CA Democrat Jason Dominguez’s Freudian Slip About Your Freedom


 Jason Dominguez
Jason Dominguez

Ft Collins, CO –-( “Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our political opponents have guns. Why should we let them have ideas?” ~ Joe Stalin

Freudian Slip!

A Democrat city councilman in CA (Jesse Dominguez from Santa Barbara), piously defending that city’s recent criminalization of the use of plastic straws, inadvertently revealed his, and all liberals’, real agenda:

“We have to regulate every aspect of people’s lives.”

The “we” he is talking about is, of course, him and his heaven-anointed fellow liberals, who have been tasked by God (Maxine Waters, in fact, hears from God directly!) to ruthlessly rule-over the rest of us with unlimited, arbitrary power.

The Deplorables

The “people” are, of course us miserable, ignorant, unenlightened peons, the unchangeable “underclass,” who must be constantly held-down, restricted, and punished “for our own good.” We have no “rights,” save those graciously, condescendingly dribbled upon us by the ethereal, liberal elite.

Dominguez was subsequently surprised and “hurt” when he discovered that a least a few among us “people” didn’t appreciate his nonchalant comments about the “divine separation” between “we” and “people.”

Embarrassingly backtracking, Dominguez casually dismissed critics by describing his blundering comments as, a “string of words in a rhetorical fashion,” whatever that means.

Yet, what Dominguez actually did was make a classic “Freudian Slip.” That is, he mistakenly said what he really meant, a faux-pas all liberals try hard to avoid. He inadvertently (but oh-so eloquently) articulated a deep-rooted truth about all liberals/progressives.

They desperately want to go back to the feudal European system of limitless, arbitrary government power, the corrupt system our courageous Founders come over here, and ultimately fought our Revolutionary War, to get away from.

They are not good people, and it is not difficult to understand why they work so unflaggingly to take guns away from “the people.” And still people keep voting for Democrats!?!?


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  • 38 thoughts on “CA Democrat Jason Dominguez’s Freudian Slip About Your Freedom

    1. I found MaxiPads sound bite, but where is the one attributed to the star of the show ? Is somebody keeping it for themselves ? It’s early in the morning and I’m not quite awake yet, so if it’s there, could someone please point it out to me ? Thanks.

    2. The GOP are fools if they don’t incorporate “We have to regulate every aspect of people’s lives.” into every political commercial throughout the country and say that this is what’s in store for you if you vote Democrat.

    3. God is not talking to Maxine Waters, to the left or deep state. That leaves the fallen one who as all Christians know quotes scripture to his own ends.

    4. It reminds me of a stupid song written some time around 2006. The song’s title is “Waiting for the World to Change” and eventually goes on to talk about “One day our generation Is gonna rule the population”. Really when did we become a monarchy or a totalitarian regime. You don’t rule over citizens, only subjects. That’s the general attitude of many elitists and politicians. We’re too stupid to run our lives, so they have to do it for us. They can’t even manage to run basic services from road repair to community policing in most Democrat (and many Republican) led cities, towns, and states. But, they want to regulate our lives.

      1. Seeing as how civics and government of the U S Constitutional Republic is no longer taught in government education centers,rather than Marxism,is it any wonder

      2. Yep Mark. Did you ever notice that the same people who say this are always the same people whos personal lives are a total mess? They can’t even run their own lives properly, but think they should have the right to run ours.

    5. I think God has started to release Hell and he started in California!!! The fires are burning and are uncontrollable Is this because of the corrupt government including but not limited to Maxine Waters and their corrupt actions to turn that state into a communist and barbaric State. With more States to closely follow I truly think this is the beginning of the END and like everything else it started in CALIFORNIA.

      1. Actually, it began in the 1920s in Chicago with the progressive movement which pushed for Prohibition, and social programs, as a means of ending public ills such as spouse abuse, fighting, gambling, drugs, etc., which they blamed on “demon rum”. They never seemed to see that things actually became worse under Prohibition, which subsequently failed and was repealed, and the progressives faded from the public scene. They based their positions on “public safety” issues. They were a driving force behind the National Firearms Act (1934), claiming it was necessary for public safety to take guns from criminals. As we all know, the NFA did nothing to advance public safety.

        (President Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected in 1933, and shortly thereafter, an assassination attempt was made against him. FDR was quick to take up the cause of gun control.)

        Later, Harry Truman became president. Once again the progressives rose up and pushed for open borders, disarming the public tiered taxation, and so much more espoused by the progressives of today, in opposition to the policies of the Truman administration. In order to get their Progressive Party up and running, they accepted financial support from the Communist Party. When party members complained about the source of funding, they returned the funds, yet continued to claim that they had the right to accept financial aid from any source they wished.

        1. @DaveW, and don’t forget liberal judges that pushed the idea that the peoples’ Civil Rights had to be balanced against the needs of at the state. Which means that your Civil Rights are not really Rights at all.

        2. If you will check back further in history, the wilson administration began the “progressive” agenda.

          If you read the article, you will see many of the current arguments against our Constitution expressed in exactly the same terminology:
          …”Wilson was hostile to the constitutional provisions intended as a guarantee of limited government. The separation of powers, the balances and checks, and the distribution of authority between nation and state distinguishing the American constitution he regarded as an obstacle to the formation and pursuit of rational public policy.

          “Government” he considered “not a machine, but a living thing . . . accountable to Darwin, not to Newton.” Nothing of that sort could, he believed, “have its organs offset against each other, as checks, and live.” Its health was “dependent upon” the “quick co-operation” of these organs, “their ready response to the commands of instinct or intelligence, their amicable community of purpose.” Wilson was the first to call for there to be a “living” political constitution “Darwinian in structure and in practice.”

          1. Ole Woodrow was also the asshat that gave us the federal reserve which later lead to the illegal and unconstitutional income tax!

    6. They need to put him and his statement on TV commercials, websites and social media ASAP.
      DO NOT LET HIM GET AWAY with this. Recall him if it is legal to do so.

      1. And Excremento … don’t forget where much of the socialist democrat American hating party originates, there are many that should burn there, too!

    7. What these people are not being taught in school is the truth. My Grand kids know nothing about the Constitution or the Bill Of Rights. They have no Idea that socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried.
      This ass should not be allowed in the same room with our flag.


    8. These communist’s goal is for you to worship government and it will be single source of your life’s needs. Also it will be the restriction to everything you wish for. It’s that simple people, it’s equally shared misery, with 99.99% having little in life, working to provide for the .01%. In American hard work and innovation allows anyone willing to work to share in success. If this fool every tried to “regulate” my life like that he would immediately regret that very poor choice.

    9. Always listen to them. “For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks”. When they are relaxed and comfortable, their heart will speak.

      1. The problem is that the word GOD is not the name of our creator! The original Hebrew text does not call him GOD, but uses his actual name, Yahweh! It was the Jews and Jesuits that used the generic word “GOD” instead of his actual name. By doing this ANYONE can claim to believe in GOD, whatever GOD they believe in! Christians need to start using the creator’s real name (Yahweh) and the name of his son (Yeshua/Jesus Christ).

        I sincerely do believe that Maxine Waters probably does talk to “her” god who is called Satan; Just as all leftists do! Leftists are puppets of evil and they all get their instruction from Satan! Yahweh told us that in the end times we would be deceived by many who would come in his name.

        1. @Rattler…if those devils spoke the name of Jesus, their lips would melt and their mouths would be filled with fire. Kind of like the witch melting when water was poured on her in “The Wizard of Oz”. The evil ones are forever barred from speaking the Name without suffering from horrific consequences to them.

    10. And liberals/big government apparatchiks think our demand for adherence to the exact wording of the Constitution and all of its amendments is both quaint and unnecessarily burdensome on the power of government to dictate “every aspect of our lives”.

    11. This should actually be made into a plaque to be hung over the entry to the DNC chambers. A very fitting epithet.

    12. The words “We have to regulate every aspect of people’s lives.” should follow Democrat Party City Councilman, Jesse Dominguez, of Santa Barbara all the rest of his life and be chiseled onto his tombstone.

      1. The words “We have to regulate every aspect of people’s lives.” should follow Democrat Party City Councilman, Jesse Dominguez, of Santa Barbara all the rest of his life and be chiseled onto his tombstone.

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