Bloomberg’s Gun Hating Group In Idaho Caught Lying! Watch! ~ VIDEO

Bloomberg's Gun Hating Group In Idaho Caught Lying! Watch! ~ VIDEO
Bloomberg’s Gun Hating Group In Idaho Caught Lying! Watch! ~ VIDEO

Idaho – -( You won’t believe what Moms Demand Action in Idaho is saying about your gun rights.

While gun grabbers continue to mobilize across the state, we must make our stand at the ballot box.

We’ll tell you how you can help in just a second.

2018 has been a wild year for gun owners across the country. Several shootings from last year, as well as the Parkland shooting this year, have driven gun grabbers to mobilize against the 2nd Amendment.

They aren’t just going for “common sense” legislation. They want the 2nd Amendment repealed, plain and simple.

Bloomberg used to just use his minions from Moms Demand Action to do his dirty work, but now he is using kids from Parkland Florida to do it for him. David Hogg and the rest of the gun grabbers have been screaming on national media for weeks on end about how the 2nd Amendment must be curtailed.

  • They are ridiculing and mocking gun owners.
  • They are blaming you for the shootings.
  • They claim that you have blood on your hands for the deaths of innocent people.
  • The only thing they don’t do is blame the actual killers themselves.

And right now they are mobilizing across the country, with rallies and legislation, to pass useless gun control laws that are in violation of the 2nd Amendment.

In fact, we have obtained exclusive footage from the anti-gun rally in Boise, where a Moms Demand Action activist talks about their efforts to fight against gun rights in Idaho.

And of course, they lie and sensationalize everything in order to try and convince people they are right, because facts are not on their side.

You can watch this footage on YouTube below!

And now they are mobilizing for election time to get gun grabbers to vote out pro-gun candidates.

That’s why this election season is so important and why your activism may make all the difference in the end.

What can you do to help us fight back?

>>> First, we are making a last-ditch effort to expose even more gun grabbers in Boise, or those who are blocking pro-gun legislation, like Chairman Tom Loertscher.

The ads we are running must be shared all over individual districts and you can help by donating $100, $50, or even just $25 today!

>>> Second, there is a rally this weekend at the capitol in Boise. We are not the sponsors but encourage everyone to attend.

It is at 12:00 p.m. MST and after you have attended, make sure you remain or get active in the fight to preserve the 2nd Amendment in Idaho.

>>> Finally, if you are not already a member of the ISAA, please be sure to become a member today!

For as little as 10 cents a day you can join the largest, no compromise, gun rights group in Idaho!

Time is quickly running out for us to make an impact in the primary election season, and we need you standing with us.

Your activism may make all the difference between a weak-kneed establishment candidate getting elected and the ISAA exposing them for their weak stances.

Time is running out, so act now!


Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

With the primary election season just around the corner, we need you in the fight to preserve the 2nd Amendment in Idaho!

Gun grabbers in Boise are mobilized and active in trying to defeat the 2nd Amendment.

You must see the video we have of Moms Demand Action in Boise, and the lies they were telling participants above!

We need you to help us push our election program to the next level and the best way to do that is to join up with the ISAA today at the Bronze Level or higher!

Thank you!

Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, single-purpose organization dedicated to reserving and protecting the Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms through an aggressive grassroots program designed to mobilize public opposition to anti-gun legislation.

The address for Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is:3383 N. 5 Mile Road. Box #32 9, Boise, ID 83713 You can call us at 208-649-4810. Our website can be located at

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Nell Ringlee

The are also employing Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals when it suits them. Funny thing is this: they tried to have a rally in my town, Kingman Arizona on March 24th. They were outnumbered by the media and opposition. I worked a gun show today for Arizona Citizens Defense League recruiting new members. We have doubled our usual production. Folks are reacting the the million moms, the brady bunch and the bloomberg brigades big time. People I have talked with for the past year have now jumped out of the “I don’t want to get involved” mode to membership and action.… Read more »


Isn’t it ironic how the anti gunners are taking plays DIRECTLY out of the Muslim jihad book….move into the enemy territory, pretend to be one of them, multiply and use thier own systems against them. How about that.

Walkin O'Shea

It’s unfortunate that these people are given a forum. Not that they’re not entitled, but rather that they spread such nonsense without factual content. I just wish they could stop themselves from their need for 15 minutes of fame.

VT Patriot

The flatlanders have taken over VT also. Formerly the best state in the Union for gun laws ( and the lowest crime RATE in the 48 – wow what a coincidence) this week by another “rino” governor. The people here are da****d mad about it too. Even the snowflakes. The attempt to start confiscating guns (Hunting, self defense, semi’s, magazines etc.) will not be successful. It will instead awaken the “Green Mountain” boys just like our Ethan Allen. Don’t even try such a foolish move Gov , it won’t end well.

James Andrews

Shut this crap down….vote this moron out of office!

James Andrews

She sounds like she has a potato for a brain…..


If not the 3rd (ballot) box, then the 4th. MOLON LABE!!


Why do the clueless always seem to be such nice, friendly people? I hope she never has a reason to have a gun protect her or her family, since she wants to restrict them. One of her restrictions could get her family or friend harmed. The best defense is a great offense! She should move back to the Bay area in NorCal and stay there.

James Andrews

She’s a moron…..stay strong Idahoans and all fellow Americans who actually care about their true rights!

Rene Laprevotte

I abandoned the Sanctuary State of California to ESCAPE these dilated-pupil morons and now they’re chasing me again in Idaho?

Douglas Kuykendall

This is what happens when snowflakes move in.There our a lot moving there.Montana is another place they are moving to.People needs to find out where someone is from If they are running for office.That is how they get their ways in state.Do not vote them in.Look at Colorado,it happened there.


This is what happens when you allow unlimited migration from California.


She’s cute though.
Love the hairband.

Wild Bill

@Lou, she is the most dangerous opponent that anyone will ever face. People will take her part, just because she is a good looking woman. The devil hath power to assume a pleasing shape.

Green Mtn Boy

What’s a few LIES between Demanding Commie Mommy’s.

James Andrews