Time for Changes at National Rifle Association


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Time for Changes at National Rifle Association

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Bloomberg's propaganda mill The Trace, and Mother Jones magazine, have been working overtime together to investigate NRA's activities, digging up as much dirt as they can find, and doing their best to keep the media rumor mill abuzz with negative National Rifle Association news.

Obviously both of these “news” outlets are extremely anti-rights and anti-NRA, and they are painting everything they can find in the worst possible light, but unfortunately, this is not “fake news.” The smoke our enemies have been pointing at is coming from real fires within the organization, and it's getting worse.

The financial woes have prompted an austerity campaign on Waples Mill Road, laying off a number of employees, cutting back programs, and even doing away with coffee service for the staff. Meanwhile, the guy wielding the hatchet, and the rest of the NRA executive staff, are taking home exorbitant paychecks of a half-million to almost a million-and-a-half dollars a year, and crony parasites are sucking out tens of millions more, while the organization is operating millions of dollars in the red.

The basic financial problems will probably be rectified in the short-term by the insatiable avarice of the new Democrat-controlled House of Representatives. Now that Nancy Pelosi and her anti-rights zealots have actively begun pushing new gun control legislation, Bob and Sally Gunowner will again be digging into their pockets to send in another twenty bucks to the NRA, and the organization's finances will soon appear to be back on reasonably solid ground. But the core problems won't go away so easily.

An organization that depends on $20 contributions from hard-working members, should be extremely scrupulous about how they raise and spend those dollars, but the leadership of NRA has demonstrated a serious lack of concern about such things, paying executives exorbitant salaries, and signing blank checks to outside vendors like advertising agency, Ackerman McQueen. At the same time, leadership has made serious blunders in a variety of directions, from the heavy-handed roll-out of their CCW training/insurance program – NRA Carry Guard – to seriously questionable practices in the areas of fundraising and political contributions, and downright foolish and unprincipled positions taken on bump-stocks, Extreme Risk Protection Orders, and other critical, core mission matters. They've even managed to alienate the competitive shooters who have been a mainstay of the organization since it was founded in 1871.

The NRA Board of Directors came within just a few votes of the 2/3 majority needed to fire Wayne LaPierre back in 1996 when similar financial and philosophical problems boiled over. The problems then were serious but didn't hold a candle to the problems we're seeing today. At that time, one of the major bones of contention was the undue influence of the NRA's outside PR company, Ackerman McQueen. Directors were upset about the fundraising tactics Ack-Mac was employing, and the base fees of over a quarter-million dollars a year being paid out to them with no accountability.

With Ack-Mac's help, LaPierre survived that challenge and thrived. They helped him push Neal Knox and the other Directors who had pushed for accountability, off the Board. From there, payments to Ack-Mac skyrocketed, and LaPierre's personal compensation doubled, then doubled again, going from $250,000 per year to almost $1.5 million. Ack-Mac was listed on NRA's most recent IRS filing as receiving over $20 million that year in direct compensation.

The current Board of Directors has allowed this situation to get where it is today. They've failed in their fiduciary responsibility to safeguard the members' resources and to keep the association focused on their core missions. While there are many good people on the Board, they have demonstrated a serious lack of gumption and integrity. That's why we have consistently worked to bring new blood into the group, and why we are again endorsing Adam Kraut for election to the Board. We're also endorsing Anthony Colandro from New Jersey this year and might find one or two others we'll ask you to vote for as we learn more about the candidates.

We are well past the point where the current leadership can be expected to correct the situation from within. Wayne LaPierre has got to go, along with the entirety of the executive staff, and all support contracts need to be reevaluated and either dropped or seriously renegotiated.

This leaves the question, if not Wayne, then who?

Unfortunately, I don't have the answer to that question. The NRA needs a new CEO who is 100% dedicated to the principles of the Second Amendment, and who has the management skills to completely revamp a multimillion dollar organization from top to bottom. That's a tall order, especially when you enter in the political complications of trying to bring in someone like a former governor or others with close government and/or party ties. Perhaps the best option would be an interim candidate, someone like a retired CEO or former General like James “Mad Dog” Mattis, who would serve for a year or two, wield the bloody hatchet, then step down to turn the reins over to a more permanent executive to take the revamped and streamlined organization forward.

This is a discussion that we need to have, and when I say “we,” I mean you too. Do you know, or know of someone who fits the bill? Please leave a comment, and let's get this discussion going. The Democrats in Congress will probably help the NRA to recover from their immediate financial woes by triggering a boost in donations, but more money isn't going to solve the real problems, only a major overhaul will accomplish that – if it can be done at all.

Meanwhile, we at The Firearms Coalition will continue fighting the good fight and keeping you posted on what's going on at Waples Mill Road and in Washington DC, so please consider supporting our efforts by subscribing to our newsletter, sending contributions, and sharing these articles on social media.

Jeff Knox
Jeff Knox

About Jeff Knox:

Jeff Knox is a second-generation political activist and director of The Firearms Coalition. His father Neal Knox led many of the early gun rights battles for your right to keep and bear arms. Read Neal Knox – The Gun Rights War.

The Firearms Coalition is a loose-knit coalition of individual Second Amendment activists, clubs and civil rights organizations. Founded by Neal Knox in 1984, the organization provides support to grassroots activists in the form of education, analysis of current issues, and with a historical perspective of the gun rights movement. The Firearms Coalition has offices in Buckeye, Arizona and Manassas, VA. Visit: www.FirearmsCoalition.org.

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    1. People,
      There much being said on this feed about money and how it is being spent. Yes, I agree that Wayne has got to leave, but not in this manner… It is my opinion that severe pay cuts are in order, along with severing ties with high priced service companies. This should free up needed funds for the fight.. let’s call it what it is…a war. What we are facing is a “cultural”
      War being waged via the “media”. This onslaught of propaganda, and the spike of shootings in carefully selected locations, are giving us a mountain of bad press. Remember the saying… if you keep hearing/reading/watching it, you will begin to believe it is the TRUTH!!!! Whoever is driving this bus, knows what they are doing, AND have read the “Commie” playbook. Page 1, item 1, “If you want “lasting change” in society, you indoctrinate the young, the older members will die off, and no one will know what was in place before. THIS is what the Parkland shooting has started. How the NRA was judged to be responsible for this horrible act is beyond me. Not enough was said, shouted, printed and slammed in their faces at that time, exonerating us.
      Time will tell what will come….

    2. There are a lot of comments here, so I might be being redundant when I say…MAYBE, just maybe this is all be design. What a better way to destroy the NRA then to get folks into it that are against what the NRA stands for. And this may have been going on since the 1930’s. Because the NRA has been compromising at least since then. If I had looked into their practices back when I had become a life member, I wouldn’t have done so. Currently I place ALL of my support behind Gun Owners of America. They DON’T compromise. RIGHTS are not negotiable.

    3. They may all get indicted in the probe of the Russian spy who worked with the NRA and the funneling of money from the Russian government to the GOP.

    4. The real story is how the community is feeding on itself making the gun grabbers job very easy. It won’t be the gun grabbers taking our guns it will be us handing them over

      1. @Mack the Knife.

        Then stop feeding the grabbers… Stop defending those in the NRA who have created these problems. Help those of us who are trying to fix it instead of helping the corrupt entrench themselves.

        Sorry, Wayne must go. The leadership must be replaced with principled people who will stand and defend. Those of us who have watched the NRA betray its membership will not budge on this. If you want to watch the NRA die a slow death by its own hand as it burns on a pyre of cronyism, greed, and obstinance then by all means, continue defending the NRA. The GOA is primed to take its place. We are done compromising. Either help us clean it up, or we will leave you behind and we will not take responsibility for your decision. We will not budge.

    5. Well, so many comments & opinions! Let’s remember the original article is also listed as “opinion.” So the NRA has drifted in a number of ways. Separating truth from fiction seems to be a daunting task. Hopefully everyone involved directly or indirectly keeps their emotions in check. Yes I know when it comes to the only document/words (on earth) that is focused solely on true freedom, it’s hard not to get emotional. With the people we have today posing as the govt of the US (and we know 90% are total socialist) it is more important than ever that we have that one voice that will speak correctly (not pc crap) with power and force that puts the government in fear and respect of the people. Anything less is absolutely unacceptable.

      1. “Separating truth from fiction seems to be a daunting task.” How so? As I posted in this thread, the NRA executive salaries, the NRA’s expenditures, and the NRA’s close to non-existing spending on lawsuits is a matter of public record in IRS filings! The bump stock ban and the NRA leadership’s role in it is a fact! The NRA leadership’s support for red flag laws is a fact! That the NRA Carry Guard insurance is crap, is a fact! That the NRA threw the USCCA out of the NRA Annual Meeting is a fact! That the NRA Carry Guard training is a boutique endeavor and a failure is a fact! That the NRA blended training was a failure is a fact! That the NRA made a huge deal over losing the Delta Airlines discount is a fact, so is that only a total of 13 people ever took advantage of that discount is a fact!

        Is it more important to speak with one voice than to speak up? If it is more important to speak with one voice, we will continue to spent enormous amounts of money on a few cronies while losing our rights. If it is more important to speak up, we will reform the NRA with new leadership that concentrates on the core business of this supposed NONPROFIT organization.

        Emotions are running high, because the NRA Leadership is very good at that. Emotions usually generate donations which generate salaries. Recently, though, emotions generated a donation boycott, leading to layoffs at the NRA (also a fact). Many NRA members are unhappy with the current leadership and this didn’t just start with the bumpstock ban debacle.

        1. Oldmariine >>> Charlie Foxtrot
          I agree. I am a member and just received my 2019 card. The NRA is changing into a controlling organization leading the members astray with “rope a dope”. I wold like to see them be more open with the members by listening to what the members say. The only way they will change is if the members really put pressure on the executives. How I don’t know but time will tell. The best I can think of is follow the money.. I know that many members are frustrated with The NRA and for good reason. If things were done right it would be “open season” on politicians starting attacks on the Constitution. I feel that money is the root of our NRA problems making it harder to fight for the Constitution and the Country. As the article asks ” Is it time for Changes at National Rifle Association “, I think it would be a good thing. Emotions are high on both sides but stagnation of any organization is not good. The NRA is certainly not perfect by any means and they are getting like the Democrats looking for more members because it means MONEY. No matter what your feelings it’s clear that the NRA is NOT doing their job like it should. I think everyone wants the NRA to be a strong and clear supporter of Gun Rights and protect the 2nd Amendment. Many of us members realize that without the 2nd A the rest of the Constitution is in jeopardy. Only action can save us and we want the NRA to be in forefront of that action. If the NRA expects to survive it needs to stop ineffective lobbying and start going after thos people who attack the rights of all gun owners. We need to win this at all costs or we will not survive . “OOHRAH”

        2. Well Charlie Foxtrot, it would seem you have all the facts! and most if not all the answers. Why don’t you take Wayne’s place and become the new face of the NRA? I was NOT questioning you or anyone else as though it’s all a lie or wrong information. Quite simply I for one like to verify fact from opinion when im able so I can accurately educate myself. Is that a problem? A fool takes everything at face value without verifying. That is a fact! Considering the subject matter of the NRA going wayward, having been “the one voice” representing the people in matters of the 2A, yes people can and do get emotional. And rightly so NRA inspired or not. The point is, because the NRA is / was the quintessential voice of the people “fighting for our rights” and now off it’s rails, people feel betrayed and that could make for bad decisions regarding restructuring the NRA. Put simply, those involved in this need clear thinking and it needs to be resolved promptly.
          Speaking as a people united together is same as speaking with one voice /same as speaking up. This carries much more weight than a few separate individuals simply speaking up. This too is a fact! I don’t know what kind of free time you have or what you do for a living, but I work 50 + hrs a week. I don’t know about other people but I don’t have time to purose the exciting world of the IRS to check the finances of the NRA or any other organization. I have other obligations much more important so excuse me for not being up to the nanosecond of information.
          Cary on and always cary. This is a fact!

      2. The NRA bylaws aren’t even being followed by the NRA. They ignore the first 13 words of the 2nd amendment which if by the way was in force, WOULD be putting the government in fear and respect of the people.

    6. After many years of membership in the NRA 60s 70s ,& buying and owning and collecting guns and rifles I got away from the hobby. During this time the organization has grown beyond my original attraction to the organization. That was group interest in the fields of gun ownership , hunting , and target shooting .

      Lately I have renewed my interest in arms & self protection forced on me by the times and the ever increasing pressure by politicians and socialist groups attempting to limit my rights to ownership and pursuit of my choices.
      Recently my two daughter’s and I have completed CPL CLASS and what a wonderful experience. Luckily I instilled in my Son and Grandsons the skills of hunting and enjoying the outdoors togeather. Now my Daughters , and hopefully Grandaughter’s in the future will take the class in order to be able to defend and protect theirselfs when needed.

      After recently purchasing new arms and ammo I have been batting around the idea of re- joining the NRA .But after researching the current organization’s site I got turned off by all the offers , crap for sale , and all the negative information out there about the organizations expenditures and leadership.
      I don’t need another AARP organization that got away from their core values and turned into a Insurance agent loosing track of there original purpose .
      Downsizing and new blood would go a long way towards making me feel inclined to re -join and allowing me to feel comfortable being a member once again .
      My opinion might not count as I have been away for so long but I feel the need to join others in fighting this effort by organization’s and Politicians to un-arm us and deny our constitutional rights.
      All organizations if they exist long enough become too big for their britches and get bloated and out of touch with their employees and in this case their membership . They need to downsize and re access their direction . I have been looking into other sources of information to bring me up to speed on the issues currently facing the membership. Sorry for the rambling but I felt this would be a good venu to express my frustration with all that is going on around us.

    7. Bloomberg is rolling on the floor laughing about how effective his $millions spent in the anti-gun arena is…wake up !!…When Bloomberg pumps $Millions into Ca and pro-gunners only can raise less than One Million, guess who won?? Our sportsmans club and shooting range is under attack from the local EPA and State regulators over lead, and through the California Rifle & Pistol Assn. we have contracted their attorneys and are having some help and success we would not have had otherwise. They are the ones associated with the NRA in Ca. They have dozens of law suits against the state over anti-2A laws…….my point is the NRA is the only one dedicated to anti-2A and what I am reading here is all being promoted by anti-2A entities just as the anti’s did with the Boy Scouts of America (who are being forced into bankruptcy) and anyone else that does not become PC!!! Send your $20 bucks and quittchurbittichen!!

      1. Just hope that the NRA is not abandoning you like they did me:


        My money goes to the Firearms Policy Coalition, Gun Owners of America, and the Second Amendment Foundation, all of which have done more in the courts that the NRA.

        I am also a member of the USCCA, you know, the concealed carry insurance organization that got thrown out of the NRA Annual Meeting for competing with the NRA Carry Guard insurance. I was already a USCCA member when that happened and that was the last time I attended the NRA Annual Meeting and spent any money on the NRA.

        As long as the NRA is fighting me and nor for me, I won’t spent a dime on them.

    8. I agree that financial accountability needs to be transparent to its members and we should have a say more often. The real problems sliding under the radar is “states rights”, “police state” and the “deep state neo con” manuavers going on. While everyone is focusing on the general bickering in D.C. over our fundamental second amendment rights that should be settled and technically is, the control advocates that are making money to go after our constitution rights should no longer be allowed to continue to stir the pot, something has to be locked down there politically once and for all and then we can see what’s going on in the local level to protect individuals in leftist states who are quietly being greases for gun seizures. Examples; Have you noticed how these new mental health issues are being pushed, so I can just phone in old “Bob” down the road who is a proud second amendment supporter who plinks at the range or on his property on weekends and say “Yeah, I over heard Bob say this or that, etc.” then Bob is red flagged and the next thing you know guess who’s knocking on Bob’s door or they have him under surveillance, etc? That’s right, some young local inexperienced or experienced local law enforcement agency and Bob notices that he’s been targeted or “monitored”, as the word they like to use now or say. Or Bob loses his wife of many years and he’s grieving and takes some grief counseling suggested by his church or doctor, etc. Bob is now red flagged and the local state laws are in such away that they show up and demand his guns.
      It’s just like the hospitals and clinics going after our children by asking them if there are any guns in your home? After they ask the parent to step out of the exam room. I personally witnessed this happen. Unbelievable!
      We need to get back to work at what they are trying to slide under the table while all this media hysteria and internal crap is going on ASAP.
      As far as people speaking for the NRA GOA etc? No one is perfect and I don’t have any issues with Dana L. either. She has been through hell with threats and moving around to work and I would probably get pissed occasionally with people threatening and attacking me every day too, so let’s cut her a little slack. Where’s Sara Palin been lately?
      One new person that should be considered for all things second amendment is the very smart former congress woman and new first woman governor of South Dakota “Kristi Noem”, she is a solid second amendment supporter and hunting enthusiast in a rural state that also is a conservationist for protecting and preserving game for future hunters, as this is a big draw in her state and her family tradition.
      I’ve listened to her speak several times and am impressed.
      We need more stripped down no nonsense home grown fundamental people in leadership roles for us all the time. Also, did you hear that there is a bill circulating around to return both S.D. and N.D. back to the original composed union called the “Dakota Territory’s”?
      Currently, I think this may be a good idea. “Hang’em High”
      One big state again, as the citizens are few and far between and both states have Indian tribal lands that cross over state lines and other states as well, S.D. has an Air Force base near Mount Rushmore and N.D. has been dealing with an overwhelming crime wave because of the attraction of jobs and people to the oil companies Keystone pipeline, so these two states are going to play larger roles in the future I believe and where better than to keep the old west alive than in those historically rich states and the tribes have much to offer.
      Former governor and now Senator “Mike Rounds” of S.D. has a rich western gun advocate family and even has donated a family heirloom to the states firearm archive that has been aired on PBSTV with his interview, etc. Another outspoken solid “constitutionalist” is Pastor “Chuck Baldwin” of Kalispell, WY who is fighting battles for all of us in his state and online sharing of information. While looking forwards, let’s watch what’s being laced or grafted into new local and state laws under the “States Rights Banner” and mental health help, etc.
      Let’s bring in new old blood, so to speak and build foundations in states with staunch political proven leaders that will corner and exterminate those who want to ruin and pervert our carefully worded constitutional rights. United we stand – Divided we fall
      Thank You Brethren

    9. I have been hearing about huge NRA executives salaries but have yet to see any numbers quoted. Are these salaries a matter of public knowledge? I’d really like to see how much LaPierre and Cox make. Real numbers, not opinions.

      1. The NRA’s 990 tax forms with the executive salaries are a matter of public record: https://projects.propublica.org/nonprofits/organizations/530116130

        In 2016 alone, Wayne LaPierre made $1,422,339, Chris Cox made $997,431, Marion Hammer made $206,000, and Ackerman McQueen Inc. got $21,356,593. In 2015, Wayne LaPierre made $5,110,985, Chris Cox made $1,450,842, Marion Hammer made $172,000, and Ackerman McQueen Inc. got $13,807,643. … and so on and so on and so on …

        Compare those to the meager numbers of the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund, which actually does support lawsuits: https://projects.propublica.org/nonprofits/organizations/521136665

      1. I am not sure if he would not scare away even more gun owners, given his law and order attitude and the recent issues of the NRA of not backing lawful gun owners that got shot by police officers.

        It also looks like Sheriff David Clarke went on a six-day trip to Russia in 2015 funded with $6,000 by Maria Butina. I don’t count that as a clean start.

      2. Though I like the good sheriff, he comes with a bit of baggage. I don’t think he’d make a good fit at the top.

        Someone in an earlier comment had a good suggestion. Trey Gowdy. I can’t think of a more principled 2nd Amendment advocate than Mr. Gowdy.

    10. Oldmarine >>> Commenters
      I have found at least 8 different opinions and a few
      personal insults on this subject. Many have an interesting
      outlook but all of them forget where all the Anti-Constitutional
      BS comes from. Where ? you say, well follow it back to the very
      source and you will find it comes from Politicians pushing
      their own power hungry agendas. Every one of them has acted as
      a traitor to this country with acts of Perjury of their “Oath of
      Office” and fraudulent acts against the people.

      “Government by the people for the people” is not up held by us
      anymore so we can blame ourselves for it getting to this stage.
      To correct this situation Citizen organizations, as mentioned in
      the comments, need to bring attention to the fact that actual
      traitors to the Constitution are getting their way by getting us to
      argue among ourselves and confuse us as to the real problem.
      Greedy politicians and downright enemies of true freedom try to
      set us up as dumbies. The powers to be that violate their Oaths of
      Office are in fact committing criminal acts against all of us.

      They stop all of these charges and keeping us going in circles so that we
      won’t notice what they just did “For Citizens”, We need good Constitutional
      Lawyers and to place charges of “Perjury under Oath” along with the `other
      charges associated of which here are many. There are existing Federal
      Laws and State laws against such politicians breaking their Oath and traitors
      acts against Constitution, that need to be enforced by us ‘ THE PEOPLE”.

      The answer to this situation is Citizens and Organizations charging the
      traitors with their crimes. This will not only put them in prison but also
      embarrass the organizations they support. The two things that will turn
      the tables is “Follow the Money and Criminal Charges.” Placing charges
      cost no money but you must have positive prof. Easily done with politicians
      have because of their big mouths and video coverage. Start at the local
      level insuring that the politicians are faithful to their Oaths.
      Sometimes its a hard road to stand up for to freedom., but this is the Land
      of The Brave ! “OOHRAH”

    11. I am a Life member and been an active supporter for many years.
      There is some very disconcerting truth to this article.
      For starters the Wall Street Journal published an Article Dec.1-2 issue stating the NRA mis-managed it funds and favored insiders with huge payments.
      To date there has been no published rebuttal by the NRA to my knowledge.
      With all the advertising and PR fees that are paid out no ongoing attempt to rebut this or put a different spin on it has been done.
      I know most of the hard working membership does not read the WSJ but this article is a must read for every member and it can be found on the internet.

      It will make you think twice before you send in your next $20.00 donation answering a call to action.

    12. There are NO common sense gun laws….only the loss of gun rights. To cave in on anything is too give up rights to which we are entitled too. It is my belief that as long as we hold on to our guns, and that means to not surrender them up to any law passed saying that this gun is now illegal or that attachment is no longer legal to own. The Second amendment is the reason why we are still a free people. If the only way we can protect and keep the second amendment is to fight for it, and when i say fight for it that is exactally what i mean.. then you will know for sure why the 2nd amendment was put into the constitution.

      1. We’re a free people?SERIOUSLY? Taxing our very labor is the definition of SLAVERY. The use of fiat currency for all of our needs, with no recourse is SLAVERY. Paying rent (ie property taxes) on our own homes ever year even if we pay off the mortgage is the definition of SLAVERY. Being forced at gun point to buy health insurance is the definition of SLAVERY. Are you living in the USA or some other country? We are nothing but pissed off armed slaves which is why the slave masters want us disarmed. They issue us serial numbers at birth now and follow our every move. Oh, I mean “social security numbers”. Yeah, we’re free and pigs fly.

        1. Agreed. It’s that common delusion that “we are the good ole USA – we are free and brave…” Nonsense. Nothing more than delusional propaganda. We are being held down in a choke hold and we are losing consciousness quickly. If we go out, we are done. For good. Done.

    13. We need a new spokesperson. Dana Loesch comes across as a mean angry woman who is not doing us any favors.

      1. Boy, do I agree. I wonder how she got to be a spokesperson for me much less 5 million NRA members. First she was not there, and then she was. Like magic! Or like something else.

    14. “NRA executive staff, are taking home exorbitant paychecks of a half-million to almost a million-and-a-half dollars a year,” If this is true (and I do not doubt it) The board needs to step in to cut the pay (I have NEVER gotten that much) or start making heads roll. Looks like they would rather sit back and draw a pay check and do nothing much to help.SMH

      1. The way I understand the structure of the NRA, the NRA Board of Directors actually has to approve those salaries. Also, the members of the NRA Board of Directors do not automatically get a paycheck. The NRA’s 990 tax forms with the executive salaries are a matter of public record: https://projects.propublica.org/nonprofits/organizations/530116130. Look under Part VII.

        In 2016 alone, Wayne LaPierre made $1,422,339, Chris Cox made $997,431, Marion Hammer made $206,000, and Ackerman McQueen Inc. got $21,356,593. In 2015, Wayne LaPierre made $5,110,985, Chris Cox made $1,450,842, Marion Hammer made $172,000, and Ackerman McQueen Inc. got $13,807,643. … and so on and so on and so on … Most members of the NRA Board of Directors get nothing.

        Compare those to the meager numbers of the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund, which actually does support lawsuits: https://projects.propublica.org/nonprofits/organizations/521136665

      2. Look at the list above. Influential members of the board – like Marion Hammer – are also receiving huge salaries. Board members should not be paid by the organization they’re supposed to be governing.

        Some of the “executives” not only get huge salaries but get huge housing allowances. Change is needed.

    15. Someone asked if the N.R.A. has done anything about the NYS safe act.? Better ask yourself, has ANY of the pro -gun groups , except the NYSRPA, done anything to help your answer would be NOT MUCH. HAY AMMOLAND NEWS This is true , NO HELP.

    16. Someone asked if the N.R.A. has done anything about the NYS safe act.? Better ask yourself, has ANY of the pro -gun groups , except the NYSRPA, done anything to help your answer would be NOT MUCH.

    17. The facts stated in the article were clear and precise, regardless of how people want to spin them. You may not like the author, but you cannot argue against the truth.

    18. I am a Life Member of the NRA. I WAS a certified Firearms Instructor for over three decades, but when the NRA changed the training programs to online study and direct payment, this action put many instructors out of business. I refuse to have a student who has taken the course inline without being observed and constantly evacuated by the instructor. There is no way to assess who took the online course, and the student may continue his unsafe gun-handling practices, inasmuch as he may continue his activity uncorrected.

      I refused to renew my instructor certification in 2018. I plan to resign as a recruiter. Moreover, knowing what I know now, I would not have purchased a life membership in the early Nineties.

    19. There are obvious and blatant defects in the NRA, without doubt. Capitulation to anti-gunners; squandering precious financial resources: supporting bump stock bans and “Red Flag” legislation, among other issues. Even so, there is no organization that exists, or has ever existed, that carries the collective clout and political influence of the NRA. With 5+ million members; 147 years of experience defending gun rights and gun owners; an on-demand media network presence (NRA TV); high-profile personalities like Col. Oliver North out in front of the organization, only the NRA is positioned to fend off the anti-gun liberal left, and the coffers of Soros; Bloomberg; Steyer; and the corporate traitors who have thrown in with them (Yeti; Levi Strauss; Dick’s Sporting Goods; Tom’s Shoes, etc.). “Burning the NRA to the ground” would leave a vacuum that cannot be filled by any other pro-2A group, and would remove the one lobby group that the left actually fears. Cleaning house is in order, starting with WLaP and the executive board. Accountability and fiscal responsibility should be restored by a board and chair with integrity and inscrutable character. Throwing out the baby with the dirty bath water is exactly what the left would love to see. It’s time for change, but let’s save the talk of revolution for when we need to answer the pounding at our collective front doors.

      1. sick_of_the_lies

        The NRA was not a civil rights organization until the coup of ’77 with Neal Knox. Prior to that the NRA supported the 1968 Gun Control Act, the 1934 National Firearms Act, and numerous state level laws. It was primarily a sports shooting organization.

      2. There are other more “grassroots” organizations out there such as Second Amendment Foundation and it’s sister organization CCRKBA (Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms). GOA (Gun Owners of America) is also one. Look into local and state organizations as well. I am also a NRA member and have always had concerns over some of their policies and actions. As gun owners we need to stay together with common goals to put an end to the liberal BS that is coming.

      3. Out of curiosity, how do you know that the NRA has 5+ million members? There has been no reliable reporting on that by the NRA. There was once a news article stating that 40 million people associate themselves with the NRA. What does that even mean? In contrast, how many members that stopped paying dues is the NRA still counting as members?

        Col. Oliver North certainly knows something about running guns. His appointment was made to appeal to a small segment of society that is still willing to donate to the NRA. Do you think Col. Oliver North appeals to the young, black or hispanic gun owner living in inner cities?

        Right, the NRA is all about discounts! Who cares about their cave in on bump stocks and on red flag laws. We need Yeti cooler discounts! LOL. By the way, only 13 people used the NRA Delta Airlines discount, ever!

        The NRA is being completely abandoned by actual gun rights supporters, only because the NRA turned its back on them. The NRA spends only 10% of its revenue on lobbying and less than 1% on lawsuits. The NRA continues to cave in on gun control, The NRA continues to make decisions that don’t make much sense. The NRA cronies continue to enrich themselves.

        The NRA has refused to reform for years. The writing is on the wall. Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox need to leave to start reforming the NRA. The Board of Directors itself still seems to be unwilling to take the necessary steps. Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox still seem to be unwilling to leave voluntarily.

        This article is about what’s next. Who can succeed Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox and repair the damage the fantastic duo has done? How can we save the NRA from continuing to commit suicide? The only immediate impact of a change in leadership is actually the public political image of the NRA and lobbying. The rest of the NRA’s business is already completely broken and needs to be repaired or should be abandoned.

    20. I`ve been a proud NRA member since `75 (Life since `78). I`ve seen a lot of changes over the years, and I believe the NRA needs a re-do. Crazy salaries, too many stupid sweepstakes, mailings, high priced stuff in their catalog, etc. I don`t even read 90% of the stuff they send me anymore. Just chuck it in the burn barrel-all they do is ask for money. I`ve upgraded my Life Membership twice, but don`t donate very much anymore. Can`t afford what they want. I do belong to the GOA, and will probably join the Buckeye Firearms Association. They keep me updated on gun legislation more than the NRA does. Seem to fight harder too. NRA needs to get back to fighting for our rights as the number 1 priority. IMO, they`ve really let the Competition part of the Organization go to crap too. I`m afraid we have a “Establishment NRA” in the swamp now.

    21. I would like to suggest sheriff David Clark for the position of C.E.O. of the N.R.A.,if he be in agreement. A man of great integrity, willing to do what is necessary to preserve Liberty in this great nation.

    22. Don’t argue.This ain’t no English class.United we stand…you know the rest of that. And you know what they say about opinions.Fact-go by GOD’S law,beware of man’s law. Check out the Ten Comandments.Go by them and all will be OK. The Bill of Rights is not a bill of needs or opinions. Storm Cloud said this,it’s my Right.

      1. @ Donbmcd

        Seriously it’s about the ills over time and correcting them of the NRA ,not a company,product or person.

      2. @donbmcd

        So the payments to the PR company don’t bother you ?? As well as the other issues ??
        Either your a anti-gun troll or stupid, the NRA needs to change and they need to do so a few years ago.

      3. Donbmcd: Nothing I enjoy more than calling out a phony commenter and “Donbmcb” you are one. You toss out that accusation against Jeff, whom I’ve known since he was a kid, with nothing to back it up, no further comments or facts. Jeff has worked tirelessly in the RKBA community, fighting for Second Amendment Rights his entire life for next to nothing. That’s all he does. What have you done except be a keyboard warrior with a big mouth?

        Every FACT Jeff presented is exactly that, fact, and there is so much more it would fill volumes. Jeff, his brother Chris and I have spent hours trying to figure out how to get across to gun owners that NRA doesn’t need to be destroyed, it simply needs to have gun owners wake the hell up and take charge again, something they appear to be completely happy not to do. If that truly is the case keep right on paying Wayne’s and everyone else’s salary, keep right on paying Ack-Mac to send YOU requests for even more money. You’ll get exactly what you deserve in an semi-gun Rights organization and anti-gun legislation.

    23. Question: has the NRA done ANYTHING to challenge/change New York’s “SAFE” Act?? Which was FORCED in the middle of one night??

    24. Jeff Knox opposes Open Carry. In July of 2011, he attacked me and my lawsuit to overturn California’s Open Carry ban. We do not need to replace Wayne LaPierre, who has been funding lawsuits against Open Carry since at least April of 2010 (Peruta v. San Diego) with someone who likewise opposes Open Carry.

      1. I usually try to avoid participating in the Comment section, reserving this area for our readers, but Charles has made assertions that I can’t leave unchallenged.
        I strongly support Open Carry, and personally practice it on a frequent basis. For many years, it was the only form of carry legally available to us in Arizona and for several years it was my daily practice.
        I did not attack Charles or his lawsuit. I, along with attorneys I consulted, found the lawsuit lacking, and considered it to be dangerously risky. Bad lawsuits result in bad precedents, and bad precedents make winning good lawsuits more difficult. I do not support bad (unwinnable) lawsuits.
        Charles is correct that we do not need to replace LaPierre with someone who opposes Open Carry, and I made no suggestion that we should. (I disagree with the characterization that support for Peruta is tantamount to opposing Open Carry. That’s like saying support for repealing the ’94 AW ban was tantamount to supporting the ’86 MG ban.)
        We need someone at the helm of NRA who is a Second Amendment absolutist, and who has the knowledge, skills, and experience to cut through the BS and cronyism at NRA and get it back on the right track.
        Still looking for suggestions. Allen West is the only name I’ve seen proposed so far. Others?

        1. You criticized Charle’s lawsuit before he filed it. You would fit right in with the current Nra leadership.

          1. After Charles sent me his filing documents and briefs to review, and spent hours on the phone explaining the case to me, I suggested that I, and several very good attorneys that I trust, and who also reviewed the documents, felt that the lawsuit was overambitious and not well structured,. I tried to convince Charles not to file it, because I felt it was not winnable, and could result in a bad precedent. I then reported that conclusion in a column, again urging him not to file the case. But Charles is convinced that he understands the law and the courts better than Dave Hardy, Steve Halbrook, and Alan Gura.
            If you look at the successful approach of Gura and the Second Amendment Foundation, you will see that they are taking very small bites, carefully building a foundation of legal precedents that will eventually make it very difficult for courts to rule against broader, more significant cases – not trying to win the whole argument with a single case. That’s how you restore the true meaning of the Second Amendment and our rights, one brick at a time, just as they were lost. Just because you might be right about something, doesn’t mean you are going to win in court. Just look at the conclusions of 4 of our Supreme Court Justices in the Heller decision. Had that case tried to swing a loop that was just a little wider than the right to have a functional handgun in your home for self defense, Kennedy or Roberts would probably have found excuses to vote the other way, and we’d be in much worse shape today.
            This article is about specific problems at NRA, not about whether I was right or wrong in counseling against a lawsuit several years ago. I have no greater stake in the outcome of the NRA troubles than any of you do. I am a committed gun owner, NRA member, competitive shooter, and activist, who wants to see NRA as strong and effective as possible, and would love to be able to win this fight once and for all, retire from the gun rights war, get a regular job that pays well and ends at 5:00, and spend my free time shooting with my grandsons, rather than endlessly arguing with people on my side who insist on making my 14-hour a day job more difficult.
            I am not a candidate for Wayne or Chris’s job. I have no interest in moving back to DC, after finally getting away from that swamp several years ago, and I certainly don’t have the managerial experience to run a multi-million-dollar corporation. I do have enough experience to know that the CEO of that non-profit corporation should not be paid 1.5 million dollars a year, while begging for more $20 contributions from hard-working gun owners. And by the way, digging deeper on the NRA’s 990, I find that the reported $20 million to Ackerman McQueen on the front of the form, was actually a subterfuge. Deep down in the form it explains that Ack-Mac actually received twice that much, over $40 million, and that doesn’t include payments to some of their subsidiaries and related businesses – including the NRA’s new attorney down in Texas, who by sheer coincidence happens to be Angus McQueen’s son-in-law.
            While I’m here, I’ll also offer up a disclaimer. My business also relies on $20 contributions from hard-working gun owners, though it is also subsidized by money I earn writing and working in other areas – like the years I spent repairing guns for the Army, while still running The Coalition. I’ve been running The Firearms Coalition for almost 15 years, after Dad ran it for 20, and it really is somewhat frustrating when almost every article I post ends up with someone in the comments encouraging readers to defend gun rights by making donations to GOA and SAF. How about a little credit to the guy motivating that thought?
            So yeah, I do try and occasionally slip a shameless plug in for donations to The Firearms Coalition, which operates on an annual budget that is less than one month of Wayne LaPierres current salary.
            Yours for the Second Amendment — Jeff

            1. Jeff Knox, you are a liar. I am not stating an opinion, that is a statement of fact. So sue me. You will, of course, be required to produce the documents/emails you claim I sent to you as well as your phone logs as to when I spoke with you and your notes of the conversation. But since I never spoke with you on the phone and I never sent you any documents, you won’t be able to produce them but it will prove you to be the liar that you are. You condemned my lawsuit months before I had written my Complaint. I still have the email from your brother Chris in which he Cc’d you on Saturday, Jul 23, 2011, at 12:49 PM.

              See you in court, liar.

          2. Jeff Knox is a liar. He can, of course now sue me and I, of course, can prove he is a liar whereas he cannot prove that he is telling the truth.

        2. Jeff, not knowing the specifics of this case, I’m a bit hesitant to comment, but believe it’s warranted. As you stated you support “Open Carry,” as we all should. In fact, it’s sewn directly into the spirit of the 2nd Amendment. Anything past that we are asking for Permission (Permitting), and that is why we fight those cases. I certainly understand how bad precedence can affect further cases, but right now Gottlieb is winning Unwinnable cases.

          People are adapting a “not one more step back” mentality, as they should. What they believe they were paying for is an advocacy that embodied that same outlook. What may be of consideration here; If the NRA and the other organizations don’t fight tooth and nail in the courts, the people are going to fight tooth and nail on the streets. It may be closer than we think. When you balance those 2 things on the scales of life choices, the courts really is the best choice. Possibly reconsider, or approach case from different angle?

          1. Jeff Knox is a liar. He can, of course now sue me and I, of course, can prove he is a liar whereas he cannot prove that he is telling the truth.

    25. I believe that back when OUR Constitution was written the the muskets of that time would have been consider a “assault weapon”. Everything has changed since that time, however; we are (or should be) a free nation BECAUSE of our founding fathers, of THAT TIME, recognized the need of the CITIZENS of this great country to be able to not only defend themselves but also defend OUR nation & OUR way of life.
      Oh, AND, while I’m thinking about it – if you don’t like living here, in the U.S.A., under OUR Christian based laws – PLEASE, feel FREE to leave & go back to wherever it is you came from. Heck, one more comment. Other than the AMERICAN INDIANS everyone that is a US citizen & living here, is a decedent of a of a family that legally came in to this country to make a better living for their families. There is no “African American”, “Mexican American”, “Asian American”, etc., etc. We’re all Americans of some “ethnic family origin”. I happen to be an American of (basically) German/Russian ancestors.
      OK, I’m finished – for now anyways.

      1. Just saying as an American your duty is to be disobedient and understand that laws can’t scorn your right nor anyone else’s to. E free. The place were at in the American political landscape an be likened to taxation without representation (taxation ofcourse unless voluntary is theft) and instead of backing the thin red (blue) line back then we shot those who would uphold oppressive mandates and laws.

        1. Mike: I watch a lot of James Freemans audits and I would suggest that the “thin blue liners” take heed to words like yours. I agree with you. Try reading “First Freedom” by David Harsanyi.

    26. When Gov Malloy and Democrats pushed their “Assault Rifle” ban here in Connecticut, the NRA was conspicuously ABSENT. No help at all. They didn;t even send a representative from HQ to the large rallies we held at Hartford. The poor local lady who was “NRA State Rep” was left to flounder alone. It was CCDL, a grassroots state group, that led the opposition as best we could. NRA lost support and respect from CT that year. If not for requirements for co-NRA membership in local range clubs, they would have no one. Yes, it indeed is past time for a major change.at NRA HQ.

        1. That’s probably who AGP was talking about when he said “The poor local lady who was “NRA State Rep” was left to flounder alone.”

    27. NRA is strangely silent on the bump stock ban. I am very disappointed with the infringement and my NRA being silent on it.

      1. They said all they needed to say when they put the bug in Trump’s ear about opposing bump stocks. The article mentioned how influential the NRA is about our rights. If this is the influence they push, I don’t want any part of them.

        1. Unfortunately, I believe they have been infiltrated with Communists that are trying to suck it dry and tender it useless. That’s how Communists (Democrats) work. I’m done with them. Voting is useless as they rig the system to put in who they want. Sound familiar???

    28. I pay over 200 a week in federal taxes, do I wonder where it goes? Compare that to my $25 a year ?, name me a business that doesn’t make a profit ? And I will put my calendar out and show you what day it folds And the NRA has been Under New Management for a while, Oliver North is the president now, oh and by the way, this is fake news, we’re doing just fine and there are plenty of Democrats backing the NRA also.

      1. @ Steve T Lynch

        “the NRA has been Under New Management for a while, Oliver North is the president now”

        The NRA presidency is a honorary title ,the president has no real control of the organization,that falls to the 1 st. executive vice presidents position,currently held by Wayne “chamberlin” La Pierre .

      2. It’s quite obvious that you dont know jack about the NRA, makes it doubtful you have ever been a member and possibly a anti-gun troll.

      3. Col. Oliver North is a figurehead for fund raising. The President of the NRA has no powers. The past President, Pete Brownell, found that out the hard way and left that job disgusted after serving only one out of his two year term.

        The NRA executive salaries are a matter of public record (https://projects.propublica.org/nonprofits/organizations/530116130). Wayne LaPierre, the Chief Executive of this NONPROFIT organization, usually makes over $1,000,000 a year and has made over $5,000,000 in 2015.

        No one here will prevent you from donating to the NRA, but know this, the NRA spends about 10% of its revenue on lobbying and less than 1% on lawsuits. 89% of your donations go to something else, including executive salaries and cronies, like Ackerman McQueen.

    29. All you gun boys do is whine everything changes, when they wrote the second amendment they were shotting ball and powder, now you have 10 to 100 round magazines. Guns that shoot rounds per second, not rounds per minutes if they were lucky.

      1. By that logic we should do away with the 1st amendment too since so much has changed with our ability to communicate.

      2. Your statement is factually inaccurate. I urge you to look into the technology of the day, instead of believing what you’re told by people who don’t care if they directly lie to you, if it means you’ll support their agenda. Research, research, research. It’s not a suggestion, it’s a civic requirement if you’re going to engage in a discussion where you’re advocating for your own rights, protected explicitly by the Bill of Rights, to be curtailed or even removed. Despite the rhetoric you hear on TV, this isn’t just another political wedge issue. This is actually important. Please, research.

      3. And what’s your point ??
        They did not have electronics back then either, so should we regress back 200 plus years with your stupidity ??

        1. Rick, in certain circumstances, they do use leeches, and even maggots, and I am not talking about Leftist politicians, but “modern” medicine.

          @Todd, muskets actually could be fired at about 3 rounds per minute, and there were other technologies, that could fire more, examples being multi-ball sequential firing out one musket barrel, multiple barrels, and the famous Girandoni air rifle that had a tube magazine that held 22 .46 caliber lead balls, with muzzle energy comparable to the musket. Lewis and Clark attributed their safety on their famous expedition to demonstrating it to every Indian tribe they met. It was also used for several decades by the Austrian military.

      4. Todd J Lang, write that down on parchment paper with quill and ink and send that to us via man on horse.

      5. Todd J Lang, your post is about to get deleted and you will get charged with a federal felony, facing a 10-year jail time, as you violated federal guidelines on Internet speech. You see, the Internet wasn’t around when the 1st Amendment was written, so the government can and will censor your Internet content and incarcerate you for violating its arbitrary Internet speech rules. Nobody needs the Internet anyway. We all survived without it before it even existed.

      1. Perhaps if the NRA hadn’t gotten caught moving $40 million with a Russian spy you wouldn’t be whining about investigations?
        The bias in your ‘reporting’ shows as clearly as the motivation for such

        1. @ John D Otto

          My problem with the NRA as a member has nothing to do with that subject but rather their historical betrayal of Americans/members rights since 1934. Continuing to today,perhaps this time line of infringements acceptable to the NRA will cause thought of whether there should be change to protect Americans/member natural 2 A right or continue capitulating them away one by one.

          1791: The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is ratified.
          The amendment reads:

          “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state,
          the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

          After That
          1871: The National Rifle Association was formed by Union Army veterans Col. William C. Church
          and Gen. George Wingate.

          After that, they start going the other way

          1934:  http://www.atf.gov/pub/fire-explo_pub/nfa.htm

          1939 http://www.atf.gov/pub/fire-explo_pub/gca.htm

          1968: http://www.atf.gov/pub/fire-explo_pub/gca.htm

          1986:  http://www.constitution.org/2ll/2ndschol/46hard.pdf

          1993 https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/5087/text

          1994 https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/5087/text

          2018 Bump Stock Ban

          What is a inalienable individual right and what is a privilege?
          What does “shall not be infringed” plainly mean?
          Does the NRA support the unalienable individual right of the individual to keep and bear arms that shall not be infringed by government or does the NRA support government privileges?

          1. Since you mentioned those two Civil War veterans, what was the original stated purpose of the NRA?

            1. Daniel, they formed the NRA to train civilian marksmanship and firearm safety, due to the poor shooting skills of Union soldiers.

        2. They weren’t caught “moving $40 million with a Russian spy”, take your Mueller Comey BS and BIOYA.

    30. Rather beyond time for change,if Negotiating Rights Away’s true goal is protecting Americans/members second amendment natural rights from infringements.

    31. I remember back in the early-mid 90s, CNN, C-span, and other 24 hour news agencies were propagating. Wayne was at the forefront of Congressional Hearings on Gun Rights. One day he was testifying about “Assault Weapons Bans.” During that testimony, Schumer held up an AR in Congress (breaking the law), and Biden was losing the Narrative until after Wayne’s first half of testimony they had a break.

      Upon coming back from the break, before Wayne could continue, Biden called Wayne out with, “during the break we have it from someone that said, you said, I’m going to get that guy.” Did you say that Mr. Pierre?” Poor ole Wayne was God smacked. What little he was able to collect himself, he asked, “If someone would like to come forward and express what they believe they heard, I will give up some time.” Well, as you imagine Biden wasn’t bringing someone up there because it probably didn’t happen. Think about this whole “Russian Collusion” thing that has bowed the President into a situation which he has to be tough on the Russians, rather than work with them, as he promised. Believe this, when the Progressives are back in charge they will wash themselves of the whole thing and be courting the Russians, as if it never happened. Politics are dirty, and it changed the direction of the NRA, as evidenced by the Ex Post Facto nature of the Domestic Violence Amendments to the 1968 GCA. However, we can look back to 1934, where the NRA capitulated, and some others along the way.

      Having said this, the NRA is ripe for a hostile takeover by a “Community Organizer” (pretender) who starts out as if they would uphold our rights, but soon sells us down the road. JMR may be correct, it may be time to burn it to the ground. If we do, we must build the new training, advocacy, legal, and insurance programs that the NRA provides. I tend to support the SAF and GOA, because in my opinion, we have been in a defensive posture for some time. Point is, “We the People” should not have let it get this far. There is evidence in NJ, Boulder, and right here in the Tri-Cities WA that people may not take one more step back. There are others if you consider those counties in Oregon like Coos.

      Some of our local dealers are refusing to uphold the age limit for selling a Semi-Automatic, which the State has attempted to create a definition for, “Assault Style Rifle.” That reminds me of the 1968 GCA where they defined what our Rights were GRANTED by the Government for. Our Rights are not Privileges, they are RIGHTS, and in this case “Shall not be Infringed.” It’s high time we make OUR ELECTED SERVANTS aware of this fact. It starts by ignoring all Unconstitutional Gun Laws currently on the books.

      As to Jeff’s question, “Who.” It’s more than one person, and we better damn well make sure their hearts are pure “Freedom.”

      1. Bingo…we have a winner. Your comments are spot on. The massive mind meld injected into society by Gun Grabbers has been a huge success, Case in point. In WA State, after repeated attempts to destroy the 2nd by the so called “local elected representatives”, starting back in 2013, and then 3 years later when WA. Open Carry (Armed Patriots) went to the Olympia the State Capitol in 2016, serving a cease and desist demand to politicians “To Back Off” of the Gun Grab. That granted Gun Owners a temporary reprieve from the madness. So what did these Gun Grabbing Progressive Vipers do next? THEY NEVER STOP. Keep reading……

        They simply changed tactics. They now employ “out of town paid signature collectors” from New York, to foster public support for “Voter Approved Ballot Initiatives” as their effort to strip the 2nd Amendment at the State Level.. That is right. They were paid for each signature they collect. They then gave these signatures to a Corrupted and paid for Secretary of State, working with a Judge in Thurston County. Then they added in the Smart Phone technology, knowing that American Voters have diminished attention spans and will give a thumbs up, forgoing all “Critical Thinking Skills” and there you have it. Thumbs up and a Dopamine rush to the brain. Success at the Gun Grabbers demand. People in WA State VOTED their 2nd Amendment Rights away in November of 2017. This is a Fact. These are well documented facts. Provable for anyone to see whom is awake.

        The NRA was very late to the Party. They rallied their supporters to man phone banks etc. Whom were they calling? Their own Paid Members. What? Wrong target audience. Too late to the party and after the fact. Red Flag Laws have created more problems in WA State than one can imagine. In WA State, if one treys to Open Carry in one of these three Counties (King County-Seattle, Pierce County-Tacoma, and Snohomish County-Everett) one risks having some Frightened Snowflake Call in a See Something Say Something campaign. Open Carry in Western WA of Puget Sound. and you risk getting swept up into the Fake Justice System.

        Now go travel to Eastern WA. over the Cascade Range in the same State of WA., and you will discover a whole new world where the 2nd is not only cherished, and upheld, it is protected by Elected Politicians. This is the Great Divide. Mob Rule of the Beehive mentality type has taken over from inside Western WA. I am 60 years old and I never thought I would see the day when uneducated Voters would in all actuality, VOTE their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AWAY. Amazing yet very troubling.

        Hello Mr. Oliver North-Veteran. Remember 1986 and Iran and Arms Deals? I certainly do remember it. Can anyone say “FAILURE”?
        …….and BTW, to all the haters, I am a Veteran, paid in full Life Member of the former NRA and GOA….waiting for real change. So in the mean time, keep your Rifle clean and well lubricated, and your Brain Box on a swivel

        1. Great comment Mr. W…Here’s one everyone forgot; in the 90s, one of the very first Bills put to Referendum, was the Car Tabs/ Tax flat charge Bill. Gregoire was instrumental in fabricating this interesting piece of legislature.

          If we would have voted to keep the habitual dithering yearly Tax on car values, then there would have been no change in gun laws. However, in the Flat Tax option there was a Dept. of Licensing Handgun Registry created. Amazingly, if you ask someone that recently bought a Handgun, they probably don’t know their name is associated with it in this state. Progressives learn to lie to themselves first, everything after that is second nature.

    32. Glad to read something commonsense about the NRA for a change, rather than the poof pieces by that guy who looks like him and David Hogg could be best buds.

      I appreciate Mr Knox’s suggestions for replacing LaPierre, something that must be done, but am uneasy about putting a Deep State neocon warmonger like Mattis in there. I know good choices are out there, sonewhere.

      1. Fuck NRA we need GOA to take their spot. They have sold us out way too many times to be worthy of respect.

        1. GOA member numbers are to small to matter to politicians, we need to rehab the NRA mission and leadership.

          1. Merge the two organizations. I’m a member of both. I’m only a member of the NRA to belong to my gun range.
            GOA has the vision and the balls to get it done

    33. Burn the NRA to the ground and let the smoldering ashes remind other organizations what happens when they start pushing for gun control.

      1. Dum_ fucks like you would rather have us destroy the most powerful civil rights organization to ever exist. Go back to watching MSNBC and let us handle MAGA.

        1. They WERE the most powerful civil rights org ever. Now they’re sellouts. The facts hurt. Your loyalty is admirable, we’ll talk about it at your funeral.

        2. I would be careful what you call people when you seem to be unable to even spell it.

          It is a curious matter when someone who pushes for more freedom and calls out an organization for advocating for less freedom, is called the issue.

          You sure are making America great again with NRA backed Red Flag laws, Bumpstock Bans, and now BiPartisan universal background check laws.

          1. Time to start purging AmmoLand of all these “second amendment supporters” advocating for the destruction of the NRA. That makes you the enemy. You are just dead wrong and stupid if you think the GOA or SAF, as good a those orgs are, can replace the membership numbers of the NRA. Time to rehab the NRA, not destroy it and give antis what they dream of achieving.

            1. Ironically the NRA has given the antis everything.
              Without the NRA we’d will have automatics.

            2. The NRA ship has been topedoed, will she stay afloat? I think not, too many betrayals. Need new blood desperatley.
              Meaner, grittier playing offensively instead of defensively.

            3. Do you think those members, at least the ones who actually care, just go away?

              Can you not think as an individual? Or do you only care about what the NRA tells you to care about? You were probably excited they got a new overpriced cooler to sell you, while they called for red flag laws and did nothing to stop the bump stock ban.

              The NRA and the Republicans accomplished more Anti-Gun measures in 3 years then Obama did in 8. Hell under Obama we actually gained rights back, but put in the driver seat the NRA and Tepublicans failed to deliver.

              It is hillarious to see on one hand that the people who claim to be in the right (you and the NRA) always want to block or purge any dissenting voices. Really bodes well for protecting people’s freedoms.

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