Chicago Alderman Charged with Extortion Fine with Guns as Long as they’re His

Chi-Town Alderman Ed Burke, charged with attempted extortion, doesn’t much like the idea of guns in anybody’s hands but his and his security detail’s.

U.S.A. – -(“Feds charge Ald. Edward Burke, allege wiretap on cellphone captures him in attempted extortion,” the Chicago Tribune reported Thursday. “Burke, one of Chicago’s most powerful figures and a vestige of the city’s old Democratic machine, has often been considered too clever and sophisticated to be caught blatantly using his public office to enrich himself. But after years of dodging investigations while watching dozens of his colleagues hauled off to prison, Burke has been accused of crossing the line himself — and doing so in a quintessential Chicago way.”

And in a story that just broke, we find the politician he is accused of doing some of that extorting on behalf of, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, made sure Burke’s son got a plum $100K public trough job.

Take a number when it comes to names in the long line of Chicago’s notorious and perennial corruptocracy. The Trib has posted a companion “Hall of Shame” article featuring a “Who’s Who” of criminal aldermen. These guys from the city that inflicted Barack Obama on the rest of us are as bad as Bloomberg’s Criminal Mayors.

Speaking of Obama, how did Michelle “work her way up” to $300K again?

Naturally, Burke is a Democrat. And naturally he’s anti-gun:

Burke and Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced that they had introduced the ordinance in a joint press release March 29. It would require that financial institutions file an affidavit along with their economic disclosure forms verifying that their retail business clients adhere to certain policies. Those policies include banning the sale of “bump stock” attachments that allow semiautomatic rifles to fire faster, barring the sale of high capacity magazines, and banning the sale of firearms to persons under 21 or to those who have not passed a background check.

Or rather, I should say anti-you having guns. Per the linked story in the lede, he likes his just fine:

Prosecutors revealed during the 10-minute hearing that the FBI found 23 guns in the raids on Burke’s City Hall and ward offices in November. As a condition of his bond, Burke, a former Chicago police officer, was ordered to surrender the firearms and any others he may own within 48 hours of his release.

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how he got them into “local government buildings”? Are there special exemptions or just special passes? Like the kind exploited by another guns-for-me-but-not-for-thee alderman, Richard Mell, who violated a registration law he wrote, blamed his staffers, tried to get special favors from the police and then wrote a new ordinance so that he could keep his guns?

While the federal charges have yet to be proven, Burke is unquestionably guilty of gross hypocrisy when it comes to guns. That’s especially outrageous considering the expensive, tax-funded 24/7 armed security detail he’s surrounded himself with for decades.

The line at the end of the neo-noir classic movie “Chinatown” comes to mind, one that sums up the futility of trying to get justice from a system that is irredeemably criminal. I’ve adapted it for my blog, The War on Guns, and use it regularly when I come across stories about senseless Chicago corruption being exploited to demand we give up our guns:

Forget it Jake. It’s Chi-Town.

About David Codrea:David Codrea
David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.
He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regular featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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What kind of guns did he have? Gun buybacks always produce the little old lady who turned in her dead husband’s antique Colt or Spencer Carbine or whatever. Did this Chicago criminal have some of these? I recently heard of a Baltimore turn in that netted a Sturmgeweure 44 Worth in the neighborhood of $30,000


Im sure you have all seen the bumper stickers from back in the 60’s and 70’s during the Dailey machine years, Don’t steal, the Government hates the competition. Truer words were never spoken. There was also a Chicago police official from back in the day that was accused of beating confessions out of prisoners so he could get convictions, and rumors of inmates dying while in police custody, and if im not mistaken, he just got convicted a while back a lot of those crimes, but I don’t remember what happened. Maybe he’s locked up where he belongs, or still… Read more »


None of these firearms were lying on the pavement or in the streets, they were inside the homes
of law abiding citizens.
Some could have been used in a crime and will be turned in no questions asked, cash and carry.

aryeh sax

This guy is good for a 100.00 on old rusted pieces of irreparable junk and 10.00 for broken BB and other air spring type junk, with the peoples tax money.

Deplorable Bill

Corruption at it’s finest. A government official, a former cop you say? Sworn to uphold the constitution and it’s amendments? A common thief. While he is but only one, there are many like him who have turned the governments job of protection of the nation into personal wealth and privilege. It is likely that the system there is so corrupt that it is not fixable by voting. Sad. Just another nail in the coffin of freedom. Aren’t things like this exactly why the revolutionary war was fought? Turn in your guns? Turn in your bump stocks? Your mags? Your ammo?… Read more »


Government Buy backs are a joke?
Just How many of you are Willing to sell your $3000.00 dollar Firearms for $100.00?
I sure won’t!!!!


No one mentioned that hiLIARy was a Chicago tripe long ago before she hog tied slick willie. That is where Obumer got his start. See what I’m saying, Chicago is a very good place to learn and they keep saying the educational system there is no good. Just look at the products the system produces. I don’t think there is anyplace in the country you can get a more intense instruction on graff, lying and corruption. That is the way it is in Chi town and the people that call it home are too stupid to do anything about it.… Read more »

Don P.

What’s really ironic is, Burke with all his guns, has demanded and received a taxpayer funded 24/7 Chicago Police bodyguard detail for over 30 years, including a driver and city car.


Chicago deserves what Chicago gets. They don’t like all the corruption but they never seem to vote it out. So live, love and enjoy what you’ve got. You all put this machine in power. Just remember how corrupt Barack and the Clinton team were to the whole country and remember where Barack got his political education.


They don’t care as long as the cheese keeps arriving and the Obamaphones keep ringing.
Anything else would be like expecting parasite ants to attack their own queen. Whyever would they?

Missouri Born

Al Capone may be long dead but the crooked politicians are alive and well in Chicago.


What do you think some triplefaced weasel like this guy is not going to pick through and get the best weapons available for himself and his Commie buddies??? bet you they’re not turning in any colts or Kimber’ s ,,,just saying

SGM Mike

I’d bet that the Colts and Kimbers won’t be in the pile from the “buy-back.” Rather, they disappeared from police evidence lockers . . .


i guess they ran out of Cement Overchoos a while back. Or maybe the Cement Worker’s Union went out on strike. With such corruption and graft, though, it woild only seem natural that it go so deep it has become the bedrock on which the city has been built. I wonder.. did this trud happen to have one of those FOID type Mother May I Cards the Chitty of Chicago and state demand before one of their subjects are deemed acceptable (as in, well enough connected or harmless) to actually OWN firearms within their precious borders? Or does his history… Read more »


The fine alderman was reported to have 23 pistols in his possession. Apparently the regular folks that are to be disarmed by the Chicago machine are different than the alderman. Wonder how many went through the NICS check? And speaking of the NICS checks, how many of the buy back guns were transferred legally in his gun buy back as advertised in the photo attached to this story?

jim j

A little off topic, but I’ve always wondered with those gun “buy backs”…those on the other side will preach about universal background checks, etc, but what happens at these buy backs? Are the entities buying the guns “back” background checked for every firearm brought in, or do they get an FFL holder to make the purchases? Just wondered if anyone knew how that worked. seems a bit hypocritical, not that it should be a surprise.


After taxpayer citizens are disarmed the Dems can then more easily and blatantly loot the people without fear of armed retribution from their constituents as invoking the 2nd amendment. .


Send in the military/Martial law for the Democratic sanctuary cities/Build the friggin wall


I thought that was one of Trumps ideas to curb crime in Chicago when he was running for prez.

Mark R

Agreed. A real simple plan. Pull the troops from the middle east; let the middle east fight on their own. We don’t need to be over there. Screw Israel. Set the troops to building the wall and protecting OUR OWN borders. Arrest all those complicit in sanctuary cities and CA. Stop funds as well. Arrest ALL those involved in the treason – democRATS/communists and republican cowards. We need a short-term military coup to set things right. Let the citizens help as well.

Wild Bill

@nester and GT, The federal government is just as much a crime syndicate as some state governments, some county governments, and some city governments. This should be a lesson to all of those millennia’s, perennial free lunchers, and hard core unemployables that government is not the answer.
Getting back to the limits of the Constitution would go a long way to solve all of these and other problems.


Sounds good in theory bill but unfortunately we can’t fix stupid we tried numerous times they all turned out to be commiesWith Islamic tendencies and I think you know the ones I’m talking about 1776