Weapons Used in Texas School Shooting Present Quandary for Gun-Grabbers

There’s no point in giving this freak the notoriety he craved. (Galveston County Sheriff’s Office)

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- “[E]arlier reports that the shooter used an AR-15 style rifle were wrong,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said in a statement about Friday’s murders at Santa Fe High School. Per the Houston Chronicle, “He said the shooter … used a shotgun and a .38 caliber revolver…”

No semi-automatic handguns or rifles were involved. No so-called “assault weapons”…

You could almost hear gun-grabber hearts breaking. And it leads to a dilemma for them, because their M.O. is to call for gun bans as a necessary step every time semi-autos are used. To be consistent, especially noting how much human carnage was accomplished without them, they must now demand something they haven’t felt politically ready to unveil: A ban on revolvers and shotguns.

You know it’s what they ultimately want.

The first would return to the origins of the modern gun-grab movement.

“We’re going to have to take one step at a time, and the first step is necessarily — given the political realities — going to be very modest,” Handgun Control, Inc. founder Nelson “Pete” Shields told The New Yorker in 1976.  To help mask its intent, the group changed its name to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, but its ultimate goals as articulated by Shields remain.

“[W]e’ll have to start working again to strengthen that law, and then again to strengthen the next law, and maybe again and again. Right now, though, we’d be satisfied not with half a loaf but with a slice. Our ultimate goal — total control of handguns in the United States — is going to take time. . . . The first problem is to slow down the number of handguns being produced and sold in this country. The second problem is to get handguns registered. The final problem is to make possession of all handguns and all handgun ammunition-except for the military, police, licensed security guards, licensed sporting clubs, and licensed gun collectors-totally illegal.”

Chris Murphy’s “baby steps” advocacy and Nancy Pelosi’s “slippery slope” enthusiasm prove the original goal of incremental to total disarmament is still being pursued.

As for shotguns, why is it no one is now accusing the Fudds or Dick’s Sporting Goods of having blood on their hands? They couldn’t throw semi-auto owners under the bus fast enough. Now, just as a matter of logical consistency, it ought to be their turn in the barrel.

Impulse control-challenged blood dancers would love to see that happen, but seasoned political pragmatism will win out. Democrats will look to pass “something” and “moderate” Republicans will look for a new surrender point to make people think they’re “reasonable” (even though every time they do, they’re still called fascists). The revelation of how Monster Boy got his guns suggests what that “something” will be.

He “used guns owned by his father” and “did not legally possess them,” we are told.

“I have no information at this time whether the father knows the weapons were taken,” Gov. Abbott said.

In addition to repeating calls for all the usual prior restraints, don’t be surprised to see a new “lock up your safety” push, under the ignorant presumption that one “solution” fits all. They stand a good chance of getting away with it, too, because relatively few people have heard of or remember the Merced pitchfork murders.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.
In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Facts presenting a problem to the anti gun mob? I seriously doubt it, especially given that the majority of “media”, print and broadcast seem to be still their beck and call.

Woodruf Kramer

If we are going to blame anyone for our troubles with Social Security, let’s lay the blame where it belongs. The funds grew to a great extent and congress could not stand to see such large sums of money sitting there that they could not get their hands on. They changed the law so they could “BORROW” from the funds, but they never got around to repaying the loans leaving SS in the mess it is in today. Needless to say “BOTH PARTIES” were greedy enough to drain that cash cow and leave us sucking the hind teat. YES EVERYONE—… Read more »


Build 80% AR15’s and Glocks : )



Indeed! After all, if your really serious about your God given primal right to own property, the first thing a weapon is, hand crafting your own is the pinnacle of assuring you are appropriately well armed. Never mind the delight and fun causing the hoplophobes to become truly more unhinged than they are now. It certainly complicates disarmament, building your own creates an unregistered weapon, it doesn’t get any more self determining than that application of individual Liberty. Not for nothing, imagine how more complex a task it is to go after the millions of 80% builds, a number rapidly… Read more »

William L Ramsburg

To whom it may concern I will not be back to this blog and will be deleting it SENCE it is ceosored AGAINST gun owner’s!! I tried to post pro gun information and it got deleted from this blog and that’s not good for our movement when we are (under siege!!)

William L Ramsburg



Facts have yet to prove a problem for the anti gun set and their fellow travelers. They simply turn up the volume. Remember the old adage that ran as follows. Lies told often enough, loudly enough and for long enough, to the uninformed, the ill informed, the uncaring become truth.


It looks like Ruiz was groomed for the Florida shootings. Two separate law enforcement organizations put on such a show of serial incompetence as to be unbelievable. They needed a distraction, so they got it. Notice that the gun grabbers were all cranked up and ready to go when it happened. In this case the pigs (no, that does not apply to all cops) manifested such incompetence/stupidity/malice as to make it unpossible (sic) to believe it wasn’t deliberate.


I use this message on the signature block of my email for a reason.
Most Americans just don’t understand the danger of the anti-gunner’s message.

“This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration! Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!” Adolf Hitler……1934

Wild Bill

@martin, Great idea. Revealing quote. I wonder if he said that before the National Firearms Act of 1934?


He didn’t say it at all. It’s a 100% bogus quote. It’s revealing for sure, but not in a way any activist can be proud of. Can we please let it die?


Wild Bill

@Be good, you can not say that the quote is 100% bogus. Although reportedly “It is generally sourced to an address from Hitler to the Reichstag: Adolph Hitler, ‘Abschied vom Hessenland!’ [‘Farewell to Hessia!’], [‘Berlin Daily’ (loose English translation)], Apr. 15, 1935, page 3, Einleitung Von Eberhard Beckmann [Introduction by Eberhard Beckmann].” The researcher says that he does not know if it were said. The best guess is that we can’t prove it either way.


You know he had to. It led to disarming the Patriots just like the Dims want to do there. It seems to me there was much more to this, and the other massacres done by Dims and Muslims than they’re telling us.


Whether Hitler said it or didn’t, it is a warning through time to the folks today about what happens when the government becomes all powerful and completely controls your life.
Since we are kicking history in the shorts, I guess that Captain John Parker didn’t say “Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.” when facing the Regulars at Lexington.


@Oldvet I have heard that before and that happened while this country was still one nation under God. Unfortunately, it could be that many of the deported have snuck back across the border and now they are the age where they can suck up our Social Security and other benefits. It would be money well spent to do it again and build the wall but the donkeys would lose half of their voting base. Anyone that thinks this will go away on its own or thinks it is not as bad as everyone says are going to have an oh… Read more »


I wonder, and call conspiracy all you want, but with several anti-gun pushes in several states Oregon Washington etc… With them wanting to push for basically registration of all big black scary guns, or be a felon forced to lock up or be a felon, and then letting the anti-gun crowd auspiciously say you are a threat to society, which then allows cops to force their way in, and take all your guns. Then only getting them back after you spend thousands of dollars which most of us don’t have or can afford on legal representation, and even then only… Read more »


Most of all of us have missed the point of all this gun killing tragedies. There is a agenda from the beginning that has to be played out in this country. just like 911 which created the patriot act to be enacted, and so forth. The elite and there think tanks have planned this well long ago, knowing what and how the public would react to the actions and the situations that were brought forth. They knew that they could sway the left and the right and pro gun and non pro gun people of this nation to be divided,… Read more »


@Lord-Pi-314 – The only point you have is on top of your head!


Bone up on “Voice to Skull Technology”. Check out the “Ventura and Duncan Interview”. Jesse Ventura interviewed a guy who worked on different aspects of the technology. It is subliminals on steroids. SSRI’s figure into it also when you research it further.


I spent part of the day on Saturday teaching a friend of my daughter how to shoot. Then we went to several gun shops just so to get the feel of different handguns for her to keep at home since here husband works night shift.. Fact is we were exposed to thousands of guns,. Guess what, NOT A DAMN ONE JUMPED OFF THE SHELF AND STARTING SHOOTING. The little sigh that says “NO WEAPONS” just don’t work. But if you think guns are the problem, stay away from places that don’t have the NO WEAPONS SIGN!


Really, not one! I am shocked!

Jerry S.

The time for medieval punishment is long overdue. If a few of these gutless punks saw the perpetrator drawn and quartered in a public square it would give the remaining idiots something to ponder. Our criminal justice system is a joke. No one is punished anymore. They are locked up, fed daily, allowed visitors, TV, books, and all the jailhouse sex they can take. To most of them, it is an easy life, no worries about where your next meal or where you will sleep tonight. The death penalty has become a joke. Men live out their entire lives on… Read more »


Jerry, your frustration is understandable. But your premise is slightly askew. Punishment should indeed fit the crime. But… It is not the severity of punishment that effectively deters crime. It is the certainty of punishment. Effective enforcement of existing laws is the only real answer. If only 5-of-100 (5%) of all criminals are caught, even horrible punishment (like drawing-and-quartering that you mentioned) will not stop criminals from taking chances when the “overwhelming overlay of the odds” is heavily in their favor. But if 95-of-100 (95%) of criminals – like bank robbers, for instance – were caught and punished, crime would… Read more »

grim reaper

I agree with you Joe, but it’s so much easier to catch the everyday, mostly law abiding homeowner for some petty offense. Why bust your ass trying to catch a arm mugger, bank robber, rapist, child molester when Mr. PQ Public lives right down the block and has a bunch of M 80’s waiting for the 4th of July. With the Patriot Act (one of the biggest travesty toward our bill of rights ever) he can be declared a terrorist and arrested pretty much without due process.


Watching Fox new now and they again quote he used a semi-automatic handgun. So which is right then?
But as I said above will that long lovely statement be seen by liberals I guess it has, for I’ve seen many either liberal-minded a -Holes or very dumb supposedly pro-second amendment people speak here.
Anyhow the kid had no past so no need to blame the mental illness stuff on this one.


Agreed. What was he on and who worked with him?


You were well understood. Do not fret the remarks of the communist.


Fox news was saying all day that he used a semiautomatic handgun, so which is right? CNN which most call fake news if the 38specialy is the correct weapon then in this case they are not.
But that’s not the point I wanted to make other than asking. But Fox news from what I heard all day is siding with the anti-gun crown but was as well after the Florida shooting. despicable!

James Brigham (Bigg) Bunyon

How can the gun grabbers be in any sort of quandary? They’ll just demonize shotguns and revolvers now. Knives are in the early stages of demonization; can shotguns, revolvers and single shots be far behind? The way I see it, this murderer just gave the grabbers the gift of additional “evil” objects.


You are correct that the gun-grabbers WILL (eventually) try to demonize all firearms. That’s a given. The only “kink-in-the-works” is that such a plan is their long-term goal. They understand that in order to develop support from a majority of citizens they must take long, slow steps in any short-term actions. Their quandry is that this latest shooter pushed shotguns and revolvers into the forefront of discussion BEFORE the liberals had achieved enough support from citizens to effectively tackle that step. Quite simply, their timeline was disrupted, and they are unsure (so far) of exactly how to react in the… Read more »

Bob h.

For these people that ask for you to have insurance on your second amendment what about on your voting rights. Should you be forced to own insurance every time you vote to elect an offical in to office that turns their armed force police/military/national guard against a population. You voted for the person that gave them the power to turn a person a weapon to use on another person be it right or wrong that caused death and destruction. But your right to vote in fact you as a voter indidirectly or directly caused death with your right to vote… Read more »

Sam W.

There are two paths to a socialist dictatorship. One is quickly through force. The other is Fabian socialism, a baby step at a time. See what gun control brings socialist dictatorship.

Pat Hines

All should have read Jeff Snyder’s “Nation of Cowards: Essays on the Ethics of Gun Control by Jeff Snyder” which is still available on Amazon. Anyone supporting The Gun Confiscation Lobby is immoral and unethical.


A little thing I wrote for FB. Common sense gun laws. 1. Common Sense- is sound practical judgment concerning everyday matters, or a basic ability to perceive, understand, and judge that is shared by (“common to”) nearly all people. a. Perceive- become aware or conscious of (something); come to realize or understand. b. Understand- To know thoroughly by close contact or long experience with. 2. Gun Laws- The Second Amendment was adopted on December 15, 1791. It reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear… Read more »


Kudos . Very well done. I wish I could repost it

Jim Macklin

Excellent material. You missed Patrick Henry’s speech during the Ratification Debates in Virginia. September 1788 if I recall the date correctly. He spoke against the Constitution because it did not in his opinion adequately protect the rights of citizens. I won’t quote it since it is like all of Henry, he spoke at length. But it is complete in Elliot’s DEBATES. He basically said, I’ll use quotes because this is close. “The Constitution is a beautiful thing… The President at the head of the army will become a King….Your militia will follow the King and fight against you. What will… Read more »


Patrick Henry was right he said I believe he smelled a rat.
So we really shouldn’t defend this Constitution that he said what you quoted, should we?




My point was that since Patrick Henry was right on the Constitution as it was written even with the bill of rights he still smelled a rat, so therefore maybe it’s not in our best interest to refer to it all the time as we do for the defense of our second amendment rights. But I get it it’s what we got so defining what the second amendment actually meant is good, but probably won’t mean much but a very good statement. As I said well written and very good says what I’ve tried to say for a long time.… Read more »

Jim Macklin

Patrick Henry’s objections were to the 1788 Constitution without and before the Bill f Rights.
The Bill of Rights was written and adopted because Patrick Henry and George Mason demands for a Bill of Rights.
As a package, I’m sure Henry fully approved of the United States.


Thank you for that clarification!

** Too bad the current generation is not receiving a traditional, “classical” education – particularly including accurate history. **


Well said and agree, but will this see the light? will someone you maybe go to a liberal gun control site and post it? I’ve said it before many times what well regulated meant to them, and even our own like to eat us apart with well Judges have disagreed etc… LEO has. I’ve had more arguments online with an LEO online over these kinds of things and he espouses to be a Conservative. Most Conservatives are so easy to compromise, I never have I say ALL! gun control is illegal. Background checks. Need for permits NFA 1938 Gun control… Read more »


I’m copying your text into a notepad if that’s ok very good stuff.


This is one of the best arguments I’ve ever read in support of the 2nd A, thank you!


Kudos to you my fellow patriot! Very well written and said. God bless America… CNN is fake news and all will be exposed soon enough. QAnon


Why do people buy cars? To drive. Why do people buy guns? To shoot. This is the 21st century, to own a gun, a person should be trained, licensed and INSURED. Your guns kill or “accidentally” shot a person? You pay.

Pat Hines


Your turn.


@Anit – Technically, you are not quite wrong (although your premise is). Along with rights come responsibilities (in any century). Responsible gun owners will indeed intentionally and voluntarily obtain the necessary training to handle their firearms safely and intelligently. And ALL firearms owners must take full legal, moral, and ethical responsibility for their use of those firearms. Obtaining training and (especially) insurance are inarguably sane, rational, reasonable and responsible actions. But formally, legally “required” training, licensing, and insurance are absolutely NOT constitutional. Those are unquestionably infringements upon a natural, God-given, and constitutionally-protected civil right. No such requirements attach to ANY… Read more »

Jim Macklin

Yep, poor, second class people should be priced out of their rights because they can’t be trusted. Of course the NRA has always offered training and many private and highly experienced people offer training for police, military and civilians. Insurance sounds great and it is available from the NRA and USCCA. Now, let’s have a law that requires drug pushers and gang bangers to carry a $5 million liability policy and publish on all points, public notice of the time and place. After all, last night in Georgia two people leaving a high school graduation saw each other and drew… Read more »


If it’s you shooting those guns, we already have laws that make you pay.
Of course, it’s par for the course for you folks to demand laws that happen to already exist because you haven’t a clue that they do.



GFY you statist !


I second that DAN III!
@Ashit: Idiotic people say the most dumb illogical crap in this case marxist/globalist BS! People with ‘sheepdip4brains’ should be required to have insurance because they CANNOT learn anything, should NEVER be licensed for anything and pay for being an extreme INHERENTLY DOLTISH danger to others and themselves.


I care less what Century we are in. That sentiment has no point here at all and I’m sick of hearing it. I’ve listened to you people tell us for years, just how the forefathers only meant muskets etc…. Such BS.
Go to your safe space and snowflake.


Thats right its call ‘the law” It is illegal to drink and drive, but many people are killed by drunk drivers. Do we ban cars? People who drink and Drive? or do be ban the alcohol? Wait, I think we done that already, it didn’t work! People make bad decisions, not the car!

Wild Bill

@Anitsanothertroll, It is already that way. If one does not shoot safely and another is hurt then the shooter can be found liable. Whether the claim is against his estate, to include future earnings, or his insurance carrier. I have never even heard of someone buying a gun and not turning to someone to find out how the gun works. Everyone seeks some kind of “training” no matter how informal. Most people seek out more and more training and education as they progress. What Anits another troll has written is typical propaganda, full of specious implication devoid of facts and… Read more »


I have insurance by USAA on all 12 of my guns. If they are lost or stolen, I get a new one.


:@Pistol Packin Preacher – It’s showing up in my email. Try resending your email address.


@macofjack….Ahhhh, the inside man who doesn’t believe in inside jobs. Well, what do you know !


I notice All your comments and even the reply have been take off the site. Says something about your BS doesn’t it!


No, it says something about you, the inside man. Amazing how easy it is to arrange things when you are inside, huh ? Don’t worry, I have copies of all that correspondence.


Making my posts disappear, and you being the inside man, only goes to prove my point. That its very easy to make things appear, like explosives, and make things disappear, like so much of the 911 steel, when you got people working on the inside. Gee, have you seen the pics of the “WTC NUCLEAR CRATERS” yet ? The pics are on the net. How about the pics of the Davey Crocket Nuclear Weapon, from whence the nuclear material was obtained for the fission/fusion fizzle type of underground nuclear reaction that was used to create the large “burning holes” .… Read more »

Pistol Packin Preacher

Dear Sirs at Ammoland,
I wish someone would tell me why I cannot comment on your site anymore. I have sent in positive comments numerous times. Please contact me as to why. Sincerely Dr. Dewayne Chappell


@PPP I know your frustration because that has happened to me but it was explained to me that Ammoland gets overwhelmed with comments and it takes time to sort them and post them. As an example, I posted four times on four different articles yesterday and none appeared. I have no way of knowing if Google sentured them or what happened but today I went back and found they were all posted. Yesterday, I’m sure was a busy day because of the shooting in Texas.
God Bless



You CAN post comments on this site, it just takes (in my experience) from 1 to 24 hours for that comment to actually be posted and readable… but it DOES eventually show up. Hope that helps.

Pistol Packin Pastor

Thanks Mr. Codrea for your article and wisdom with it. Also thanks for the link to the Merced pitchfork murders. It is a story that ALL Americans should know.


So they scream and holler and eventually get the AR style rifles banned.. not one left in the country. We’re safe now. Uh oh, now we haev to ban the semiautomatic hunting rifles. OK, check. ALL those are now in China being turned into toasters. Safe now…. Ooops, we’ve still got those nasty Glocks and such. Must ban those, too. OH, so not one semiautomatic handgun left in the country. then THIS kid shows up. NOW we certainly must ban ALL shotguns and ALL handguns. Done.. NOW our utopia where no one can harm another is here. Next week ol’George… Read more »


don’t forget rocks


Short version: just point to England — proof that the slippery slope is inevitable — and then say no.

Francis wimpenney

Right now liberals and Democrats are now fleeing to there therspist.Tye advice given is “I have told my patients that you are do obsessed with guns over and over guns fo not kill people people kill people if you do not admit that the next time you come to me I will prove my point zi will shoot you”.You are not menstaaly I’ll you are completely insane diane frinstein.


David, Why don’t you point out that not only did the shooter not use an AR-15 or similar rifle, He did not even use a semi-automatic shotgun. He used a pump shot gun. A witness said he had to pump the shotgun between shots.
Hey gun grabbers. Come and try to take our pump shotguns and revolvers.


The Democrats are always quick to pounce with their favorite adage that has served them well: “never let a good crisis go to waste.” U.S. Senator Chris Murphy-D-CT, without any facts in hand, is the first in line to politicize and weaponize the school tragedy. Other than beating the drums for gun control, Murphy’s only claim to fame was not paying his rent or mortgage. He “forgot” to pay. What did Murphy and his sidekick Fake Vietnam Vet U.S. Sen Richard Blumenthal D-CT offer to help prevent another Sandy Hook? Nothing more than rhetoric. Yet the Connecticut voters keep re-electing… Read more »

Green Mtn. Boy

The Anti Freedom/Liberty Leftists want every firearm Gone right down to spit wads and soda straws.

David P Orlando

They will use this information to push against the ownership of all guns. They have continually referred to the Australian model as the goal.


and the geenie weenies are even trying to ban soda straws.. seriously, a waiter can get fined heavily for offering them to a customer before the customer asks for them. They want them banned too. Back to WHY those men were on the Green at Lexington as General Gage’s men marched up and confronted them: one of those men in Captain Parker’s militia was asked forty years later why they were out that morning: Well, they had a mind that they should tell us how we should live, and we had a mind that they wouldn’t. Not much has changed,… Read more »

American Patriot

You’re not wrong in Lake Tahoe they are banning straws & plastic bags.


There is only one “Sensible Gun Control Law”…CARRY ONE!

William S Murphy

‘What you don’t know can’t hurt you’. If you don’t know the fundamentals of firearms and the just the basic safety Anderson of them, then I see a problem. I, as many grew up with firearms. I learned to respect them, properly clean and use them when by myself and among others. Very few youth today know little or nothing about firearms and without knowledge, you are a target for defeat. Drivers Ed was taught in every 11th grade year and a prerequisite to getting a learners permit; firearms should be taught as an elective as well, in every high… Read more »

William Harrington

The voice of reason and facts has no place in the gun grabbing Liberal/Democratic playbook, their minds are made up and you only confuse them with the facts.


It for sure has the liberals in a head spin! Their hated black gun was not used and they don’t know what to do. If they had real solutions the weapon used would not make a difference, but they are so locked in on one gun they have no idea what to do now! Its great!!!

Amanda Lee Jobin

I came here to thank for for responsible reporting.
Thanks for marking this monsters face out and not using his name.


Yes! That is something that very much appreciated also. Now if we could just move away from the needle and back to the electric, firing squad and the gas chamber only. The guillotine would be acceptable to me for mass murderers, serial killers, rapists and child molesters… almost forgot the marxists traitors.


Excuse me Mr.Home Invader, I have to retrieve my gun from my safe, load it from the ammo kept in a separate safe, and then I am ready to confront you. Gun storage laws are extremely stupid, and lead to law abiding citizens going to jail for “improper storage of a firearm”, just like happens in Australia . and in case anyone missed it Australia had another “mass shooting” last week in spite of their stupid gun laws. We don’t have a gun problem in this country, we have a morals problem.


Capndad, As long as people like you have these stupid opinions, there never will be any “sensible gun control” After Parkland, people including legal gun owners were willing to talk, but not now. The so called townhall in Florida proved that “sensible gun control” is just another term for attack the second amendment. I watched the town hall. It was soon obvious that this was not a conversation but an attack on the 2nd amendment, Mr Rubio and the NRA who did not have to come. You will never take away the gun rights of legal gun owners. Why don’t… Read more »


Wow. Did you misread me or what? Your reply was the biggest miss I’ve ever seen. Hope you shoot better than you read.


Didn’t think you would be smart enough to understand!


The average number of rounds fired in the mass shootings since Colombine is 4….. making semiautomatic weapons unnecessary. My 1873 Trapdoor Springfield will do that and more.

Kudos for not showing that asshats face. All of these monsters should be shunned and given a long time to contemplate what they did in solitary confinement for life.


@Whit and everyone else….I wonder what really happens to these shooters after all the media hype dies down. It seems that we never hear from them again. How come we don’t get periodic updates on their whereabouts and what they are doing with their lives behind bars. For all we know, they may be getting out and living a life of ease on a island paradise somewhere, as payment for a job well done. Why do we have to assume they are still in jail.


My father, who erroneously believes the second amendment is about hunting, is now blubbering and doesn’t quite know how to react to this latest shooting. His precious 12 gauge and .38 revolver are now murder weapons….and I will not let him forget it. Its very entertaining to watch him stumble for an argument now. I’m loving it.


People are dead and you’re loving it because you can show up your father? He also didn’t raise a son very well.


Well Said


@rray and you-you two are idiots!
seriously do you two even hear or see what you’re saying or just too anti -Gun so it doesn’t matter.
The guy never said once that’s he’s enjoying that kids/people died he said, his dad is like you all, and call for gun control no matter what, and has probably said at one time, you all would never come for the regular guns just the big black scary ones.
Now his dad has to eat those words because he’s been wrong all along, and that’s what he’s gloating about. Geeze!
Idiots both you!


RE read his piece.. he’s not rejoicing that innocents are dead. He IS rejoicing that his Father’s stupid arguments are now proven stupid by s few random facts involving this latest shooting. Get it right. Non sequitur, logic fail. Try again. I too am glad for the confusion of the liberal lying (sorry for the redundancy) media are bamfoozled because ot fhis kid’s choice of tools. Their meme is now proven illogical and pointless. Remember when the eedjit mozzie threw the fire alarm at a local community college, ran and jumped into his car and rammed a bunch of the… Read more »


Thank you. I’m glad someone can understand what I meant.


Oh get a life man he isn’t saying he is glad someone is dead. People like you mar up the system with your dribble about nothing. Let’s say something that is useful.


Thank you. Gotta wonder right?


Oh I see RRay, it’s ok for the Democrats and gun grabbers to politicize shootings, but when the shoes on the other foot it’s “rejoicing at deaths”. Pathetic!


So. You treat your father as if he used his firearms to murder people. Such a good son. If I were your father, I would disown you. Not for your view of firearms, but for your stupidity regarding why we have a 2nd Amendment right. Anti-gunners don’t want to point out those countries where fully automatic firearms are provided by the government along with ammo, and kept in the people’s homes. Where the people are required to go through military arms training. Yet there are almost never any shootings. Common sense would point out that in such cases when someone… Read more »


He did not equate his father to a murder. He equated his father’s cherished “only guns for hunting are protected by the 2nd” guns as instruments of murder.
It is a ‘First they came for the Socialist…..’ moment.


You are a absolute idiot


That’s NO WAY to talk to YOURSELF in a Mirror !!

Pat Hines

Just as you should be doing, Fudds need to have an attitude adjustment, not to mention moral and ethical adjustment. Gun Confiscation, and weapons confiscation, is immoral and unethical, no matter what the firearm, bow, or knife is used.

Phil Williams

“Entertaining”…..You are at best a ghoul if you are “entertained” by anything associated with such a tragedy.

Missouri Born

Bad people do bad things and no gun grabs or laws will ever stop them, it’s time gun free zones are done away with.


Old Jewish adage: “From your lips… to God’s ears!”


Correct. The worst death toll of children occurred in Bath Township, MI when a school employee used dynamite to blow up the school and rigged explosives to hit first responders. The guy took a long time to plant the explosives. If guns are not available, and crazy people want to do harm, they will use other means. The Happy Land fire was an act of arson that killed 87 people trapped in the unlicensed Happy Land social club at 1959 Southern Boulevard in the West Farms section of the Bronx in New York City on March 25, 1990. Most of… Read more »

Jim Macklin

I read that he was school board member.
All the propaganda hillary and namcy have been putting out about the super lethal, too deadly AR that doesn’t belong on the streets . I guess the congressional lunatics don’t know that a sporting rifle or shotgun is more lethal than an AR.
Numb nuts in Texas probably didn’t fire more than a box of shells and he killed 10. Even #8 bird shot at 5 yards is more lethal than a 5.56×45. With the 38 revolver he more than likely missed or hit an arm or leg most of te time.


You use to have a Twitter link on all your stories… what happened?


Not too many people study enough history to know that the worst school massacre was a bombing in Michigan in 1927 that killed 35 children plus adults.


The end game is to confiscate ALL guns. Next will be knives and bows and arrows. Then we will truly have a utopia. Uh wait, what? Did you say rocks? Damn!


Knives? You mean like London?


The Ole’ Communist Agenda made to stutter. Round the ‘Reds’ up!

Roy D.

They are those for whom the end justifies the means; no matter how convoluted or illegal those means may be. To be more blunt, they are Evil personified and must be contested and defeated. That is all.

jeffrey l melton

Roy D., I fully agree with your comment in TFB’s article about the Texas school shooting May 18, 2018. What you failed to do is name those whose “end justifies their means”. They are called Democrat, socialist, or liberal.