the gun industry money as fast as the NRA can funnel it to him. But Trump is not as trustworthy as other conservative politicians because he is so corrupt that this gun lobby money pales in comparison to what he’s raking in on the sly as president. Thus staying in power is more important to him, especially since he never had any strong convictions toward maintaining 2A rights in the first place. Trump knows that Florida is key for him to get re-elected and wants to appease the current outcry that has followed this latest shooting. I believe things would be very different if this did not occur in a toss up state. The NRA is caught between trying to help Trump out and carrying out their obligation as a well paid lobby group. We need to stand up and make sure our rights are not bargained away through this political game.

      1. @Jon, Yes, he is a whore, but he is our whore, and he wants what only we can give him, that second … term. Like all whores, he will get to thinking that he is in charge once in a while. It is up to us to make sure he knows whose boss.
        All politicians are all whores. We should treat them as such.

      2. In the Coast Guard we were taught two very critical life saving skills:

        1. Optics are EVERYTHING.
        2. Loose Lips Sink Ships.

        Translation= 1.) If you can not see your threat right in front of you, you are doomed to fail.
        Translation= 2.) When faced with an enemy threat, keep your mouth shut, unless you are the C.O. or the designated O.O.D.

        Now if The POTUS D.J.D. would have actually “Served His Country”, He would know this. I’m sure he has noble intentions, however his obvious lack of Military Discipline appears troubling at best.. IMHO,
        or so it appears as , “OPTICS”. Hello. Are we enjoying the Show?

      3. From what i’ve Seen so far, trump’s in it for himself and his family, no one else, he’s been for himself all his life, why would anyone expect anything from this narcist

      1. @DBM

        It must be a coincidence, but it always seems like the half of the “House” stating a house divided cannot stand is the half that is trying to pull the other half off the cliff along with it.

        If the NRA stood on principles, fixed its management problems, and actually put membership dues into fighting against stupidity as opposed to propping up wishy washy politicians who don’t have the moral backbone to remain true to the constitution, maybe the more responsible and thought out individuals wouldn’t be triggering people to say “A house divided cannot stand.”

    11. Why not replace the dead weight at Negotiating Rights Away org,such as Wayne,Marion and Chris and any board of director that misses more than three meetings in one calendar year,returning the organization to it’s core function.

      Mr. “I like taking the guns first” president,perhaps thinks the resistance voters will carry any reelection hopes he had.

      The NRA needs to focus on it’s core mission protecting it’s members second amendment rights,not enriching it’s officers in cushy lifetime positions.

      1. If you really want to ensure that the NRA is relieved of the dead weight of no-show directors, sign Adam Kraut’s petition ( and sent it in to him by the end of March. This is the only avenue you have to demand change in the NRA, don’t waste it.

    12. This has been yet another example of why my money goes to the GOA instead of the NRA. It’s also why I read Codrea instead of most gun writers, who are quite often nothing more than NRA mouthpieces. I have been reading codrea since the newtown attack and he, like the GOA, is the real deal. No retreat, no compromise – no matter the odds.

      Everyone should continue to share and spread codrea columns like this, join the GOA, bombard your elected officials with calls and emails, and refuse to compromise no matter who is speaking on our behalf – and that includes wayne and trump.

    13. Dave, when all this is over going after the NRA leadership might be an acceptable undertaking. But right now it sure doesn’t help.

      1. @ Felixd

        Perhaps Wayne,Chris and company ” The ATF should look at regulating Bump Stocks”,should have thought of that before they shot their mouths off,ala,president Trump,now the NRA wants to reign him in,oh that’s rich.

      2. Felixd, with the present NRA “leadership” this is going to end with us losing our gun rights. At that point our slogan will be “they can have my slingshot when they pry it from my cold, dead hands”

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