Will Illegal Immigration Keep The Democrats In Power?


Illegal Immigrant Caravan
Will Illegal Immigration Keep The Democrats In Power?

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- You’ve been lied to.

Every day the MSM lies to you and to the rest of America. Below are the FACTS, and they are why it so important for YOU to get out and vote. The far left will do all they can to keep you from learning the truth, and they want to memorialize this situation into law to keep us from fixing it.

Let’s do the math. That’s 5.7 million votes. I think these numbers are low. Given that Democrats have been registering illegal aliens to vote in the millions over the last few years it is easy to see that this number may be in excess of 6 million people. Remember Barack Obama openly said he WANTED illegal aliens to vote in Presidential Elections!

There are ONLY 437 House seats. That number is set by the 1929 reapportionment act.

The US has 320 million people, and so each House seat represents around 800,000 people. (Actually, a bit fewer as some smaller states skew the averages, as they should.)

So what is the effect on how we allocate these 437 seats when 30 million people are illegal?

States like CA where upwards of 20% of the population are illegal aliens get a BIG boost in their representation in the House of Representatives based on population size. Traditionally Southern states with large African American populations get shorted. Just for fun let see how many house seats are represented by the 30 million illegal aliens in our country? The answer is 37.5. Now spread these around judiciously across the country. How many Democrats owe their house seat to the votes of Illegal aliens? You can spread these illegal aliens around and swing 60 or more house seats to the Democrats.

Californian and New York would lose DOZENS of house seats each if illegal aliens were not counted as citizens for the House of Representatives. Is it ANY wonder that these two states automatically register illegal aliens as democrat under Motor Voter? Is it any wonder the left wants open borders?

So ever wonder WHY the Democrats oppose the wall? Now you know.

Without the votes and headcount of illegal aliens, the democrat party ceases to exist as a national party. They never again win a national election!

What can you do? Get out and vote and get like-minded people to vote. Share this to educate as many people as you can. We have two weeks left. There is still time to act. If we can elect new majorities to the House and Senate we can begin to take back America.

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Don McDougall
Don McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range, you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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    1. Will Illegal Immigration Keep The Democrats In Power?
      This is what I do not understand 14,000 people headed for our border why are they not stopped in Mexico and held by the United Nations Mexico and US. These folks need bathrooms foods water and places to sleep the humanitarian issues are far worse than described. These folks should be held in temporary camps to protect those traveling this great distance.The Us government along with the Mexican government should be arresting those that have entered the US & Mexico illegally in the past. Once the caravan of people discover that they are to be held and not being released with out the proper paper work most will turn back or not leave their country. The criminals arrested & terrorist hiding in the caravan will face justice from Mexico and the US the humanitarian effort handled by the UN. How could a Democrat fail so see the reason in this plan yes it would take long time to vet these travelers keeping our country’s border secure and the Mexican people safe.
      Send the message that those of you who intend to enter into America without the proper documents will be arrested and shipped back to their own country. Mexico should send the same message or consider making those folks citizen of Mexico.The United Nations has shown that they no longer should belong head quartered in our country due to the performance of the current events and real world issues. I close with please teach history in American schools.

    2. I got serious doubts we will be able to stop this invasion. Too many hurdles have been set in place by the architects of this invasion, and their collaborators in this country. It is those traitors behind the illegal immigrant invasion who are my “enemy, foreign and DOMESTIC….” My list begins with George Soros, and is a long one. I’m afraid we have been complacent too long, believing this could never really come to pass in our Constitutional Republic. The opposition has been busy, and they have gotten ahead of us, far enough to create this crisis. If we somehow fight our way out of this, and hold onto the Nov. 6 election results, we had better wake up, get off our asses, and understand things cannot be the same anymore, against this conspiracy to destroy the America we know. You have children, grandchildren? You better think ahead.

    3. Dumbocrates hire buses to bring mexican over the boader to vote in elections in kalirornia, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.they also sign them up to get welfare check delivered to post office boxes in the same states.. All these illegals have been promted in to saying what they need to say-im a political refugee . its funny they say they are poort but you see them using cell phones, smoking, wearing designer clothes. They want to take jobs away from hard working union american workers. I know two people now who cant find work. They go to places and there are 50 applications ahead of them. No wonder the homeless rate is going up in America. Every factory is going to automaton. These illegals go on welfare have their kids in gangs dealing drugs and they hate America. Everything

    4. Pelosi, Schumer said
      The top two Democrats in Congress said Wednesday it’s up to President Trump to live up to his own calls for civility in the wake of this week’s mail-bomb attacks. Some Democrats have also fueled the nastiness, with Mr. Holder recently saying that Republicans’ opponents should “kick” them, and Mrs. Clinton saying the GOP hasn’t earned civility Yep mob rule the call from democrats.
      Today democratic leaders of the party fueling the call for violence in America finish with placing the blame on the President.The White House condemned the attacks aimed at Democrats and other perceived foes of the administration.Other Republican leaders said the same. But Democratic Senate and House leaders Chuck Schumer of New York and Nancy Pelosi of California said such words “ring hollow” when coming from Trump.
      Today I find it hard to conceive that America has become a third world country where freedom has come at high cost for so many. There was a time growing up you could walk out your front door without the worries of being shot or blown up by those that have a different opinion. The democrats are self destructing as we viewed with the confirmation process of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh. I was never so embarrassed as a American viewing what the democrats tried to pull of at the last minute at his hearings.
      Yet today with all Americans know not one democrat has been convicted from the Obama administration who most of all meddled far and wide across the world. Leaving Americans dead on foreign soil in ‘Benghazi” then lied to the world about arming our enemies in Libya On September 11, 2012 ” What difference at this point does it make” words we should never forget. Envision Mrs Clinton as president today and the wholesale of our way of life to foreign governments.Today they raise the call for socialism for all Americans yep those silly dangerous democrats that encourage hate and fear through power.
      What is next for our great country and her children that know nothing of the cost of freedom I close with common core math?

      1. You noted than not a signaled Democrat from the Obama dministration has been convicted. Indictment and prosecution usually come before conviction, and I note the singular absence of either indictments or convictions. Strange isn’t it, of is it?

        1. @Alan, President Trump got some bad advice in the beginning of his administration and did not purge Main Justice. That is why there have not been the necessary investigations, indictments or charges, trials and ultimately convictions. But it is not too late.
          Trump can only drain the bureaucratic part of the swamp. We have to drain the legislative part of the swamp.

    5. And yet the democrats firmly deny any possibility of voter fraud. If what was reported here is true, the elections are certainly going to be affected by foreigners, so why are we chasing those pesky Russians if we have admitted felons voting in our elections. And why wasn’t Obama at least roundly criticized for encouraging felons? It sounds more like aiding and abetting to me.

    6. I object to calling this a “caravan”! It is an INVASION!!!!!!
      This was timed to happen just before the 2018 mid-terms by the Left and their minion. If these invaders are allowed into our country, we can kiss the America the Founders and hundreds of thousands of brave men, and women fought and died for.
      We are in the Democrat (Communist) Left’s end game. Let’s stop it NOW!

      1. The Constitution allows for the calling up of the MILITIA to repel invasions. The MILITIA and the National Guard should be down at the border now, fully armed. Unless, of course, we want to hand the country over to these invaders. The caravan will be arriving by bus sooner than anticipated if they were really only walking. Which makes one wonder, “Who is paying for the busses “?

        1. @LP314, Whomever is paying for this and organizing this is who we should be going after. I wonder if those 18 Saudi dudes would be interested in a US passport and a private contract?

          1. Yes, it seems that this is the biggest secret of all. And I am sure that when the world finds out who or what it is, there will be a wave of “Cognitive Dissonance” patients for the shrinks to deal with. Those people handing out the cash that we all saw, they should be found and questioned thoroughly. And those American trucking companies, like “Javier”, who are giving the rides to the invaders, they know the secrets too. Unless, of course, they were just picking up hitch hikers they saw along the road. Other photos of enablers and providers will turn up, but, what will the authorities do with that info ? Remember, the 911 insider traders are still unknown to the public. They made millions on PUT options and are still free as a bird. My point being, how far can we trust the authorities to see that justice is done ?

    7. Non citizens found to have voted and or non citizens caught attempting to vote in elections in this country should be immediately ejected from this country, with zero possibility of ever returning.

    8. If this bovine excreta continues we will lose the United States and there will be open civil war. All c ivil wars are ugly bloody and your worst nightmare. Guess who will be the first elected officials or former elected officials in Washington that will be hunted down and delt with?

    9. If Trump doesn’t send the military to the borders, not only will he have given the Mid-terms to the democRATS but he will have lost mine and millions of others votes. There are non-lethal weapons already capable of turning back these invaders. There is a microwave dish that causes severe abdominal pain, severe headache, vomiting, diarrhea and other painful symptoms. Hit these with that type of weapon and they will scurry back across to their countries of origin. I guarantee they will never come back.

      As we now know and could have guessed, there are gang members, drug cartel members, ISIS and other terrorists trying to come in and take over, take down our precious country. It is a war of sorts and can we really trust politicians from doing what they swore to do. I do not think so. Better for We the Citizens to be armed and ready than leave in their hands. I am prepared to STOP anyone with any means. I think I will be standing outside my local polling place and if necessary, questioning anyone I think shouldn’t be voting. Damn the torpedoes.

      1. @Mark Sending any kind of projectile, sound wave, or light wave into Mexico would be a violation of Mexican Sovereignty. Waiting until the invaders get onto US soil before hitting them would qualify the invaders to make their Political Asylum claim. Democrats engineered the law for this very purpose, years ago.
        We need to send not corrupted yet Repub.s to help Trump change the law and drain the swamp.

        1. Based on Mexicos total disregard for our sovereignty and our laws, they can go to hell. Perhaps we should confiscate a 5 mile strip of land from them to use as a buffer zone. We could allow the military to roam freely there, wherever they felt they needed to be. If the corrupt leaders of Mexico don’t like it, too bad, they asked for it.

          1. Its too bad that the usa didnt annex Mexico down to mexico city after the mexicsn american was of 1848. The ambassador at that time didnt think it was fair to mexico if the usa annexed all that land so he changed the land annexation to the Rio Grande river.

      2. So, if the President and Congress don’t meet every one of your demands, you plan to vote for a Democrat! If you stay home you’re voting “abstain” and that counts for the Democrat.
        The Republicans need 10 more seats and then they can actually pass laws. But with a one or two vote “majority” chuckie schumer controls the Congress.

        Donald Trump is not a dictator, a king, or even a Pope. chuckie schumer can blaock most of what he wants to do.. It is only luck that when the Democrats controlled the House and Senate, they changed the rules on voting for judges.

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