Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail: What to do for the next Anti-gun President

Both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama won two terms as President while attacking our Second Amendment rights. (Official White House photo)

Washington, DC – -(  Right now, in some ways, Second Amendment supporters should be feeling very good. We have seen two very strong pro-Second Amendment justices on the Supreme Court, making Chief Justice John Roberts – who voted to strike down the handgun bans in Chicago and Washington, D.C., the swing vote. We have a pro-Second Amendment president who is nominating more pro-Second Amendment judges, and a Senate that is confirming them.

But what happens when there is an anti-Second Amendment president in office after Trump? That is not unthinkable. Both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama won two terms while attacking our right to keep and bear arms. Their judicial appointments are generally hostile to the Second Amendment – the three justices appointed by Clinton and Obama (Ginsburg, Breyer, and Sotomayor) who heard the McDonald case voted to uphold Chicago’s handgun ban.

Ideally, the anti-Second Amendment president loses the election and never takes office. We can ensure that by securing Second Amendment support in the suburbs, promoting it in urban areas, and to also overcome language barriers. But we all know that despite the best efforts of Second Amendment supporters, that isn't what happens.

So, what do we do should an anti-Second Amendment president take office? The time to plan is now – before the moment hits. If we fail to plan to protect our Second Amendment rights in those difficult times, we’re planning to fail to protect our Second Amendment rights.

So, what should our plan be? The first step is to leverage what we do have: To wit, use a pro-Second Amendment president and United States Senate to confirm pro-Second Amendment judges. This provides a firewall that can declare gun bans unconstitutional. But firewalls can be breached. This is the last line of defense against an anti-gun president.

The next step is to work to elect a strong pro-Second Amendment bench: State lawmakers, local officials, state’s attorney, even the school board. This is where many governors, attorneys general, Congressmen, and Senators get their start. And while President Trump is an exception, most presidents have once been governors or Senators in the past.

This farm team also has its uses. If you elect enough of these lower-level officials, you can literally block an anti-Second Amendment president or governor from pushing through that agenda. In 1999, a GOP Congress killed Bill Clinton’s post-Littleton gun-control agenda. In 2013, a Republican House was a bulwark against Obama’s efforts to reinstate an arbitrary semi-auto ban after Newtown. Think of this as another firewall, the third-best defense against an anti-gun president.

Now, we come to the second-best defense against an anti-Second Amendment president: You boot him (or her as the case may be) out after one term. To do this, you need that solid farm team to produce a contender. This can work out reasonably well, but that anti-Second Amendment president still has four years’ worth of time to wield regulatory power and the bully pulpit.

When all is said and done, the best defense for an anti-Second Amendment president is to make sure one isn’t elected in the first place. But it is foolish to place our rights in that basket. We need to make sure that we have adequate plans to withstand the next president who will try to deprive us of our rights.

Harold Hu, chison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.

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    1. Revelater: : From another trusted source I pulled: “The Crime Prevention Research Center is a nonprofit founded in 2013 by John Lott, author of the book “More Guns, Less Crime.” He is best known as an advocate in the gun rights debate, particularly his arguments against restrictions on owning and carrying guns. Lott’s work has been called “junk science” as he has been accused of accepting funding from the National Rifle Association”.
      Comments that you post, along with paranoia that the boogie man is coming to get you, is quite amusing.
      I cite trusted sources, information that is unbiased, and accepted by all fronts.

      1. @The Green Watch Dog

        “I cite trusted sources, information that is unbiased, and accepted by all fronts.”

        No you don’t. The Alex Jones issue and the fact that multiple people here are able to pick apart your sources here is proof that the “All Fronts” statement is a flat lie. Unbiased? The problem with your pew poll is that it was intentionally done to create and show a bias(Pro Control) and was discredited years ago.

        ” From another trusted source I pulled”

        Hmmm, Interesting… No citation of the source.. Looks like GWD doesn’t want us to know this time since his sources keep getting shot down as Fraudulent.

        “Lott’s work has been called ‘junk science’ ”

        Hmmm, Funny but John Lott is an economist. That means he deals in straight up number collection and data processing. Notice, GWD again here refers to outside sourcing as a claim against Lott, but does not cite who actually stated it.

        So again, how many people are you willing to murder to force your violations of the constitution on us? This question is not going away until you answer it. =)

        1. Revelater,
          From FBI statistics, in the United States there were 179,000+ arrested on weapon charges. In 2014, the number was 140,000+. Are you disappointed that the number has decreased? To clue you in, these were criminals, not up standing citizens like yourself. Our government, those that represent it, are here to protect us. They are not going door to door to confiscate your guns. I suggest you make this New Year’s resolution and enroll in a yoga class so you can chill out.

        2. @The Green Watch Dog

          Still no citation on the other issues, but since you brought the FBI and law enforcement into it let me point something out.

          You have advocated violations of the second amendment under the misinforming title and lie of “Reforms.” I have cited the Constitution, which states what types of laws are legal or illegal for Government to pass or enforce. The Constitution over rules both the Federal Government and any Law Enforcement agency because it is the law which governs how they exist. Our Government and Law Enforcement are bound to obey the constitution whether they like it or not. If they don’t they are not protecting us, they are oppressing us. And now you are claiming that you can create bans or enhanced “reforms” that won’t do anything because the government won’t enforce them?

          Your plan is to systematically create illegal laws which turn law abiding gun owners into instant Criminals, and you have stated that any who won’t comply will be killed off. Now you say Law enforcement wont be sent door to door? We already know what your plan is, to use enhanced background check requirements(Remember I pointed out that they can’t maintain a database that would be needed for that before) to figure who has what, illegally target them by pulling them over alone in their car for some imagined infraction, stating the need to search their home since they have them on record as owning things the government has banned, and then taking that persons rights and throwing them into a dungeon if it is found they did not comply. And you will lie and tell people that its ok, that they are just criminals and its being done for their protection.

          Our country was born of a war against a king who was doing that very thing. In the 1930s another country used the same program pattern and led to the murder of over 6 million Jews. Here is how our founders described what our government is for.

          “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

          We will not comply. It is both our right, and our responsibility to fight against those like you who would violate our rights. You claim safety is the goal, but that is an illusion meant to keep idiots drunk on a sense of false security.

          So what will you do when we don’t comply? How many million of us are you willing to murder to try and oppress us? It’s more than just 1000 people buying Gadsden and Culpepper flag branded merchandise, or emblazoning the words Molon Labe not just into fabric but into their own skin. How many millions are you willing to murder? Hitler was fine with 6 Million, how many more will you try to beat him by?

      1. @ The Green Watch Dog.

        Ok, So now we get to the “poll” issue. First of all, Polling can be rigged depending on the call list. Second, It is highly dependent on who answers the polling calls. Third, The way the questions are worded impact the way people answer(This one is especially used to Skew numbers to a bias)

        Pew has a long history of pushing this very poll, they’ve been at it for a decade. In fact, they’ve been documented as having doing this by the Crime Prevention Research Center since at least 2013.

        CPRC and John Lott have a lot more standing than PEW, sorry. That 80% claim was debunked long ago. That Poll you posted is from 2013.. The above that I posted was addressing that claim, and if you read the link I shared, it was also updated to that in 2014.

        Again, you’re citing fraudulent sourcing. This is why I wanted you to try and cite your references. Because I can pick and pull them apart piece by piece and expose every single flaw within them. My guess is that you did an internet search and stumbled on an old poll that fit your narrative, but thought nobody really understands how polls work so you would go ahead and use it because it fit your narrative.

        Without realizing it, you just cited a resource as idiotic and unscientific as your Alex Jones fanboy worship previously.

        By the way, Anyone else notice Green Watch Dog is now avoiding direct replies in the hopes maybe one from him will slip under the radar and not be noticed and replied to? lol

    2. Although a number of pro gun activists steer away from Alex Jones’s enhanced behavior on Info Wars, he still captures the gun barrel sights of some notable organizations. Organizations that continue to advertise on his show. Organizations that believe as he does. I personally find some of his topics credible, informative, and issues that we all need to have a concern for. As for his gun rights attitude, he is a little over the top for me.

      1. @ The Green Watch Dog

        Ok, again we have a diversion tactic here. You are trying to steer away from the question again, this time by purposely avoiding anything that could be connected to it(Like your previous attempts at demanding Compliance).

        Took a look at your link and noticed it was mostly trying to link the NRA to Alex Jones. Here is the problem with that. Myself and a great many others here on ammoland are very anti NRA because they have been stabbing us in the Back since the 1980s on a regular basis. Citing that link gets you zero credibility with us, and in no way helps defend Alex Jones since you just lumped him in with a Traitorous organization.

        Further more, you allude to yourself finding some of his topics credible. That is your opinion by the way you worded it. You have not linked to any reputable documentation of facts for this at any time since you started. Your excuse has been the same each time, “Because I said so”, when questioned. So tell us, which topics do you find credible and then cite outside documentation other than Alex Jones to corroborate it.(Alex Jones does not cite outside work for 99% of his claims, so have fun with that one)

    3. For Revelater,
      I pulled Alex Jones because he is such a staunch gun rights spokesperson for our nation. I well remember the time he had President Donald J. Trump on his talk show before he became President. Both complimented and supported each other in their political values. As for your insane question about hurting gun patriots of this nation: We are all in this issue together. In a respectful, come to the table to discuss. To address problems we face to solve with each other. Not to be combative or to threaten.

      1. @The Green Watch Dog

        First, We are not coming to that table. Our rights are not up for debate, they are not up for you to tell us we have to compromise on them. We will not give you a choice. You have two options. Your ideas go out the window in regards to gun control of any kind and any violation of the constitution you want to have, or you have to come and put a bullet in every one of our heads. And yes, we will defend ourselves and fight back. We will not comply because it is an issue of Rights. We as Constitutional liberty loving individuals are not in anything together with you. Period. Again, you wont have a choice other than kill us off or leave our Rights alone. Nice try attempting to weasel out of answering, but you still have not answered.

        As far as Alex Jones goes, He is in no way Right wing. He was an original 9/11 conspiracy theorist, and a habitual liar. He is certifiably insane. As for Donald Trump, Donald Trump will tell anyone how great they are as long as they grovel at his feet, Alex Jones included. Anyone who tries to cite Alex Jones however usually ends up looking like a moron for doing so because he is in no way fact based, rational, honest, or upstanding.

        Now, more of Alex Jones greatest hits. -His comments about hating Donald Trump. -Any grown man that cries like this… Yikes.. Get help -Another classic, our government dropped “Gay Bombs” on our own troops.

        1. I listened to AJ for a bit back in the early 1990’s. I could not find anything credible about his rants. In fact. most of it was based on his fallacious prophecy beliefs. beliefs which are not backed by true Biblical teaching. Most of Christianity discounts prophecy, even tho’ the Bible is heavy with it. However, the type of prophecy is the key, and AJ seems to be more a profiteer, than a prophet.

          Furtheromore, his conspiracy bs is often incoherent, long winded, and not worthy of my, or anyone’s, time.

          1. @2brknot2bfree

            It should be stated Christianity discounts new prophecy, because Christianity takes its roots in the new testament and Jesus is held to be the last and ultimate and that only through him as the messiah is the salvation prophesied in the Old Testament made real.

            Alex Jones creating his own prophecy would go against this, and indeed you hit the nail on the head. Personally, I find he is good for two things, comedic relief(he fits the part of a jester), and as a reminder of how stupid a human being can become when they start viewing themselves as the originators of “Truth”.

            You have written some fairly solid comments recently. Good Job so far. And if you are in NY as some of your comments might lead others to believe you have our sympathies.

      1. Those who support sensible gun control, responsible ownership, and safety can accomplish these issues. The majority of Americans agree and support them.

        1. @The Green Watch Dog

          The majority of Americans do not support what is being billed as “Sensible gun control.” Never have, and most likely never will.

          Here is what we hear being described as sensible.

          1. “Assault Weapons” bans
          Determining which firearms should be banned based only on what they look like, or accessories that do not change the function of the firearm(Including how many it can use)

          2. Magazine Capacity limits
          Anyone who actually shoots or practices knows this is dead. The time it takes to reload does not impact lethality, and 30 Rounds is a STANDARD AR mag, its not high cap. This one hurts the law abiding since criminals prefer to overpower or outnumber their victim. For those not used to it, in a fight when the adrenaline gets pumping your motor skills go out the window when fear begins to work. being able to have 4 or more rounds per enemy to stop a threat is sometimes needed. What happens when they make it 3 or 5 on 1?

          3. Universal Background Checks.
          Boy I love hearing idiots try and argue for this one. You know why? Only an idiot would come up with a law that only the law abiding will use and expect it to make a difference. THERE IS NO BACKGROUND CHECK ON STOLEN FIREARMS” So not only does this idea place law abiding gun owners at risk of violation and loss of rights, it will never ever ever impact criminals or crime. As there currently exists no database on gun owners, it would also be impossible to oversee. Couple this with how murky the law is constantly written in a direct effort to cause the law abiding to transgress so that they will lose their rights, and you have to be evil or insane to suggest this.

          4. Waiting periods
          Ah yes, the crimes of passion argument. Once again, born by idiots. Anyone intent on murdering someone is going to find a way to do it, firearm or not. The idea that someone will go out and spend $800 on a firearm because of a heated argument is pretty much unheard of. Oh, unless you have some court cases to cite for evidence maybe? In the meanwhile, women who are running from abusive exes are told they have to wait and remain defenseless. Sometimes they live, sometimes they die before the waiting period is up.

          5. Ammunition control
          Attempts to tax or limit the amount of ammo a person can own also fail, because it requires background checks, which as pointed out before, any criminal that wants ammo can bypass it by stealing. Further more, this would require record keeping on all firearms owners to keep track of how much they have purchased. Background checks are not free, and the paperwork has to be kept on file. This was an idea that was created with the sole purpose of overloading and breaking the system to later demand confiscation when it conveniently fails.

          6 Universal Registration
          Creating a registry of all firearms and their owners.. Right, because that has never led to confiscation in the past, only 1930’s Germany, the USSR, Mao’s China, Venezuela, Australia, the UK……. If you can tell me it has nothing to do with confiscation at a later date you are either the worlds most vile and efficient liar or I’m about to be very rich from selling you a couple of bridges in some very famous cities.

          7. Red Flags
          Because you are guilty before proven innocent, have no right to know who accused you, will be searched and have your property stolen without due process, and risk being murdered in your own house if you try to keep the door shut. Again, if you support this you’re evil and deserve to be hung upside down by your gonads.

          This is just seven of the most commonly called for “Sensible” measures, and each one where it has been tried has failed. ALL OF THEM ARE VIOLATIONS OF THE SECOND AMENDMENT. There is no room for compromise here. You may not like it, you may think it is for the greater good, BUT MY RIGHTS ARE NOT FOR SALE. Period. Even if it was for the greater good, its still not allowed. That is what makes a right a “Right”.

          We know who and what you are Green Dog. I for one, and I know there are many more like me here, will not comply with a single one of your “sensible” proposals.

          1. Revelater, you and a few others in this country may not care for it as a number of states already have on their books red flag laws, Thirteen states have enacted this law and is now enforced. Two states have it under proposal. A number of other states have decided not to approve under the state’s current lawmakers. As I noted here and on other forums, this and other gun control measures are supported by a majority of those polled. I am confident that our future generation will continue to enjoy the freedom we hold now. You, myself and others in this great nation better cross your T’s and dot your I’s on gun ownership. Be compliant! Have a safe New Years Night everyone! The GWD.

          2. @The Green Watch Dog.

            Ok, Since you want to say a majority support, do you have numbers to back it up? Do you have a census of the entire American populace? If you do prove it. Currently all you are doing is claiming you have the majority. I claim you don’t. Show us the numbers.

            Further more, Red Flag laws are unconstitutional. I wrote this to ChipTheBarber on another article laying out why.

            “To do a red flag law, any person can state you are a threat with no crime committed. You are not notified of this accusation, you are not allowed to look your accuser in the eye, and your property is confiscated without cause. None of the above is constitutional, at any time, ever…..”

            Because the constitution Guarantees you have the right to be innocent until proven guilty, that you must be made aware of who your accusers are, that you have a right to due process under the law, and that the government may not confiscate or take your property without just cause(I.E. criminal conviction), it does not matter how many states try to pass them, it is unconstitutional. Even if you had 100 Million people screaming that they want those laws, because those rights are written into the constitution as protections against legislative acts any law which violates them is null and void on conception.

            No state has the authority to over rule the constitution, whether you care for it or not. I already pointed out we know you for what you are so let me ask you a question. I already have a feeling you will try not to answer it.

            What will you do when everyone who thinks similar to me refuses to obey your unconstitutional laws? Will you be willing to put a bullet in our heads, or will you send others out to do it for you? We will not comply.

            1. My information is accurate and comes from reliable sources. One such source is Alex Jones. A well known radio commentator that stands up for gun rights. Again, red flag laws are supported as a whole including most gun rights activists From Alex’s website he reports:
              “Trump Administration: Even the Executive branch is joining in on the red-flag craze. The Trump Administration’s Commission on School Safety recently released a report recommending red flag laws as a means to “address school safety and violence.” It’s likely only a matter of time before legislation is introduced in either chamber of Congress now that the Trump administration has endorsed red flag laws”. You may think will not comply, but not to worry, only the crazies will need to. Won’t have much choice will they?

            2. The socialist lunch dog says “…be compliant…” That presumes that the government is the boss. He also thinks that he will be one of the elites if the democrat national socialists take over. But he will not. When he is no longer useful, he will be eliminated. Socialism requires only a few and their children at the top.

            3. @The Green Watch Dog

              You Saying it is accurate doesn’t make it accurate, and you also did not answer my question. How many people are you ready to murder to force your ideas on us because we wont comply?

              Now, for the fun part…..

              Alex Jones? Seriously, Alex Jones?

              Mr. “Chemicals in the water are turning the Frogs Gay” Alex Jones?

              Mr. “The Government put children on a 20 year rocket ride in space to be slaves on the Martian Colony” Alex Jones?

              First rule. If you want to look credible, don’t cite a raving lunatic as your source. Alex Jones is insane, as well as candidate for the Grand Nozzle in the Douche Bag Hall of Fame.

              Again, Red Flag laws are unconstitutional, you have not made any case as to how they are, you only have enough brain cells apparently to keep saying “Because I said so”.

              So how bout it butterball? Lets see some numbers and lets see if you can grow a set and answer my question. How many people are you willing to murder to force your opinions on us when we don’t comply?

              Oh, and Here’s a Song for you.


            4. @Wild Bill

              He wont be one of the ones going door to door that’s for sure.

              He’s got his berries pulled so far up inside he keeps them warm with his armpits. I doubt they will be dropping anytime soon.

            5. @Rev, No one likes the Free Lunch Dog very much. An obvious socialist, he tries to camouflage himself as a regular member of the family of responsible gun owners. I hope that he lives in a big city.

            6. @Wild Bill.

              I know, but he’s my punching bag right now. The fact that he is so easy to take apart. He can’t help but trip over his own feet in his rush to destroy himself..

              Just remember, his tears go to a good cause lubricating the many fine weapons that will never be turned in.

          3. Green Dog sounds like an Aussie, or Canuckian (Canadian), and likely isn’t an American at all.

          4. There are so many more. NY is finding out. Proposed new laws for the state are million dollar insurance policies to own a gun, more bans to ammo, gun types, other arms. Pretty soon you won;t even be able to own a butter knife, let alone a steak knife. The left has gone full bonkers.

            Red flag laws were covered by S.A.F.E., Andy ‘L’il Duce’ Cuomo’s post CT school shooting law, which was written in such a convoiluted manner even the NYSP, tasked with letting the good folks know what may, or may not, be owned insofar as an AW was concerned, couldn’t tell. SO, they decided to leave it up to the courts to hash it all out, but even the courts are having trouble as so many parts are contradctory of other parts of the law. Couple that with the fact that the law, as written, breaks federal HiPPA law(s0, and you have a recipe for disaster.

        2. When you use the WORDS Sensible, Responsible and Safety like that you could argue that most americans could agree to Socialism – but when you boil it down to what it actually is, I call BS. Gun Control is DICTATORSHIP to who controls it. That’s not freedom. Responsible ownership? Guns don’t shoot themselves… stop blaming the guns! Safety? Freedom has risk and the founding fathers knew that. What happens when the 2nd amendment is watered down to nothing???????? The word is called TYRANNY!

        3. @ The Green Watch Dog
          If Alex Jones stated that 5 + 5 = 10 I wouldn’t use it as a quote.

      1. DJ, Don’t give up so easily. No gun control is sensible because that is just a cover for taking away the Civil Rights that the founding fathers won for us. Most Americans agreeing is a free lunch dog lie. Most Americans can not agree on the color of an orange.
        We can orchestrate general strikes. For example: we pick some week to strike. On the first day, we all call in sick, and if you are a business owner don’t open that day. Go to the bank and take out cash for expenses, and don’t use our credit card for the entire week. Then we all go to the auto parts store and buy a case of oil and a couple of five gallon gas cans. Then we go to the gas station and full up our car and two gas cans. Then have all the other cars filled up. Then don’t buy any gasoline for a week. That will cause a huge two way teeter-totter effect, in a short period of time. While “sick” at home, write a letter to every legislator and judge that will be seeking re-election and tell them No Second Amendment Civil Rights protections, no votes for them. No one signs on to twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, or any of those for the entire week. Cattle and hog producers skip market day this week. The price of libtard food goes up.
        Day two: We all can send all our letters . Make an appointment, for Friday, with your MD, just to say hello and cause a bill for the insurance company. Don’t buy anything with your credit card for the week.
        Day three: Open to suggestions
        Day four: Open to suggestions.
        Day five: Attend your doctor appointment, and take the rest of the day off.
        Day six: open to suggestions
        Day seven: Open to suggestions.
        Tell no one of the strike or our enemies can prepare for it. Lets figure out a date to start our general strike.

    4. The “Bump Stock” is and was a toy in the hands of those that see them as such but most importantly..Train with them as such.
      As is a wrench, pliers, computer, car lift, airplane, rocket and anything else you feel “you can justify”
      A “Defibrillator” is a Toy, a Life Saving Device…
      and a Excellent Coercion Device…
      Depending on how you Train with it.

    5. The focus is always on big government, however local government is also super important guys!
      Can say that NY is not seen as a very gun friendly state, but depending on where you live its actually not that difficult to get concealed carry licenses. The reason why is their “may issue” permitting scheme is decided by judges on the county level, elect pro-2A judges and get more “liberal” permitting.
      So this is only one example, and the obvious ideal situation is overturning NY’s unconstitutional may issue scheme, however it can be remedied or at least buffered by good use of local politics, since these are the people that are involved in the day-to-day enforcement of laws. Sheriffs are super important as well, as its not uncommon for them to decided not to enforce what they consider to be unconstitutional laws. Our efforts need to be multifactorial.

      1. Problem is, judges making these decisions have a 10 year run in which to screw the NY citizens. You can’t impeach them, or take their seat from them, short of some form of malfeasance, say, found in possession of kiddie porn. A judge who no longer wished to sit the bench after his 30 year run, and impact on gun owners by restricting their permits, was found to have gaggles of kiddie porn which was deposited in a dumpster behind a local eatery in the county. I doubt he ever saw the inside of a jail cell, and would say that 20 plus years later, he is probably dead, it being he’d likely be in his 90’s.

        Unfortunately, said judge did not get caught while he was sitting. How he did not is beyond me.

    6. There are laws that enslave men and there are laws that set men free. Either what we know to be right and good and true IS right and good and true, for ALL mankind–under GOD or there is little hope. There is no such thing as justice when you hold no law higher than your own. So, first make sure you are well grounded in Biblical Scripture (the place where all law is supposed to start) and base al your own laws upon them. Most of us know this nation is founded upon the BIBLE wither you believe or not. Besides that you might want to actually read the declaration of independence for yourself. I think you would be surprised just how similar the times are now as compared to then. For those who know what this is you might want to read Jer 6:20 through 7 complete… Arm up, carry on.

    7. I get folks are angry at NRA and the President for their compromises on gun control: they drink the Koolaid. President Trump will win his next term: as long as we get off our couches and vote. I don’t believe the bump-stock executive order is constitutional, and it will hash itself out in court: as long as we push the issue. We should have pushed many issues, but too many of us didn’t get off the couch: and drank the Koolaid.. It’s easier to win this war before blood is shed if we get off the couch and vote! We all should invoke Article VI as supreme law of the land by now, and demanded that the Supreme Court enforced the US Constitution in all States and Inferior Courts. Article Six: Supremacy Clause within the US Constitution asserts that the constitution is supreme law of the land, over all state constitutions, all inferior courts (yes this includes the Supreme Court). Article Six also regulates all judges “in good standing” and mandates that they shall be removed from the courts and de-funded: if they are not in good standing with the US Constitution: Bill of Rights mandated and enforced by Article VI. So invoke Article VI and get off your couch, otherwise the opposition will take it all and our children and grandchildren will have to fight a bloody revolution to get their freedoms back! Write your reps, your congressman, senators, Supreme Court, and stay involved in 2A, 1A, and start talking about evoking Article VI!

      1. Take one look at the midterm elections and you have to see that ship has sailed Core. The DOJ and Courts are corrupt and working hand in hand with those hell bent on destroying our country. Our elections process is a fraud. If one side cheats and the other side doesn’t guess who will “win” in the end? Your legislators aren’t listening because they don’t have to anymore. There is only one way to save this country and it ain’t at the ballot box.

        1. @Ansel H, I have to disagree. We sledge hammered the libtards in the head in the 2016 federal elections, and this president can determine the course of the federal judiciary for the next 100 years, if we pressure the Repub. Senators to support Trump’s judicial choices.
          We didn’t do too badly, but could have done better in these last mid-term elections. In 2020, we have a chance to return the House to conservative hands, and strengthen the conservative hold on the Senate. Only we the people can drain the legislative swamp.
          There is plenty of time to get into a revolution, and hot revolution will be a lot of work that we are not prepared for. No logistics, no plan, no leadership, and no secure communications ensures catastrophic failure.

      1. And will be ignored just like restrictions are being ignored in Connecticut and New Jersey. Comply rates are at epic fail levels. There aren’t enough jails if all gun owner say “No.”

        1. There are other forms of punishment besides jail. A court battle will cost upwards of $25,000, much more if you wish to appeal.Imagine if, at that, no jail time is imposed, but a fine which equals, or exceeds, the value of all your assets is imposed. In essence you will be working for quite some time simply to pay the state its fine, and anything, and everything, you own will be confiscated to help pay the fine. This leaves you destitute. You are now no longer a threat to them short of deciding to take matters into your own hands.

    8. Its going to be a “go lets fight win” for ever increasing gun control measures. And, some of these measures will be for the well being of our nation; for the good of a collective society. However, many gun control measures will hinder our rights to bear and own arms. They will in fact do more harm than good. The left is much more pumped up for the upcoming elections and the younger generations are demanding change.

      1. “Change” being, “We’re tired of freedom, and don’t even really understand it. Let the government make our lives all peachy, because regular people can’t get that done.” Suicidal foolishness.

      2. Quote: “And, some of these measures will be for the well being of our nation;…” No gun control measure ever did anything to better the well being of our nation.

      3. .there are no “gun control measures”…which benefit the “well-being/good of a collective society”
        .try reforming the behavior of the predominant race(s) of the shooters/victims, the political sub-divisions where the acts occur, and the political office-holders. let me know how that works.

        —a 10% person of color

    9. Someday the only solution may be a shooting solution. Some people think that is crazy but if it gets to that point and they are going house to house taking peoples property, namely guns,what are you gonna do.

      1. Classic Internet chest thumping. Today’s gun owners are not even willing to peacefully assemble to fight for their rights. What makes you think they will “stick to their guns” when the time comes?

        Nobody will be going house to house! That’s just the crazy talk of the guy sitting at home in front of their TV in their MOLON LABE shirt. The revolution will be canceled as nobody supplies beer and Twinkies. MEAL TEAM 6 is getting a heart attack while carrying their guns from the house to the truck. The vast majority of gun owners belongs to the gang that can’t shoot straight, as they see gear more important than training.

    10. 2A as we knew it has been lost. It’s as dead as a heart shot deer blowing chunks of lung out both entrance and exit wounds, still running but the crash is coming.

      NY, California, NJ, Massachusetts… is the future. Because it is the present for soon to be a majority of the population. The connected (political and police) and the wealthy, will always have access to arms, ammunition and training, the rest of the subjects has been allowed a “rational regulated” ration of self determination. The ration portion remeasuring will satisfy most, while some expect a healthier slice the fact that the knife is cutting your serving is inevitable.

      The NRA keeps the cutting slow enough to prevent people from killing each other. Our government, (the wealthy and connected) has long had the power to imprison, dispossess and kill entire classes, races and political affiliated groups, keeping Gun owners only a minor target of the government is a great service of the NRA.

      When Andrew Cuomo gets an opportunity to exercise his vision

      the NRA is going to be the only thing keeping a modern political genocide from happening.

      1. The NRA are also traitors to the cause, and are losing members left and right over their support for the bump stock ban. They will never see another dime from me: I will instead support organizations that truly support our rights, such as the 2nd Amendment Foundation, Gun Owners of America, and the Firearms Policy Coalition. The NRA has a long track record of supporting gun control (Hughes Amendment, anyone?). It’s unacceptable, and time for a new lobby to hold the power and stop the anti-gun folks in their tracks. Otherwise, we’ll likely see bloodshed within the next couple of generations.

    11. The most obvious is that at some point we will have all democratic control of the government. The republican Party is weak and spineless and scared to death to stand up against them. They’ve had two years to work with Trump to get things done and still balk at working with him. Fact is, Obama used executive orders unchecked by them and when Trump uses one the left brings lawsuits and stops them. Nothing much is getting done. With that being said, our second amendment rights will be taken away eventually. The small arms treaty/act that was presented by Obama before he left office still has to be voted on and either passed or rejected. If democrats are in control of the government, in the house, Senate, and presidency, it could and will happen. It would allow the UN control over all of our guns and position them, with cooperation from an anti-gun government, to come into our country and begin confiscation of all guns. Not just semi-automatic weapons. It completely does away with the second amendment rights we now enjoy and would turn the clock back to WWII era German control. This is where we are headed even if nobody wants to believe it. My tip of the day is to prepare for the worst. Vote accordingly to get pro 2A politicians in all positions of government, and contact your representatives and the White House about it while there is still some time to kill it. LET FREEDOM RING!!!

      1. All treasonous unconstitutional lawmakers will be punished by death.. much as people think they are not untouchable.. they will either die or have to bury themselves alive in their little bunkers which may actually be worse than death because they’ll all die eventually anyway

      2. The government cannot take that which you will not cede, short of death. “FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS,” should be every pro-constitution patriots motto. If it is not, then how can you call yourself patriot?

        1. 2broknotbefree,
          The wicked government, headed by Nancy, is not coming to get your guns or anyone’s else. Unless you are a mean violent hoodlum with purple hair. If so, your hands will still be warm when they unwrap those fingers off the gun stock. Gun reform should not be scary.

        2. @ The Green Watch Dog

          Oh look, there it is. Green watch dog signaling that those the Government or he himself deem to be violent hoodlums will be flat out shot by our government.

          For what Crime? Resisting their ideas of “Gun Reform” He also tries to back track on other statements he has made where he said “You will all have to comply and line up to turn in your firearms or property” under his ideas of these reforms. Wait, he said no one is coming to get your guns, but he said before you will be forced to hand them over or “they will be pried out of your fingers” while your body is still warm, referencing the fact that you are dead and the blood has not gone cold yet.

          So how many Green Dog? 1 million, 3 million, 8 million, 15million? How many sets of fingers are you and the Government ready to pry firearms from for no crime other than defending our inalienable rights from tyrants like yourself?

          1. @Rev, If that is the best face that the Mean Watch Dog can put on their (his, and an avaricious government) intentions, then things are going to be scary. By what authority does this illiterate think that an iniquitous government can reform anything related to guns?

          2. @Wild Bill

            That’s because he has already stated his true beliefs, but he is not smart enough to realize that he let it out. He has been trying to “appear” reasonable and unpretentious as a way to cause confusion and sound rational.

            His actual beliefs are that the constitution has no validity and that the Government is able to force its will upon us as long as its “will” aligns with his opinions and desires of which is currently stated gun control.

            Any who disagree with his vision he automatically puts as people who need to be put down if they resist any oppression or tyranny that he engages in. On top of that, he wants to sound like he is a law abiding individual who loves “the freedoms of the USA” at the very same time he is openly talking about taking those freedoms away through mob rule. Because he does not like the Constitution(he couldn’t even engage me on the points I quoted from it) he views authority as big government dictating what we are allowed or need, once again only as long as it is agreeable to his own views.

            That being said, his single digit IQ score makes it laughably easy to pick apart every piece of nonsense he writes. I’m just doing it for giggles at this point.

    12. Facts are terrible things.
      Fact 1: gun owners are notoriously lax when it comes to voting, or joining organizations that support them. When they do join, they expect that their small pittance in dues should suffice, and that the organization should do all it can using that small pittance to promote 2A.
      Fact 2: The apathy in the gun owner community stinks to high heaven. I have sat tables trying to convince gun owners to join pro-2A organizations, and it is like pulling eye teeth, and molars. They think they are simply going to shoot it out in the dead of night with armed, and bullet resistant vested, army of troops willing to kill them, their dog, their family, their cat, anything that gets in their way. They will be outgunned 20 to 1, and their ammo will run out far faster than the full automatics brought to bear against them.
      Fact 3: Once laws are put on the books, there is little likelihood that those laws will be repealed, or even shot down at the judicial level. This is because the ‘Deep State’ is VERY deep, entrenched, and until folks are willing to use their clout at the polls (many will not fearing jury duty, or other inane things), there will be no change. Further, the level at which most RINO’s, and Dems start is the local level. You want to stop the anti-2A folks from running? You must become involved in your local party apparatus. Not only be involved, but don’t give up, and if necessary take over the local operation(s). At that point you will determine who runs for office. You will have to look for candidates, or become those candidates. This is what the commuNAZI’s have been doing for the last 70 to 100 years. They have called themselves liberal, progressive, but they are communists, socialists, fascists, National Socialists. They have infiltrated, and taken over, both parties, and they are coming for our guns idf you don’t ingratiate yourselves, and take over. Our country cannot be taken over without you allowing it.
      Fact 4: NRA can only do so much, GOA, SCOPE (NY), NYSR&P, even other state pro-2A organizations. They are only as strong as their membership. If you are weak, they will be, too. Also, stop relying on NRA, because I have spoken with Wayne LaPierre, and offered him court precedents which undermine Pistol Permits/licensing. I have waited two decades for him, and NRA to get off the pot, and start promoting the fact that these laws are egregious attempts at limiting (see the meaning of infringe) the ability to carry by the majority. These will either carry illegally (but constitutionally – without a permit), or they will simply cede their right due to the costs, and associated background checks, etc.
      There are probably more things on which I could expound, but you all know what has to be done. So go out, and do it.

    13. A great and fundamental beginning would be for the lazy SOB’s, who sat out the recent election, did not vote, and may have contributed to many of the losses we incurred that led to the House falling back under the corrupt, biased leadership of the Democrats, to get off those lazy asses and VOTE! We can see daily our rights corroded by these Leftist zealots, with their plans to degrade the Constitution, to eliminate the aspects of the Second Amendment that allow citizens to own firearms.

      Every day, I see and hear what the Democrats have in store for us, and I seethe with resentment at the slackers who helped them win back the House, putting that skunk POS Nancy Pelosi back in as Speaker. No excuse, none, for not voting in a crucial election. And as I write this, we are being overrun with illegal migrants that the g-damned Democrats want to give the vote to. Nothing but misery can come to American citizens from this. It is truly insane, and our options to save ourselves and our future as a Constitutional Republic are rapidly narrowing. Some days we are going to wake up and find ourselves living in a Hell on earth, a Third World country.

      1. Law was changed in CA. Dems followed the new law, and won many seats. Republicans did not go around gathering voters signatures on ballots to present at the election offices. Dems did, and they won handily. If you are willing to work for it, you can achieve it, but Republicans are too lax, and most see their representatives as tokens, or RINO’s, unworthy of their offices.

    14. Go back and read the congressional testimony of then NRA president Karl T. Frederick during the hearings for the abominable affront to God and country known as the 1934 NFA. Frederick didn’t want us leaving our houses with a handgun, without being licensed i.e. a government permission slip. The NRA: the largest wealthiest most powerful gun control organization in world history. As others have noted, for the current POTUS he has kept us from another Clinton presidency for at most, another two years. That sums it up perfectly methinks.

      1. NRA is still all for licensing. I know, because I personally presented Wayne LaPierre with court precedents to overturn permit systems. He said that the courts had not decided if 2A was an individual right. In 2008, with NRA kicking & screaming that Dick Heller not present his case to the SCOTUS (he did anyway), NRA decided to join with him. 2A was then determined an individual right, but anyone who wishes may hear the proceedings in which Justice RBG queried Heller about a permit system, and would he be OK with that. When he said he would, the nail was driven in the coffin. BTW, I, also, wrote 7 of the 9 justices noting my precedential cases against permit systems, and it is likely RBG had one of them discuss this with her, which was likely why she asked this profound question.

        This is why I discuss the ceding of a right by the individual, because acquiescing to a permit system is ceding that part of your right, and making it instead a privilege (Murdock v PA). Murdock is one of those precedential cases given to Wayne LaPierr,e and later to him & Alan Gottlieb together at a NYS SCOPE banquet. After the 2008 Heller decision determined 2A an individual right, I again spoke to Wayne. He said they were working on the suspension of permit systems, but that was a good 10 years ago now. Meantime, they have been putsching for permit systems in states that do not have them. So, tell me NRA is pro-2A.

        oh, and every time I have tried to speak with Wayne since then, he has pushed his secretary between us, because he knows I know about thier anti-constitutional malfeasance.

    15. The current anti-Second Amendment President still has two more years to go, if he can’t help himself exiting the stage earlier. He may even have four more years after that. What’s our plan for that? In fact, what was our plan for the last two years? Relying on “gun-control Donald” and the NRA has clearly not worked out.

    16. I’m more concerned about the current president that has regulation rewritten into law,which only congress can do Constitutionally,issues a new edict ,also UnConstitutional.

      1. Your Spot On Green Mountain Boy. President Trump has proven himself to be a Liar he’s done way more damadge to the 2nd Amendment then President Obama did in 8 years in two!

      2. @GMB, Mark time, brother. I think, but I do not know for a fact, that the current pres., at the urging of the NRA, pushed the issue over to the the BATFE, so that the BATFE would exceed their authority, and the fed court could declare that BATFE had exceeded their authority. There is no way out of that by the BATFE.
        The POTUS does not know enough about the situation to engineer that result, but the NRA does. The pres. looks, to the fence sitters, like he has done all that he can. NRA does what we hire them to do. The entire Congress is saved from looking bad. BATFE gets only the galacticly stupid to divest themselves of their own property, thus looking good. The fed. judiciary declares the rule beyond BATFE’s authority and looks good. Win, win, win, situation. This is just a guess, however.

        1. Wild Bill, you need to continue your thought and not just stop when it is at a convenient “win, win, win” moment.

          There is no guarantee that the current bump stock ban gets overturned by the judiciary. If, however, it comes to that, then the questions are on what basis it got overturned and what will be the next steps? A, now Democrat, House can easily pick up this issue and write an actual bump stock ban bill that will have the support of Republicans in Congress and the charlatan in the White House. The BATFE may also just rewrite it to pass judicial scrutiny.

          The fact is that the NRA, the President, many members of Congress, and many gun owners have already thrown bump stock owners and companies under the bus. The fact is that all this talk about “chess vs. checkers” and “4D chess” is just that, talk, meant to excuse the wrong actions of those entrusted with fighting for the 2A. As long as this type of talk continues, there will be no accountability and we will continue to go down the same path.

        2. @ Wild Bill

          I hope that to be the case however the NRA has over time shown it’s self untrustworthy,if it’s main goal is to represent/protect the second amendment as written and it’s members rights.

          I don’t think Mr.Trump has any working back round of the Constitution,Bill of Rights and most likely thinks the Federalist Papers to be a scandal sheet.

          I’ve read similar thoughts of Mr. Trump and the NRA postulated by Mr. John Boch,who was appointed to the presidents white house 2A counsel. Which has produced little to nothing in the way of second amendment restoration results from this white house or President. With Mr. Trumps past statement of “Just Take The Guns First,Then Let the Courts Decide,shouldn’t inspire confidence of any citizen as to his Constitutional standing.

          1. @GMB, I can not disagree with your observations. I wish that I had put more money in GOA, CCRKBA, JPFO, etc, and less in the NRA.

            1. @ Wild Bill

              I have the same regret however that changed two years ago and as of late the NRA is at zero and the balance goes to the others named along with my two state organizations.

    17. I couldn’t agree more, but unfortunately, lighting a fire underneath gun owners is very difficult. Just on the face of it, there are approximately 100-million-plus gun owners in America, but only between five- and six-million NRA members. If you own a gun, you be an NRA member. I would also add that another line of defense are the organizations (like the NRA, and the Second Amendment Foundation, and Gun Owners of America) that pay for the lawyers to fight egregiously unconstitutional anti-gun laws at local, state, and federal levels. Without those organizations and their lawyers, we’d be in worse shape than we are.

      1. I’m an NRA Life Member. Who is very disdpleased with the NRA present leadership of Wayne LaPierre and company.

        Recently Wayne LaPierre betrayed the 2nd Amendment and NRA again with his horrenous attack on so called “Bump Stocks”. In 1986 Wayne LaPierre betrayed the 2nd Amendment by supporting the Hughes Amendment which essentially Arbitarally banned new fully automatic firearms to vetted persons.

        Wayne LaPierre over the years has proven himself to play both sides of the coin! Pro and Anti 2nd Amendment.

        You herd Right, Wayne LaPierre is an anti gun traitor from within!
        Wayne LaPierre is said to have been paid this last year over $7.000000 in salary,vacation and bonus money.

        Wayne’s latest betrayal came out to ” Reclassify” Bump Stocks as NFA Weapons. This will cause us allot of problems in the future.

        Wayne LaPierre’s treasonous action caused President Trump to make a grave decision to infringe on a sacred right. By “reclassifying ” Bump Stocks” now a “Pandora’s Box” has been opened to reclassify Commonly Owned Firearms and components as well.

        This plus President Trump’s Failure fufill a campaign promiss of making Nationwide Concealed Carry legislation law and statements of “Take The Guns First and Have Due Process Later”. As well as appointing a known Anti 2nd Amendment former Attorney General of Hawaii Mark Bennett to the 9th Circuit Court as well as his two Supreme Court appointees Justices, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh who recently refused to hear a 2nd Amendment case from California over the arbitary issuing of concealed weapons licenses.

        All of the above mentioned actions of President Trump may indeed be mitigating factors to President Trump becoming a One Term President.

        As many of the Silent Majority Gun Owners are ssying they are not supporting anymore President Trump as he has proven himself to be Anti Gun, the exact opposit of the
        “Great Friend ” of the Second Amendment he proclaims to be. Actions do speak louder then words!

        Under Wayne LaPierre’s Leadership the NRA was infiltraited by a recently convicted Russian spy Maria Butina who used the NRA to allegedly curry influence and possibly funnel money to GOP Members to influce the 2016 Presidential Election. All of this is being investigated by FBI etc. This has also been spottingly reported in the news.

        It would be in the NRA’s best interest to clean its internal self out by removing Wayne LaPierre and his company of compromised Leadership. As a Life Member of the NRA, I am eligible to vote for NRA Leaders. I will use my vote to oust the current compromised curropted leaders such as, Wayne LaPierre and company, I also urge all concerned NRA Life Members to do so.

        If I would not be a paid up NRA Life Member, I would Not join the NRA today. Its a compramised curropted organization. I’d join Gun Owners of America and or the Second Amendment Foundation.

        1. Stop voting for the LE, and former, on the board who are all in bed with these laws (after all, prosecuting laws is their bread & butter) being on the books. They like permit systems because it allows them to know who is, or may be, armed whenever they approach your vehicle. That gives them a tactical edge.

          We all like Ted Nugent, but his stance has always been one of pro-LE, and he was even involved with his sheriff when he lived in MI. I have heard him speak in regards drug use, and abuse, and tho’ I don’t disagree that abuse is bad, use for many of the legally prohibited substances is merely part of life, and often, lifestyle. We can prohibit it by law, but people will continue to use, or abuse, these drugs. Even Eve could not resist temptation, and led Adam into it by proxy.

          I like the way Ted talks, and the way Wayne presents, and represents, the NRA, but they are both solely mouthpieces in essence raising funds, in LaPierre’s case, or drumming up personal record sales, and support, in Ted’s case.

          LE will always do what is in its best interest (note how LE dropped their lack of support of Andy ‘L’il Duce’ Cuomo’s S.A.F.E. as soon as they were exempted from the law).

          Yes, I have been “In the Arena” in the 2A fight, so I do know what I am talking about. I am a former BoD at large for SCOPE in NYS, a life member, of NRA, GOA, SCOPE, and NYSR&P.

      2. You might want to look up what the balance is for these organizations between revenue, money spent on lobbying, and money spent on lawsuits. The NRA spends about 10% of its revenue on lobbying and about 1% of its revenue on lawsuits. That means 89% of your NRA donations go to something else, such as executive salaries and services provided by NRA cronies, like Ackerman McQueen.

        1. Magazines distribution, lawyers (probably their largest cost), lobbyists (second largest cost), too. It’s not cheap fighting for your rights. ACLU isn’t going to do it. They don’t even have lawyers versed in 2A, let alone want to help 2A survive. Surely the SPLC won’t help out.

      3. The NRA is clearly part of the problem, and people should NOT be encouraging others to join NRA. It was the NRA that introduced the bump stock ban to Trump, and many other gun control measures in the past. The NFA, GCA and FOPA were all done with the approval of the NRA. When the NRA isn’t stabbing gun owners in the back, they waste their members’ dues on executive salaries in the hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars. Only 1% of NRA funds go toward defending gun rights in the courts!

        Gun owners are better served by joining and donating to Gun Owners of America, Firearms Policy Coalition, and others. Stop feeding the 800lb. gorilla that occasionally bites the hand that feeds it! Defending NRA to gun owners only proves that the ones who still support NRA in spite of their betrayal are indeed fudds!

        1. The GOA would not survive a full onslaught of attacks from the left. The only reason the GOA and other organizations still exist is the NRA. I know your brothers in the DNC have convinced you that you need to attack the NRA because a few of their decisions were not what you wanted. You know, when in a war, convince the other team to turn on their allies…and guess what, in this case, it is working as you have so clearly pointed out. Listen, if you are attacking the NRA over some perceived opposition they had over a range toy, I doubt you will be anywhere but your Easyboy in front of the TV when the NRA is out there trying to protect your real 2nd amendment rights. Geez Louise. You guys are losing the fight for the 2nd amendment…and it is you that are losing if for us. Can you just hold your nose for a few years in order to keep these alliances intact, or do you intend to destroy any chance for a coalition between the pro-2nd amendment organizations? I suspect the latter. I am done with this tongue lashing, for unlike you, I would rather spend this time helping to defend the 2nd amendment. Please, throw more rocks from your armchair if you like. It lets me know who are the 5th columns against the 2nd amendment.

            1. What to do about the next antigun regime?? Same as the last 2. Not give an inch, not obey any unjust laws. Same as last time.

          1. Bob999: The fact that you make reference to a “toy” illustrates your abject ignorance on this topic. However, ignorance can be cured and I suggest you start by watching this short video on why it’s so important that we defeat this REGULATORY Act by ATF which was prompted by Trump and the NRA. Then come back and talk to us.


            1. He’s not ignorant. He may not be a progressive, or a communist, or even a National Socialist. He may simply be an apologist, but the fact is, this is who we in the pro-2A community must fight against. They cannot be taught. They cannot be reasoned with. They can only be defeated, or killed. Short of that happening, because too many pro-2A warriors are unwilling to even vote, let alone do more. Too many think they can fight it out with those who will come to confiscate when they are so overwhelmed with manpower, and firepower. I know this for a fact, because those who won’t even join a pro-2A organization who were present at gun shows, have told me this directly. Of course, many of these said this so as to avoid the present need to give, and hope that they wouldn’t have to in the future. Problem is, what you are willing to cede today will only be able to be bought back in the future, not with money, but with blood. The left, the opposition, will want nothing less, nor will they stop at anything less.


          2. I don’t know about you, Bob999, but I have been “holding my nose” off and on for 50 years now. I am tired of holding my nose. I expect people to act with honesty and integrity. The people running the NRA have not done so when they should have. Have there been periods where things were done correctly; yes there have been. But, as the old saying goes, it only takes one “awe shit” to make up for a bunch of “atta boys.” And they refuse to clean their own house. I have nothing for them at the present time.

          3. Nobody prevents you from continuing to be a useful idiot and dumping your money into the bottomless pit, called the NRA, for nothing in return. The fantastic duo, Wayne and Chris, will thank you for that and will correspondingly increase their salaries again.

            I rather would like to have some accountability within the NRA. The bump stock ban is not about a range toy, but about the ATF rewriting the law, with the approval of President Trump and the NRA. This rewriting of the law can be used to ban all kinds of firearm features, accessories, parts and types. The FPC and the GOA have filed lawsuits against this rewriting of the law, while the NRA has publicly stated that it is “disappointed”. LOL.

            With useful idiots, like you, however, there will never be any accountability within the NRA, just more of the same. The numbers, I posted, come from the NRA’s own tax filings: “The NRA spends about 10% of its revenue on lobbying and about 1% of its revenue on lawsuits. That means 89% of your NRA donations go to something else, such as executive salaries and services provided by NRA cronies, like Ackerman McQueen.”

            By the way, the bump stock ban is only the latest issue in a long list of problems that touch all NRA activities: The NRA threw the USCCA out of the NRA Annual Meeting, because the NRA wanted to offer a competing product, the lower-quality NRA Carry Guard insurance. The NRA Carry Guard training program is a boutique training program for the elite and not for the masses. It actively competes with well-known training schools. The blended training was a disaster. The NRA is constantly begging its members for donations, to the point that it amounts to harassment. I have no idea why the NRA runs a Wine Club or why it seems to care more about cooler and airline discounts than about gun rights. With the Angry Dana videos, the NRA has been engaging in culture wars that exclude people from the 2A fight. The new NRA President, Oliver North, knows something about running guns. The NRA tends to file local lawsuits and raise money on the publicity, only to fold a few months later and to spend the money on NRA-internal services.

          4. So you sit back in your chair with your snark but can’t disprove a thing he says

            “The NRA is clearly part of the problem, and people should NOT be encouraging others to join NRA. It was the NRA that introduced the bump stock ban to Trump, and many other gun control measures in the past. The NFA, GCA and FOPA were all done with the approval of the NRA.”

            I dumped my Lifetime Membership yrs ago when they supported Hillebrand from NY, After a half dozen email exchanges with NRA.
            Told them never contact me again. And they haven’t even held Truthfull on That Acct!!

            I always send folks to GOA and a GOA affiliate.

            Bob, you sound like a Fudd, to me and perhaps a closet DemoCommie.
            I have Zero use for Fudds and less for sympathizers.
            “Range Toy” was your giveaway Fuddster

        2. I will not argue that the NRA has promoted policies that all true Second Amendment advocates find deplorable but the fact is that the NRA is the most powerful and influential pro-Second Amendment lobbying organization on Capitol Hill. You don’t hear politicians and pundits condemning the GOA, SAF, FPC, NAGR 2AF or any of the other fine organizations which support our right to keep and bear arms. It is always the NRA that makes the headlines (and anti-2A billboards). It is the NRA that pro-control extremists are trying to destroy. It is the NRA they most fear. Does that mean that we should sit idly by while the NRA leadership promotes and enables policies that are flagrantly against our interests? Of course not. The NRA’s 6 million members (and every other freedom-loving patriot) should be burning their phone lines up protesting these policies. If enough of us speak up, the Board of Directors will listen.

          The other point to make here is that ALL 2A advocates should unite and support one another. We cannot afford to squabble amongst ourselves because our opponents most certainly are not. You never hear of Moms Demand Action, The Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, Everytown for Gun Safety, The Brady Campaign or the Violence Policy Center fighting each other over their differences. On the contrary, they are united and have become a force to reckon with who will destroy us if we don’t get our collective act together. Divided, we are easy pickings for the nanny-staters. United, we will be invincible.

          It is our choice to make.

          1. You said:
            “but the fact is that the NRA is the most powerful and influential pro-Second Amendment lobbying organization on Capitol Hill””

            no real argument there.. but MY question is WHAT defines “powerful” and “influential”? If they really were what you say, WHY do we have the NFS, a weak and near useless FOPA, no reciprocity for our Mother May I Cards, which cards NRA happily brought us (WHY???), cannot purchase handguns interstate, Universal Backgournd Checks in several states and growing. banning and/or registering of “black andugly” rifles, bans/registrations/confiscation of “high capacity” magazines, and now no bump stocks? WHERE were these bozos as Bloomie’s corrupt minions and HIS money pushed radical anti gun laws down the throats of voters in severa states? NRA has stopped calling me to re-up after I shoved a few of these issues in the mug of the poor sap calling.

            Their Head PoohBahs colled obscene salaries for whatever they do, meanwhile they can’t afford to hire eough lawyers to go after egregious violations of our rights in state and local courts where we are abint trampled upon in spite of NRA’s theoretical “influence” and “power”.

            WHY did they suggest to Trump he needs to get a bump stock ban in place? And WHY have they sat silently by as an executive branch organisation MAKE LAW, establish the penalties, then enforce it? We STILL have no sold proof bumpstocks have EVER been used in the commission of any violent crime, and don’t you DARE try and convince me that the Los Vegas false flag masssacre was such a case…. when they first breached the room,ONE gun was seen on the floor with a bumpstock on it. We have NO WORD yet about any ballistics tes establishing that any of the hundreds of bullets found downrange matched the bore of that weapon on a test. And we HAVE the tests to run. The bogus staged photos of his gun collection on the floor showed a number of guns with bump stocks. funny detail, most of them had no usable sighting system. Nor any bore pattern analisis linking ANY of those rifles to recovered projectiles. IF they’d run such tests they’d be all over the news about “WE”VE GOT PROOF”. Even so, that would be ONE incident of bump stock being used to cause harm. Truth is, he could have killed far more using carefully aimed fire. With some half a million of those “deadly devices” in private hands, and only ONE at most MAY have been used in a shooting? What of the other 199,999 that have only been used for entertainment? And how mamy of those 500K pieces of contraband will remain in private hands, fully usable, in six months?

            Thjanks, NRA, for…. uh, hold on, I’ll think of something…… oh, yeah, they DO manage to provide a lot of training, but I have to fault them for their tight monopoly they studiously maintain on certification and standards… which are good, byt WHY are the ONLY certified instructors NRA certified?

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