‘US Guns to Mexico’ Report Feels like ‘Deja vu All Over Again’

Feels like old times: The same lies about U.S. guns and Mexican cartels are being repeated to “justify” new gun-grabs by the same people who demand open borders to let in more invaders. It’s like Barack Obama and Eric Holder never left.(The White House/YouTube)

U.S.A. –(Ammoland.com)- “As immigrants flow across US border, American guns go south,” the Associated Press claims. “While the flow of drugs and immigrants into the U.S. has been well-documented for decades and become a regular part of the political debate, what is often overlooked is how gangs and drug cartels exploit weaknesses at the border to smuggle guns from the U.S. into Latin America.”

Overlooked by whom? Oh, yeah, that would be by the Associated Press.

They were the ones that decided Operation Fast and Furious “gunwalking” to Mexico did not merit being included in the top news stories of 2011. Having the government’s role exposed by whistleblowing ATF agents didn’t exactly support the narrative the administration and supportive media were trying to create—that “lax U.S. gun laws,” specifically the legality of so-called “assault weapons,” were responsible for the cartel terror. And if the American people couldn’t be convinced with fake percentages, well, there are ways to make sure guns traceable to U.S. gun stores can show up next to bodies in Mexico.

Except two showed up next to slain Border Patrol agent Brian Terry on our side of the border, word got out that guns were being “walked” to “pad statistics” and the rest is as-yet unresolved history, although some of us are still trying.

“A 2013 report by the University of San Diego says the number of firearms smuggled from the United States was so significant that nearly half of American gun dealers rely on that business to stay afloat,” the AP “report” continues. “On average, an estimated 253,000 firearms each year are purchased in the United States expressly to be sent to Mexico, the report said, the vast majority of the sales originating in the border states of California, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.”

We’ve no doubt seen these academic assertions confirmed in the real world by closing down all those regularly inspected and audited FFLs who relied on risking their livelihoods and their liberty on criminal activity to keep their doors open. Right?  Or is AP instead admitting that the one infringement the Obama administration managed to impose during the time it was stonewalling Congress, the four border state multiple semiautomatic long gun transfer reporting requirement, is further evidence that “gun control” doesn’t work?

It’s not like we have evidence that real cartel firepower, including automatic  weapons, ordnance, grenades and the like, are often obtained from Mexican authorities or coming up from its southern border.  Do we? (And disregarding that AP reported on that last one.)

Curiously, the go-to guy AP went to for ATF input was retired agent Bernard Zapor, who made the profitability of smuggling guns south of the border sound lucrative enough to make AP’s case for them. The guy knows something about gun smuggling—he was in charge of the St. Paul Field Division when “Operation Fearless” resulted in an agent’s guns and a machine gun being stolen.

What AP is doing here is reminiscent of the line attributed to baseball legend Yogi Berra:

It’s deja vu all over again.

This is the same pattern of buildup and accusations that were leveled the first go-‘round, when the gun-grabbers went looking for and inventing pretexts to ban freedom rifles. The government got caught with enabling and encouraging gunwalking, but nobody’s paying attention to that anymore. The media has essentially convinced a critical mass that all we’re talking about is a “botched gun sting” so it’s time to dust off the old lies again and reintroduce them to a new audience.

Tellingly, the same “progressive” subversives complaining about  how easy it is to send guns south across the border then turn around and demand the borders be open. Then they smear anyone who says we ought to stop unknown (and unvetted) “migrants” from coming in and staying here as a xenophobe and a racist.

They’ll be happy to know the Associated Press supports them, and no longer allows “hateful” terms like “illegal immigrant” to be used in its “reports.”

NOTE: Many of the links used in this report are for old Gun Rights Examiner articles from a site that has since been deactivated. As such, in order to retrieve them, Internet Archive/Wayback Machine links were referenced, so don’t be surprised if load times are slow.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Mark Koernke

We cover the Border and the Invasion constantly on the Intelligence Report on http://www.libertytreeradio.4mg.com and on http://www.themicroeffect.com We have programing that does nothing but cover the border. Tune in. BUY MORE AMMO. Liberty1775


Amazing that they are still trotting out these long discredited lies. The media really is the enemy of the people – that is not an exaggeration! Thank God Codrea and Mike V exposed this nonsense!

Mark Koernke

The swamp is not going to get drained. It is washing over the White House with more and more NEO-CON filth day after day. They are coming for your guns. Not if, WHEN. We will not give anything up BUT you have to be ready for the lies and IGNORE them when it comes time to shoot the gun grabbers ass. PERIOD! How many black uniformed “departments” have received FOEREIGN training and are told they are at war with you. The “Barking Dog” BS that the IDIOTS just lapped up like a dog eating its own vomit. You are all… Read more »


Hey Mark I hear you brother but cooler heads will prevail pretty easy to build a few ghost guns so nobody knows but ammo is important so stock up 1776 could be October 31 with some tricks -Definitely some spooks and goblins

A.X. Perez

The masterminds behind OFF need to be sent to US prison for abusing their authority to make private war against Mexico. Then they need to be sent to Mexican prison for the same. If they survive, and this is just personal vindictiveness, they need to be fed sin of a bitch stew in which their testicles are substituted for the calf testicles usually used.


How do you spell OBAMA

A.X. Perez

The actors in OFF need to do ten years in American jail for violating abusing their office to make war on Mexico, then ten years in Mexican prison. Then they need to be fed their testicles in a savory stew. Last is personal vengeance for endangering my mom who was
living close to Border at the time.


Got to remember that weapons and the CIA go together like coffee and cream so generally where you see one you’ll see the other connection on one end or the other because that’s what they do -WAR 24/7-365 Your Place or mine ,,Any old time:Long live the republic and Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed

Dogma Factor

Hay if Mexico builds a wall they could stop guns going south, right?


My office is just a few minutes away from one of the gun shops used for Fast and Furious. It is still closed, the poor owners life ruined and the ATF & Holder walk away unscathed. You can have all the gun control you want but guns will still end up in the hands of criminal elements, just like the drugs that kill thousands and ruin the lives of thousands more. I’m pretty sure there are lots of laws on the books regulating illicit drugs but they still find a way across the border just like the guns.


I don’t know why they don’t name AP as fake news like the rest of them. All the articles they write about the administration are negative and far left. I don’t read anything published by them anymore because they are not a good source of news, only negative fake trash.


David your timing of this is uncanny, from my personal perspective. Over the past ten days or so I have made reference to f&F and Brian Terry’s murder three times, I think, in reference to the corruption and bully politics we have witnessed in the confirmation debacle. Government corruption is SO evident in both scenaria…. and some of the players are even in dual roles. Add Bengahzi into the mix, that fits as well. Almost like you’ve been in synch with my brainwaves, or I yours. This mess STILL needs investigatd, but the present DoJ, FBI, etc cannot do it.… Read more »

James Higginbotham

just before fast and furious the MUSLIM FRAUD made a statement to some that HE HAD A PLAN.
and that was his plan.

grim reaper

Why no special prosecutor for that? Had no trouble appointing one for Trump, and why none for Clinton.

willy d

You ask why nobody is in jail, easy fast and furious was the Demo-Rats operation and when well connected to them you don’t have to worry about going to jail, none do they just get told don’t do it again!!!!!!


Hopefully after Trump is elected POTUS next term he will appoint an attorney general who will go after EVERYBODY INVOLVED in fast and furious all the way to the White House. Investigate, charge, prosecute and if found guilty prison. Then we have the IRS weaponized against US citizens, then using the various security alphabet agencies to spy on American citizens, including a candidate for POTUS. Then using these same agencies to spy on the press to silence freedom of speech, giving away 20% of US uranium production to Putin, and on and on then we come to Hillary Clinton The… Read more »

Frank Clarke

That is funny enough to be a stand-up-comedy routine.

NOBODY is going to jail over Fast & Furious, just as nobody will go to jail for perjury in the Kavanaugh Hearings Circus. Republicans don’t put Democrats in jail for stuff like that, because soon, Democrats will be able to put Republians in jail for the exact same stuff.

YOU’ll go to jail, but not politicians. That’s not how the game is played.

Joseph P Martin

I had friends with a gun shop in Deming, New Mexico who had their lives ruined by BATFE because they refused to cooperate with the BATFE during “Fast & Furious” and sell guns to illegals from Mexico. It’s a shame O’Buckwheat and Holder didn’t have their lives ruined as well.


Would that be the Reece or something similar family? I’ve read that story. It reads like a Franz Kafka novel, but it was and remains reality for that family.

Those lying scumbag ATF agents, and their corrupt cronies in the “Just Us” system in that district need to be behind bars, and the family have their losses restored out of the pockets of those who raped them to ruin.


Why isn’t Obama and Holder in prison for Treason and Murder?


Regarding the old claims by factcheck and newsweek that “90% of the guns seized in mexico come from the U.S.”, it’s all in the way the numbers are compiled and the results reported (for political purposes) https://worldview.stratfor.com/article/mexicos-gun-supply-and-90-percent-myth **According to the GAO report, some 30,000 firearms were seized from criminals by Mexican authorities in 2008. Of these 30,000 firearms, information pertaining to 7,200 of them (24 percent) was submitted to the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) for tracing. Of these 7,200 guns, only about 4,000 could be traced by the ATF, and of these 4,000, some 3,480… Read more »


If you notice what guns being confiscated in Mexico are coming from all over the world not just the USA because of the drug dealers trade constantly with drugs for weapons to upgrade their present armoryIn fact country of origin IRAN Most all weapons used by Mexican army are US made M-16s Or the ever popular F AL manufactured in South America everybody knows its IranWhich runs a lucrative black market all over the world and I’m sure have acquired nuclear material much like Isis unbeknownst to the rest of the world


So the cartels are buying fully automatic weapons and rpgs in the U. S., that’s interesting. I wonder what gun store sold the rpg that was seized from the Zetas. Well I guess it means they aren’t getting them from the Russians that run Nogales. They could have been some of the 40,000 AKs the Russians couldn’t account for when they left East Germany. That peace officer who told me most cartel weapons are Mexican army issue, stolen or purchased, must be a liar.


Weapons from fast and furious still being used against border patrol and American DHS officeThanks again Eric Holder and Obama -Lynch three turds in a bucket


Greg, you nailed it!! There is more fertilizer in that bucket than all the other manufactures put together!


Unless I missed it, there is no context to this article- where when who why was this story? How is it relevant today? Thanks

Richard L

Bill, AP. Sept 30, 2018 by line: Lisa Marie Pane


HOW is this relevant? We’ve just had a three ring circus in the Capitol with certain factions in government lying, colluding, subverting our system of government, attempting character assassination (if not real assassination, likely soon coming) whichis all based upon precisely the same “values” and methods as was Fast and Furious. F&F has never been correctly addressed, thus the filth continues to fester. They are of a piece….. and until the rot is brought out into the light, the appropriate cleansers applied, and proper protocol and methods restored, we are doomed. The same subversive operatives that managed F&F remain in… Read more »


OK, so if Gun smuggling is this bad, how do we stop it?

If only there was some technology that prevented people from going from spot “A” to spot “B.” That might help, if only that technology existed! Otherwise we could pass another llaw?

Gregory Romeu

I wonder if we just construct a wall of THAT might work along with adding more Border Patrol manpower and resources on our southern border?


ap = a**holes & p**ssies? or maybe lap (lying a’s & p’s)?