Black Aces Tactical announces a $449 Shockwave Semi & It’s Non-NFA

Black Aces Tactical Pro Series S Shockwave Semi in Wood
Black Aces Tactical Pro Series S Shockwave Semi in Wood Finish

ORLANDO, FLORIDA – -( Black Aces Tactical announces the new $449 Pro Series S “Shockwave Semi”.

Eric Lemoine, the owner of Black Aces Tactical (BAT), an American manufacturer best known for its patented custom shotguns shotgun accessories, and price point suppressors, is excited to announce the release of the company’s new, affordable, Pro Series S Shockwave Semi.

Said Lemoine, “Black Aces Tactical has been working for months, quietly, behind the scenes, to develop a No NFA/ No AOW Semi-automatic Shockwave that is capable of running both low and high brass reliably. Our parameters include first and for most a Non-NFA classification. There is no way around it, our customers demand the Non-NFA classification. Next, the weapon has to be affordable. When customers think “Shockwave”, immediately what comes to mind is an affordable weapon. A $1000 Non-NFA weapon simple will not do.”.

Starting at only$449 retail, the shooter now has an opportunity to own what is a coveted item, and to own it for a price that fits almost any budget. Slated to ship mid-November, the Pro Series S features:

  • No NFA/No AOW
  • 6061 T6 Aluminum Receiver
  • 14″ Barrel
  • 26.5″ Overall Length
  • Choice of Black Synthetic and optional Walnut Furniture
  • 4+1 capacity
  • Cycles both light and heavy loads

Said Lemoine, “Our industry has entered into an interesting time. It seems that within the narrow scope of 12 gauge, there is a full-blown arms race quietly being waged and as a consequence, the customer is now offered more choices than ever before. We are honored to be a driving force and influencer in this ever-expanding industry.”.

The Pro Series S will be offered in two trim levels initially. The more cost effective of the pair is priced at $449 and features black synthetic furniture. As an upgrade, a walnut furniture model is available at $574. Both models are covered by the Black Aces Tactical lifetime warranty.

For more information about Black Aces Tactical, contact Eric Lemoine at 407-630-9359, email [email protected], or visit

Black Aces Tactical is a weapons manufacturing company based in Central Florida that is dedicated to providing the customer quality weapons and suppressors. All BAT weapons are made in America. The company holds five patents.

Black Aces Tactical Pro Series S Shockwave Semi Black
Black Aces Tactical Pro Series S Shockwave Semi Black
  • 18 thoughts on “Black Aces Tactical announces a $449 Shockwave Semi & It’s Non-NFA

    1. Did I miss something? Is there any spec. sheets on this new tactical Semi-auto 12 ga. I have one on order because it’s a veteran owned company. Otherwise I am buying a pig in a poke. But, I love all kinds of guns, so I doubt I will be disappointed.

    2. Anyone know if this gun is legal in Mass? I also have a Florida concealed carry permit if it makes a difference.

    3. BAT designers should consider adding a second sling attachment point on the pistol grip. Two modes of carry are better than one. JMTC

    4. Wow! I already have a Shockwave and I’m pleased with it. I know that there are many out there who
      dismiss this firearm as worthless etc.etc.etc. It’s not meant to be a “bird gun” or primary game getter. It
      is a “niche” gun which should be trained with in order to fill the need required by the owner. I am a
      “double vet” meaning U.S. Army and also a career law enforcement officer. I’m always enthusiastic when
      a new/innovative product becomes available for possible inclusion in my home/property/homeland
      security. NOW, has anyone thought about a semi version which will reliably cycle the various “mini-shells”
      currently on the market? I’m sure the folks who already hate the Shockwave will dismiss this idea
      because they can’t imagine shooting anything less than 3 inch mags. Perhaps the older firearms owners
      will appreciate the choice based on their own physical limitation and abilities. Choices are good when
      circumstances change. Keep an OPEN MIND. Best of luck to ALL of you and stay safe!

      1. I have a shockwave for home defense and love it. But seriously considering the Black Aces. The furniture looks great.
        These are fun to shoot. Try them. Useless? No just keep them for a specific use next to your bed but hang on to your AR-15. Remember the M-60?

    5. Have you ever shot one.
      I have and one can even shot flying targets with them.
      Not as nice as a fine double or a full stocked shot gun,
      Put this type works for some purposes.
      I would like to see them put a modified choke in them so they have a bit loner range.

    6. Overpriced noisemakers. Spend your $$$$$$ for a firearm that is useful and you can actually hit something with.

      1. So much fun to shoot. Takes a little practice and you’ll be going through boxes of shells having a good time!

      2. “Overpriced noisemakers” in your opinion and you’re entitled to it. People spend money on what they enjoy. Nobody forces you to buy anything. If it’s a gun I like it and if I had the spare cash laying around I’d have one! 🙂

      3. nope, nobody needs ones them ar 15 thingies either..nopee. just a 38 and a .22. thats all you need, right Snuffy??

      4. Everybody listen to snuffy, because apparently he can’t hit anything with a shotgun. He’s the type that would advocate certain guns be confiscated, especially the ones that aren’t “useful”.

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