Who Should Be The Next Executive Vice President of the NRA?

Editors Note: To be clear AmmoLand News has no knowledge that Wayne Lapierre is about to leave his position as NRA EVP and none of the individuals mentioned in this article have been consulted or expressed any interest in being the next NRA EVP. This series of articles is just a candid discussion of the cold reality that one day we will have a change in leadership.

If the pattern we have seen since 1986 hold, Wayne LaPierre could be replaced as Executive Vice President of the NRA by NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox.
If the pattern we have seen since 1986 holds, Wayne LaPierre could be replaced as Executive Vice President of the NRA by NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox.

Fairfax, Virginia – -(AmmoLand.com)- Eventually, the Wayne LaPierre era at the National Rifle Association will come to a close, the question then becomes who will replace him as Executive Vice President and CEO.  LaPierre is a very tough act to follow.

One does not last nearly three decades as the leader of the NRA without a commitment to protecting the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment, or the skill and intelligence needed to come up with the best possible tactics and strategy to successfully protect the Second Amendment over that timeframe. They may not have been the preferred tactics or strategy of all Second Amendment supporters, but for the most part, the Second Amendment is in many ways in much better shape than it was in 1991 and the NRA has grown to 6 million members.

So, what qualifications would make a person a good replacement for Executive Vice President LaPierre?

Commitment To The Defense Of The Second Amendment

For starters, there has to be a firm commitment to the defense of the Second Amendment, and tons of knowledge on the issues surrounding our Second Amendment rights. The protection of the Second Amendment has been the primary focus of the NRA for years. Therefore, it is not surprising that the last two Executive Vice Presidents, LaPierre, and J. Warren Cassidy, previously held the position of Executive Director of the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) before moving to this new position.

Chris Cox, the executive director of the NRA-ILA. (Photo: NRA)
Chris Cox, the executive director of the NRA-ILA. (Photo: NRA)

The Insiders:

That would make the current NRA-ILA Executive Director, Chris Cox he logical front-runner to be the new Executive Vice President. Cox has been in that post for over a decade and has presided over the organization as it has worked to advance pro-Second Amendment legislation in that time. Cox is also well respected by his staff and co workers on the NRA-ILA team.

If picked this would mean the NRA would have to choose a new head of NRA-ILA. That is the subject for another article.

Another option would be the head of NRA’s Publications Division, Doug Hamlin. Hamlin was selected for the post in 2014, so he lacks the lengthy tenure of Cox. However, as head of the Publications Division, he would have a passing familiarity with all of the aspects of the NRA general operations, going beyond legislation. To his credit we have seen him produce real results with a minimal budget and maximum medaling from NRA contactors.

An Experienced Temporary Replacement:

If the NRA Board wanted to buy time while looking for a replacement for whatever reason. Richard Childress, the current NRA Second Vice President, a former NASCAR driver, and owner of Richard Childress Racing, could be chosen to fill the seat temporarily. Childress would undoubtedly have the needed experience of running a corporation the size and scale of the NRA.  Other members of the Board of Directors could be selected for this sort of short-term service in defense of our rights as well.

Or maybe a past board member like Chief J. William “Bill” Carter (Ret). Bill Carter is a much respected past NRA board member and a 30-year veteran of the U.S. Border Patrol and an NRA Benefactor Member. He also worked for the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). Mr. Carter was chairman of many important NRA committees and the son of former NRA executive vice president Harlon Carter. So he is familiar with the gritty sausage making that is the day to day running of the NRA.

A Wild Card:

Then again, maybe it could be time for new blood. One option could be to bring in an outsider. A strategic appointment has the advantage of taking some cards out of the hands of those who hate the Second Amendment. Who might such an outside choice be?

Mia Love
Mia Love

Well, why not look at soon-to-be former Representative Mia Love of Utah? Love had a solid record of supporting the Second Amendment during her tenure in the House, including a yes vote for HR 38, which would have established national concealed carry reciprocity had it passed the 115th Congress. Now, she wasn’t super-vocal on this issue, but she may be a good choice despite that silence. She did represent a suburban area, and the suburbs are Michael Bloomberg’s primary target in his anti-Second Amendment campaign. Love would be able to relate better to suburban women who have been given a great deal of misinformation because of Bloomberg’s fear-mongering propaganda and who are most in need of personal self-defense options. Alternatly Love could also be tapped to replace Cox as the next NRA-ILA Executive Director should Cox be the pick for Executive Vice President.

Sound like an odd choice? Not really. J. Warren Cassidy was mayor of Lynn Massachusetts before he became the head of NRA-ILA. Who’s to say Mia Love would be less capable than Cassidy? A lack of experience can be handled through a solid deputy (for that matter, why doesn’t NRA have a deputy Executive Vice President?).

There are many threats the Second Amendment faces today, and the NRA will need strong leadership.

The next Executive Vice President will have some big shoes to fill and will be facing many new challenges including one we only hinted to in the article above. That is the much-needed effort to fill the NRA’s leadership with individuals capable of running an organized and well managed 200 million dollar a year corporation. And the leadership with a plan to raise half a billion dollars in the next three years and the skillset and accountability needed for that job. This will be the subject of our next article in this series.

We would love to hear who you think could be our next choice for our next NRA EVP?

Harold Hu, chison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics, and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post, Strategypage.com, and other national websites.

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Big Dave C.

Given all that is going on with the NRA since this was written, how about writing a follow-up?


Chris Cox deserves to be drawn and quartered for his endorsement of gun confiscation, not promoted.
Mia Love has never introduced legislation to repeal existing infringements. She doesn’t really love the Second Amendment.


How many of you were around in the early 1990’s ? or If not around study history. In the early 1990’s Wayne La Pierre stood tall and told the truth on the AWB bill clinton and the gestapo federal agents of atf dea fbi rtc. Wayne called the atf fbi dea etc “the gestapo federal agents”. That created a wave and a half from the cowardly traitors in congress and the cowardly sheep who thought they were CITIZENS and the cowardly sheep that carried NRA cards. I supported Wayne then and I do now. chris cox along with the many… Read more »


Ah me, the original comment was from John Dingal and it was “…they are jackbooted thugs bound by no laws in this country”. His comments came during the first ATF abuse hearings in Congress in, I believe, 1968 during the Omnibus Crime Bill hearings. Dingal later went on to make a commercial for NRA using words to that effect in 1980. Wayne stole and reworded the phrase. Wayne does what it takes to maintain the status quo. As I’ve stated before, if you want to know exactly where the NRA really stands ask them if they support the repeal of… Read more »

The Green Watch Dog

There you go David. This can be the their statement for every member to support and recite to as Ted Nugent once said:” I didn’t invent the middle finger, but I perfected the use of it”.


In the 1997 Wayne LaPierre was caught embezzling money from the NRA by funneling it into a phony PR company that then paid him in turn. After a direct order from the board to stop, Wayne complied only by funneling it into a shell company of the original company. In response the board tried to dismiss him, but failed because it needed 75% of the votes and just enough members were in Wayne’s pocket. Note that Marion Hammer refers to this attempt to remove him when he was caught, not the embezzlement, as an attempt to steal the NRA’s money.… Read more »


Ted Nugent!

Cptn K

Josh Powell. In two years of leadership, he has made the NRA what it is today.

Ralph W Glorioso

I have always been impressed favorably with Rep. Love. Would have no disagreement with her replacing WLP.

The Green Watch Dog

For the NRA to keep their doors open, I suggest they elect a person that will support our amendment rights, while listening to and working with those (like me) who demand responsibility laid upon the gun owner. Many know that I have voiced my concerns multiple times. I am not a troll as some extremist contend. I do have a question. is the NRA open to all those who want a safer environment, those who (like me) demand those how own weapons be responsible? Or, is it an organization that invite the Ted Nugget mentality. On the membership application, must… Read more »

Green Mtn. Boy

I believe in the Second Amendment , BUT . Mr.La Pierre would appear to be one of those who would rather stand and Capitulate, rather than stand for the Second Amendment,Next .
Or is it troll time.

Wild Bill

@GMB, Perhaps another Donald Trump type, if there are any, that will not give in. Perhaps someone that knows that in the American legal system we are all responsible for our actions, already, and thus do not need more foolish statutes. Perhaps someone that knows that only by empowering each of us, individually, will we have a safer environment.

Green Mtn. Boy

Wild Bill

Agreed,that would include a few mentioned in no particular order.

Ted Nugent

Jeff Knox

Adam Kraut

I would exclude any elected or former politician,actor and Non Members as that in my mind is the current problem with Negotiating Rights Away , return the NRA to it’s members.


Stand? Looks like he’s kneeling to me.

250 savage guy

How about Tom Selleck or Chuck Norris?

Green Mtn. Boy

Tom Selleck in a act of virtue signaling resigned from the NRA board,so No not Selleck .


We need Business Oversight at the NRA not the current “Old Boys Network”
Read the Wall Street Journal Article about the NRA.

L.L. Smith

I have been an annual N.R.A. member for 50-60 years
Renewal time is January 2019.
I told my wife to not renew my membership until we see how the NRA does on the red flag law.
The only two entities I joined for life is my wife and the Lord.
This red flag law is a monster that can (will) be used as a political and personal weapon to be used against all enemies . It has absolutely no place in a Republic such as ours.


The only reason memberships are so high is Obumer. Not only was he a good gun salesman but a good NRA salesman.
Many people who took out memberships did it because they did not want to lose freedoms, not necessarily for gun preservation. Time to put someone in there that is strictly 2A prepared to do battle for us and not have to have several million a year to do it. Cox is not the right guy and he will prove so.


Knox would be best for protection of firearm ownership but the NRA’s ILA honcho Cox will be the guy to get it–too long and too close to LaPierre.

Joseph P Martin

I am so happy that LaPierre is leaving; good riddance. I just hope after all these years, it’s not too late to turn the NRA around and turn it back into a gun rights powerhouse that doesn’t compromise or is used by its executives to get rich at members’ expense.

Scott in Atlanta

Adam Kraut. Clean the go-along get-along swamp called the NRA.


Me definitely me


I don’t really care who it is as long as Wayne and Chris go. They have outlived their usefulness and become part of the swamp that is DC.


First off , saying the “NRA” is the problem is throwing a very wide loop. The NRA is over 5 million then add in kin and friends voting block of more than 40 million voters and we vote. Pin the tail on the donkey who causes all the problems for the WE THE PEOPLE i.e. CITIZENS and We the NRA members 5 million of us … the comprising give away our Constitutional Rights THE NRA – ILA … the first and foremost worthless sorry neo nazis i.e. supports USA 1968 BS gun Control Act which 85% of the words came… Read more »


David: I’d like you to just take a moment after you read this, take a breath and think before you respond. I read through all that you said, most will not. It’s simply too long. You make excellent points but with something as complex as this you need to be VERY clean, concise and to the point. Pick one or two points you want to make, hone them to as few words as possible, let them sit, go back and rewrite again with fewer, if possible. Your goal is to have as many people read your post as possible. Don’t… Read more »


I joined the NRA when Obama got elected. It has turned into a bloated fund raising org, like AARP or Publishers Clearing House. They have spent more money mailing me carp than I paid in dues and have lost their way. Cox, LaPierre, and North (?!*) need to go. I let my membership expire.


hell no on the baby-murdering supporter collins & her pals in con-gress

Will Flatt

Jeff Knox would be the best choice. The NRA needs to be led by someone who won’t compromise our essential liberty the way the NRA has done in the past.

Until someone named Knox is running the NRA, I won’t trust them with my liberty or my money.

The Green Watch Dog

According to the Pew Research Center:
“…..Republicans and Democrats in Congress aren’t the only partisans who deeply distrust people from the other side of the aisle. Liberals and conservatives prefer to associate with and live near their fellow partisans….”
A primary reason why we need a spokesperson who will represent the NRA, and insure to protect our 2nd amendment. One who will work with those who want responsible gun ownership. A Ted Nugent type of profile will certainly be the beginning of the end.

Mike Mike

Jesus H Christ….you have got to be kidding with turncoat backstabber Mia Loveless ! Cox is going to be the guy. Get used to it.


Sorry David,
Any money sent to the NRA by any well-intended member will be used to support gun control. Moreover, Wayne LaPeterless is at the very heart of the problem with the NRA. I can promise you he’s friendlier with the likes of Harry Reid, than any rank and file NRA member. Need proof?


…And he LOVEs gun control. Get used to that.

och will

I nominate adolf hitler. Hes perfect for you guys. He didn’t support gun safety, he was nuts and he liked to see people getting shot. Whats not to like you guys ?

Dave in Fairfax


Scott in Atlanta

Who left the door to the idiot cage open? Go away, you mindless troll.

The Green Watch Dog

The first and foremost person that comes to my mind is Senate Republican Susan Collins from Maine. A moderate who melds together major bipartisan deals. For our country to move forward, we must have a guiding force that will listen and work to both sides. If not, then will have our 2nd amendment rights in jeopardy.

Green Mtn. Boy

#. 1- She’s a RINO !

#.2 – She is most likely Not a a NRA member and thus ineligible for any office in the NRA.

#.3 – She’s a RINO !

Dave in Fairfax

He’s a troll. don’t get sucked into his BS.

Scott in Atlanta

Oh my. That’s like nominating France as the country to lead World War II to victory. Me thinks not.


Without a doubt it should be Ted Nugent. Zero compromise on the 2nd!


Jeff Knox would be my choice.

Green Mtn. Boy

Someone from without of the NRAe,my thought is Adam Kraut . Someone who’s thought is the second amendment as the founders rote it,not capitulation to further enhance ones wallet