2019 National Rifle Association Board of Directors Election Round-Up

NRA Board Election Ballot Vote
2019 National Rifle Association Board of Directors Election Round-Up

USA –  -(AmmoLand.com)- By now voting eligible NRA members should have received their election ballots for the 2019 National Rifle Association Board of Directors election in your monthly magazines. NRA members must complete and return their ballots by on or before April 7th, 2019. Any votes returned after that date will not be opened or counted.

AmmoLand News has brought our readers continuing coverage of the NRA leadership and Board candidates running for 2019. Please take the time to read over the articles included in your recent AmmoLand News NRA Election email blast or at the following link, so you can cast your vote for that best woman or man to represent you on the NRA-BoD.

This year's ballot has 35 candidates, including five (5) women, and two (2) candidates nominated by petition only. The Nomination Committee received a total of 176 recommendations for 59 individuals. Fifty-six individuals were Life Members and therefore eligible for consideration. The committee reviewed all eligible candidates – incumbents seeking reelection, and candidates who either submitted themselves for consideration or were recommended by other NRA members.

Candidates hail from twenty-one (21) states including Alaska. With our fall-back-state of Texas sending forth the most candidates, five (5), followed by Virginia with three (3). Notably missing are candidates from eastern states (New York is as far East as candidates draw from) and the West coast, locations where membership needs the most representation in the fight for our rights.

While the ballot has names you can easily recognize, like our “uncle” Ted Nugent (not to be confused with Johnny Nugent, who is also running), Karl Malone and Oliver North the ballot also has many names that you may not recognize but are real workhorses on the board of directors and need your support and votes more than the brand names.  We have highlighted many of them in our recent interview articles of NRA Board members.

Two candidates are only on the ballot by member petition and not through the traditional board of director Nomination Committee. Anthony Colandro and Adam Kraut.  Please consider them for your votes.

Bullet Voting

A word about bullet voting: if you want to maximize the vote for your favorite NRA-BoD candidate, please consider limiting your check marks on your ballot to the fewest number of selections as that makes your vote much more effective than if you checked all the boxes up to your maximum vote limit of 27.  Read more on the advantages and disadvantages of NRA Bullet Voting here.

Finally, if you have not received a ballot in your February NRA magazine, that is a reliable indicator that you are not an eligible voter and need to take steps to change that by upgrading your NRA membership type so you can have a say in who leads your National Rifle Association.  Join or change your membership here.

~ AmmoLand News, Editor in Chief, Fredy Riehl


  • 25 thoughts on “2019 National Rifle Association Board of Directors Election Round-Up

    1. Someone had posted the attendance record of the current group. Ted Nugent hasn’t made on meeting. time that he goes.

    2. I received my ballot in the mail today. I was looking for one that I could do online. I have Parkinson disease an I can’t write anything. That is the reason I was looking for one that I could do online.

    3. I haven’t received Ballot 2019last year I called last year never got one for 2018 is someone sabotaging our NRA mailing

    4. I never received a ballot in my magazine…WHY? I am a member of the NRA, therefore I feel I am eligible.
      What’s going on?
      Right now, I would say the “Gun Owners of America” membership looks pretty good to me!

        1. Thank you. That does make sense.
          In 2022, I will be a member for five consecutive years.
          I do appreciate you clarifying that for me.

    5. As I said yesterday, I’m not the only one that got shorted. In August it will be my turn to short the NRA and I think I will send them a copy of the check I write to GOA. I will include that with their letter begging me for more money or to join their stupid wine club.

    6. Why waste time?

      Join Gun Owners of America – they stand for ALL 2A rights – no compromise!

      now the GOA are fighting, and spending our membership dues on, a problem CAUSED by the NRA.

      and yes after many years I have cancelled my membership.

    7. Wow. I did NOT get my ballot and have been getting them for years. I checked the membership number on my American Rifleman magazine and it is correct. So, NO BALLOT.


        1. Well, I must admit. After contacting the NRA I found out my membership “lapsed” last fall even though I was not aware it had. So after nearly 20 years or more of membership, this is what happens. Interesting that they “saved” my membership number and it stayed the same. If you “lapse” then apparently you have to start your 5 years over to be eligible to vote. NRA 1, Member 0.

          1. Billy, I wouldn’t be too hard on the NRA if I were you. It isn’t their job to track the status of YOUR membership. Unfortunately it was you who didn’t keep track.

          2. You spent 20 years renewing annually? Just buy a life membership – it will probably cost less in the long run and you wouldn’t have risked this problem at all. Instead you’re blaming the NRA because your brittle system of renewal broke.
            Reasons to be a life member: 1; Renewing annually: 0

    8. I am a life member and received my ballot several days ago. Filled it out and put it in the mail next day. I did not vote for the full 27. I only voted for those I think would be good for the NRA and for us, the members.

    9. “Finally, if you have not received a ballot in your February NRA magazine, that is a reliable indicator that you are not an eligible voter..”

      Or, a reliable indicator you get the electronic version of the magazine.

      1. @ MikeRoss Sorry to burst your bubble but you are incorrect and I doubt if I am the only one that was missed. I went on line and checked my status in the NRA website and everything is good there. Someone just screwed up and they won’t correct it.

        1. My bubble remains unburst. I am confident members who get electronic versions of the magazines will not be getting ballots in the February issue. Which, contrary to the passage from the article I quoted, says nothing about their eligibility to vote.

      1. Ditto, same for my daughter. Same thing last year. I had to call and have them sent out, then had to call again and have them re-send the one for my daughter. It’s getting old.

      2. Same here… I’m a Endowment Life Member… I carefully check my magazine and my mail every Jan, Feb & March looking for my ballot. Nothing…. I have sent emails, never get a response.
        Now… when I get the donation mailings… I write in big letters with a sharpie… “NO BALLOT = NO DONATION” and include a copy of my membership card. No response from the NRA!

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