Companies Crushed With Heavy Demand For Gun Magazines From California

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Companies Crushed With Heavy Demand For Gun Magazines From California

U.S.A.-( Since Friday’s landmark court decision that legalized magazines holding more than ten rounds in California buyers have been going crazy with purchases.

Most online retailers have resumed the sales of magazines of all sizes to the people of the Golden State. Rainier Arms has seen a significant uptick in traffic with most sales being for the Magpul Gen2 30 round magazine. This increase in internet transactions has even crashed Rainier Arms payment processing server.

“We received such an overwhelming surge of sales over the weekend, it actually crashed our merchant services, the website was fine, but our payment services were so overwhelmed it crashed,” said Aristotle Bartolome of Rainier Arms. “With that said, we closed out a very strong weekend, and even with the chaos, we’re currently 48 hours behind on getting all of the weekend orders caught up and adjusting staffing to better support our customers getting their orders quicker.”

Rainier Arms isn’t alone in their increase in sales. Brownells is also reporting an increase in magazines sales to California. They are seeing residents “stocking up” on AR15 magazines as well. Brownells is one of the largest gun retailers on the web.

SHIPPING TO CA 10 MAGPUL 30-Round PMAG GEN M2 Magazines Cart Check
SHIPPING TO CA 10 MAGPUL 30-Round PMAG GEN M2 Magazines Cart Check

California residents are in a rush to buy up magazines before the state can appeal U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez’s decision to the Ninth Circuit Court. The judge’s decision stunned the California Attorney General and the gun community as well. It went further than either side anticipated.

One California resident, Adelaide Golden, told me that she thinks that all gun owners in the state need to take advantage of the opportunity to purchase standard compacity magazines while they are shipping to the state.

“In a national and local environment that is increasingly hostile to responsible gun owners, it’s important to take advantage of opportunities that present,” Golden said. “With the overturn of unconstitutional limits on magazine sizes, I, as a California resident, can finally have standard size magazines that can make a small difference at the range and a huge difference if I’m ever forced to defend myself or my home.”

Some gun owners were worried that the price of magazines would increase with the potential run on the product. Primarily this increase in price hasn’t happened. In fact, a lot of websites are running deals for California residents. Companies are there to make a profit, but it seems like a lot of companies are taking this opportunity to spread the message of liberty.

Brownells is trying to flood California with AR15 magazines. The firearms retailer is currently selling 10 packs of 30 round Magpul GEN2 magazines for $99.99 which saves the residents $30.

Elite Tactical Components are also helping out the people of the state but are focusing on the AK market. That site is selling blem 30 round XTech MAG47 magazines for only $10. The deal is just for residents of California.

In a statement released to AmmoLand Elite Tactical Components said: “Elite Tactical Components is excited to do our part in getting standard capacity freedom into the hands of Californians!”

Other websites have followed suit by offering California specific deals, but as soon as the sales go live, the companies sell out of their stock of gun magazines.

Natchez Shooters Supplies sold out of a lot of magazines due to the increase in sales from California. When the ruling came down, they put together an email to send out to their customers. Business was so brisk for the company that they had to redesign the email due to selling out of a lot of their magazine products that were going to be featured in the email.

There is no telling how many magazines retailers have shipped to California since the judge lifted the ban on the sale of standard capacity magazines. One sure thing is that residents of the state are taking advantage of the new ability to defend themselves by buying 10+ round magazines at a record pace.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at

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Paul Kersey Death Wish III

Ordered 40 D&H Magazines anti tilt followers


Glock 22 gen 4?

Michael J

Citizens challenged laws of the state and won, now the state attorney general is challenging the courts which nullifies the ruling. Typical of California when they lose but never budge when they win. Now everyone who legally bought magazines are instantly criminals. Democrats are never follow protocol when things don’t go their way.

Dave B

I live in California and found that the magazine frenzie in California is in high gear. I waited a couple of days before placing mag orders for all my guns. Big mistake. I was met by many “sold out” banners at many of the websites. Glock mags are impossible to find. I finally paid top buck for mags from The Glock Store.


There may be hope for Ca yet! I wanted Trump to build the wall THERE!




The leftists in California will ignore this court decision if they can get away with it. I hope they will be stopped.

willy d

I’m glad I ordered my Beretta mags last month, I’m sure it will be awhile before anybody that lives in a state that isn’t restricted for mags will get any as the manufactures are going to be busy just trying to keep up with the rush from Calif orders may just keep them extremely busy, this is going to be like another GOLD RUSH going into Calif and the Demo-Rats are not going to like it at all, or any of the elite gun grabbers, they will be screaming Bloody Murder over this one, it took 19 years to get… Read more »


Actually I ordered my Beretta standard capacity mags a couple days ago, they will be here next week

Paul Kersey ghetto new york

California siting a danger to the state got the ban reinstated in a matter of hours.
19 years for freedom and five hours for reversal.


I was so happy to receive my 10 PMAGS, Magpul D-60 the other day.Bought and received a bunch of other mags too for my other guns…Heading out to the range now! FREEEEDOM!

Scotty Gunn

Palmetto State Armory (I used to love them) had Pmags on sale a month ago for $7.50+ tax. Yesterday, due to the California demand, they raised them to $12.99
Nothing like gouging people who just got their rights back.


Jesus…. get real.


Really Scotty. To meet the demands freight prices are extremely high and rush orders come at a cost. Are you really that upset $12 a good price.

Mark C

The sale was a month ago. It is over and the price went back to $12.99, which is the PSA regular price.

Austin D Mullins

Isn’t Palmetto State Armory based out of Commiefornia? That might be part of the reason for it! Well you have other options! buy from someone else and teach Palmetto a lesson.


The Palmetto State is South Carolina while California is the Golden State.

So Palmetto State Armory is based out of South Carolina.


Really? $12? Guess what, the price of a magazine is less now than it was 30 years ago along with far more options and far more sellers. Stop moaning and push the “submit order” button.


Economics 101, supply and demand. I don’t blame vendors one bit.


I just a heard a talk show host say he had called and talked to several suppliers of magazines now selling to California and was told privately sellers are dumping mags into California for the coming civil war. A lot of people are starting to realize we are going to have some type of social unrest in the near future and are preparing. Whether it is a civil war or not is yet to be determined. But people are stockpiling Food, medical supplies and ammo. Most people are saying the Democrats have failed us, the republicans have failed us and… Read more »

Looky Here Compadre

I dont think the border is Trump’s fault. The DNC and SOROS has a lot of power to stop him from doing his job.

Wild Bill

@justsayno, The normal working American is not in collapse of any kind. Ergo the country is not in collapse. If state government collapsed, we would find how little we need it. If various agencies of the federal government collapsed, we would find out how little we need them.
The many layers of rules, regulations, bureaucracies, and government have been slowly and quietly foisted on the American people, in back room deals over 150 years. Collapse away Repubs, dem nat socialists, elitists, and greedy globalists.


Trumps threat to close the border and building the wall coupled with the lefts promises of free stuff to illegals is what has multiplied the illegal crossings. Mexico has taken Trumps threat to close the border to heart and started detaining and deporting thousands of South Americans at their Southern border. Trump is the first President to get that done.


If you live in commiefornia buy a mag even if you don’t have a gun to fit it. It would be worth the price just to get a little satisfaction for the progressive idiots running the state. Poor Newsome is progressive but he has dyslexia so he doesn’t know if he is going forward or backward.

AZ redneck

Everybody knows the street gangs never followed the rules. This keeps us even at least in the near future.

Get Out

Keep it going gun owners, California gun grabbers are squealing and throwing temper tantrums right now. The orders from magazine companies will keep USPS, UPS, FedEx busy for awhile. I know of three acquaintances living in California who made a weekend road trip out of state to get ahead of the mail order rush.

Country Boy

Freedom is the sound of a 30+ round AR magazine locking into place. Let FREEDOM ring in CA again!

Matt in Oklahoma

all I hear is FREEDOM

James G Jemilo


Green Mtn. Boy

I see this morning where gov.Newscum said yesterday, “Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat who has championed gun control initiatives in the past, took to social media to decry that, “A failure to uphold this ban puts our communities in danger. We will not stand for it.”

I have news for gov. Newscum ,the Marxist moron,that he doesn’t have any choice,the federal judge s decision out ranks his and his Fascist Taliban’s feelings and as such stands as law.

Dubi Loo

Newsom says he “won’t stand for it.” Makes me wonder what is he going to do about it?


This judge needs to hear more cases!

rich z

Lets hope this wave is big enough to get to N.Y.. We also have a LIMIT on mag size ,imposed by guess who?

The other Jim

That’s not that great $9.99…$6.99 to $7.99 is pretty good deal.

Michael Twidle

I hope they like the taste of magazines, this ruling will be overturned and Californian gun will be eating them. Spend your money on a NRA membership they are the only hope we have of keeping our 2nd amendment rights.

Free Helicopter Rides For Commies

Hey idiot, this is a golden opportunity for people in the golden state. They SHOULD take the opportunity. And screw your NRA. Negotiating Rights Away does more harm than good in 99% of the case. They were the ones who twisted Trump’s arm and pressured him to ban bump stocks, telling him that if he did that then he would have their blessing and give him political cover.

All you’re doing is showing all the Ammoland readers what a stinking FUDD that you are.

Matt G

“A lot of people saying the country is in full collapse and its not going to get better for some time to come.”

What people are saying that ?
Umm, the NRA/CRPA are the ones who brought the Ca magazine law to the federal court.


Best judicial ruling in a long time.

Raymond Hudson

Buy them and Stash them California!! You know the Commies will be knocking at the door again! They Hate to Loose a battle! I am Glad to see the Judge understood the 2nd Amendment!

n r ringlee

Jobs, jobs jobs. Restraint of trade kills jobs. Are you tired of Winning yet?


Magazines are manufacturer dated–watch how the PRC legislators work that angle.

Clark Kent

So how, exactly, are they going to ‘work that angle’? Are you stupid enough to believe California has the law enforcement resources to go after the thousands and thousands of folks who own such magazines? And even if they did, they certainly don’t have the jail/prison space to house same. THINK before you post.


No ass face, I am not that stupid but it appears you are. “Enforcement” will ocure when a person is contacted (regardless of how that came about–even as innocently as at a gun show) by law enforcement and they have these California insane law determined by date “illegal” magazines in their possession. This is going on in other states currently–it is simply watch and wait by law enforcement.

Daniel M

Unless forced to show receipts for date of purchase the date of manufacture would be irrelevant due to the purchase of preowned magazines.


Only magazines made during the AW (1994 to 2004) specifically have manufacture date on them. A ton on National Guard and some regular Army mages “disappeared” then and were sold to civilians.

All mags were marked with magazine date during the ban. Also if your gun wasn’t made before the date of the +15 ban they’ll know it’s not from BEFORE that ban.

Just identify as an “illegal immigrant” in California, you’ll get a much lighter sentence!

n r ringlee

They are not dated to date of purchase. Try again.

Heed the Call-up

Jack a—, my mags don’t have a date of manufacture. Since, you are being so polite in your reply, you can go suck on a few and let us know if you get any dates.


Hey dummy Heed the Call up—by law and liability makers have a date on AR magazines–if plastic type look for a TINY round clock type date marker, if metal they will have a date on them somewhere in very light stamping unless made back in the Nam era (remove same and it is evidence of illegal possession where dates matter–like now in Colorado). It is this mfg. date that determines possession legality when the nut cases determine what date to begin the no go on–just like they will in California and have already done in Colorado and other states and… Read more »


Older mags have dates stamped on the inside of the bottom end of the mag. Newer modern mags have them stamped on the outside. Many prebans don’t have any at all. And some manufacturers of steel mags still don’t but didn’t make that model of mag pre ban.


Manufacture date and purchase date won’t matter if or until the judge’s decision is overturned on appeal and then only for magazines purchased or manufactured AFTER the date of the appeal. As of today, every single magazine in CA is legal no matter when it was manufactured or purchased and any previously “illegally” possessed magazines are now legal.


Isn’t it amazing how commerce flourishes when there’s Liberty?


Supply and demand will raise some magazine prices without a doubt. When the demand is satisfied the prices will likely return to current levels, or temporarily lower, due to over production. it is always thus when it is purely market forces at work.

Green Mtn. Boy

Hopefully suppliers and manufacturers will be able to flood the state of Commiefornia 6′ deep in standard capacity magazines with 3′ of drums on top for icing,if you will,a Freedom cake made of ammunition feeding devices,the Fascist Taliban politicians deserve this and more.
Let Freedom and Liberty Reign !


GMB, right on.

Raymond Hudson

Right ON !! Right On!!!