Senate Has One Week To Approve House Bill On Concealed Handgun Carry Reciprocity

Contact your Senator. The phone number to call is: (202) 225-3121. Tell your Senator you want his or her vote on national handgun carry reciprocity now

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Senate Has One Week To Approve House Bill On Concealed Handgun Carry Reciprocity

New York – -( If the Bill Dies, who is to Blame?

We were never so close to realizing the right of the American people to defend their lives and well-being with a firearm as we were with the passage of national concealed handgun carry reciprocity by the Republican controlled House in December 2017.

Upon passage of 115 H.R. 38 in the House, the bill was immediately sent to the Senate. With the Senate’s vote of approval and with President Trump’s signature, nationwide concealed handgun reciprocity would have become a reality.

As of yet, that hasn’t happened.

The Senate has had over one year to act on this, and we have, to date, seen—nothing. National concealed handgun carry reciprocity was in our grasp. And it is slipping away.

We can speculate all we want as to why the Senate has not acted on this, but there is no time for that. The point is that the Senate must act. We cannot take, “no,” for an answer.National concealed handgun carry reciprocity can yet become a reality if enough Americans—millions of us—make clear to the Senate that this is what Americans, need; this is what Americans want; and we want this now, not later. We want no excuses. We want to see action. With a Republican House, a Republican Senate, and a Republican President, the lack of action on the House bill is absolutely unacceptable.

If we don’t get the Senate to act, we have only ourselves to blame for the shortfall. And, any chance of seeing another national concealed carry reciprocity bill in the next two years will be next to impossible as the Democrats will hold a majority in the House of Representatives and the Party leadership’s agenda does not call for strengthening the Second Amendment. The agenda calls for weakening the Second Amendment and weakening it quickly and drastically.

It is therefore absolutely imperative that the American people—millions of gun owners, not simply a few dozen of us—inform their representatives in the Senate that they, who were sent to the United States Capitol, to work on our behalf, have no greater obligation to this Nation than the safeguarding of the fundamental, unalienable, natural and immutable rights and liberties of the American people. That would fully accord with the intention of the framers of our Constitution.

Of those fundamental rights and liberties, none is more important than the sacred right of the people to keep and bear arms. That singular right, more than any other, makes clear the basic precept that the life and safety and well-being of each American citizen is sacred and inviolate and that no American should be denied the right of self-defense with the best means available—a firearm. Further, the right of self-defense does not stop at the doorstep of one’s home. That basic right extends throughout the Nation and the Nation’s territories. Further, the right of the people to keep and bear arms is the ultimate defense against tyranny—ever present—a thing the founders of our Republic knew full well and, given that great concern, became the impetus for codification of the right in the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution.

It therefore falls on the American people themselves, as ever it must, as ever it did, to take action, when necessary, as now, and make their voices heard over the cacophony produced by the media lords and ladies. How long must we endure this? How long must we, true Americans left remaining–those of us who believe in the sanctity and autonomy of the individual, who believe in a Nation as conceived by our founders–tolerate the beseeching, syrupy proselytizing of the purveyors of lies; the destroyers of our Republic; those who besmirch our sacred rights and liberties; these perverse, sanctimonious zealots of collectivism who call for ever more gun laws, and ever fewer guns, and ever fewer people“entitled” to own and possess guns, and ever more restrictions placed on the use of guns by those few of us remaining, among the common folk who are entitled to keep firearms at all, but only so long as they are locked up and tucked away—all of course for our own good, for “the collective good” of the people.

Some of you believe that the right to keep and bear arms will always prevail in some States of the Union, even if it is denied in others. But, that is a dangerous, false belief. And we should recognize it. Arizona, Texas, Nevada, Montana—States that have traditionally revered the Bill of Rights and extolled as a virtue the notion of the independent, self-reliant, individual—are slowly falling to prey to those who sing a  different tune: one that has less regard for our sacred rights and liberties and for the autonomy of the individual, and for our history, our traditions, our Judeo-Christian ethic.

Consider: what sort of Americans would send to Congress people such as the newly elected Left-wing Arizona Senator, Kyrsten Sinema, and the 20-year old self-described Socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, representing New York’s 14th District? These are people who obviously loathe our Nation’s history, who question our traditions and our core values. Do these people respect the Nation’s Bill of Rights? Do these people revere the First Amendment’s right of free speech, and the Second Amendment’s right of the people to keep and bear arms? Hardly. After all, how would the exercise of these fundamental rights, and others, fit into their Leftist Globalist, Collectivist agenda?

If we are going to strengthen the Second Amendment, it must be done now, and quickly. Don’t think that there will be time enough for passage of national concealed handgun carry reciprocity legislation when the new Congress takes over on January 3, 2019. We need this legislation now, because any firearms’ bills coming out of the House of Representatives, with its Democratic Party majority, will be nothing remotely like the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017. You can be assured of that.

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Eulogio Acevedo Jr

If we are not allowed to carry in some States. Then all representatives from those states should not be allowed to have protection/people with weapons follow then around to protect them everywhere they go. That includes all the left wing liberals in Government. Don’t forget the person in the White House. Every person with protection should be under the same laws as us. Remember that we all fall under the same laws. We are all (LAW ABIDING CITIZENS) and under the CONSTITUTION AND THE SECOND AMENDMENT, have the right to bear arms. If I can help in any way. Please… Read more »

Robert Woodard

South Carolina senate are all old and don’t care they just want the money useless do for the people not your pig and selfish selfs you all suck wouldn’t piss on if unfire work for us we pay your bills


The republicans will not ever pass a law like this. They are all cowards. And All of Washington is controlled by lobbyists who except money from the highest bidder even if it’s another country that would like to kill all of us.

Robert Woodard

Just carry everyone will learn the higher ups dont care they have their guns walkin behind their no good ass


2nd & 3rd worlds / criminals / anyone with enough money or influance have always been able to get guns !! Where did the American Indians get them — all the hate groups ???? All anyone with some ( crap & a couple other items can even build a bomb — they cartainly don’t need guns to do all the dirty works they want ) . But since ALL of the Capitals & Senate Hills are built on nothing but CRAP !! why not go after the average guys who own less than 1/2 of all guns to there hunting… Read more »

H. Spires

I have been very disappointed in our elected Republican representatives over the last two years. They would rather fight with each other than try to do what we elected them for. This bill will die the same way anything else that would have benefited the country. Ryan and McConnell would rather not stir the pot.


So far we’ve been waiting for this bill to pass and we have this one Thin chance to have it done for our constitutional right a great Brave founders of this country have work so hard to give us this freedom from someone to just just take it away from us so please send emails call your Senators let’s do everything in our power to get this bill pass thank you


Mr Weber, I understand what the 2ndA states. It is to prohibit the government from enacting laws that infringe on our rights to keep and bear arms. If enforced we wouldn’t have to pass more laws to keep those rights. All these laws and counter laws are just more BS smoke and mirrors to cloud the issue.


Why are my posts not being seen

Robert Woodard

Because they are blind don’t hive a fucks


Listen government people….give us our rights or you may lose yours in the near future….ever heard of carma?


Do nothing Mitch will not pass anything that gives the public more power. He hasn’t passed anything out of the senante , and we have the entire government. He is a rino


All the politicians scream for “common sense gun laws”…. Considering there are close to as many (or more) Firearms as there are cars or married “individuals” (just trying to be inclusive) in this free country, wouldn’t it make “common sense” to make another constitutional right (like marriage) or another commonly held license (drivers) uniformly recognized by law in this country. Hmmmm?


I thought 12/14 was our deadline to have a vote on it.


Please explain just why we need this bill. Don’t we already have the 2nd Amendment as a right? Why isn’t it enforced?


You are correct my friend. I am a legal investigator in WA state and a former US Marine. Having studied this subject in depth for over 25+ yrs, I can tell you that there is a great deception taking place. We are actually supporting the end of private gun ownership. Any registry of weapons in private hands works toward the end of private ownership. It always has. There is psychological game to these bills. Its Cold War politics and legal manipulation. Get people to take a side and obviously in this case they are going to side with the bill.… Read more »

Gilbert Boisvert

Each resident is subject to his/her state’s laws and regulation. The 2nd Amendment (may) protect you if your state goes rogue, and is on the wrong side. However, in order to protect yourself against such a rogue state, it may cost you two arms and two legs to fight it in court. When you cross a state line, you become subjected to that state’s laws, (whether they are just laws or not). As an example, just look at Cal’s ultra Liberal laws. Want to get a pile of troubles? Just break one of their laws. and see what happens! Now… Read more »

Jim Macklin

HR 38 is a law that enforces the Second Amendment.
Prior to 2010 states such as NY, California and Hawaii could argue that the Second Amendment did not apply to state law.
HELLER and McDonald changed that, but the law must be changed to repeal all those old state laws.


Are you trying to tell me that state laws override the “Bill of Rights?” Give me a break. All politicians swear to up hold and defend the Constitution. I know it’s an empty promise but the last time I looked the “Bill of rights” was part of the Constitution. It stands alone.

larry dieter

I have wondered the same thing—-how in the hell can the States tell us what to do ong gun rights when we have the second admenment given to us ny our goverment—our fore fathers were very smart people3—so much smarter then all these stupid liberals now

Edward Weber

The 2nd Amendment didn’t give us anything. The 2A is an admonishment to the government to keep its hands off. Our RIGHTS come from our Creator,,,not from government.

Christophert Lowers

Call and be firm. Sadly, we haven’t heard from the NRA. This should have been a priority from NRA CCRKBA GOA and state level pro gun rights orgs. I can easily stop supporting them and spend my money on true 2nd politicians.

Todd Andrews

Cowards won’t pass this bill because it might cost them a few votes. Concealed permit should be treated just like a driver’s license. All they’re interested in is staying in power.

Chad Carroll

This makes me so infuriated!! I’m so sick of these idiot OLD decrepit grassley, McConnell republicans who don’t have us gun owners in mind. They have the ability and the votes to pass this Monday and McConnell can call for a floor vote just as soon as grassley calls for a committee vote, but no here we are with these people we voted in to do the job us Americans need and require that they do. Trump could do better than he has. All he would have to do is urge the Senate vote on this bill and that would… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Chad Carroll, Those that you have mentioned and many more are loyal to their party, only. There is profit in that. There is no wealth to be had by being loyal to the American people, and true to the Constitution. Parties have corrupted our system since day two, both parties. Welcome to the site and Merry Christmas, patriot.


Where is the push from the NRA ? They ask for our $$ but no word or action for over a year. If we loose our last chance then the NRA-ILA is really not there for us as well as the politicians asking for our support. They run of the fact that they are pro 2A but are they really ? Actions speak louder then words !

Jim Macklin

The NRA-ILA has been there, where have you been? How many phone calls and letters/emails did you send?

Gordon johnson

Trump is right stand up 4 him


We need this bill to pass this week please call your Senators let this happen as soon as possible we need this bill to pass thank you

New World Patriot

Don’t hold your breath. In DC, the only difference between a Republican and a Democrat is the color of their tie.

Inadvertently, Nancy Pelosi exposed the attitude of professional politicians when she turned to the camera in the Oval Office and criticized Trump for attempting to fulfill a campaign promise.

Larry Hasbro

Mc Connel, Ryan, majority of republicans and all DEMORATS with the exception of 10 who are pro gun the reciprocity bill will not or ever pass. Unless Trump signs a presidential approval.

Paul dibella

Senator McConnell should get his head out of his u know what and put the recipracity bill to the floor. Or go back to Kentucky. he may looking for a job in 2020 along with some of his cronies


Sadly, not likely to pass! My senators from Virginia hate the 2nd Amendment! Even though they took an Oath to Protect my RIGHTS! As far as I’m concerned, any senator not voting for this to pass, should be HUNG, SLOWLY to the DEATH! I will not call them senator, or the honorable as long as they are standing in the way of my CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! A new UN-CIVIL WAR is BREWING in America! It will be about SLAVERY AGAIN, just a different SLAVERY! NO GUNS ALLOWED BY LAW ABIDING CITIZENS, although we will be subjects, i.e., SLAVES! The SHEEPLE better… Read more »


You are right,Kaine and Warner will not help gun owners.

m r c

I got a gut feeling this and the wall will make it

Green Mtn. Boy

However the Republicrats will do nothing but sit on their thumbs and do Nothing,afterall they can’t have free citizens armed equally across the United States.

Will Flatt

The Republicans won’t pass this, they have already decided they have bigger fish to fry. Politicians cannot be trusted to protect or restore gun owners’ RKBA rights. Only we can do that. Use it or lose it!