Progressive Illinois Rep. Declares Constitution Means Nothing

Progressive Illinois Rep. Declares Constitution Means Nothing
Progressive Illinois Rep. Declares Constitution Means Nothing

Arizona -( An Illinois technocrat has demonstrated the Progressive attitude about the Constitution and the Second Amendment. Representative Bill Foster has a PhD in Physics from Harvard. He was raised and earned his Bachelor degree in ultra-liberal Madison, Wisconsin.  In his view, the Constitution is a document that can be re-interpreted to mean different things every few years. That is true in a sense. Amendments to the Constitution can be put forward and passed any time. It is clear a constitutional amendment is not what Representative Foster is talking about. From

Flanked by two area high school students, a pediatrician and the mother of a gun violence victim, U.S. Rep. Bill Foster told a community forum audience Monday the Second Amendment should be up for reinterpretation as new generations come into power.

“It always has been up for reinterpretation,” Foster, D-Naperville, said during an event focused on gun violence. “The technology changes, and the weapons thought to be too dangerous to be in private hands change. A civil war cannon is frankly much less dangerous than weapons we are allowed to carry on the streets in many of the states and cities in our country today. This is something where technology changes and public attitude changes and both are important in each of the generations.”

What does “reinterpretation” mean? It means you take the same words in the Constitution, and apply a different meaning to them. If you can do that, the Constitution only means what you want it to mean, when you want it to mean it. If Representative Foster means that legislators, such as himself, should change the meaning of the Constitution when they wish it, then Constitutional limits on government power mean nothing. Much of the purpose of the Constitution was to limit government power, to provide stability, to prevent rapid, radical change in the laws.

The Representative mentions technology changes and public attitudes. But technology changes apply to the First Amendment, the Fourth Amendment, the Fifth Amendment, and most of the Bill of rights. Should we give the legislature the power to change most of the Bill of Rights at will?

The Constitution is designed as a structure of government to moderate and delay change so as to prevent hurried legislation in response to emotional public reactions.

In short, Representative Foster is talking about scrapping the Constitution and ruling by legislative fiat. That has always been the Progressive way.  From, a quote from Charles Merriam, an early, leading Progressive political scientist:

The individualistic ideas of the “natural right” school of political theory, endorsed in the Revolution, are discredited and repudiated…. The origin of the state is regarded, not as the result of a deliberate agreement among men, but as the result of historical development, instinctive rather than conscious; and rights are considered to have their source not in nature, but in law.

Progressives believe that experts should rule society, that the “average man” is incapable of knowing their own best interest. Progressives believe there is no absolute right and wrong. Right and wrong are defined by Progressives and their experts at any particular time.

Progressives see the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as obstacles to be overcome, not pillars of American society that must be defended.

Progressives generally view the State as god, or at least the manifestation of God on earth. Right is anything that advances Progressivism. Wrong is anything that hinders the Progressive agenda.

President Wilson, one of the political foundational Progressives, is attributed as believing that “limits on government power should be abolished”

Representative Foster is an iconic technocrat. After working as a government scientist for his career, he was able to win a seat in the House of Representatives. He does not believe in natural law. He does not take his oath of office seriously. No Progressive does. To Progressives, oaths, natural law, the Constitution, are all outdated concepts to be placed in the dustbin of history in order to achieve power. Setting aside the Constitutional questions, Foster ignores facts, and lies to advance his agenda.

Foster is a scientist. He understands how to lie with statistics. His prowess at doing so is shown below:

“I doubt that's the most effective way to control gun violence,” Foster said. “The most accurate predictor of the rate of gun homicides, if you look at the statistics, is actually the number of guns per person in the state or in the community.”

That is an irrelevant conclusion. “Gun violence” is a propaganda term. It is not germane to the argument about the effectiveness of legislation.  It does not matter to a victim if they die from a gunshot, or because they did not have a gun to defend themselves. If they die from a club, or a knife, or a bombing, they are still dead. If a country institutes restrictive gun legislation, and the homicide rate increases, the legislation is a failure for its stated purpose. It is irrelevant if the number deaths inflicted with guns goes down. It is the total, unjustified homicide rate that matters. John Lott says that every country that instituted gun bans saw increases in the homicide rate. From

One thing gun control advocates such as Vox would never mention is that every single time that guns are banned — either all guns or all handguns — homicide/murder rates rise. This is a remarkable fact.

It would be unsurprising that if there are more guns, there are more gun homicides. If there are more cars, there are more car accidents. If there are more hospitals, more people die in hospitals.

What is surprising is that as the number of guns has increased in the United States over the last 30 years, the rate of gun homicides and gun accidents has decreased dramatically. Foster may not know this. Progressives are notoriously good at ignoring facts. As a scientist, he should know it. As a Progressive, it is “crimethink” as described in the novel, 1984. That fact contradicts his assertions, even about “gun homicides”.

 That fact contradicts his assertion, even about only "gun homicides".
That fact contradicts his assertion, even about only “gun homicides”.

Anyone can find “experts” to show statistics that agree with their position. That is the foundational weakness of Progressivism. Choose your expert, and you get the policies you want.

Representative Foster does not think you are smart enough to rule yourself. He does not think you will recognize his use of statistics to lie, or he would use other methods.

Improved technological communications allow everyone to contrast competing expert opinions and construct their own. That technology is changing all the Progressive assumptions about their ability to “construct consent” and rule as technological elites.

©2018 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included.

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About Dean WeingartenDean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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    1. Some guy named Jefferson once wrote:

      “I am certainly not an advocate for frequent and untried changes in laws and constitutions. I think moderate imperfections had better be borne with; because, when once known, we accommodate ourselves to them, and find practical means of correcting their ill effects. But I know also, that laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind. As that becomes more developed, more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, new truths disclosed, and manners and opinions change with the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also, and keep pace with the times. We might as well require a man to wear still the coat which fitted him when a boy, as civilized society to remain ever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors.” – Jefferson to H. Tompkinson (AKA Samuel Kercheval), July 12, 1816

      It’s inscribed on the Fourth Panel of the Memorial in his name at Monticello. Sounds like Foster visited once. Have you?

    2. I am inclined to believe the constitutional government created through the founding fathers would have been successful if it had one rule, only unanimous change, with all 13 amendments including “Titles” of “Nobility and Honor”! intact! Titles of nobility and honor is a tool used to make: 1. People unequal exempting rulers/government from accountability for damages 2. An arch treasurer! President Lincoln was the worst kind of tyrant America has ever had in a position of authority! “Titles” of “Nobility and Honor” was ratified it only needed 12 states to ratify at the time it was sent to the states for ratification and 12 ratified, british could not infiltrate through American officials with this amendment in place, so they burned down the central library containing the constitution with the amendment intact! this amendment was in several states libraries as ratified, President Lincoln replaced it with an amendment establishing rights to slavery, creating a new government without liability for government damages with rights to slavery! When Congress seen constitutional amendment by military force, they added reconstruction amendments 14,15,& 16, effectively taking sovereignty from the states and bestowing it upon themselves! Neither government branch Executive or Legislative had jurisdiction, however, by Majority Rule Law and Jurisdiction is exceeded, it is done!

      1. Very imaginative. What planet do you come from.. I’ve looked and can’t find any “right to slavery.” Can you try writing sentences and citing some sources?

      2. Representative Foster should be escorted to the Mexican border and instructed to never return to the United States. His failure to uphold the Constitution should have consequences. He is a traitor. Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to go to Harvard!!

    3. The Constitution is a contract an agreement between the people and the government. There is a stated proceedure for making changes, it’s called amending, that proceedure has been successful 26 or 27 times. If one wishes to change the constitution, follow the established proceedure.

      As to the gentleman’s idea, essentially disregard the constitution, how about the following. He is an elected official who undertook an oath to uphold, support and defend the constitution. He seemingly doesn’t take his oath of office especially seriously. Re that, I wonder as to the following. How might he react to the stopping of his paychecks? Can you just hear the wailing about the abrogation of his rights, about the state not living up to an agreement made with him. I believe that I can, and I’m not really listening hard.

    4. These politicians seem to forget they work for the PEOPLE! They also seem to forget they took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution and that includes the 2nd Amendment! These traitors to our rights need to be booted!

      1. This is why We the People MUST get out and beat-the-bush to get Constitutionalists out to vote for Representatives who will HONOR their OATH of OFFICE.

        1. @Jenn and Laddyb, You are both correct. This next election will be critical to draining the swamp and breaking the strangle hold on We the People. The dnc wants to impeach Trump out of office, but can not do it unless they win big in November. Our part of draining the swamp will be voting out socialists, party hacks, and anti-Second Amendment politicians. Bring your whole family to vote, and tell them in no uncertain terms who to vote for.

    5. Paul Ryan retiring and maybe 2 dozen other Republicans. Hopefully they are the RINOS and te voters will be smart enough to elect staunch conservative, Republican to the House and Senate and we can finally get something done.
      I look forward the chuckie schumer being in a powerless minority, unable to block pro Second Amendment judges and Justices, legislation and tax cuts and pro USA bills of all sorts.

      WE need to start campaigning now, only 6 months to save America and the Constitution./

      1. @JM, On target again! I think that it is 41 repub seats and 34 dnc seats. And I can not think of any previous president that ever gave me a cut in federal income taxes.

      2. We must do more than campaign. We must campaign for a person that is honest, knowledgeable and blessed with integrity. We must begin by thoroughly vetting the candidate. This questionnaire might help.

        Dear candidate/Representative/Senator ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬______________________________. Do you agree:

        1 The purpose of government is to secure people’s unalienable Rights to Life, Liberty and an opportunity for Happiness as stated in the Declaration of Independence? Yes no

        2 To be lawful government must comply with the principles and policies set forth in our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights when interpreted in the spirit of providing American’s life, liberty, and an opportunity for happiness? Yes No

        3. Any government Act that’s diminished or destroyed any Americans ability to enjoy a Right is an unlawful Act that must be corrected in order for government to be lawful? Yes no

        4. “Federal action has exceeded the clear bounds of its jurisdiction under the Constitution and thus violated rights guaranteed the people” as alleged by thirty governors? Yes No

        5. The governor’s pledge “to restore to the states and the people the prerogatives and freedoms guaranteed them under the Constitution” must be supported? Yes No If yes will you do so? Yes No

        6. The Constitution’s 10th Amendment stating “the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution …. are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people” is incontestable evidence that the only lawful powers of the Federal Government are those specified in the Constitution? Yes No

        7. States created the federal government as their AGENT and possess the ultimate authority and responsibility for the proper interpretation and implementation of the Constitution? Yes No

        8. Two threats to the Constitution are a Constitutional Convention and bankruptcy of our states? Yes No If yes will you support legislation designed to minimize or eliminate these threats? Yes No

        9. To fulfill the governor’s pledge the US must control its own destiny which requires modifying or terminating its membership in the United Nations and returning to a wealth based medium of exchange meeting the spirit and intent of Art. 1. Sec. 8:5 of the Constitution? Yes No If yes, will you introduce legislation dedicated to these changes? Yes No

        10. The Emergency Banking Act of 3/9/33 that made Americans official enemies of the Federal government and gave dictatorial powers to the Presidency must be repealed? Yes No

        11. Treaties, a purview of the President with the consent of the Senate, cannot lawfully create law as Art. 1 Sec.1 of our Constitution vested all legislative powers in the Congress? Yes No

        12. By applying doctrines of “interposition” and “nullification,” states can reject Federal legislation with which they disagree. (see South Carolinas 1832 Ordinance of Nullification) yes no

        13. The 1946 change to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure denying citizens their 5th Amendment right to Common Law Grand Juries was/is un constitutional and must be nullified? Yes No If yes will you introduce or support such action? Yes No

        14. The 17th Amendment was fraudulently introduced and adopted and must be rescinded? Yes no

        Please send your completed questionnaire to my email at _________________________ or my home at _______________________________. Should you have questions please call me at ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬________________.

    6. Comment…Heard on the news today …Paul Ryan will not seek reelection, and something like 23 republicans will not seek reelection . This demonstrated WHY the primary elections coming up are so important . If memory serves there are something like 34 demoncrats seats may be vulnerable .

    7. “I doubt that’s the most effective way to control gun violence,” Foster said. “The most accurate predictor of the rate of gun homicides, if you look at the statistics, is actually the number of guns per person in the state or in the community.”

      So we’re to believe that the pull to commit murder increases with each firearm purchased within any given community? How did we ever make it through the months immediately before a obama took office?

      1. Hmmmm… technically, while this cuckoo-clock’s conclusion is not accurate, his data may be.

        By analogy, the most accurate predictor of the rate of automobile accidents really IS the number of cars in the community. Obviously, there are far more accidents in a large city than in a small rural town… because that’s where cars ARE. No car accidents occur on isolated farmland, where there are no cars in the first place. Similarly, most drowning accidents occur where bodies of water exist… drownings are uncommon in the middle of a desert. And hurricanes destroy coastlines, because that is where hurricanes ARE… Wichita KS has yet to suffer a hurricane.

        Violence involving firearms (there is no such thing as “gun violence”) is – at least, statistically – far more likely to occur where firearms are most prevalent (especially illegal firearms – in crowded ghettos, for instance) than in rural areas or small towns, where firearms (and people) are less numerous…

        Despite his idiotic conclusions, Foster’s data is correct in a very limited sense. Which makes this manure-for-brains progressive very dangerous, indeed.

        1. How can it be that firearms are “most prevalent” in urban areas? These are the very places where gun ownership is most closely regulated.
          (tongue firmly in cheek)

        2. The difference between cars and guns is that cars are being operated continually, as when someone is driving and operating the vehicle 100% of the time–hands on the wheel (we hope!) and feet on one pedal or another. Guns, however, are not being operated 100% of the time, even when being carried. The only time the gun is operated is when it’s in the hand. When in the holster, safe, door, glove box, etc, it is not being operated. Hence the reason why the number of cars pretty much tracks with the number of car crashes, but the number of injuries (including the lethal kind) caused by the use of a gun does not track with the number of guns.

          1. your comparison between use of a gun and car is absolutely ridiculous. car %100 of the time but a gun is not. so you are saying if I am sitting in car parked in the driveway is 100% yet a gun holstered is not?? do you not see the fallacy of your logic??

            1. Use a little common sense. How many people sit in their cars for hours while the car is parked with the engine shut off? Most intelligent people understand that the vast majority of the time, like 99.9% of the time, when drivers are in their car, they are actively operating the vehicle (or you can say “machine”). Not so with guns. The vast majority of the time, the hands are not on the weapon, therefore they are not actively operating the weapon (machine).

    8. I must ask the ever so basic question. Is there really such a thing as “gun violence”? I’m so sick and tired of this stupid illogical catch phrase! It was invented by anti 2a socialists to demonize firearms. It has caught on so much that even pro 2a organizations use it! Please stop using this redundant phrase people. Use terms like shooting(s) because its the ACT of shooting people that is bad (non defensive), NOT the gun! PEOPLE ARE VIOLENT, not guns. Obviously in today’s world, common sense and logic will not be tolerated. Carry on and carry always.

      1. @kal, the first use of the term was by Joesef Goebbels, to pave the way for Hitler’s disarmament of the German people. I think, that alone, explains a lot.

        1. Wow Wild Bill, it’s wonderful people in our country have not forgotten this phrase in that many elected govt’ official’s and other money powerful people keep it going. (and many Americans keep voting for them…) I assume this fantastic sentiment is being “taught” (indoctrinated) in most all tax payer funded schools, at least from what it appears lately!

    9. Since this clown is speaking about technological changes lets use that logic to question his premise. if technological advances are a reason to reinterpret the 2nd Amendment, then should the Internet, 24/7 media access and thousands of other technological advances in communication be a reason to reinterpret the 1st Amendment? New surveillance technology could be considered a good reason to reinterpret the 4th Amendment. This could go on and on but it will always be an exercise in futility because the Bill of Rights were created for all men for all time, no exceptions for technological advances or any other “reason”. Period, end of story.

      1. More to the point, where does this guy live? Because I know a guy with a Civil War cannon, and I loves me a teaching moment.

        1. Sadly, he lives in my hometown. We are a mostly affluent suburb of Chicago. There is little crime here, and we used to be a conservative area. Due to fantastic city planning, we became a great place to raise a family. As usually happens the leftists, wanting to escape the agendas they have instituted in the city, move to the suburbs and start to impose their leftism on wherever they live. The original residents become “the others” as they tear down the houses and build their McMansions shoved up next to each other. Last year they tried to make us a sanctuary city. Fortunately, there are enough of us still here to stop that at least for now. With the arrival of the leftists, crime has risen, and I would not be at all surprised if gun ownership has gone down.

    10. Whoever decided to call these leftists “progressives” must be the same guy who named “near beer”… he was a poor judge of distance.
      To apply the term progressive to the fascist left is a gross misnomer. There is nothing about there agenda that results in progress. Rather it promotes regression on every front by restricting the rights of individuals, restricting free speech so that only the speech from the left is heard, and by imposing increasingly restrictive laws.
      This congressman is an idiot.

    11. It is amazing that somebody who is clearly very intelligent in some respects can be so wholly and completely stupid. THIS is the disease that is liberalism. It is also an inherent weakness with our system. It is far too difficult to remove the truly corrupt, the truly incompetent, and those that clearly demonstrate an unwillingness to uphold and defend the Constitution. This man should be removed from office immediately…and tarred and feathered.

      1. He’s not stupid Mike. He’s a progressive spouting his propaganda, knowing that ignorant, ill-educated people will suck up the progressive agenda like a dry sponge.

    12. I’m ready to re-interpretate The Second Amendment as originally written and intended. The People shall Keep(own) and Bear(carry) arms commensurate with existing militaries, so as to prevent usurpation of our Rights by either Foreign or Domestic Enemies of our Liberties!


      1. We get the government that the MAJORITY of (actual) voters demand. The quality of that government is determined by whether that specific voting majority is liberal or conservative. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.

        1. (We get the government that the MAJORITY of actual voters demand.) THAT IS WHY THE FOUNDING FATHERS ESTABLISHED THIS COUNTRY AS A REPUBLIC – In a republic, a constitution or charter of rights protects certain inalienable rights that cannot be taken away by the government, even if it has been elected by a majority of voters – BUT- In a “pure democracy,” the majority is not restrained in this way and can impose its will on the minority. It can strip the minority of any rights that the democracy thinks are not allowed. They do not have to follow the constitution (until they are caught subverting it – which in the case of the USA means they will do what they believe they can get away with, then take some more, then take some more. etc – until they are exposed and MADE TO ABIDE BY THE CONSTITUTION. But if they can convince enough people that this is a democracy , then they figure they will not be challenged and they will keep “whittling away” at our constitutional rights.

    14. We have long been at war with the left including shots fired (usually by them) ….and we are not winning. The war of words and the chipping away of our rights……. think of what buying a gun was like before 1990 ….compare that to today…. their allies in the media………my mistakes …. their allies THE media …. still have a lot of power and they have a narrative to spin ……

      1. here is the THING.
        our Constitution was WRITTEN IN STONE.

    15. It’s our responsibility as American Citizens to insure that those who are elected to positions of power respect and uphold the Laws, Rules, Regulations, our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The over whelming forces of the left and their media cabal have a very large advantage over the average American Citizen. The onslaught of lies and dishonest left actions, and talking points leveled daily at the American Citizens are relentless. Supported by turn coat politicians, violating their Oath of Office, constantly promoting the left agenda by undermining the Rule of Law, our Constitution, supporting unconstitutional practices and policies with impunity. This battle for the soul of America is vast and constant. Interpretation of our founding documents should be a no brainer, easily done by a lay individual. Over educated individuals who twist their interpretation to suit their unlawful purposes is dishonest, evil, anti-American, an insult to our founders, the American Citizens, and violates the intent of the Constitution.

      Those in power that violate their Oaths of Office should be removed by lawful means. Those who lie under oath should have mandatory jail time, and a life time ban from ever holding a public office again. The trust of the American Citizens is given to those in power, and if violated, those individuals should be dealt with as appropriate by law. My concern is when I look at our history, current political events and the conduct of left, I see unlawful behavior, unlawful posture, unlawful acts, unlawful conduct that should be dealt with uniformly and equally by the Rule of Law. Unfortunately it seems that if you’re the left, you can circumvent the Rule of Law by corrupting or influencing the individuals who are charged with upholding the Rule of Law, and responsible for the enforcement of the Rule of Law. This behavior is anti-American in nature and threatens security our republic.

      What I wonder, is how bad do we, the American Citizen, let it get before we act? Do we let our elected officials disarm us? Do we let them pass laws that harm or restrict our Constitutional rights, given by God, and affirmed by our founding documents? Do we let the left manipulate our laws and institutions to undermine our free republic?

      When I see our Congressmen and Senators take money from those who push anti-American agendas, or when they send tax payer money to those groups, both local and abroad, who are anti-American, or those who use tax payer funds, to fund their left political agendas, i.e. Palestine, Saudi’s, Jordan, Planned Parenthood, George Soros, and so forth, it disgusts me. Letting the left set rules in the Senate that hamstring the majority right, impeding the majority from doing the business of America disgusts me. The resistance of the left in getting the needed business of America i.e. legislation and confirmation of appointees through without obstructing, or outright blocking them disgusts me. There is no excuse for the left to impede the function of our government, and inject their politics over the well being of our republic, once the election process is over. The left should set politics aside and pass must pass funding legislation with out loading it up with pork projects. It is unethical, and disgraceful. I’m very concerned about the integrity of the Legislative Branch of our Government i.e. The Swamp. Those who write the laws should also have to live by those same laws. Voting in your own pay raises, your own job benefits, having a special standard such as one term in service gets you a golden parachute retirement package for life, seems unethical and immoral. Pay and pay raises should be voted on by the American Citizens. Additionally if legislators use the power of their office to commit violations of ethics and/or law, they should be fired, prosecuted and lose all of their retirement. If you financially benefit, or your relatives financially benefit from your actions, you should be removed from office for ethics violations. When an elected official makes statements they should also be legally responsible for those statements. Statements made should be factual in their entirety, as if the individual was under oath in a court of law. Liars like those pushing the left(s) talking points should be removed from office for violation of their Oath of Office, violation of ethics, and for lying to the American Citizens. If you’re a liar, and/or have no ethics, you shouldn’t be in public service period!

      The Judicial Branch doesn’t seem to be much better with the Judges legislating from the bench, in support of the left agenda, undermining the freedom and liberties of our republic. The Judicial/Judge overreach, impedes the Rule of Law, aren’t respecting their role in our governmental system, pushing the left agenda in violation of the Constitutional power(s) given to the other two branches of the government. Every time they overreach, they put our republic at extreme risk, jeopardizing our national security, just to make political points with the left. The Judicial Branch isn’t intended to be the Legislative branch of government. Judges that do this should be removed, regardless if they have a life time appointment or not. Judicial Branches that get it wrong (over turned) more than 30%+ of the time, should have a mandatory oversight/review, by law, with those who legislate from the bench being removed, and banned from ever holding government office again for life.

      The Executive Branch isn’t immune from those who violate their Oath of Office as well. Those who do so, should be prosecuted as prescribed by law, and removed from office, with a life time ban from holding a government office. Those who are corrupt should be dealt with harshly in any branch. The statutes of limitation should be excluded for those who commit crimes while they hold any government job, office, or position. Immunity deals that are given, should only give when germane to critical prosecutions, only for resulting in the convictions of coconspirators, and only for a reduced sentence, not a get out of jail free card. The integrity of the Rule of Law, depends primarily on those who have enforcement powers, to also have integrity. Unfortunately some of those individuals, who have that responsibility, fall short of that bar. Those who violate their Oath of Office should be removed, and banned from holding government employment for life.

      Our republics/country boundary’s should be protected by our military. While unlawful for the government to use Federal Troops against the American Citizens, they can be used to secure our borders, stopping any aggression from those who violate those borders. The violators of those borders are not American Citizens, they are enemy combatants, in violation of the Rule of Law. Sending National Guard Troops to the border with out arming them is dangerous and ineffectual. If you can arm mall security to guard protect a mall, why wouldn’t you arm the military to guard our countries borders? Lethal rules of engagement should be implemented. The left’s position on this issue is setting us up for failure, collapse and destruction.

      Persons who stand and peaceably protest with their signs are protesters. That’s lawful. The domestic terrorist are persons who are looters, attack police, riot, destroy property, threaten public safety, cover their faces (to avoid identification), assault others, set fires, stop traffic, interrupt commerce, interrupt the function of government, they should have lethal rules of engagement applied to them as well. God put an element on the periodic chart to address these persons who threaten our lives and our republic, Pb, i.e. Lead, natures cure for lethal threats.

    16. Oldvet said: “@EBH…You sir are incorrect . As of 4/5/18 news comes out that death by gun violence is now higher in London than New York City .”

      Oldvet, I am willing to be educated — where is the article from 4/5/2018 showing statistics of a more significant rise in gun caused deaths — if you can not — or will not – provide them — well talk is cheap…

      E. Bryan Hoover

      1. @EBH

        The numbers OldVet referenced were for TOTAL murders (regardless of weapon) in each city. Both cities have approximately 8-1/2 million populaton. London did indeed have more actual murders than NYC, in both 2016 and 2017.

        England (population 30 million) has a per-capita rate of 9.1 murders, and 990 violent crimes, per 100,000 citizens. The US (population 330,000,000) has a per-capita rate of 2.8 murders, and 220 violent crimes, per 100,000 citizens. From the average citizen’s viewpoint, England is four (4) times as dangerous overall than the US.
        *Those numbers for the US are from the FBI, the CDC, and the DOJ Information Bureau. The numbers for England are from the UN.

        [Note… total numbers of actual crimes per country CANNOT be rationally compared, due to the drastic differences in population. Only per-capita comparison is sane, rational, reasonable, or in any way valid.]

        1. @JoeUSooner…Thank you sir. Have been on the road , just returned ..Saw EBH’s comment and yours just now . Saved me the trouble . Appreciated .

    17. Progressives would like to return us to a time before recognition by government of our god given rights. They would rule as undisputed kings or dictators ordering us to do what they think is right and overriding our thoughts. We would not have any rights under progressive rule that they do not give us at their whim. What they do not understand is that humans are different so their one thought philosphy will not work.

      1. @Rif, Some how they all think that they would be in the ruling class. They do not realize that when their usefulness is over, they would be let go, one way or another. And here is another possibility that the progressive/socialist/libtards have not considered… they might lose.

    18. Reading this article it appears that he would like to return us to a monarchy at best or a dictatorship at worse. His philosphy of following his orders because he knows better is anathema to our way of life and the beliefs of the founding fathers.

      1. It is obvious that he is mighty impressed with himself, what with a PhD (piled higher and deeper) degree and all. He thinks that We the Peons need the enlightened guidance of the Egghead Caste to live our lives correctly.

    19. Write your screed out with a quill pen & inkwell on goat parchment then have it hand delivered by pony express. The Constitution DOES NOT EXPIRE—SAME AS MY OATH TO PROTECT IT.


    20. What I find amazing time and time again is that these people swear an oath to uphold and protect the constitution while being sworn into office. It appears this is a formality for these misguided power hungry individuals and they wont and never intend to honor the oath of office. Yet people still vote them in. Then we just sit back and complain while we reelect these people term after term. Bogles the mind.
      Someone should remind Bill that there is a way to change the constitution not by ignoring it or twisting it to fit your views, but through the amendment process.

    21. This guy is very smart and likely a Mensa member. Having been told all his life how smart he is, he believes he is smarter than those dumb old “Founders,” and knows better how to make society and government work – so he and his “peers” should be in charge, and the Constitution is just some old document to be brushed aside when it gets in the way – Obama said as much. When I first got out of the Army, I was in Mensa a few years, and found some great folks, but kept running into too many people like this – so impressed with how smart and educated they were, how much smarter they were than “ordinary” people. But typically they were smart in just one or two areas – very few were well rounded or had broad life experiences. I found them boring, and still do. The more I learn about the “Founders,” the more I’m amazed at the breadth and depth of their knowledge.
      Often, “Progressives” will claim their goal is a purer form of “Democracy;” pure democracy can be described as three hungry wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.

    22. For some reason (perhaps ignorance) people believe the “Bill of Rights” is a gift from government that can be withdrawn by repeal.
      The Founders believed that the rights enumerated therein were natural rights conferred by God. They were only included in the Constitution to remind government – in the future – of that fact because their experience told them that governments were untrustworthy.

      1. 2WarAbnVet: AGREED!!!!!!!!!!! The Amendments were written to make sure future “politicians” would be reminded that there were RIGHTS that existed BEFORE the Constitution was put to “paper”.

      2. Go Airborne! And how do all these politicians, judges, and bureaucrats think that they can diminish what God has given?

    23. Born & raised in a left wing environment, college educated in a left wing school. No wonder he can’t talk straight: he’s only got a left wing, leading him to only circle back to the same lies time and again. And the people of the Chicago area, brain-washed as they are, can’t make any other choices. On the other hand, John Lott did actual research that proves that more guns equals fewer homicides and less crime over all.

    24. Civil War is coming! In Feb 1969 I was recruited by Mass Gov.Frank Sargent from Civil Defense to infiltrate Communist student groups. My Dad was a policeman and I had knowledge of explosives from a family owned quarry business.SDS was about to spawn the Weathermen who inspired about 2500 domestic bombings during the next two years. In those days dynamite could be purchased by the case at a farm in Keene a loaf of bread.We were told to never use marijuana because it can ‘turn you red’. Anyway it was an eye opener to see that these fellow travelers came from wealth. I was a street city kid who watched urban Jews playing commie with newly arrived southern entries in 1964 only to watch these same progressive Jews run for there lives out of Ward 14 in Dorchester and Mattapan in 1969 because THEY voted for Ted Kennedy gun control in 1968.
      I advise young people to witness and document that these elected members are dangerous. Young men today act very feminine like Obama does.I don’t see them defending the USA. A vicious violent removal of all judges is the first step. Non partisan elections and a return to real gold backed Gentile money (pre 1972) not commie jewboy fiat notes is a start.

    25. Great Article.

      Dean Weingarten gets better and better as researcher, essayist and commentator.
      Thumbs Up.

      As for the Progressives- they are simply being unmasked. They are the enemies of freedom.


      “I, AB, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”

      Who do you call when the government stops following its own rules?

      1. @Jeffersonian…”Who do you call when…” is the question. The answer is…the Militia. Google & read “Article 1, Section 8, Clauses 15 and 16”. Also “Article 2, Section 2, Claus 1”. Keep in mind that our esteemed founders abhorred standing armies, so the militia, with their own equipment, could be mustered on rather short notice. It is not necessary for the militia, in order to be legitimate and receive funding and aid from the President and Governors, to be constantly marching, shooting, and training such as the National Guard does today in a very visible way. The Militia is better served being invisible, until those times of utmost peril, when they can be used to repel invasions or enforce the law of the land. They are best suited to perform the guirilla warfare tactics most needed in times of danger, such as when the redcoats came to disarm them.

    27. Another proof that being well educated doesn’t necessarily mean you have one iota of common sense. You can’t call him ignorant but stupid might fit.

    28. A superior and easy to understand article.

      Liberals are going to hate it.

      Well said Dean Weingarten.

      E. Bryan Hoover

    29. It would seem that those in Illinois who run counter to supporting their Oath of OFFICE, ARTICLE VIII section 3 of the Illinois Constitution should be removed leagally from office.

    30. Yet people will still vote for this satanically controlled individual. I see no hope for freedom in this nation’s future.

    31. The Constitution and it’s ammendments are the law of the land which liberals feel they are the scholars only fit to interpret it. Here’s my iview on Freedom of Speech, shut the hell up.

      1. @Danny, I agree!

        As a veteran, I support every citizen’s First Amendment right to free speech (although ONLY in public, and ONLY on their own time! – as adjudicated by the Supreme Court). But I also acknowledge that there is NO corresponding requirement for any other citizen to accept, agree with, or support (or even actually listen to) any idiot’s ridiculous drivel.

        So, I freely tell the Liberal Left that I heard them. Then I cheerfully tell them to go to hell… and adamantly insist that they commit a biologically-impossible act of auto-eroticism on their way there.

    32. “The Constitution is a written instrument. As such its meaning does not alter. That which it meant when adopted, it means now.” — United States Supreme Court in South Carolina vs. United States (1905)

    33. Recall this person. He believes he is superior to others and can make choices without regard to the Constitution which is the only legitimate contract citizens have with the state. That’s grounds to remove someone from office.

    34. This guy is why I call some folks educated idiots, all that book learning and he still doesn’t understand the real world.

    35. It is ” a truth” that if you’re a cannibal it is wrong to not eat your neighbor from the near village. Truth is subjective.
      Sgt. Friday said it, John Lott uses FACTS, all the facts.
      Reducing crime has never been the purpose of “gun control.” Gun control has always been about political power. Keep the slaves unarmed.
      Oh, no more slaves, OK criminals must be disarmed. So said Tim Sullivan, Leader of the Irish Five Points GANG in NY. He wrote the Sullivan Law so he could issue a permit to his gang members and deny permits to rivals. So far nothing has changed,
      The State f Illinois is RULED by Chicago. Maybe the 2020 Census will show a population drop and Downstate Illinois might reasert some control in the Illinois Legislature.

    36. Since he is a bussinessman (“?”) he should get of of Politics. He is marching to the DNC Drumbeat to overthrow the Government from within to move on to their Global Ruling Body. It started with Obama and Clinton and has metastasized into the Democratic party with SOROS, OBAMA, CLINTON ahd their cronies in charge.
      Over my dead body!

    37. Strong parallels here with religion – many churches are ‘reinterpreting’ the Bible (or the Koran, or the Torah) to “modern sensibilities”….and many individuals are leaving organized religions and looking to big government. In both cases, the basic notion of ‘there is an absolute of good and evil” is replaced with relativism and popular vote. Unfortunately, my crystal ball is clouded on how these trends will reverse.

    38. I’m 52 and I’ve never seen this many Liberal Terrorists™️ march in lockstep with such contempt for our US Constitution. They are attempting to force us to defend ourselves against their “War of Leftist Aggression”. It’s not going to end how like they imagine. We are likely to see the literal genocide of 10’s of millions of these filthy, leftist, domestic enemies. “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, so my child may know peace”.

      1. @TBSoL, There were communists in the U.S. since before World War I, seeking the overthrow of our Constitutional Republic. We fostered them, let them speak, let them organize, and let them influence generations of Americans. Our employees, that were elected to government, failed to protect the Constitution and us. If I could reach back into history, I would grab them by the stacking swivel and slap the stupid out of them. To include, O.W. Holmes, Jr and Warren Elitist Burger.

        1. Remember what the press did to Senator Joseph McCarthy. He was correct about Communism but went a little too far rather than just shinning bright light on the State Department, Hollywood and just promoting the facts.
          I remember a Hollywood movie with W.C. Fields and some woman was gushing over the wonderful life in Soviet Russia. This was before WWII and the writer did the script.

          Mr. Franklin said it almost 250 years ago, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

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