“Dry Fishing” In Florida? Open Carry Harassment ~ VIDEO

Opinion by Phillip Evans

Florida –  -(AmmoLand.com)- Michael Taylor, a fishing enthusiast and a member of Florida Carry, was accosted by police for about the fourth or fifth time, for doing a lawful activity. See the video above.

That activity was peacefully carrying a holstered pistol and slung rifle out in the open while fishing (or going to or from), which is specifically permitted under state law.

State law in facts specifies you may carry your firearms openly in this manner even WITHOUT a license to carry (CWP in Florida) when doing certain activities such as fishing, hunting, target shooting, or camping, or traveling to or from. The traveling part can be on foot, as state law does not make any restrictions on the type of travel.

Apparently guilty until proven innocent is the standard in Florida as the police pressed Michael to prove he was fishing, and tried to intimidate him by claiming his fishing rod was dry. I guess it would be pretty dry if you walk a mile back to your car in the hot Florida sun. Oh, but there was a wet spot on it, but the officer refused to touch it when offered.

Michael had police point guns at him during another open carry fishing incident. One slip of the finger and he could have been DRT (dead right there), for doing nothing but wearing firearms and holding a fishing pole.

Things like this will keep happening until Florida politicians get their heads out of their sink-holes regarding the liberty of open carry. Police are people too, and if they are the only ones permitted by law to carry openly, they can get a little jealous when a citizen takes advantage of a limited provision in the law to do the same.

Open Carry needs to be DECRIMINALIZED wherever one can lawfully carry firearms, regardless of fishing or not. Republicans who refuse to do so are merely lip-servicers of the U.S. Constitution and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

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And call and write your Representative and Senator in the Florida Legislature to demand the free exercise of your rights back.

About Phillip Evans:

The author is a self-defense rights advocate and member of the NRA, GeorgiaCarry.org, and FloridaCarry.org, and posts at PursuitOfPatriotism.Blogspot.com.

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    1. There is a difference between provoking and protesting our rights to open carry fire arms doing it by yourself seems to me provoking a response from the public and police. Because they don’t know what you’re doing. In all fairness you should apply for a conceal carry permit and avoid the attention positive or negative what it would be. Protesting the right to open carry with a group of people with the same agenda seems safer for everyone people and police. There is good and bad people including police we just need to be more vigilant and be more aware of our surroundings we live in a different world today .Growing up I didn’t have to worry about going out and have school shootings,movie theater shootings,mall shootings etc.

      1. I try to get others involved but only one showed up. Maybe you can come and join me next time

    2. If he was fishing for a cop then he caught one.
      Caring around a rifle in public in a busy public
      area warrants investigation as to the circumstances
      for such display. Every one has rights. The people
      in the park have a right to not be scared by a person
      openly displaying a firearm while there kids play.
      Or be in fear of what the mental statues of the person caring the firearm. That is why law enforcement ware uniforms
      Or display badges when openly caring firearms in public.
      All peoples rights should be upheld. No fixing stupid. Walk into a bank with your firearm displayed and tell the responding officers you are on the way to the fishing hole but needed to get some money from the bank for lunch.

    3. The cop was just doing his job! I am totally for the 2nd amendment but, sometimes, police officers are caught in the middle of these arguments & they’re innocent also.

    4. Some damn libatard call the dispatcher, dispatcher tells the Sargent of the call, so he has a couple of his boys go out and find the scary black guy with a gun .the cops are doing what the boss tells them all knowing that the damn libatard is hiding somewhere recording the cops and the scary black guy with gun and the cops have to play this stupid game.

    5. Good Lord, the spelling and just a basic grasp of the language of the land in some of these comments….! I hope the Leftist opposition doesn’t lurk on Ammoland (except it seems from some posts, a few do). I wish some people who post here would try to write and spell a tad more cohesively.

      1. Why do you think uscode for company CORPORATION to protect the American people control over government crimes. The color of law and office is illegal made by slave master and the American people safety is our rights to protect it writing only if need
        fact a ghost can not bring you to court. That mean a state or name u.s government. 2. U.s. government claim all our property as their to control we only given congress authority over commercial or Commerce judge can’t make law thats high treason and domestic terrorism

      2. The spelling here is trivial. The issue at hand is far more significant. I’m sure the lawsuit filed had perfect grammar.

    6. .don’t like 2A & constitution? GTFO of America & stay out
      .don’t like white stuff? stop using to-lit paper, find something more color-appealing

      1. The cop was just doing his job! I am totally for the 2nd amendment but, sometimes, police officers are caught in the middle of these arguments & they’re innocent also.

      1. Then why do I get stopped and have guns pointed at me…and then get tased for doing the exact same thing? I’m white as can be.

    7. What the video proves is the gentleman sucks at catching fish. How to prove you have been fishing…….:.!

      The Officers responded and explained what their dispatch informed them from a callers description – white guy on dock with firearms, once they seen fishing pole and listened to story – the gentleman was free to go.

      Both Officer and gentleman were respectful to each other. Officer’s reasoning to follow him to his car was a little lame as the Officer admitted seeing the guys prior videos so he knew who he was and any other calls about the guy could have easily been handled.

      1. John, he’s actually black, or part black. I was at a gun show recently and a man that I would have thought to be white or Mediterranean, without my asking, identified himself as black. I was representing a rights group and he proclaimed his affirmation of our rights, and mentioned how the Democratic party has, since the beginning of this country through today, has been anti-rights and how their laws and programs have hurt blacks. That was refreshing to hear a truly enlighten person speaking that came from an oppressed group that still votes majority Democratic, even though it is that party that still oppresses them.

    8. Was he carrying an ISI flag? I carry a gun open or concealed in Wyoming but never a flag along with it?
      Obviously this guy was baiting the cops and out to cause trouble! He was asked for his full name, but that was too much, then he is trying to explain to the cops there job. Sounds like he wants to be arrested.
      Sounds like this guy is out waving a flag strapped with a rifle with the excuse of fishing. Ass crack we don’t need YOU helping the a2. Dude shut your cocksuck

      1. EXACTLY!!!! Guys like this do NOTHING to help the cause and actually hurt all of us by acting like mentally ill kooks.

      2. Doug, he regularly carries and videos his carry to educate everyone, including the police that don’t seem to know or care what the laws are. He is a black man with a firearm – scary, right? He had no reason, under law, to provide the officers with his name because he was not doing anything wrong. Why do you believe the police have the right to harass innocent people on the street. You really believe that if he gave his name they would just leave him walk? The officer had no right to detain him, since the office had no evidence that any crime was committed – that actually is unlawful of the officer to do that.

        1. AND they insisted that HE prove something to THEM. It doesn’t work that way. If they want to accuse him of something and act on it, it is up to THEM to produce proof of a crime. No crime that they can articulate WITH PROBABLE CAUSE and evidence to back it up, the citizen does not have to produce ID. BTW, the use of the term “civilian” is used as a wedge between the police and the public to infer that the police are somehow superior and have “power” over the peolple. TV and movies really try to brainwash people with this garbage. ALL cops, except active duty military, ARE CIVILIANS.

          From a former police officer.

      3. Yall are both butters. “I support the second amendment, but…” Thos guy is an activist and has done more for gun rights in a single day than y’all will do the rest of your lives. Florida gun laws aren’t like Wyoming. He’s raising awareness and trying to change laws and it’s working. If you can’t support that, you’re part of the problem.

    9. What is wrong with the cops here? They swore an oath to the Constitution and readily violate this mans 4th amendment rights. They can’t be trusted to do what is right.

    10. I understand why the guy does this because if you don’t use your right you lose your right. However,I hate to see the good constable have to go thru these rhetorical exercises and waste time with this. Layers of compliance would expedite this process and be a lot safer for all parties.

      1. Vinny, th3e officer didn’t *need* to do that. If the officer followed the law and our constitution, he would have just let the man go without harassing him.

        1. Their dispatchers need to ask questions from the scared sheep callers about the subject’s actions, demeanor, whether he is actively acting in a menacing manner or being friendly to passersby and EDUCATE and inform the callers instead of wasting the time of their officers.

          1. Charles Moore, I agree 100%. In my opinion, the dispatch people need to be trained how to handle these calls. In my honest opinion, this excuse that the cops are innocent and they have to do this because they were told to do it is just inexcusable. We’ve all heard the analogy about how German soldiers at the death camps were not allowed to use the excuse that they were just following orders. It may by far from the same crime, but I think the point is still a valid one.

    11. Unfortunately the way this law will be fixed will be to make it illegal to open carry. Have you ever seen it go another way? It would be much better to not push it like this guy did just to make a point. The point is it’s easier to make it illegal then to make sure every officer knows exactly what the lay is. Politicians are a lazy bunch ya know.

    12. This is pure harrassment. “I don’t believe you were fishing.” What the cop “believes” has nothing to do with it unless he can prove it. Taylor offered to prove that he was fishing multiple times and by multiple means, all of which the officer rejected.

      “Open Carry needs to be DECRIMINALIZED wherever one can lawfully carry firearms,” should read “Open Carry needs to be decriminalized in the United States because it is lawful under the Constitution & 2nd Amendment.” After all, the Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

      Would I do what Taylor was doing? Possibly, as a younger man with more “fire in the belly” than I have at 67. I’m glad he has the balls to do so and I hope his kind increases!!!

    13. These cops don’t have anything better to do than harass a law-abiding citizen and some ‘triggered snowflake’ calls the cops. FL just needs to pass OPEN carry

    14. The cops offered to walk him to his car just so they could identify him from his plates. And he needs to have his d.l. to drive so it is probably in the car.

    15. The police acted appropriately, and so did Michael Taylor.
      The police are trained to confront in that manner to get a response while they are there surrounding what may end up being a looney with a gun.
      In the end, the lead officer also did what he was trained to do: if you are not arresting the citizen, leave the citizen with a feeling of being respected.
      That was a very successful protest on both sides.

    16. It’s not enough to get mad; this won’t stop until we THE PEOPLE make it stop. Contact your representatives and fire them if they don’t listen.

    17. I’m a retired cop, 33 years. I many times got a service call to investigate such activities. IT’S not likely you could find a cop that supports 2A than myself. The point some of you are not getting is that I can’t ignore a service call of any kind regardless of my personal opinion or believe. As I’m sure you must be aware of there have been a tragic number of mass murders committed in recent times by phycos armed with modern firearms. Although it’s leagl under F.L. law to do what this idiot was doing, it’s nither prudent or respectful of the rights other people have to not have some Dickhead purposely generating public alarm. He God DAMN well knew that he would get a Police responce for the purpose of making an asshole of himself. For some fucked up reason he thinks that Police have nothing better to do than playing is silly game. Many of the statutes are very old and have an application that was intended to make it lawful to carry firearms in the more remote hunting and fishing areas, not in the current populated areas of today. You have to be pretty stupid or intentionally creating such a situation to think you won’t get a Police responce. For all of you wanna be Perry Masons out there the Police absolutely do have the right and obligation to investigate any situation that creates public alarm. All this retard was asked to do was identifiy himself so that Police could determine that he was legally in possion of these firearms, was not a fugitive or some nut job. While the USSC. Ruled a long time ago that what were refured to as stop and frisk tactics that proved very effective in reducing violent crime violated the 4A and were restricted to the standard of articuarbel suspicion before the cop could question or surch anyone. The action of willfully generating public alarm meets this standard. Had he been walking down the street with just his fishing gear Police would have no reason to detain him. In fact the only lawenforcement officer that does have such a duty are Fish/Game officers if that type of fishing requires a license or some other restrictions.That’s one of many things cops get paid to do. I have a right to do a lot of things in America. That doesn’t mean it’s a wise thing to do. How about he starts understating that other people’s rights are just as important to them as are his to him. The majority of wanted people are cought by Police when the do stupid things in public places or on public roads. His foolish way of demonstrating his 2A rights are exactly why people put pressure on the elected members of city and state governments to pass laws that put more restrictive gun laws on the books. I personally feel absolutely no need to show anybody that I’m carry a weapon. It may be leagl in your location but that doesn’t make it a wise thing to do. Why do you think open carry is wise when concealed carry is leagl? Whiare you trying to impress or intimidate? The social and political attacks on 2A and the whole Bill of Rights are bad enough as it is, what are you thinking by giving the anti gun/civil rights assholes more ammunition to use against us? You don’t get it do you? When you live among sheep it’s wise and prudent not to scare the sheep. Exorcise your 2A right all you want, but quit making a public spectacle of yourself. If your already in this FuckTards example carrying a loaded pistol why would you feel a need to carry a rifle? What is he afraid of an Indian attack?

      1. I agree with you but… this was a very successful protest on both sides. I am proud of them both. It is true, most police officers and departments know that a trained, armed, and psychologically balanced citizen with a firearm can only help prevent horrific incidences.

        Open carry… I would never do that. Just like an armed person in a uniform, you will become the first target. Then who are you going to protect? Concealed is always better.

      2. I agree with you, play stupid games win stupid prizes. I won’t carry open attracts attention and if I were a bad guy you’d be my first target out.

        1. C.Mc, that is total BS. As proof, there was a story last year of a young woman OC with a Glock. She entered a service station convenience store. When she came out, a perp put a gun to her neck demanding her money. She pulled her firearm and dispatched the bozo. Apparently, he didn’t off her first, even though she was OC.

          Most people are unaware of their surroundings, much less what others have on their person. I carry two knives in my front pants pockets – both exposed due to they are clipped onto the top of the pockets, left and right, as I am ambidextrous and they serve different needs/uses. No one has ever mentioned my carrying and when the topic of knives is broached, they are all surprised when I show them both knives – and that is even from those that CC.

          Go live your fantasy and leave the rest of us that live in the real world alone.

      3. The reason for this (IMHO) is to support the need for an Open Carry law.

        In many locations is Florida a few retarded COPs/Judges will charge/convict legal Concealed Carries for brandishing if a gun if it’s accidentally momentarily exposed (yet holstered) when bending over or reaching high items on a shelve.

        So yes, this exaggerated protest is valid and needed.

        Personally, I only carry concealed. If Open Carry would become law, I’d still only carry concealed. The bad guy doesn’t need to know I have gun until he see’s the flash…He will never hear the bang.

        1. That’s why we need to push so hard for constitutional concealed carry. Yeah open carry is great for a few select situations, like really just running to the diner and running back to the deer stand but concealed carry rules supreme for All situations.

      4. This cop is an idiot. He stated he knew who this guy was. So then he should’ve known exactly what laws he was referring too. The cop was baiting him, no pun intended. Plus the cop feeling the line and lure and then stating it’s dry and he wasn’t fishing is beyond stupid. Did the cop even listen and hear when the guy told him the reel was wet? NO! Warm weather and a good breeze will dry anything fast that is totally exposed. Been in the public safety field for over 25 years. I’ve asked LEO’s questions on my states gun laws and most don’t know crap about them. Same ones stated they would just arrest the person and let it get sorted out later. Even though they didn’t have a particular reason to arrest. Instills confidence in law enforcement doesn’t it. I’ve done training with LEO’s on rescue task force scenarios involving mass shootings and personally I fear being shot by the cops then by the bad guys. Except the SWAT guys they knew what they were doing. I found out just how much most cops don’t know. This cop did nothing to de-escalate this event until later on. And yes it was a good outcome in the end, it could have ended sooner and easier imo.

        1. Your right, the cop response is NOT A COP, im a cop and can tell he was not. ALL the cops I know dont act like the cop in the video, and the call would not have happened because dispatch would have figured it out before it even got dispatched!

          1. Amen. They are supposed to ask questions and gather info. Then, depending on the answers, they either dispatch a unit or advise/inform the caller.

          2. First fact a citizen safety is our rights our property our life our freedom to enjoyment is our rights
            White slave owner created the color of law and of office? That is domestic terrorism point

      5. how
        s bout the eedjits running the 911 cll centres asking afew questions about where the gun is, and what the guy is/is not DOING with the gun. The operator would then learn that the fisherman is simly sitting there, line in the water, ignoring the gun on his hip, and not even dispatch the coppers..
        SINCE WHEN is the mere act of possessiing a handgun in public “reasonable cause” to make contact? Reminds me of the olden hippie days when a guy driving a multicoloured VeeWee Beetle wth flowers and the peace symbol on it would get pulled over “just because”. THIS sort of thing is clear discrimination. Much like “walking while coloured” would get a dark skinned individual accosted in parts of the country.

        Don’t make mere [ssession cause for contact. Let a man’s BEHAVIOUR dictate whether the coppers walk up and say Howdy.

        1. DUH !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Open carry is not legal in FL with only a couple of exceptions and this idiot was, well, just being an idiot. If a LEO sees or gets the report of a displayed gun he/she must check it out. The guy is a douche, you know it, he knows it deep down and the LEO’s know it but it is their job to check out the report. Why would ANYONE want to carry open and allow the folks who may be up to no good to take them out first ???????

      6. Totally agree with Jack. It’s the F..tards like him that kill it for all of us who know what the law means. He is purposely trying to start something. You’re not being harassed if you just let the cops investigate and check you out ( unless you have something to hide) and be on your way. But why do that in the first place ass hole. It’s people like you that make law abiding citizens like me want to lock you up for being stupid. But as we all know “ you can’t fix stupid “. You probably don’t even know anything about any admendment, some group probably told you that your aloud to Cary a gun and paid you to pretend you’re smart. Lol don’t know who you’re working for or how much you got paid to make this video, if you had any kind of brains you would see that you’re part of the problem asshole.

      7. Their dispatchers should have done what ours were trained to do; ask questions from the caller(s) to determine the behavior of the subject and the true nature of the situation. They just don’t take an ambulance call, get no information and dispatch an ambulance, do they? They gather ALL the information they can so they know how to inform ambulance personnel. The same should have been done here and then the caller(s) should have been properly advised and no officers dispatched. Period. Maybe ask an officer to do a drive-by or observe for a time from a distance..

      8. Although I agree with your opinion…. it is not an old law, House Bill 45 was passed in 2011 making it legal to openly carry while, and traveling to and from specific activities. Also, all law enforcement can check people fishin, not just Fish and Game, now called Fish and Wildlife Officers (FWC), since not having a fishing license is violation a statute (S.S. 379.354) not a Florida Administration Code (FAC).
        All officers have the duty to act when they have reasonable suspicion that a crime has, is, or is about to be committed. SO if some one is carrying a rifle because they are blissfully stupid they will be checked!

    18. Totally acceptable and understandable to possess a rifle to protect yourself and or others from terrorist, killers, kidnappers, muggers, or anything or anyone who might try to harm you or a third party. That lawless bastard might have his own rifle. that’s why police also carry rifles.
      This looked in my opinion as staged to draw attention to police tyrannical abuse
      Also in my opinion anyone dedicated enough to carry a rifle instead of a gun is a very wise mamer jammer

    19. When did the burden of proof become incumbent on the accused in America? The cop was out of line, and it took him way too long to realize it.

    20. If the police received a call about a man with a gun and they didn’t investigate the call they would be nothing but donut eating, incompetents who didn’t go their job. I congratulate the police officers for being as professional as while were dealing with guy. All he had to do was give the officer his name and date of birth. It was apparent that this individual was out to be an antagonist. Even though it is a legal “open carry” walking down a busy street in the middle of the afternoon will always attract attention, positive or negative, but it is going to attract attention. Without a name and date of birth for a record check this individual could be a felon, the police ought to investigate in my opinion. I am a total 2nd amendment supporter, NRA, firearms instructor, professional law enforcement.

      1. I like you, are a 2A supporter, but I also support the 1-4-14A. Unless he is suspected of a crime, committing a crime or have committed a crime, he does not have to ID himself. In reality, they should never stopped him at all.
        Some times you just wanna/gotta stand up. My state, during a traffic stop, you have to “Display” licence,reg, insurance. You don’t have to hand it out the window, now I could hand it to the cop & be gone in 10 min, or put it against the window and be there 1.5 hrs with all the crap I’d have to go thru as punishment

        1. Operation of any vechical on any public roadways requires you to be in possion of a valid ORIGINAL LICENSE, current registration, safety inspection sticker, license plates displayed on the outside of the vechical, and in most states an in force insurance policy. As a 33 year veteran police officer I stopped a lot of people like you. The reason cops ask you for these things in hand is to determine that they are in fact for real, not the fakes that are easy to get. I have to have them in hand to determine this. If your being detained for committing a moving violation I Not only can but have the duty to determine if you are who you claim to be, your license and other paper work are for real and all of this is on file with the DMV. Also you probably don’t realize that more than 75% of wanted fugitives are in fact apprehended just this way. As a cop it’s my job to enforce all of these laws wether you like it or not. You don’t seem to get that. If you refuse to hand me your license and the other things required your going to find yourself in handcuffs and charged with the original moving violation(s) and hindering public administration. I don’t know what law school people like yourself didn’t attend, but you had better go back and read that part again. In my state I can make a custody arrest for a moving violation just as I can for any other classes of criminal offence. I have a lot more important things to do than stand on the side of the road arguing with you. If I had a lawful reason to detain you and you refuse to comply with my lawful orders I now have all the articuarbel suspicion to believe I need to investigate what you may in fact be involved in or are attempting to do. If you want it that way I’ll put you under arrest and you can have your day in court and tell it all to the Judge. I don’t think it’s going to end the way you think it will.

          1. I agree but I also at times just don’t want to even speak to the cop so a ziploc bag with a strip of fabric glued to the back gets all my paperwork and the fabric gets rolled up in the window I tell the cop write the ticket and come back when you’re done. Then I just stare straight ahead with both hands on the wheel.

          2. Man, I would hate to have to the the Prosecuting Attorney that has to read and try to make sense of your reports! You do realize that an inability to accurately articulate facts and even MISSPELLINGS can be grounds for dismissal of charges, even against a clearly guilty party?


      3. So all they had to do for an investigation was drive by, see there was no threat, or appearance of such activity, call it as unfounded. Period. No contact needed. They do it all the time. Stop pretending because a firearm is involved, contact must be made and a full history on who is carrying what, has to be performed. That is nonsense. A person has rights and they don’t stop at the 1st Amendment. There are 27 others as well telling Goverment, all government, what they may, or may not do.

        1. @Doug, he also got a cause of action against a deep-pockets defendant. A year or two of the PD’s operating budget should be a proper compensation.

        2. Doug, he got the attention *because* the officer did not follow the law nor the constitution. If the officer followed the law and the constitution, he’d have just kept on driving.

    21. I carry everywhere I go. I believe in concealed and open carry. I do however think carrying a rifle around town is plain stupid and doesn’t make sense. An open carry pistol is another story. You have to think. People are not going to be happy about someone carrying a rifle around even if it is allowed. We should have constitutional carry in all 50 states but use your freaking head and don’t start problems for the rest of us. At this point we need to win people over to our side as we are losing more and more every day.

    22. What exactly is the state statute or provision identification number or any way to identify or reference this florida law? I try not to take anyone’s word on anything these days until I see or read the exact law and how I interpret it’s wording . Not that I disagree with your argument , just would have much more credibility if the laws your referencing where listed . Now that being said I see several reasons for using a little common sense A. dead people make terrible witnesses , even in your own defense ! B. are you just trying to prove a point or do you really need to be armed with a pistol on your hip and a rifle strapped on your back anywhere in Florida for self defense against wildlife ? C. is proving your point worth your life ? On top of that , if I was to foolishly go out and attempt to educate the public or in this case the police on this matter , I would have a copy of this law laminated , in my pocket ready to show anyone that might question this state law! I can see the replies writing themselves , but I’m speaking in realistic terms and not some freak occurrence or off the wall jhibirish. Common sense just isn’t that common anymore !

      1. Scott, most that do that do, and if you recall in the video, he was citing the Florida statute that allows him, and the police to carry firearms. The police were just too ignorant, hence why he was there, to know the law. This is not the first time he and his group have done this. The officer even acknowledged that he was aware of who he was, but still acted like a total ah. If the officer had any semblance of wanting to follow the law and the constitution, he would not have done what he did.

      1. The question should be what kind of cop stops someone who is not breaking the law to intimidate them? Maybe he has had people try to steal from him while he was fishing?

      2. To fish? No, but if you haven’t noticed there are a few snakes out there that can really ruin your day.

      3. One that faces alligators and pythons. Both of which claim lives every year. While fishing in Florida you are just as likely to be assaulted by a junkie willing to kill you for a fix as a 15 foot python guarding its clutch of eggs. Who are you to question a law abiding citizen wishing only to enjoy themself outdoors?

      4. I think the main reason the statute includes fishing is for water moccasins. Those can be very aggressive. But if I had a fishing gun, per se, my first round would be a shot load.

    23. This is why America is so dangerous to live in now a days. We have officers who approach citizens who are not breaking the law and all but carrying a firearm to be harassed several times, but yet we could have vehicle stolen out of people’s yards, there could be fingerprints everywhere but the police are too lazy and don’t have the time and say it’s a civil matter and take it to court rather than the officer do anything about it. Also, breaking entering and fortunately several different kinds of other crimes.
      But yet, most officers want to harass the people who not breaking the law and refuse not help people who call for the police. When the police show to a call and the officer thinks it’s not a big deal. The attitude of the civilians who called the police and rely on them to help them and protect them but feel helpless and take justice into their own hands.

      1. America is not “so dangerous to live in now a days”. In fact, our crime rates, all crimes, including homicide, other violent crimes, and even non-violent and whitecollar crime rates are at or near all time lows. The reason the perception is the opposite is simply because the speed of information has increased so greatly, and we hear about things that a few short years ago we wouldn’t have.

        In short, in this case, perception is not reality.

          1. Sean, the number of citizens is increasing every year. What is the ratio/percentage? Is that increasing? I bet not.

    24. Little ‘d’ is trying to prove a point isn’t he! Hopping to instigate a confrontation. No, I will not like his your you tube movie! He needs to be cautious before he causes harm to himself or others by waving his flag. Very mean and rude to the ones who serve to protect. Call your lawyer little man!

        1. @Jeff, Punctuation, too! The green rat fink can not wrap his head around the concept of a citizen being equal to government by virtue of his Constitutional Right to tell the government (or government’s representative) emphatically “NO”.

        1. Get Out, His rights get thrown out with the baby’s bath water when he acts like this towards our law enforcement officers. Reminds me of the time a perp was running from the LEO’s G.S. Dog. When the dog caught him for additional training they shook the perp’s leg for additional training while on the ground.

          1. TGWD, how was it he acted? Like a law-abiding citizen? Was that his crime or was it being black while armed? Which is it that so reviled you? An “uppity” black, maybe? He was within his rights, as he did nothing wrong, and the officer had no evidence to prove otherwise. Is is just for an officer to unlawfully harass a citizen that has committed no crime? Was it you that called the police on that black man? Are you also a racist?

            1. Head the Call-up,
              Yes, I, The Green Watch Dog, am a racist. The Grays do not belong in any corner of our world. They started out on planet Earth north of Roswell, NM and have populated the desert community of our nation since the 50s. As for the this person being ‘Black” , I did not even notice. Is he black? However, if he is a true Gray, he needs to go back from where he came from, and stay out of our world.

          2. IMOA he was within his rights to be armed and LEO took it further than needed by getting snotty and it appears he was targeted and harassed while legally OC to and from a fishing expedition.

            Florida is not a traditional open carry state.
            Open Carry is lawful while engaged in, or going directly to and from, lawful Target Shooting, Hunting, Fishing, and Camping expeditions. FL Statutes 790.25(3)(h), (j), and (k)

        2. @GO, the GRF does not know what a Right is. He thinks that our Rights are “allowed” by the government, and extend only as far as the government “allows”. He has the mind set of a thrall.

    25. The problem with Law Enforcement is most visible, when LE fail to understand the Laws they are commissioned to enforce.

      It’s time for malpractice against the Gov… stop the abuse!

      1. He could have even said he was going to “go fishing” at another location as well as coming from fishing from the previous location. I stand by this guy! Even if he is doing this for no other reason than to bring attention to the subject, if he was or is going fishing he is still not breaking any law.

        1. I agree. It doesn’t matter if he had a dead fish with him, or not.
          He was exercising his right under the Constitution.

        2. @ AR,

          That’s right.
          The law doesn’t require that he actually caught a fish, or had a dead one with him…
          He could have been proving a point, and “fishing for a cop” over reacting too.
          The law doesn’t require sincere proof of his motive. The cop, who stopped him isn’t able to judge that either.

      2. Walter Goddard, I agree. I realize that this next comment might be a very unpopular one, but I am all for making it legal to sue the individual police officer/s who violate the rights of American citizens. We should be able to sue both the department, the city or county, and the cop. If they do something that is really wrong, they need to also suffer, not just the tax payers of that city or county. And when individual police officers lose their personal savings, their homes, their cars, when their wages are seized and/or garnished, this might actually stop. As it is now, they just get a reprimand and then they go right back out there and they continue to violate the God given rights of the citizens that they are supposed to be serving.

    26. It will never be decriminalized as long as the TRAITOR Marron Hammer is the one allegedly fighting for it. She has repeatedly failed to advance it though deliberate non-effort.

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