Bernie Mayhem ~ VIDEO

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USA –-( Bernie Mayhem.

No matter what the haters and socialists throw at him President Trump keeps on coming back and winning. Are you sick of winning yet?

“It’s funny, sometimes American journalists talk about how bad a country is, that people are lining up for food. That is a good thing! In other countries people don’t line up for food: the rich get the food and the poor starve to death.” ~ Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)

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  • 13 thoughts on “Bernie Mayhem ~ VIDEO

    1. Bernie has been in congress for quite some time and if he couldn’t get any legislation passed as a senator why does he think he can as the president?
      I think the old boy is just nuts.

    2. Thrown out of a hippie commune in1971 because he was too lazy to work but he’s going to tell me how to live; fat chance. By the way, how’s the investigation into his wifes embezzlement from that Vermont college coming?

    3. The Burnmeister is a crack pot Communist,who has never held a productive private sector job but rather spent his time in Vermont living off the larges of Vermont tax payers and for all his effort is a millionaire.

    4. Another devisive video that portrays evil from both parties. Does nothing to solve our need to address the problems our country faces. Only to amuse the ignorant.

        1. Not so.Yes, the democRATS are a major problem, but the do-nothing, passive cowardly GOP are just as bad. After 2 years of “owning” both houses they failed Americans on all levels. They showed their true color during the Kavanah hearings and mid-term elections. Good nothing are both houses. – YELLOW
          Lindsey Graham bubbling over with anger at the Kavanah hearings & rebuking the democRats for seeking power, yet he’s going after our guns. ALL politicians cater to the electorate when it suits them but only in words. “By ye actions we shall know thee.”
          A sweeping of the house needs to happen but it will never occur through voting.

    5. … translation:
      Lay down America.. It’s a New Green Deal..
      We want your property, your liberty, your rights, and your guns..
      We want your business, your homes, your children, your money, and your worship..
      We will be your god, and you will be our subjects.

      You are all so much better off for it too, ..better off than the rest of the world.
      It’s a small sacrifice, but we will get through this together..(fingers crossed)

      We will provide you with free health care, ..of our choosing,
      You will get free food too… of our choosing.
      .. but no meat on Mondays in NYC!

      .. Liberty, or Death!

      1. Dear Walter,

        Do you leave near a body of water? When the floods come, there won`t be any socialism to insure your house. Your private insurance, because capitalism works so damn fine, will be either crooked to the core and screw you out of your end or bankrupt because there`s no socialism to safeguard corporate welfare (disaster relief for economies is common sense, they might keep it tho dolla dolla bill yall).

        But don`t worry if you live away from water, since so much of everything else is getting jazzy everywhere. There`s Polar Vortices, Wildfires, and who knows what else they still put in the water to make the frogs gay amirite?

        Also I love that you are well off enough that you can choose your healthcare provider. Most Americans can CHOOSE to soldier on and avoid going to the doctor because they either don`t have insurance or can`t afford the premiums. They get sick just as you (maybe more, I bet you can afford that sweet sweet meat, huh? People who go by on on poor diets get sicker than the soul lacking Jesus (damn Arab Jew Hippie Socialist); or ~just potatoes~, as the Irish would say (damn freeloading immigrants). Often, folks don`t have the means afford getting diagnosed, much less treated. So what the British Government pays for their healthcare (NHS) and it`s the single most popular institution in their nation? That`s why we kicked out those teabagging kneelers away-niway.

        Anyway, I just wanted to communicate how happy I am for how well you are doing for yourself. I hope your employees are well too, but we agree that you are more important so it`s important we prioritize. Can`t just have handouts.

        1. @Walter, Actually there is flood insurance available to every property owner in the U.S. Socialism will neither insure nor repair your house. Socialism may take your house and let some important socialist “leader” live in it, but repaired or not, it will not be your house.
          Socialism has no bankruptcy laws. All means of production belong to the state.
          The residue of the new goblin is just humorous gabble, a collection of unconnected theories, and even a few non-words (e.g. amarite, dolla, and niway).

          1. @ WB & @ HTCU…

            Thanks guys for bringing me some FEMA waders to prevent getting all his sh*t from squishing between my little toes.. EWE ..them horrible Trolls!
            Did you guys give the Troll a band aid. I think I rubbed him the wrong way.. or kicked his golden calf 🙂
            … LMAO

        2. Brennan, in your long-winded diatribe, you forgot to mention who pays for the social programs you benefit from – we do. Please explain to us how well-managed all the government programs are, rather, mismanaged. And who is paying for that? Over $21 trillion in the hole, and that is just the national debt that is being accounted for. Who will pay for that? Yet you want more “free” gifts from the government, well, actually, again, from us.

        3. Well, well, well.. @ Brennan,
          What luck! It must be four leaf clover season already!
          I’m sure glad you Once Upon A Time Trolls found your way to my door..

          While you’re here, I have one question only you can answer.
          “Does your A** ever get jealous over all of the Sh** coming out of your mouth?”

          No offense, so pretty please, don’t huff and puff and call down your evil pet dragon on me?
          However …I am fond of BBQ brisket.
          Be sure you crawl back into your caves before sunrise too, I don’t want you turning to stone…
          I would rather have little concrete Gnomes in my front yard! They don’t eat shi* and bother people!
          I promise I won’t tell your bald headed boyfriend you’re over here trying to kiss my ass for a date.

          … No worries at all.
          I live securely on the eighth floor of a high rise.. I can see you Libtards coming from a mile away!
          So, unless you’re going to cry out loud, for 40 days and nights, to rain down another end of the world flood on me..
          I’ll be listening to my French Country and doing a two step, while you bow down to the ball and chain Libtards, for your stale moldy bread! I know how dysfunctional families can be too, so be sure and tell Bloomberg, I recommend you for a pay raise.. That’s right Troll, I care enough to ask for your very best.. One extra yearly bath voucher, a new pair of Bloomers, with a picture of your Zero hero on them,
          .. and an eight inch mill bastard file for your ingrown toenails 🙂

          Yep, we have FEMA here too.
          Check, The National Guard is real quick to help restore the power after a storm blows the lines down..
          .. all set here Libtard.. Good riddance!

          No hard feelings right..
          … I see you can’t spell Libtard, let alone explain what you dislike about Liberty!

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