FPC Firmly Opposed to Federal Gun Control, Including Red Flag Laws

Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer
Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer

WASHINGTON, D.C.-(Ammoland.com)- Today, Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) responded to announcements of several pieces of federal gun control legislation that would further infringe on the fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms and other constitutional rights:

FPC has always opposed so-called “red flag” laws, sometimes characterized as “Extreme Risk Protection Order” or “Gun Violence Restraining Order” laws, on practical, policy, and constitutional grounds. These “red flag” laws stand for the proposition that people are guilty, and can be disarmed, unless they can prove their way out of an accusation. In fact, in some jurisdictions, a court may consider evidence of recent acquisition of firearms, ammunition, or weapons as evidence to support the issuance of a “red flag” disarmament order. In other words, if someone recently exercised their Second Amendment rights, that constitutionally-protected conduct could be used to support their being prohibited from possessing firearms, and even lead to a warrant for the seizure of their property. As we know all too well, the only real recourse in these cases is for the accused to hire an attorney, at the cost of thousands of dollars, and hope that the court gives them a fair hearing. Worse, in an ex parte situation, the subject of a “red flag” order might not even know about the hearing or the order until armed law enforcement officers show up at their home to seize property, or them. “Red flag” laws are unconstitutional and dangerous, as FPC’s own research and countless reports have shown. If the government does not have enough evidence to investigate or charge a person with a crime, or even to hold them for a mental health evaluation, then the government has not met its burden for taking someone’s rights and property by force and violence.

FPC also strongly opposes so-called “universal background checks,” one of three core elements of the modern gun control agenda. Put simply, politicians and billionaire-backed special interests wish to constructively repeal the Second Amendment through transactional records, algorithms, and ever-expanding laws banning people and property. They refuse to acknowledge the true agenda of their “universal background check” legislation, which is to create a statutory framework from which they can bootstrap the other elements of their disarmament aims, including Minority Report-style “pre-crime” laws, government-sanctioned confiscation, and incremental, attrition-based bans on weapons, parts, ammunition, and more. As we know from our direct experience in hostile, anti-rights states like California, the modern gun control schema relies on background check-based transactional data as a framework to bootstrap the forced registration of people and property, later expanding or creating new categories of prohibited persons and items—including through “predictive model” gun control statutes, like “red flag” laws, that rely on speculation rather than real due process and proper adjudication of crimes or mental health conditions—overreaching law enforcement programs, like California’s “Armed and Prohibited Person System” and others like it, where the government sends armed police officers to seize persons and property that were forced into government databases.

FPC is also strongly opposed to using taxpayer dollars for unrestricted advocacy of gun control, whether through the Center for Disease Control, or elsewhere. No American taxpayer should be funding policy advocacy cloaked in the guise of “research”.

As we have said before, history shows that gun control is a one-way ratchet, with so-called “compromises” resulting only in more laws that affect law-abiding people and fewer ways to exercise Second Amendment rights. And there is no textual, circumstantial, or emotional exception to the Constitution’s guarantee that “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Those who seek to implement more and stronger restrictions on Second Amendment freedoms have offered gun owners nothing in return for these false and malicious “compromises.” It should be no surprise, then, that gun owners have been and remain unwilling to participate in a “compromise” that isn’t. Indeed, there cannot be any compromise on our Constitution and the rights it protects.

Even if others’ lack of principles or conflicting political priorities may have allowed, or even encouraged, such legislative atrocities to be enacted as the National Firearms Act, the Federal Firearms Act, the Gun Control Act, the Undetectable Firearms Act, the Hughes Amendment, and many other gun control statutes, FPC stands firm in its commitment to the Constitution, the People, and individual liberty.

FPC calls on every member of Congress to not only oppose and vote against these and other gun control bills, but to immediately introduce and pass important legislation to protect and advance the Second Amendment rights without further delay. FPC also encourages President Trump to demand pro-Second Amendment legislation with the same fervor that he does other, far less important issues. That is the job they were elected to do, and that is the basis upon which we and American voters will measure them.

Individuals who wish to combat federal gun control can tell the House and Senate leadership, as well as their representatives, to oppose these gun control bills using FPC’s grassroots Action Tools at www.firearmspolicy.org/act and www.FightRedFlagLaws.com.

About the Firearms Policy CoalitionFirearms Policy Coalition

Firearms Policy Coalition (www.firearmspolicy.org) is a 501(c)4 grassroots nonprofit organization. FPC’s mission is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, especially the fundamental, individual Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. FPC advocates on a wide variety of important constitutional, legal, policy, and social issues, including free speech, due process, separation of powers, limitations on government action, and others. FPC works to advance individual liberty through programs including strategic litigation, legal action, direct and grassroots advocacy, research, education, and outreach.

  • 9 thoughts on “FPC Firmly Opposed to Federal Gun Control, Including Red Flag Laws

    1. I gave FPC my email address and zip. They sent me an email with an activation link that has my full name. What database are they getting this information from? The connection between my email and name is not exactly secret, but nobody else has automatically done this on sign up. I did not have an account with FPC before.

    2. The problem with “Red Flag” Laws is that they circumvent the Second Amendment of the US Constitution and the Right to Bear Arms in many State Constitutions as well.
      Not only that, they can be anonymous and you won’t know about the order to take your guns until the police show up to grab ‘em, then it’s up to you to prove that you are not a danger to anyone.
      That is expensive and, it is extremely difficult to defend a negative especially when you have no idea where the charge came from.
      I would suggest contacting your state legislators regarding this trend and explain that you are against this kind of legislation because it violates your basic Rights. It’s already been shown the Congress doesn’t care what the People believe, they are beholden to special interest groups and keeping their offices.
      Whether or not you own firearms, the Second Amendment protects the remainder of The Constitution. Without the Constitution we have no Rights.
      In the old Soviet Union, they declared people whom the government felt were a danger to the State as mentally unstable and locked them in asylums.
      We haven’t gotten that far yet, but we are on a “slippery slope” that could end up with the People of the United States becoming serfs to an all-powerful Central Government without any Rights at all.

    3. I hope the GOP will find their collective spines and put a stop to these frivolous bills that do nothing for public safety, only give the democrats something to pander to the weak minded, under informed voters. Just wait until one of the supporters of ERPOs has someone knocking at their door demanding their weapons because some snowflake was triggered.

    4. The dems undertake gun control at their own risk. One day they will go too far and the patriots of this nation will set things right again. One way or another it will come, with the cartridge box or the ballot box. They are whistling past the grave yard of history and are either to stupid or don’t care about the catastrophic chain of events that they will unleash if they are successful in their gun grabs.
      With the election of Donald Trump we stepped back from the precipice, just, only a little bit, our freedom is still in deadly danger. Every freedom loving American must vote for solid constitutional candidates regardless of whether they are gun owners or not

    5. Too bad Negotiating Rights Away doesn’t adopt a pro second amendment stance on those issues, owever thankfully FPC and others do.

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