NSSF Statement on Dick’s Sporting Goods Announcement

NSSF Statement on Dick’s Sporting Goods Announcement
NSSF Statement on Dick’s Sporting Goods Announcement

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- The NSSF made the following statement regarding Dick's Sporting Goods recent decision to cease sales of modern sporting rifles:

We respect the right of all companies to make the decisions they believe are appropriate for their business. Nonetheless, we are disappointed by the decision of Dick’s Sporting Goods to stop selling modern sporting rifles at its 35 Field & Stream stores, to cease sales of certain magazines and to raise the purchase age to 21 for all firearms at all its stores. We note that the Dick’s Sporting Goods announcement acknowledges the vast majority of gun owners are responsible and law-abiding. Indeed, they are and should not be penalized for the actions of criminals.

Members of our industry believe that unauthorized individuals should never have access to any firearm, of any kind, at any time. On behalf of our industry, NSSF supports effective solutions to achieve that goal, which is shared by all Americans. NSSF strongly supports and calls upon Congress to immediately pass the Fix NICS bill – named after our program of the same name – to increase the reporting of all disqualifying criminal and applicable mental health records to the FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) database to increase the effectiveness of the system on which our nation’s retailers depend. We will continue our work on that vitally important initiative, as well our other programs that work every day to help enhance public safety, including Project ChildSafe, the Don’t Lie for the Other Guy anti-straw purchasing program and Operation Secure Store programs that we conduct in cooperation with Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

Dick's Sporting Goods Statement
Dick's Sporting Goods Statement

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  • 29 thoughts on “NSSF Statement on Dick’s Sporting Goods Announcement

    1. Dick’s can do what ever the heck they want. They have the right to make policy in regard to their business. WE also have a right to decide where we shop. As consumers, that gives us the ultimate power. Make Dick’s off limits and spread the word about their policies. Don’t shop there! Most of us, as gun owners and Second Amendment supporters make daily decisions where we eat or shop, based on their policies in regards to firearms. I don’t use or consume anything associated with Pepsico because they are anti-gun and I don’t wear Levi’s for the same reason. I also refuse to eat in a restaurant or patronize a business that has a “NO Firearms” sign on the front door. You have to draw a line in the sand somewhere. Let Dick’s go down that road and let us, as consumers, make it a dead end for them.

    2. They have simply changed their rules. We may not agree but they can do what they want to, and so can we, that is what we call Freedom. Me, I have been shooting for 53 years and carrying for way over 20, yet I do not find what they have done as a big deal.

    3. I don;t much have a problem with their decision to continue stopping the stocking of Ar style rifles. Any business can decide for wharever reason they feel is appropriate to not stock or cease stoking any item or class of items. Their call.
      But I have a SERIOUS problem with them denying the RIGHT of 18 to 20 year olds lawfully able to purchase firearms to do so, and in their stores. I am convinced, though I can’t put my finger on a solid basis for it, they cannot deny anyone in that age group their right to purchase firearms in their stores. This is discrimination on the basis of age, and I’ll bet signficant money it is not allowed by the terms of their FFL license. I’d like to see a legal opinion on this ,based on the sustance of the FFL license application, terms, conditions, requirements.

      I also think it would be “just right” for gun manufacturers to cease shipping arms to Dicks as long as they are out of compliance with the law in their refusal to carry certain classes of arms, and selling any arms to those in a certain age group lawfully able to purchase. What if Remington, Ruger, Kimber, S&W, Colt, Browning, etc, were to decide Dicks no longer needed their products because they refuse to sell them to those lawfully able to purchase them? And I would see that as a purely business decision…. you won;t faithfully represent our products, making them available to lawfully qualified purchasers, we no longer will supply you. Seems simple and fair to me…… maybe we should begin pressing the manufacturers Dicks carry telling them to cease supplying Dicks.

    4. Dicks is already a hasbeen store , now they are just putting the final nail in their coffin. All the Field and Stream stores around me have already closed. I guess that that will soon hold true for the rest of the country. Why have to shop two store to have to get all your sporting good needs ?
      i guess that “Dicks” lives up to their name.

    5. I believe Dicks,will go limp.I hunt fish,play sports.don’t need anything from a Russian infected store,at all!

    6. I was an avid Dick’s shopper — sports and winter gear, Under Armour wear, and ammo. Bought my 7 year old daughter’s first BB gun there.

      No more. I signed up my wife and I as NRA members following the CNN “Townhall”. Upgraded us to Lifetime members following the United Airlines and Dick’s announcements.

      Suck it, Dick’s. I’m an American.

      1. I have never been impressed with Dicks anyway, just like Sports Authority, who used to sell fire arms, they are not a place that I go to for anything at all.

    7. Dicks has just screwed themselves, I will never go back there. NEVER. Lots of other places to spend my money.

    8. NSSF will continue to do business as long as anything is being sold at Dick’s, though you would like them to take a stronger position instead this is as strong as it gets.
      but in reality what is the NSSF saying here? to me it says- Dick says no- these are evil guns and the NSSF says we will stand by their decision and do and say nothing

    9. Sounds a little like the NSSF is fence walking trying to balance the middle line and make everyone happy. Makes me wonder how much I want to support them in the future.

    10. I can’t help but feel that they are going to deeply regret this decision when a lot of people stop buying anything from them completely. To each their own I guess. It’s their establishment, so they can pretty much do what they want in these regards, but I don’t think they were looking at the big picture in this when all is said and done! It could very well end up being no firearms for sale of ANY kind at Dick’s Sporting Goods! As the old saying says… “be very careful about what you wish for, as you just might get it!”

    11. Have you seen a Dick’s store that even remotely appeared to be doing well? It looks to me like they are on the way out. Stock in disarray. Disinterested and almost nonexistent sales staff. Ignorant managers. Dick’s was probably looking for an opportunity to try an get their almost forgotten name mentioned.
      Years ago, I shopped at Dick’s. Seldom lately. Now, I will have no reason to even think about them anymore.
      Goodbye Dick.

      1. Willie: I have a Dick’s five minutes from me. I don’t see how they stay open. The very few times I’ve been there, I’ve had to find a salesperson in the back doing “whatever”. Here’s an experience I had about a year ago; I went in to buy some 9mm ammo. The salesperson hands me a box of 9mm+P and says it’s the same as 9mm. I left right then and went to my car in the “empty” parking lot.

    12. NSSF is an industry trade group, not a gun owner’s group. They will do what is best for manufacturers and retailers first and forget about the ultimate purchaser of their products. The only people who can bring pressure on companies like Dicks is the retail purchaser. For example, if a gun manufacturer, just for example Ruger (which is always the first to cave in) does not support gun owners we must stop buying the products of that manufacturer. The idea is that you don’t buy products from the un-supportive company from anyone. If a company does not support gun owners we don’t buy that product from anybody, not the gun show seller (no used guns either, let it sit in their inventory), not Dicks or Cabellas, or the local gun store owner, not Brownells, or Midway. Nobody, period.

    13. Poof………. DICKS no longer exists !
      YOU sold them, now you want to ban them and screw over your customers (many who purchased their guns at YOUR store) because of a couple deranged peoples actions, along with labeling and penalizing MILLIONS OF LAW ABIDING CITIZENS. All because you caved to a bunch of knee jerk assholes that ignore the PERSON that was responsible and go after a tool. NOT a smart move DICKS ! I wonder if they will stop selling knives,maybe bats too ? Hell, the kid in Franklin Pa.stabbed 27 people in no time. Or if car dealers will stop selling vehicles, they have killed THOUSANDS.
      I guess the owners have lived up to the stores name, that have become DICKS !

    14. How many guns were sold illegally by Dick’s? If the answer is none then why punish the law abiding citizen. Not Kool at all

      1. 100% agree, they might as well close the “field and stream” stores they just lost all of my business. Won’t even purchase from their other stores.

        They don’t support those that have abide by the law to hell with them, bunch of pricks oh sorry Dick’s!

    15. Remington, Mossberg, Colt, Browning, etc should terminate doing business as well. Once no gun manufacture won’t ship them anything, they may think different.

    16. A slap in the face of lawful gun owners. We have a long memory for such things. This is strike two for Dick’s. Fortunately there are plenty of alternative sources for shooting supplies.

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