Edicts Pushed by Opportunists have no Bearing on Shooting that Motivated Indiana Mom

Hoosier daddy, or in this case, nanny state? Indiana gun-grabbers pile up non-sequiturs to demand infringements against the “law-abiding” instead of addressing the violence “progressive” policies make inevitable.

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “Deandra Dycus’s 18-year-old son, Dre … was shot in the head by a stray bullet in 2014 where his friends were gathered for a birthday party,” RTV 6 Indianapolis “reported” Monday. “Now, Dycus lobbies for ‘gun-sense legislation,’ as she calls it, on behalf of her son.”

That meaningless term is not her neologism. It’s straight out of Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown and Moms Demand Action, and they’ve managed to turn it into a meme that garners hundreds of thousands of hits off of the Google algorithm. You’d think the “professional journalists” at RTV 6 would know that.

“Our kids should be able to go to birthday parties,” the report continues, quoting Dycus. “They should be able to go to school. They should be able to go to their friend’s house without the threat of having their lives shot and taken or shot and altered.”

So what kind of “common sense gun legislation” would make “gun sense” in this case?

The “report” leads off with “House Bill 1149 [which] would hold a person criminally responsible if a child gains access to their unsecured loaded firearm.”

Is that what happened here? With all the build-up, we can certainly be forgiven if we make that assumption.

But no. You have to do a bit of creative searching to find that “In 2014, someone fired gunshots into a home where friends gathered for a party.” Keep looking and we find:

“On Feb. 1, 2014, DeAndre attended a friend’s birthday party. The gathering, promoted on social media, drew a large crowd. At one point, a group of people were told to leave after instigating a tussle inside the house. Moments later, someone — no one was ever arrested — fired a gun into the house more than 20 times.”

What “common sense gun legislation” would prevent that, especially since multiple laws were already violated?

Evidently, edicts to deprive people who obey laws of due process are high on the list, although what bearing that has on the Dycus case is left unstated. That and “universal background checks.”

No doubt the reptile who fired indiscriminately into a house full of unsupervised “juveniles” would have thought twice had those been in effect. No?

And while it’s not listed as a bill currently under consideration, Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry wasn’t about to let an opportunity for publicity go to waste. As such, he showed off “a photo of an AK-47-style semi-automatic rifle in his presentation,” and made a point of letting everyone know it had been used to kill a police officer. He went on to blame current Indiana law for somehow allowing that.

What do we expect from a politician highlighting his “lifelong loyalty to the Democratic Party”? As such, he needs to blame the gun rather than or the cop-killer, who is suing the late officer’s estate. And best not to mention the cop-killer’s family, who say the officer wouldn’t have been shot if he’d only stayed in his car.

Better to blame guns, right, and to stump for new edicts that will only infringe upon the “law-abiding”?  Especially when Curry has a willing local media ready to regurgitate his every contention without question or examination…?

It’s a cinch if you have a “lifelong loyalty to the Democratic Party” and get your “news” from RTV 6, you’ll never have the alternative information to piece together a different picture than the one they're presenting. You’ll likely nod your head in agreement with each proposed new Intolerable Act endorsed by the only side you’re exposed to and say to yourself “That makes perfect gun sense!”

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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    1. My Dad never talked about WWII, and it wasn’t him that got me into firearms, it was a friend, my grandmother, and my mother that got me there. I took safety courses and training, got involved at school on a rifle team, think about that happening today, and I served in the US Army in Vietnam. I still have a big interest in guns and training, to respect them and safely handle them. With 2 sons I taught both all of the safety and how to shoot, now it is time for my sons to start their children into the fun of sport shooting, I have enjoyed hunting, my service, and sport shooting, if taught right all can have fun and safe time while enjoying times with your children and grandchildren. A family that shoots together stays together!!!!

    2. Dad educated me on what firearms can do.he shot a crow then he said if that were a human,he would be just as dead. Then he said NEVER NEVER point a gun at anything unless a valid reason is there.food,target shooting,tin cans.then he said dont ever let me hear you pointed a firearm at a human,your ass be sore a long time.WW II vet he was there at d day

      1. For me it was a redwing blackbird that Dad dusted off a fencepost with his bolt action 16 guage when I was about seven. We were coming from the swimming hole just north of Ft Randall Dam on the east side of the river. One second there was a bird and the next, just a bunch of feathers floating in the air. Made an impression on me and my siblings.

    3. It is not the weapon, be it a firearm, shovel, crowbar, vehicle, poison, bare hands, rope, etc etc etc, but the INDIVIDUAL who decides to harm another citizen.

      1. The late Col Jeff Cooper noted in 1959, “Killing is a matter of will not means. you cannot control the act by passing laws about the means.” But, then, these deaths are just fuel for the Leftys’ real agenda…a dis-armed America population. Same agenda in Germany pre-WWII with the Jews. How did that work out for their safety???

    4. They can try all they want but this is one of the least likely states for this to pass. Meanwhile also here in Indiana we’re working on a bill that would protect self defenders from civil suits.

    5. how about dhimmi-rat morality, self-control/discipline? where is it? fu & non-existing “inanimate object violence”

    6. Let’s not condemn the parents for allowing the party to be advertised over social media so bunch of people you don’t know show up I mean let’s not create a possible hostile environment from the beginning?

      1. Allowing the party to go on, and be publicised on the net, was only the step we saw along the road to trouble. Parents, by being permissive, raised those children to think such conduct is normal and acceotible. WHERE were the adults in the house when the physical altercation commenced? What parents would raise kids to thinsk such parties are just fine? I’ll wager alcohol was also involved, and possibly more illegal substances. Anyone want to check the records? And putting out an invite to anyone? What’ dintchoo put no sense inta that kid’s brain?

        I’ll lay high stakes at long odds whoever did the shooting was not yet 21 years of age.. which means he had a concealed loaded handgun in public illegally, and could NOT have lawfully purchased a handgun because he was underage, thus no background check law would have stopped him.. because he was of necesity buying off the books, no BGC required. If he was breaking the law buying a handgun underage, what makes anyone think he’d obey the law for a background check?

        These paul a tishuns are nuts, and Bloomies money is all over this like stink on brown stuff.

        WHO decided HE gets to be king, anyway? WHAT is he and his bux doing meddling in state politics everywhere? WHEN wil be get a set of common sense money control laws, anyway?

        1. The problem is, we DO NOT or, are NOT SUPPOSED TO make any laws that interrupt the FREEDOM and LIBERTY of WE, The People.

    7. As a retired Army Officer and Former NCO I began laughing when I read the ‘Prosecutors” Bio.. He graduates from a 4 year University but then spends 2 years as an enlisted man…

      Let me suggest what a little digging will more than likely will reveal.. The “Lifelong Democrat” Marion Country Prosecutor Enrolled in the ROTC program at his University and failed to complete the program. Barred from commission due to unsuitability..

      Like another Notable Democrat using the system to insure a draft deferment. Only in his case he had a Col (ROTC Detachment Commander) who held him to account. Until at least the 80 If one failed to complete the ROTC Program they were legally obligated to spend time as an enlisted to in part repay the costs involved in ROTC Training and Financial Support they received while attending the University.. further and as a deterrent from attempted manipulations of our system..

      Since Few would know this sort of inside Baseball he tries to make lemonade out of lemons by touting his 2 years time in Service..At Ft Polk Indiana.. To paraphrase General Patton… that clown Lifelong Democrat Prosecutor “shoveled shit in Indiana”

      1. I will pass the word off to http;//miilitaryphony.com and see if maybe they can shed a little light on the prosecutors background?

      2. I have posted this information through channels that are investigating deeper into this so far this is the update on our prosecuting attorney in South Bend Indiana. The FOIA request is going to take 3 to 6 weeks for the full results, however the sources have this little tidbit for right now:

        “Looking through “The Drift” – 1971 Butler Univ yearbook, Terry Curry does not seem to be in ROTC and his hair would say otherwise.”

        At this time I must urge ammoland to keep these comment open until we get the full results. And I want to encourage anybody that if you feel you have suspicions that someone is falsely presenting themselves as a military veteran of any type or claiming rank ribbons or awards that they did not earn by all means come forward with it turn it into http://MiitaryPhonys.com. Stolen Valor IS A HIGH CRIME!

    8. The USA desn’t have a “gun problem” but rather we have a CRIME/CRIMINAL PROBLEM.

      But the dems are not interested in stopping crime. They’re only interested in making anti gun laws that ONLY affect the law abiding.

      The time has come for this to STOP, and time has come to get tough on criminals and their illegal activities .

    9. It’s called getting votes from anyone that is willing to listen and is stupid enough to believe them

    10. It seems easier to condemn the tool than to condemn parents who leave child rearing to TV, movies, video games and social media, then are shocked to see they’ve allowed a little monster to form.

      Anti-social kids have existed forever. However, media that blames society instead of the perp hasn’t been that common until it became totally leftist.

    11. Democrats / Socialists / communists / liberals: Some of the best liars, cheats and thieves the country has to offer. MSM peddling BS as fast as possible.

    12. the best gun control you can have is teaching people the right way to use these tools. gun safety should be taught in schools. we had it way back and this stuff going on now did not happen. we also need to teach respect to all people growing up.

      1. My dad kept a rifle and shotgun on the back porch with ammo on the shelf above them .My brother and I were smart enough to know what we should and should not touch. It’s not a big stretch to raise good kids if parents act like parents and don’t try to be their best friend, something increasingly rare today.

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