Rift Over NRA Highlights Fundamental Divide among Gun Owners

Some of us would argue with that. Strenuously. Others would decry that as “NRA bashing.” And the gap is only getitng wider. (NRA Facebook photo)

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- A recent series of AmmoLand articles reveals deep divisions between Second Amendment advocates and their perceptions of the National Rifle Association. Comments under the articles show emotional divisions among readers, with the vitriol on display one would generally expect to be reserved for gun-grabbers.

I’ve seen some readers complain, they’re tired of reading about this.  Fine by me – there’s a whole Internet out there to occupy yourself with if you’d care to leave. If not, be advised – these are my opinions and if I wanted to be popular I’d be writing about the Kardashians.

I’ve seen some who read an article on this site that defends the NRA and accuse AmmoLand of being their shills. I’ve seen others get angry at criticisms of the Association and accuse AmmoLand of being “NRA bashers.” I’ve seen comment posters dismissed as “Russian bots” and worse.

Anonymity sure emboldens, doesn’t it? Most of us are a lot more circumspect in the real world.

Longtime readers of my stuff know I’m in the camp that says criticizing the NRA’s leadership statements and decisions is no more an indictment of the association than criticizing a politician as un-American. As the slogan says, “I’m the NRA.” And I reserve the right to criticize when I feel it warranted not only because it’s a duty people of conscience have, but also because I’ve done my part to support the association over the years.

I found over those years that I could be more motivated and thus effective for my own ends working independently of the NRA and without the restrictions that come from representing anyone other than me. Plus, as I became more involved and aware, I found increasingly that I had disagreements with what I was seeing coming out of Fairfax, Virginia.

The small part of my agenda that involves the NRA is motivated by a desire to see the organization reformed. It’s certainly no secret that many hard core gun activists are fed up with the Association – or more precisely, its management. Unlike some of them, I don’t advocate leaving it – I advocate holding its officers accountable to a constructionist interpretation of the Second Amendment and the Association Bylaws.

It’s no different in principle than holding a politician accountable for fidelity to our Constitution. And unfortunately – or I should say deliberately – those bylaws have not been posted online for all to see, but instead copies must be requested by members.

For those who don’t have a copy, the bylaws define the purposes and objectives of the National Rifle Association of America as:

“To protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, especially with reference to the inalienable right of the individual American citizen guaranteed by such constitution to acquire, possess, collect, exhibit, transport, carry, transfer ownership of, and enjoy the right to use firearms in order that the people may always be in a position to exercise their legitimate individual rights of self-preservation in defense of family, person and property as well as to serve effectively in the appropriate militia for the common defense of the republic and the individual liberty of its citizens.”

That is my benchmark for the NRA. That is what I expect its management to promote. That is what I expect its staff to promote. To people who want to slam anyone for taking on NRA political statements or political grades or public policy statements that contradict that, it’s on them to show where the criticism is untrue.

Support for any “gun control” law violates not only the bylaws, but also contradicts the truism that such laws don’t work.  The signal it sends is that such laws will work if  only they’re NRA-approved.

We’re told certain laws or rules will be supported because it’s pragmatic to do so, and if we don’t offer an alternative something worse will be forced on us. To me, that shows that the political ratings are flawed, since no politician worthy of an “A” and endorsement under the assurances that he is “a staunch defender of the Second Amendment” would support an infringement, but would instead go to the mat fighting it. Far too often we see it easier for a John Cornyn to advance a mental health blanket dragnet bill, or a Marco Rubio to push so-called “red flag” restraints that, by their very design cannot afford real “due process,” regardless of assurances insisting otherwise.

I’d expect an “A”-rater to be able to argue a compelling case to his constituents to educate them on the realities of citizen disarmament and to be able to demonstrate how they’re getting bad information and from whom. They present themselves as our leaders, so how about some leadership?

I’d also expect an “A”-rater to not endorse and support “F”-raters, as every supposedly “pro-gun Democrat” who turned around and supported Obama or Hillary for president did.  I’d expect an “A”-rater to not undermine his “pro-gun” votes by supporting “amnesty/pathway to citizenship” policies that will result in overwhelming anti-gun majorities, just like we’ve seen engineered in “sanctuary state” California.

But talking about all this plays into the hands of those who would “divide and conquer,” some will insist.

So what are we supposed to do? Pretend deep disagreements don’t exist?

What will ignoring grievances accomplish, and how will it keep more of them from occurring? Some of us believe we are in an existential fight for the future of the Republic, and one that can devolve into much more serious conflicts than calling each other names. And speaking for myself, if you “compromise” for or enable any form of citizen disarmament, sorry, we’re not “on the same side.”

Besides, who would exploit the rift?  The gun-grabbers? Our enemies? They’ll attack us regardless. The hell with them.

Here’s the other thing, though, for everybody placing all the blame on Wayne LaPierre & Co. (and he certainly has earned his portion of criticism): Out of the supposedly five million members, less than half of those meet the qualifications needed to vote for the Board of Directors. Of those who do qualify, Election Committee reports consistently confirm only around seven percent even bother to vote.

We can point fingers at the management-selected Nominating Committee if we like, but the bottom line is it’s up to each of us to MAKE the time to find out who best represents our interests. Believing what I call “Profiles in Apathy” to be the way things will continue to be, I don’t have high hopes to see the mandate for real change some are calling for actualized.

For those saying “GOA,” simple math tells us they won’t be in a position to exert as much influence without comparable membership numbers. That they have not attained those after all these years tells us something about them but much more about gun owners.

What all this means is, without something unforeseen and profound happening to unify gun owners, I’m not expecting to see the divide lessen. I wish I could offer a happy solution. But if it means giving up concessions to those that want it all, maybe we’re beyond debating in website comments and moving into something a lot more serious and for which far too few of us have prepared…

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regular featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Michael Brodine

I read both sides because I know why the first ten amendments were included in the Constitution and I count on all pro-firearms groups to work for “Right to Bare Arms”. All of us can loose big time if we are not careful, find the common ground where we agree.

Emory Kiser

The NRA has done some good in the past if the task was easy, but if the road was filled with questionable obstacles they always fall back. They come up with some kind of compromise even if the other side requires none! They have some clout but they are afraid to use it. If the leaders heard: “the long sobs of the violins of autumn wound my heart with monotonous languor”, would they have started fighting the enemy or would they crawl under the bed trembling? The reason the NRA is ineffective is because it has been infiltrated by the… Read more »


Then make sure you vote in their upcoming BOD elections! President Trump is ” not ” perfect and neither is the NRA!

Nashoba Losa

I vote in every single BOD elections, and have for many many years. To me, the candidate list is always lacking in good candidate, at least as far as I am concerned. I seldom vote for anyone in New England; anyone in the East who is north of the Mason/Dixon Line; anyone from California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, New Mexico, IIinois, Minnesota, District of Columbia, or Maryland. Sometimes I don’t vote for anyone from Florida, either. But that really narrows down the list of those qualified, in my opinion. And I have actually been disappointed by some of those former military… Read more »


In Illinois we are about to get our rears handed to us on a Democrat platter. The gun lobby is weaker now than it was 15 years ago. They keep making deals upsetting people and fewer and fewer people want to support them. GOA needs support but needs more people. Illinois is becoming a lost cause because the gun lobby, republicans, conservatives and Christians dont no how or dont want to win . What we are left with in Illinois is a Republican party that is worthless and the democrats have went total Left. I would like to see a… Read more »

The Revelator

@Freeillinois Much of that is because of the current structure of the republican party, which is “democrat progressive light.” They put up weak, impotent, spineless meatbags that they can direct to hold the status quo and do nothing, or when the DNC takes control turn out a massive fund raising drive by giving the illusion that they are “Standing up to defend conservatism!” Take John Cornyn for example, putting out the reciprocity bill now that Democrats control the House. Didn’t do jack on it while Republicans held both the House and Senate and had the means through measures such as… Read more »


Arizona had that problem, especially the one where the NRA would fly someone in to completely neuter a good bill we had progressing through the legislature. But we solved it. We didn’t wait for a national group to do squat for us. We organized our own state-level lobby (AzCDL), entirely independent of national groups or the state NRA affiliate, with our very own lobbyists, and we OWNED the legislative process. As a result, there has been zero anti-gun legislation passed in over a decade, plenty of good, meaningful pro-gun legislation, and were one of the first states to push Constitutional… Read more »


Change the name from NRA to Trump and you most all sound like the women on The View. Let go of your hate. Find common ground and work from with for the changes you desire. Anything else is folli.


Between commuting to memeory whole articles from mother her Jones and the trace, and know what people on the view sound like, you sure seem to watch and read a lot of leftists media.

A fuller picture of you emerges everyday.


Insults…. That all you got?

Bill in ILL

That’s all you posted, NRA boot licker. There is no common ground, the NRA is ready, willing and able to sell us down the river.


Bill, cut the bullcrap! Some states are simply ” fu*ked ” and there is nothing the NRA can do! Examples are NJ, NY, California.

The Revelator

How did they get there in the first place? It wasn’t overnight, and the NRA has been around a long time, claiming to be defenders. They got there because of compromises.

Quite frankly, you can be offended all you want but it doesn’t change the validity behind Bill’s comment. The reason McDougall is angry is because he is trying to dictate what we as gun owners must do and accept the pillaging of our rights. To that Bill said “There is no common ground”. Bill is right.

Greg K

@HoosierSheepdog1954 We should fight in the “Simply F*cked States,” simply because that’s where the Constitution is being Infringed. You can’t get court standing on an issue that doesn’t exist. It’s like and EMT Tech,they don’t stop bleeding from your wrist when it’s coming from your bicep.

The Revelator

Wow Don. Still haven’t changed have you….. Well never let it be said you didn’t prove the experts wrong, you actually did manage to cram your head farther up your ……… This “Come at me bro” routine of yours always shows the same patern. 1. You insult real Second Amendment Supporters and constitutionalists, then whine about insults. 2. You avoid factual evidence and answering questions. Sorry Don, you had your chance on your own articles with me when I put some questions up that you did not want to answer. The Yankee Marshall even invited you on his YouTube podcast,… Read more »


“Anonymity sure emboldens, doesn’t it? Most of us are a lot more circumspect in the real world.”

Not me. I openly tell people the NRA is shit and beyond saving.


Nanashi, your opinion is shit & beyond saving!

Carl Bailey

There’s no anonymity to my posts. I post with my real name. I joined the NRA a few years ago because I thought they were the largest defenders of our rights, but found I was very naive as to what mattered to the NRA. Since I joined they have consistently waffled and given away all their political leverage. Always they say it is to avoid something worse but I have never seen them get anything in return. When I looked at how they are organized and governed I realized it is rigged to make it very hard to make any… Read more »

The Revelator

There are some. Good Starting point. Look for anyone Marion Hammer hates. Chances are you will find a man named Adam Kraut at the top of the list. Start by looking there at what he stands for, then try to find someone more your cup of tea.

Andy Cox

I never understood why she hates Adam so much. By all appearances, he seems like he genuinely wants to make a change to association to bring into the current century. Am I wrong in thinking this?


Absolutely, He wants to cut the cronyism, and give control of the org back to its members. Hammer is a creature of cronyism, and a “knows what’s good for you” elitist.

The Revelator

Yes. I voted by taking away my money from them, so I cannot vote for the board.

I do however encourage those who still wish to join the NRA to be mindful of who they elect. Education is key. Each of us has the right of principle and must vote our conscience in our own way. That is why I push back against any who demand that someone vote in a way that someone else mandates.

Oldvet, I wish you the best and hope you can help turn things around in the NRA. Be safe and Shoot Straight.


Yes Carl, become a voting member! I’ve been voting in the NRA elections for decades. I never vote for the suggested list. I read every bio over a few days and make my own selections. Best we can do including writing letters to the NRA and giving our opinions. There are extreme views on both sides and the anti-NRA haters are on the ” extreme “!


I long ago stopped giving the NRA my money. The only reason they exist anymore is to extract money from gun owners that don’t know what the NRA is up to. The NRA has supported gun control over and over and over again. They aren’t trying to defend RKBA, they are actively seeking to undermine it and then fund raise over those infringements. At this point I would compare many gun owners to battered wives that refuse to leave their abusive husbands. GOA is a charitable organization on Amazon. You can shop on Amazon using their smile system and support… Read more »

Ted Eng

Looked for “Gun Owners of America” on the Amazon Charities list. Cannot find it. Please advise.

The Revelator

First mistake, trusting Amazon. Its like trusting Twitter or Facebook to be a fair arbiter. If facebook did have it at one time it is probably taken down at this point though I could be wrong. I try not to do too much on Amazon since I know where Bezos’ money goes(And now where half of it will be going).

If you want to make a Charitable donation, cut out the middle man. Start here.


They have a little Contribute button at the top right of the screen.

Pete Alves

I didn’t leave the NRA,,, they left me. BTW,, our Washington representatives take and oath as well ( ie; NRA by laws) and they lets down all the time. Just glad I was’t a lifetime member.


Isn’t that cute Pete. You can put it on a t-shirt. The left has been trying to destroy the NRA for decades and people like you fall right into their plan!

The Revelator

And people like you help magnify and enable the stupidity of the NRA. Isn’t it cute? You helped pass gun control legislation by not holding the NRA accountable. Good for you! Did you get your cookie from the NRA yet? Maybe they scratched your belly….. Regardless, they got you to do the work of the Gun Ban crowd, and kept a smile on your face all the while as they bent you over and lubed you up.

Good job Bruce!


I back the NRA all the time, but I feel they do not always do as they say. Never back down means supporting ALL gun owners. Their shameful stance on bump-fire stocks is but the newest glaring example of them letting all gun owners down!!!!!! The hunters and collectors better start backing the “black gun” crowd. Full auto and suppressed are just as important as that mint Colt SAA, or that high grade trap gun, or even that classic side-by-side double. If we do not stand together we WILL…..all of us…..WILL fall !!! If the NRA can’t be counted on,… Read more »

Douglas G

I’m with you on this. I don’t know the stats but the fact that there are any gun owners who don’t vote is disturbing to me. Our power is in our ability to mobilize on the political scene from a grassroots level on up. There will be some who make it their full time job and some who only click where told. But if there are any who don’t or won’t do either of those then they have failed in their duty as citizens and should think about moving elsewhere, so the government can make all their decisions for them.… Read more »

Rolf W Hogan

The founders didn’t write, and the states didn’t sign the Bill of Rights for hunting, or shooting sports or self-defense. Those rights were so widely practiced, used and believed-in there was no need to declare them in the BOR. The founders strictly put “uninfinged” in the BOR to declare the threshold of governmental tyranny. That clear threshold protects all other amendments. The first amendment (speech) had to be first so people could explain the second. The only argument, cause, or whatever we should support is that any infringement on the right of free, legal American citizens to bear armaments is… Read more »

Chaz Forsyth

I have expressed my disappointment to the NRA Membership centre at not receiving “The American Rifleman” since August 2018, on three occasions, so far without acknowledgement or response. As a long-time student of the politics of firearm control (going back to 1978) in New Zealand, awareness of what’s going on in the USA world of firearms is of course of great interest to me.

My subscription falls due at the end of February 2019, and I doubt if my further renewal will result in receipt of issues of the magazine!


“…comparable membership numbers. That [GOA] have not attained those after all these years tells us something about them but much more about gun owners.”
Yeah, but NRA wasn’t self-destructing during those years at anywhere near the rate it’s self-destructing today. A lot of people who weren’t looking for a whiter knight back then are sure looking for one now.

John Parrish

In my opinion, and not to start an uproar with it. If you own one gun or 1000, with the state of our government today, it is an imperative to join together with like minded people to stand up for what you feel and believe. To do less, is purely irresponsible. I have only been a member of the NRA now for 3 years. I joined because my father left me his gun collection after his passing, before that, I had never owned a gun. So, I joined, purchased a few more of my own and contribute as much to… Read more »


Good attitude John Parrish! I’m with you!

Greg K

Something a brilliant guy said just before “Desert Storm,” “Am not sure we should go in there, but if we do, we had better clean house once and for all.” The logic was that even though those countries had differences, if confronted with a superior enemy, they would consolidate against what became known as “the Great Satan.” We see this exact consolidation between far right and far left groups in the “Yellow Vest Uprisings.” We could even assign it to the Police Uprising that was put down in Venezuela a couple of days ago. Venezuela is of note because the… Read more »


The NRA swamp dwellers fortified their positions. Nobody is going to vote them out. The only protest you can make is to deny them dollars, because money is the only language they understand.

Bruce Frank

This is beyond me. The NRA may not be your perfect defender of your rights, but disabling their ability to accomplish anything by cutting off support is stupidity that exceeds that of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! I am amazed how few seem to know in how many legal actions the NRA is involved from local city actions through Supreme Court cases. They are the driving force that keeps pushing cases from one court to the next…and winning. You people, I’ll say that again, YOU PEOPLE are the type who would look at Trump’s economy growth, job increasing tax cuts, and record employment… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

The NRA spends very little money (about 1% of its total revenue) on 2A lawsuits. In many lawsuits the NRA is involved in, it actually only files amicus curiae (friend of the court) briefs. In other lawsuits, the NRA is only filing them (costs about $150) to fundraise on them.

Not spending any dime on the NRA is the recommended action by many that know the internals of the NRA, such as Rob Pincus (2014 NRA Board of Directors candidate).


I concur with your post Bruce…

Bill in ILL

So you are fine with the NFA ACt of 1934, gun control act of 1938, the gun control act of 1968, the gun control act of 1986? All supported by the NRA


Bad attitude Rusty! People with your views do not do our cause any good. VOTE in their elections and write letters! Stand on the sidelines and complain and you help our enemies!

American Patriot

As in everthing else in todays world it has all turned Political, and the almighty dollar speaks louder than words. If it walks like a duck but roars like a bear it is playing both sides of the fence.

Curious 1

Hundreds of comments on this site and others contend there is a wide chasm between the NRA and several of its members and gun owner nonmembers, but virtually no one presents a clear description of each issue and the opposing views. People reading these “arguments” include: young and old, experienced and novice, potential and existing gun owners. A high percentage of these people, and gun-haters, need to see a detailed subject, followed by the commentators’ well thought out support or criticism. Tell us what the NRA has done wrong (and right) and then tell us what it should be doing… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

1. The NRA leadership has called for further regulations on bump stocks, causing them to get banned. The ban outlaws $100,000,000 in privately owned property without due process and without compensation. The ban is an unconstitutional rewrite of existing law by the Executive branch. The NRA leadership needs to reverse its original statement and join the FPC and GOA in fighting the bump fire stock ban. This is simply not going to happen under the current leadership. Also, there is a danger of the NRA sinking the efforts of the FPC and GOA. They have done that in the past.… Read more »

Robert c taylor

What a conscise and thorough response. Thanks for outlining the issues in a clear cut manner . Having been away from the sport and membership for quite a few years has me gathering information on the current state of NRA as I have recently decided to get active again . I sent for my membership app but have been sitting on it while I gather more info on what the NRA has and has not been doing while I was gone . So in spite of a lot of negative aspects of the directions the organization i will still join… Read more »

The Revelator

Well thought out and reasoned response. You used logical points to make your argument.


“Once again, the NRA leadership has decided that its own revenue stream is more important than its members running businesses in the firearms industry. ” Yes, they also cratered their education program by creating a “mandatory” online introductory safety quallification for all students, $60 each directly to the NRA, please. This sandbagged the efforts of charitable assistance organizations who taught NRA courses free to victims of violence so they could get their CCWs. It also offended their volunteer instructors who understood that you can’t “qualify” as a safe gun handler without someone seeing you handle an actual gun. And education… Read more »


Most of the problem is one of accountability, there are very few people that will actually make a true too their beliefs statement and or follow it up, its the blame game; some one besides me is screwing it up; it’s their fault they are not doing it my way, Egotistical snobbery at its finest! y firearms.
NRA is one of the few organizations that have actively promoted Firearms, and yes they have F’d up but who hasn’t?
it is going too reach a boiling point at some time and these politicians will get theirs


“When it comes to your individual freedoms we will never ever waver”… What a giant crock of BS. Fund raising and expediency is the truth of it.

Will Flatt

The simple fact of the matter is that the NRA claims to work for the 2A when in fact a whole helluva lot of what they do in Fairfax does the opposite. NRA HQ is routinely caught in lies, which may explain the relative ignorance of a majority of NRA members – they’re being treated like mushrooms (having sh!t shoveled on them and kept in the dark). The very fact that the NRA has a century+ long history of supporting gun control rather than fighting it (and lying about that history), and other demonstrably false claims (such as being the… Read more »


I object to those that say we are trolls and we are plants that talk against what the NRA has done. I am a member, currently, and I will vote but I can still voice my negative opinions concerning what they have done. They think that compromise is winning, I disagree. I think compromise is selling us down the river. Bump stocks ban chips away at our rights but the red flag laws is a direct infringement on the Constitution itself and could, very well be, the beginning of the end. The progressives, including Granny Ginsburg, think the Constitution is… Read more »

Randy Locher

When are gunowners going to wake up and realize that the NRA is Not for Gunowners?????? Wayne LaPierre is nothing but a Political Hack. or God’s sake Wake Up!!!!!!!!!!

Roy D.

Randy, your comment prompts me to state what I believe to be part of “our” problem. Here in Oklahoma there are many who will call themselves “farmers.” The reality is that they are not “farmers” but rather just landowners pretending to be farmers. The same thing occurs in the world of guns. There are many who consider themselves “people of the gun” who are in fact just people who own guns. They think that because they own a gun or two, or many, that they know what the solution to our problems are. In fact, they are just “gunowners.”


David, this was one of the better articles I have seen on the topic of the NRA’s non-performance of its mission as stated in the revised bylaws, but I feel you dismissed the alternative too quickly. I believe the entire topic can be summed up, and a solution becomes available, if we simply START from your last two paragraphs. In those two paragraphs you identify both the problem and the solution. The problem is not the NRA or its leadership. The NRA is doing what it was established to do, what it has always done, and what it is good… Read more »


You missed how they wrote the LEOPA (armor piercing handgun ammo ban) and Undetectable Firearms Act. Also missed how they promised the UFA wouldn’t effect existing firearms, then rushed to renew it the second it did. Also how they blocked Heller for years then undermined it once it actually got to the supreme court by taking a portion of his argument time.

The Revelator


If such is the case, then perhaps we get the NRA to stop claiming “That they are the great defenders of the Second Amendment.”

They are the ones who have tried to tag that title to their tail, and it is a mantra that the leadership endorses and repeats endlessly. So either “Fix” the NRA and make them put their money where their mouth is, or send them down the river as just another shooting club. They are practicing hypocrisy, and you cant blame that on the average gun owner in this case.

Dave Brown

Well there must be Trolls on both sides. How about Free Your Mind, Be Party Blind. Me, 66, have owned and fired well over 250 firearms, and still going strong, but going back to the basics. Anyway, The NRA Welcomed me into the world of Firearms at age 12 as they use to use Attraction, key word is use to use. I have basically given up on The NRA as they Sold Out to Big Money. But, what goes around comes around. Maybe it is time for US to get together, not Attack, but go back to Attraction. I have… Read more »

Jack Mac

Dave B, I am a Life plus NRA member that always felt the NRA should be more vehement. I am at the age to may soon be going hopefully to the Happy Hunting Grounds or Valhalla. So my leaving the NRA, which I wont, would have no impact. Since the Do-gooders, greedy tax collectors and lawyers caused my cigarettes go from under $2 to over $9 a pack, I no longer donate much. The little I have to donate will not go the NRA until their BOD is changed, maybe. Still no impact considering amount available. I think only Democrats… Read more »


DC, I appreciate you laying out the standard the NRA should be held to. Many of the members, past and present, are expressing their disappointment in that standard being betrayed. It’s vapid, however, to think that members will actively vote for various board members when nobody is verifying vote totals or ballot security. The NRA will put forth whom they desire, and it’s silly to think otherwise. Are you calling investors to vote on board members to all the companies their mutual funds hold stock in? You’re calling this a profile in Apathy is ridiculous. We defer to the dentist… Read more »


I enjoyed your article as usual. I look at the various pro 2A organizations as fingers on a hand. we need them all for optimal effectiveness.

To the critics of the NRA, the NRA like many large organizations has its faults but it also has its strengths. Vote for the Board of Directors. Write to them and tell them that you’re unhappy with the NRA and suggest improvements. get involved at the local and state levels.



There is a HUGE rift in the gun community that goes beyond the Pro/Anti NRA dispute. Yesterday at the legislative committee meetings in Olympia WA there was testimony by people who announced their NRA membership and then went on to voice their SUPPORT for more regulations on guns and gun ownership, saying things like: “I’m an NRA member and an IPSC competitor. We only use 10 rounds in our competitions so I don’t see the need for ANYone to own “high” capacity magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.” A State Senator GUY PALUMBO (remember that name so you don’t… Read more »

Charles Nichols

“To protect and defend the Constitution of the United States…” Since April of 2010 the National Rifle Association has been in Federal court defending California’s 1967 ban on openly carrying loaded firearms in public, a ban it endorsed and helped to write. Likewise, the NRA defends California’s Unloaded Open Carry bans which went into effect on January 1, 2012, and 2013. In its Peruta v. San Diego concealed carry appeal, the NRA argued in support of California’s Gun-Free School Zone Act of 1995. In its opening brief, the NRA said that repealing the GFSZ would be, in its word, “drastic.”… Read more »

John Lewis

Every gun owner had better wake up. The Socialists, or Denocrats have unzipped their fly. They want gun confiscation period. But for now they will settle for semiautomatic ban. Whatever gun rights organization(s) you belong too you should be contacting asking what you can do to support their cause. Only working together can we save our rights.

Bill N.

While I agree that the NRA has made poor decisions it has done much good in the past. Yes it’s broken but why not fix it instead of scrapping it. Lip service does nothing, only our votes will fix this. Just look at congress, lots of lip service and nothing done.


N.R.A. ” voting ” needs to be transparent and independently verified…… don’t hold your breath.

How about a nice NRA wine club selection while you wait ?


Would that NRA wine be T-bird or Ripple ?

Ricardo Riostirado

I wrote a message to the NRA Board, expressing my displeasure with their actions and why I feel they are not representing gun owners and our 2nd Amendment. Here is a copy of my email, let’s my crucifixion begin!!! From: Operation Steel Rain Sent: Monday, January 21, 2019 7:54 PM To: [email protected] Subject: YOU are no longer representing the interests of gun owners There is No question all of you at the NRA talks out of both sides of your mouth, supports gun control on the one hand and opposes it on the other. So proud of their support for… Read more »


Thanks for inspiring article, David. I’m sure if we looked a little deeper into our anger we could all see the same sentiment inside as yours. We are, however, in an emotional state in this country that the least of things will set us off into a tirade that isn’t easily appeased with nonsense out of the NRA leadership. We’re human, and we have deep emotional ties to our rights of self defense, be it a mugger on the street or the government at our doorstep. Sadly, I think the climate in America only pushes us farther into a corner… Read more »


I left two comments this morning and the simpler one was posted immediately but the one that contained detailed information about the NRA never appeared. The detailed one was posted first. It was NOT information that had to be verified. I will not be receiving E-Mails from ammo-land (ALL LOWER CASE} anymore. These people may be a wedge.

Darrell Howard

I agree. Posted a neutral comment saying you are responsible for action/inaction not paying conglomerates to do the work for you then bitching when the steal your money

Never posted.

Wild Bill

@BB, The system gets overwhelmed. Longer comments take longer. I look forward to reading your more detailed comment.

m r c

I have not had A LOT of comments posted who can we trust anymore? maybe we do need new leaders is THERE ANOTHER CHARLTON HESSTON OUT THERE?

Will Flatt

Charlton Heston was *NOT* a no-compromise celebrity figurehead. *He despised the AK family of firearms.* What we need, IF we must rely on celebrities to promote our cause (and we shouldn’t) is to get someone like Ted Nugent in the NRA EVP position IF the organization is to be saved and transformed. Uncle Ted doesn’t have a compromising bone in his body. He would argue for repaling EVERYTHING all the way back to and including the NFA. That being said, I don’t believe for a minute that the NRA can be salvaged. Their voting procedures are opaque and rigged to… Read more »

The Green Watch Dog

I wouldn’t run off the rails and elect a cloned Ted Nugent. He speaks eloquently with his hateful speech, likes to threaten Presidents, and is a self proclaimed pedophile. If one supports that type of person, then he is your guy.

jim smith

Re: “We’re told certain laws or rules will be supported because it’s pragmatic to do so” The purpose of the Second Amendment is clearly stated in the preamble to the Bill of Rights where it says “The convention of a number of states having at the time of their adopting of the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse, of its powers that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added”. Note that when the Second Amendment was written, every weapon was a weapon of war, there were no restrictions on the private ownership of weapons… Read more »

Robert Pollard

Well said. It sounds like David thinks comprise is ok in certain circumstances. IT IS NOT! David, the proof you were asking for where the NRA has compromised is abundant. One example I can give is fully automatic weapons. Also, when you said “And speaking for myself, if you “compromise” for or enable any form of citizen disarmament, sorry, we’re not “on the same side.” Does this mean the NRA is not on your side? As they HAVE comprised! Can you say “bump stocks”? BTW, you said “vote”. Guess what voting has done no good. As proof of that, look… Read more »

Darrell Howard

I wrote a comment a while ago. Guess I was not supportive enough to the agenda of this website since my Comments were not posted. Just another website that censores the public.

Wild Bill

@Darrell H, The system is just getting overwhelmed. Long comments take way longer. I look forward to your comments.

The Green Watch Dog

Darrell and Will Bill,
Yes, At times comments do take longer to post , especially if there is a link attached. If respective without any ugly language should be okay.

Darrell Howard

My comment was neither long nor offensive.

Darrell Howard

And no attachments.

Darrell Howard

Freedom of speech, as long as you agree.

James M. Beckett

1st and foremost turn back all encumbrances on the 2nd Amendment! There must be NO infringements to that Constitutional right at the federal level. NO 1934 machine gun ban, NO Hughes Amendment, NO infringements whatsoever! The wording of the second Amendment is clear on this, “shall not be infringed”. There should not be State or Local laws that greaten or lessen the absolute God Given right that the Constitution puts on paper for citizens of these United States! Without the Second we cannot protect the First or any other Constitutional Rights with absolute guarantee, If you are serious about supporting… Read more »

Joseph P Martin

Well said David. I was the first President of Friends of the NRA in Mesilla Valley (Las Cruces, NM) with guest speaker Gov. Joe Foss. I have always stood first and foremost for the 2nd Amendment right of all citizens and do not hate the NRA, I am, and have been fed up with Wayne LaPierre being the man in charge for decades. He’s not unlike a career politician, something we all can agree is just wrong. I quit the NRA when I saw a segment on TV, paid for by the NRA members, of Wayne LaPierre hunting in Africa… Read more »

Gas Block

We’re not voting ourselves out of this mess folks, NRA or not.

Thomas J

We are waaay past a political solution

Will Flatt

Yep, TINVOWOOT. Our founding fathers did not vote their way out of tyranny, the frickin’ shot the tyrants and their lobsterbacked, jackbooted thugs. We must do the same!!

Time for people to Ranger Up and get a good solid battle rifle or two, and stock up on as much ammo as you can get. I’m partial to 5.56×45 and 7.62×51, but your platform may vary, which is OK, as long as you’re able to resupply in the field off your enemy.

A storm is coming… will you be READY??


Do NOT allow a divide and conquer action to take place among the gun owners of America. WE need to get and keep our S**T together 100%.
This rift is EXACTLY what the Dems and libs are/were hopping for.
And WE all know it !!!!!


Well said.


Yup. SO true. Anyone else here ever read Saul Alinsky? This is one of his most recommendedntatics… and is one of the most effective. Divide into factions, set those factions one against another, sit back, and watch the destruction and chaos. Once that has progressed to the point of meltdown, step in with “the final solution” to “fix” all the problems you have been busy creating. there is a REASON the kinyun former sorry excuse of a chief executive officer read and studied Marx and Alinsky… and he was a master (another word that rhymes withthis one also comes to… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax

For those who haven’t read Alinsky, these are the rules that everybody talks about. Obviously there is more-check the INTERWEB. Alinsky’s Rules: 1 “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.” Power is derived from 2 main sources – money and people. “Have-Nots” must build power from flesh and blood. 2 “Never go outside the expertise of your people.” It results in confusion, fear and retreat. Feeling secure adds to the backbone of anyone. 3 “Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy.” Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty. 4… Read more »

Dave C

Amen! This is an UPHILL BATTLE! We need all the allies we can get. However, I do believe it’s time to get back to the core mission, and not acting like AARP selling wine, life insurance, etc. I don’t feel close to the 2nd Amm. battle looking at a wine ad…..

Kurt Francis

You have just stated the comment I was going to post. Divide and conquer strategy works very effectively for the left. And when we fight among ourselves, we only weaken as a voting bloc.

Wayne Clark

The way I see it, the NRA has one (1) consideration to promote as a lobbying organization…that being the Second Amendment, in all its glory, wisdom & proclamations to the freedom it alone, pertains to in our Bill of Rights. Without this amendment, all other amendments are basically null & void because there would be no protection against the abuse of them by the government. The problem is, nobody is held accountable on either the NRA side, or the elected officials that swore an oath to uphold the Constitution…including the President. The fact remains though, the NRA has this one… Read more »


dintchya READ the NRA bylaws quoted above by David? It paliny says to uphold the CONSTITUTION.

from the article:
“To protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, especially with reference to the inalienable right of the individual American citizen guaranteed by such constitution to acquire, possess, collect, exhibit, transport, carry, transfer ownership of, and enjoy the right to use firearms”

protect and defend THE CONSTITUTION, especially with reference to…….

Does not say EXCLUSIVELY with reference to…..

Nuff said.


The left has to many rich that are out spending the NRA..Keep up the good work your doing


I don’t understand why those that are crying about the leadership of the NRA are saying “No more money to the NRA” or “I’m going to one of the other organizations that support the 2A”. Well I’m sure almost all of you voted for Trump to get the last anti gun President out so why are you all running away now instead of voting for board members that support a true “We won’t back down on the 2A” stance? You didn’t leave the country when Obama was Pres., so why leave the NRA when you can make a difference.

Amanda Lee Jobin

the nra is what, 140 years old? Yea… the goa doesn’t have the nra’s numbers.
The nra folded on… well… name it.
I was the NRA is the new sloggan, btw.

sick of these shill ass nra crap in my inbox.
you can support and goa and the nra… you know, unless your on the nra payroll somewhere.

I’ll avoid clicking on any more ammoland links from now on…

Darrell Howard

I do not support any organization. In the final analysis they allways turn out to be all about the money. I do my own research down at my local level on any and all elected positions from dog catcher on up. I look at what they have/have not done, where they are, and what their ambitions are likely to be. The battle starts at home, not with a lying politician in Washington nor a political organization that supposedly defends us by promising our votes. Wake up! The real power is in your local community. That’s where it all starts, and… Read more »

Jeremy White

I’d say when it comes to Crunch time, there will be no “rift”. We will be the only thing that stands between this country and globalist.

Green Mtn. Boy

Mr. La Pierre “we Will Never Ever Waver”/ “Stand and Fight”,however his and Negotiating Rights Aways track record of kneeling and betrayal of members/Americans natural Second Amendment rights speak and act differently. Look at the NRA’s “record” of protecting Second Amendment rights: –National Firearms Act of 1934–not a peep of protestation from the NRA –1968 Gun Control Act–no protestation here, either –1986 Firearms Owners Protection Act–allowed the banning the registration and civilian ownership of of newly-manufactured machine guns, No opposition offered –1994 “Assault Weapons Ban”–feebly protested by the NRA with little opposition. –2018 “Bump stock ban”–the NRA first suggesting a… Read more »


The Left seeks to divide us, and they’re doing a fine job of it. If we don’t hang together, then surely we will all hang separately.


The left isn’t doing this. Unless the left is controlling the NRA, and causing them to push for gun control. And if that’s the case it’s even more reason the NRA is wrong.

“The left” is a boogeyman catch all to anyone on the right, similar to how Russia is with the left. Every time people encounter something they don’t like, instead of looking at, evaluating it, and being a reasonable person, they just throw up their hands and (insert the left or Russia depending on your political persuasions)


Read all the comments. You have exact word for word posts from different people. We’ve seen it 4 or 5 times now. While not all the issues are created from the left they work hard to make the rift bigger. When anti NRA activists quote mother jones and the trace it is hard to say who is using whom.


Oh, your back? I’m curious how do you know what mother jones and the trace write? How is it so deeply embedded into your mind that you can tell when someone quotes them?

Facts are facts, they cannot be changed, it doesn’t matter who reports them, and people you don’t like reporting them doesn’t change what they are.

However none of what you said changes that the NRA is pushing for gun control, and that it is that action that is causing the divide, not anything the left has done.

Wild Bill

@Snuffy, Just because we are dissatisfied with the efforts of the NRA does not mean that we will cease pestering our employees in government or cease sending contributions to Second Amendment organizations. We will merely send our donations to one of the other Second Amendment organizations that do get results. Example: GOA and Kettler v. USA. If successful in getting the NFA declared unconstitutional, the GCA in its entirety can not be far behind. That effort is worthy of a donation, I would think. And soon the NRA will be obsolete.


Oldmarine >>> Wild Bill A very good evaluation Bill, Huff and puff all evry one can but the donations will make the change. If any gun organization is more effective than others then they are the one to support. NRA supporters need to evaluate the organization realistically and decide where their money will make the biggest effect. Ridding a dead horse gets you nowhere. Cling to a dead horse leaves you Dead behind. We have the choice of being obstinate or flexible and adaptive. I feel that the NRA has acted stupidly and the GOA has proved it. No matter… Read more »


Oldmarine >>> Wild Bill
Have you ever wondered why the NRA members have so many complaints and the GOA appears to have none ?????

Wild Bill

@Oldmarine, Nope! I am pretty happy with GOA, but I’d be interested in what you are thinking.


Oldmariine >>> Wild Bill I wonder if AMMOLAND will post this? I have only one fault with the NRA and that it’s direction. The NRA is constantly on the defence and never on the attack. Why is that? Wayne LaPierre is a manager not a leader. He is certanly not a Charlton Heston “From my cold dead hands”. Additude is important and Wayne’s additude sucks. He sees the NRA as a defensive organization and not a offensive one. As long as he is the Manager there will be a dwindling membership. The NRA says it defends your rights under the… Read more »


Simple question: Are ya fer or again’ Unconstitutional Red Flag Laws? My money goes to those who are AGAIN’.

Pistol Pete

I house divided can not Stand
If we want to keep our rights all of them we better stick to gather.
The gun grabber are stuck to gather like Glue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Terry (SquirrelSlayer)

David; I am in 100% agreement with everything you’ve said. I am a NRA Benefactor Life Member and never fail to vote. Anytime I am in one of these discussions I tell people “At the end of the day if it had not been for the NRA you would be lucky to be allowed to own a BB gun”. That being said, I cannot for the life of me understand why while holding all three branches of the government we can not even get the Hearing Protection act passed. And the bump stock thing. And the National reciprocity thing. And… Read more »


So anytime your in a discussion you throw out a non proveable appeal to consequence fallacy.

Real enlightened.


non proveable appeal to consequence fallacy

Can you translate this into intelligible english? THen can you specifically identify what his “consequence fallacy” is and how it is so?

In other words, prove your own “consequence fallacy”.

Else you are merely spewing soap bubbles bacause they’re pretty to watch. but soap bubbles have no consequences……..


Consequence fallacy: is an argument that concludes a hypothesis to be either true or false based on whether the premise leads to desirable or undesirable consequences “Without the NRA we would not have gunrights” It’s a logical fallacy. Not to mention that the NRA didn’t start fighting for gunrights until… well about the Cincinnati revolt, in the late 60s-70s, with the formation of the ILA. Before that they would argue for gun control. They still do. However the that doesn’t change that the argument “without the nra we would have lost gun rights” is just a logical fallacy. One spewed… Read more »


@TLS (SquirrelSlayer), as a fellow NRA Member, (Benefactor/Life/Golden Eagles) I feel that I must inform you about “majorities” in Government. In an obstructionist role the democrat party has made it impossible to pass pro-gun legislation. This was when the Republicans had SIMPLE majorities in the House and Senate before the last election. Without a SUPER majority (67 votes in the Senate, 290 votes in the House), the Republicans needed help from the democrats to advance any pro 2nd Amendment bills. With anti-2nd Amendment people running the democrat party, these initiatives had a snowballs chance in hell of getting passed. Stand… Read more »

Don O'Shei

The reason is called the Filibuster. It’s not that complicated. 51 votes doesn’t control the Senate. 61 does.