To NRA or Not to NRA


The Board of Directors must step to the plate and deep clean whatever is rotting or step aside and let someone else get it done.

USA – -( Let me get a couple of things off of my chest before I begin getting a few more things off of my chest. I am not a paid shill for the NRA. Never have been. I do not work for the NRA and have never been on their payroll. They do not dictate one word that has ever come out of my mouth on now 10 years of national radio. They have never asked me to say anything or tow the line for any of their positions. I am merely a member of the NRA and have been for many years. I am not a life member. I am an NRA Certified Instructor in three disciplines and have been for over 20 years.

Having said that, let me get a few more things off of my chest. I have disagreed with the NRA many, many times over the years over many issues and no doubt I will in the future. In fact, I nearly tossed my membership a few years back when the NRA here in the state of GA refused to support the effort to remove the 140-year-old ban on carrying firearms at a “public gathering.” This racist law was put in effect during reconstruction years ago following the civil war to keep recently freed blacks disarmed. It was a heinous law that stood for far too long and over the next century and a half since its inception, saw many good GA citizens of all races hassled and arrested. SB 308 fixed this debacle and rather than assist us here with this bill, the NRA abandoned us in favor of their pet bill SB 291 which removed the governor’s emergency powers to cease firearm and ammunition sales during declared emergencies. It also allowed airport carry in the non-sterile areas of the airports, neither of which was a top priority for GA Weapons Permit holders at that time.

Both bills passed. Governor Perdue, at the time, signed SB 308 removing the phony restrictions on carrying at a “public gathering,” whatever the hell that meant, and vetoed the NRA backed SB 291. Georgia Carry would later go on to work with the House and Senate and pass the same reforms that the NRA sought in SB 291 a couple of years later. Needless to say, SB 308 was wildly popular here in Georgia, and the NRA lost many members over their refusal to work with GCO. Needless to say, I and others were not pleased with their position, and well, we fixed it without their help – but it cost them.

Let’s fast forward to today, or better yet a couple of weeks back when the hit pieces began running about the alleged corruption at the head of the NRA. (Funny how that happens just before every NRA annual convention, huh?) I don’t have enough space here to rehash it, but I really don’t need to.

Here’s the deal, in my humble opinion – The NRA obviously needs some house cleaning in the master bedroom.

If the alleged financial corruption can be proven and crimes were committed, people need to pay for that. The current Board of Directors needs to get damn serious about the direction of this organization and take out the trash, whoever or whatever that is determined to be and they need to do it right now, at this annual meeting. They must figure out a way to get back on track and cut the crap when it comes to the endless fundraising and fear mongering. We’re all well aware of the Bloomberg attacks on our freedoms.

Speaking of that, here come a few more things off of my chest. I’ve seen far too many posts on social media, which to me is a joke anyway, from chatroom warriors that are calling for the destruction of the NRA. As I mentioned above, the shenanigans the NRA played here in Georgia back in 2009, and 2010 nearly cost them my membership. Nearly. That was before I gave it more thought. What good would that do, to leave the NRA because I disagreed with them over this issue? I don’t agree with my wife LOTS of times, but I don’t leave her every time we fight about something, no matter how serious it is. I also don’t take my arguments with her to the front lawn for all of the neighbors to witness.

Look, the NRA needs some work, a ton of work. Read the excellent piece from my friend Jeff Knox here at here at AmmoLand earlier this week, and God forbid, if some of the leftist hit work over the last few days is correct, it can’t happen soon enough. Here’s why – If you think as, a gun owner, that the implosion and subsequent collapse of the National Rifle Association is a good thing, you’re a damn fool. Especially as we approach an election where every lefty kook running and every leader of the Socialist party formerly known as Democrats has embraced New Zealand's confiscation of guns as their goal for America. Such an event (collapse of NRA) would hand the worst enemies of our right to bear arms this nation has ever seen, the most massive PR coup in recent American history. Bloomberg and every one of his paid freedom-haters, the hateful socialist Democrat party, and the loony Moms Demand Action bunch among many others, will claim a victory which in turn will set the stage for the imminent destruction of our Second Amendment rights within our lifetimes.

Nothing positive comes from the collapse of the NRA. I hope they are listening. The Board of Directors must step to the plate and deep clean whatever is rotting or step aside and let someone else get it done.


About Mark WaltersMark Walters

Mark Walters is the host of two nationally syndicated radio broadcasts, Armed American Radio and Armed American Radio's Daily Defense with Mark Walters. He is the Second Amendment Foundations 2015 Gun Rights Defender of the Year award recipient and co-author of two books, Lessons from Armed America with Kathy Jackson (Whitefeather Press) and Lessons from UnArmed America with Rob Pincus (Whitefeather Press)

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    1. I have been a member of the NRA since Obama was elected, and then stopped. But upon encouragement from a couple of the gun writers whom I respect, I rejoined, a couple years back. And I plan on remaining a member. I also joined the GOA, simply because they are a non compromising group who always seem to be one the front of the issues instead of the back end like the NRA is. But the NRA has a much larger membership, and so I want to add my name to their numbers to allow them to increase the numbers reported to the media as to how big they are.
      Of course, I just like anyone else, am disturbed by some of the missteps that the NRA has made in the past, and it seems to be continuing to make, now financially. Ollie North stepping down is especially significant, because no matter what some of you might think of him, he is actually an honorable man, who won’t allow himself to be involved with things that are happening that are wrong and even illegal.
      That Wayne LaPierre should go is obvious. His day is over, and his time is up. Will the board send him packing, I doubt it. It is almost as if Wayne has somehow set things up to ensure that he retains power over the board and the entire NRA.
      I doubt that the NRA will fold. The worst thing that could happen to them is for them to lose all respect in the 2nd amendment community. I do agree with someone who said that if Wayne LaPierre and others in top leadership positions left, and were replaced by better people, membership likely would go up, and I think it would go up in a big way. I thought it was approaching 6 million just a short time ago, but now it seems to have dropped back to about 5 million. With a leadership group that people respected, there is no reason that it should not be double that number, or at least 10 million, if not the full 12 million. And believe me, that jump in membership would grab attention on both sides of the aisle in Washington, D.C.
      The fact that there is a financial issue happening with the NRA is extremely disappointing to me. That is one thing I never thought I would hear in my life. If anything, I thought we as gun owners had our integrity going for us. I hope that it turns out that there was no financial mismanagement and it was just wishful thinking on the part of the anti gun people. Of course, I am probably being naive about the idea of our people being of higher character than normal.
      One thing we must try to do , is to with hold judgement until things are finalized and fully looked at by legal means. We must be fair to everyone, no matter how we might feel. We owe the leadership at least that much, as human beings, if not for some of the good things that they have done for our side in the past.

    2. As a senior citizen, a Marine combat vet, a retired LE Officer who spent 19 of my 30 years as a Use of force and Firearms Instructor, I’m not a stranger to guns or violence. I am neither a Rep. or a Dem. I am pretty much a middle of the road person who is pro 2nd Amendment but not to the point of saying everyone should have anything they want for a weapon. I was appalled when I returned from Vietnam and saw AR-15’s being sold to civilians. These civilians were to me, the ones who wanted to “play” soldier but wouldn’t have any part in joining the military. As for me as a vet, I didn’t want to ever see any AR-15s or AK’s ever again. Nothing but bad memories there. Today some vets don’t think civilians should have these weapons and some do. It makes little difference now because there are so many of them out there that there is no controlling who has them any more so no use beating that horse. As for the way the politicians want to do things, which seems to be to disarm everyone, even law abiding people with lawful weapons. I’m not for that and won’t comply with that. I have had real killers, all of which are now on the streets on “parole”, threaten me and my family so I will go outside the law if needed to protect my family. I don’t have any answers to stopping gun violence other than to say I see it as a people problem, not a gun issue so much. I believe if a individual is determined to harm someone and can’t get a gun, they will still make do with an alternative weapon and I could go on here and name at least a dozen different weapons they could use, but I won’t.
      What I know we can do is to STOP electing friggin IDIOTS to office. An example of that list of idiots would be to look at the list of democrats running for President. They want to give away the country to ILLEGAL immigrants. Give them free everything while we still work our asses off to earn what we can get.
      Then look at the very bottom of the septic tank that we have for a President who hasn’t stopped lying to the US Citizens since he was sworn in. A coward who swears he knows so much about being patriotic and about everything else as well. Trump is one of the most disgusting human beings I have ever seen. I won’t vote for him.
      Just stop and think before you vote. Do you want an old person whose chances of fulfilling a full term in office is slim or will have a person with dementia running the country. How about people whose hearts are not with the US LEGAL citizens but with the people who broke into our country. Simply put. STOP voting stupid people into office.

      1. Middle of the road my ass-never-trumper RINO is what I see. I’ve heard a lot of lies ABOUT Trump; what’s HE lied about,. honestly?
        Government was corrupt long before he showed up.

    3. This is not a pro or anti-NRA battle. Remember the words of our Founding Fathers, “We might as well hang together for we will surely hang separately”. Once the NRA goes, all the other smaller organizations will be picked off, one by one. As each goes the next will become the anti-gunners new boogeyman. Enough of the infighting over gunners vs. fudds! We must stand together, clean house at the NRA and unite the disparate pro-gun organizations into one voice and political weapon.

      1. ” On every occasion [of Constitutional interpretation] let us carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates, and instead of trying [to force] what meaning may be squeezed out of the text, or invented against it, [instead let us] conform to the probable one in which it was passed.”
        – Thomas Jefferson, letter to William Johnson, 12 June 1823

        This is one of our founding fathers as well. But modern politicians don’t see the world the same way. That’s why the NRA needs to stop the “damage control” tactics. These liberals are nickle and diming our rights simply because of their feelings, and have no respect for the Constitution. And the NRA, in the name of diplomacy (in other words, to save face) has allowed it to happen. Meanwhile, gun owners who are being discriminated against are almost powerless to this “big brother knows best” bullshit from the left. Every single time a shooting happens, these liberals use disaster capitalism tactics in order to ride on impulse and emotion. And they televise the shit out of it to do so.

        So if you want to be an organization that stands for people and their rights, you need to be proactive, not reactive.

    4. Well said Mr. Walters. Thanks for clearly stating many of the things that have been on my mind throughout this whole ordeal. Cleaning house is never fun (unless you’re my dear wife) but in is so very necessary to get the dirt taken care of. Let the dust fly and may the best/good men survive and serve this organization with truth, integrity, honor and humility.

    5. This just in, minutes ago: Wayne LaPierre claims to the NRA Board that NRA President Oliver North is pressuring LaPierre to resign because if LaPierre’s financial improprieties! Could this be the beginning of the end of LaPierre’s lock on the NRA as his personal cash cow?
      Could the NRA become the Second Amendment Civil Rights powerhouse that it has the potential to be?

        1. Thanks for linking to that letter. I’m an NRA Benefactor member, and I’m really disturbed by this turn of events. I honestly don’t know whether I should believe Mr. LaPierre, or Col. North. I’d like to see ALL the facts (and even the allegations) come out. Air the dirty laundry. Excise the cancer, and NRA will not only survive but grow, and thereby grow stronger. While I respect both men, no one person is that important in the grand scheme of things. I’m starting to think that Mr. LaPierre has come to look upon his position as a sinecure, and I’ve complained in writing about NRA’s embrace of ERPO laws – but there’s been no response. If even a Benefactor member is ignored, I wonder what it’ll take for ANY ordinary member to be heard up at the highest levels of NRA.
          The person I most want to hear from is the previous NRA President, Pete Brownell.

    6. Yet another NRA apologist heard from. If the NRA cannot clean up its act, it deserves to go away, and GOA will pick up the mantle and carry on as the nation’s preeminent gun rights group. If that should come to pass, everyone who’s NOT a dyed-in-the-wool FUDD will need to man up, join GOA (or FPC) and start donating. Only by working from a position of unity and strength can we beat the gun-haters and undo the many sins of the NRA!

      Start NOW by visiting GOA at

      1. Exactly! Defenders of the Second Amendment will choose which gun-rights organization will be successful by their support. I choose Gun Owners of America.

        (I renewed my membership there along with a healthy donation yesterday)

    7. I have been a member of the NRA since 1993 and my renewal is due 2023, if I am still alive. I too am disappointed in the lack of gun rights support from them. Red flag laws should never have seen the light of day had the NRA done its job of protecting and promoting our gun rights. I am also a member of SAF and GOA because they make enough noise to keep a few congressmen on their toes. Sure they lack the influence and fear that is the NRA, but like others have said, their presence is all that keeps the parasites from moving right in and abolishing our second amendment.

    8. Mark Walters IS connected because he is an instructor. I am a paying member, but maybe not after August. They have screwed over the membership time an time again and still continue to do so. I am not the only one to feel like it has been shoved in my face and they dance on my dime. Sorry, I never have been a chump or let the bully take my lunch money and I am not going to start now. There are a number of comments on this that mirror what Walters says, that the NRA does more for the 2A than any other organization. The problem is that no one says what they have done except Negote our Rights Away. Yes membership went up when Obama was president but gun sales did, also. That doesn’t make it a absolute need to keep them. Quite possibly, if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t had bump stocks taken away or the much more serious Constitutional infraction of Red Flag Laws. Along with the trails they have behind them with other Negotiating Rights Away laws. Anyone who believes their malarkey can keep paying them for nothing but I’m not sure a magazine is valuable enough for me to be a patsy.

    9. I also do not agree with everything the NRA does. Nevertheless, I support them with my membership and have it set up for auto-renew. I support them from time to time with other donations. I have NRA decals on my vehicles. I wear NRA hats and T shirts. The big guy on the block will always attract descent but I will tell you the others could not do any better and there would be complaints loud and strong against them also.

      1. It’s precisely that sort of thinking that keeps the NRA picking your pockets with your consent, not having to produce results! One should NOT be joining a GUN RIGHTS group for the swag, the periodical, or the apparel. A gun rights organization’s FIRST PRIORITY should be the EFFECTIVE and COST-EFFICIENT defense of the 2nd Amendment!

        If GOA ends up becoming the next big boy on the block, I can guaran-damn-tee that they will not be like the NRA, they will not Negotiate our Rights Away but rather Guarantee Our 2A. GOA is not a gaggle of fudds! GOA will not rest till the full measure of 2A rights is restored, from interstate open and/or concealed carry to the unregistered ownership of machine guns. The GOA understands that RKBA is about being able to resist tyranny in government, as well as fight terrorism and crime, not merely hunt and compete on the range.

        And anyone who can’t understand and accept that should stay the hell out of our way, and stick to belonging to their local hunting club.

    10. @ Mark Walters

      Let me clear something up for you..

      “Speaking of that, here come a few more things off of my chest. I’ve seen far too many posts on social media, which to me is a joke anyway, from chatroom warriors that are calling for the destruction of the NRA. As I mentioned above, the shenanigans the NRA played here in Georgia back in 2009, and 2010 nearly cost them my membership. Nearly. That was before I gave it more thought. What good would that do, to leave the NRA because I disagreed with them over this issue?”
      [End Quote]

      It wasn’t just one issue, it has been series, a long trail of abuses and betrayals by the NRA going back almost a full century. These are not isolated incidents, this is a clear and deliberate pattern. If the NRA, and most importantly the BOD of the NRA does not cease and desist immediately and work not just to solve these issues then yes, they absolutely 100% deserve destruction.

      You see, people like myself cancelled our memberships because we have been given the run around multiple times. We are not keyboard or chatroom warriors, and the only idiots who routinely make such a claim are the snot nosed sissies who whine that “You are just sitting at home not doing anything. You should be supporting the NRA because its better than nothing.” Yeah, I had one of those individuals brag to me that he could eat any amount of feces fed to him as long as he had just enough bread to help it go down. What does that tell you?

      Now I don’t care if the NRA is paying you or not. What you are doing is acting as an apologist for them by attempting to water down or temper the criticisms that have been made over the last decade and a half by former members, and doing it for free by your own admission. The NRA has done everything they can to silence and delegitimize those individuals who tried to speak up, denied them in some cases the ability to run for the board through rule changes, and then tried to blame those individuals for some of its problems. The only place these individuals had left to go to voice their grievances has been social media, where they are also not liked or welcomed because of their views, but at least their comments haven’t 100% been silenced there.

      If the NRA is destroyed, the fault lays at the feet of the NRA itself, and at those who enabled years of corruption and mismanagement by acting as PR people whether paid or not.

      Stop trying to delegitimize the current and former members who are fed up with it. You at least called the BOD to action, I will grant you that. However we wont support them until after they change and can provide proof, so if the BOD does not act then their destruction is on their own heads. No more compromises.

      1. You should join them. And the Secand Amendment Foundation and the Firearm Policy Coalition and your state’s firearm group and any other state’s (including and especially Calguns). Joining these groups is not mutually exclusive of the NRA.

    11. “Nothing positive comes from the collapse of the NRA. I hope they are listening. The Board of Directors must step to the plate and deep clean whatever is rotting or step aside and let someone else get it done.



    12. The NRA is no longer about Firearms Rights it is now a “Conservative Advocacy Orginization; Unless it returns to its core mission then it is about promoting poltical ideology and not defnding our Constituional Right!

    13. Selling ” FEAR ” of anti-gunners or the collapse of N.R.A. will not work to keep members. Those who say ” Keep Supporting N.R.A. ” after countless times they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory are ” DAMMED FOOLS ” .
      Corrupt and compromised from within is no way to go through life son.

      They CAN be replaced !
      They SHOULD be replaced !
      They WILL be replaced !

    14. Talk about a circular firing squad! When the NRA goes under so does the 2nd Amendment. David (Camera) Hogg & his merry band of gun haters don’t even have the GOA on there radar. The MSM and the Democrat Swamp Donkeys also have no concern about any other 2A organization besides the NRA. I agree that they (NRA) have problem & are by no means the fighters I want them to be but when those who need them the most can’t understand the greater good the outlook becomes very bleak indeed for our cherished freedom. I’ve held my nose many times at the ballot box because of the worse alternative & this fight is no different. We should do everything we can to fix what is wrong but if you own a gun & aren’t a NRA member, then you are an enemy of the 2A because that is what they’ve been working on for many, many years. Don’t let them win!

      1. @Tyler

        “We should do everything we can to fix what is wrong but if you own a gun & aren’t a NRA member, then you are an enemy of the 2A because that is what they’ve been working on for many, many years.”

        So the people you are trying to claim as enemies of the Second Amendment, the people who are actually saying “I will not pay the NRA to continually compromise and try to trade my liberties away”, the people who are far more knowledgeable and principled on defending the Second Amendment than you, those are the people you think everyone should blame.

        Meanwhile your action via your statement translates this way. “If you refuse to support the NRA working with Nancy Pelosi to destroy the 2nd Amendment more slowly, you’re the real enemy.”

        Why don’t you sit down before you hurt yourself there Poindexter….

          1. @Jack Mac

            You may want to re read my comment, and that of the original poster. I specifically stated that gun owning non members are not enemies.. That is if you are replying to me.

            It was the original poster, Tyler, who made the claim that those of us who have left the NRA or wont join because of the NRA’s hijinks to pass watered down gun control efforts in the name of “Compromise” are Enemies, a claim which I threw back at him for the nonsense that it is.

            Please read comments carefully before responding, or make sure you are replying to the correct comment line. Tagging @_____ also helps clear up mistakes.

      2. Hey thanks for the tip terrorist. Now GOA is in my radar. N.R.A. first, GOA next. I hope when you fat, old white idiots die off, these fund raising organizations die off with you. Y’all doing a great job of making yourselves irrelevant anyway.

        Good job lining Ollie North’s pockets, suckers.

    15. I’m an NRA Voting Life member, and I’m not a bandwagon fan. LaPiere and Others have run NRA into the red: that needs to change. Salaries need to realistic and no one should have that much influence and power over the NRA. All the NRA members are what makes NRA great. Lets make NRA great again! If you’re not an NRA voting member, you probably don’t have much to say in this matter: because you’re not voting???. So dole out life membership dues and feel free to chime in. I see a lot of people who are not voting members, acting like they have an axe to grind? What a joke. If every NRA member donated a $20 bill, it would get NRA into the green real quick. Something to think about… Knox has validity but not that much validity. Wayne LaPiere has done a great deal of good for NRA, I’m not going to allow a liberal media conglom to publish a one sided story to con me into swallowing a load of crap.

    16. Anybody making 5 mill a year on my dime makes me wonder. I think some changes are in order. I have been a life member for over 50 years and have seen and heard many arguments over the years. Let’s get our sh-t together for America’s and freedom’s sake and stop this name calling crap. There is NO reason anyone, including pro athletes, should make this kind of money.

    17. The NRA-ILA has become arrogant in its mission to defend the 2nd Amendment. It sees itself as the “only one” and will not even acknowledge that other organizations are in the fight, lest they siphon off some of the funds that the NRA believes is their due. The NRA will tell us what laws are best and we are to sit there and cheer them on.
      Mostly when the NRA gets involved in the state or local level, it rarely does so in cooperation with the state gun organizations. When it does, it rides rough-shod telling the yokels what is best for them. The NRA will tell us which politicians to vote for, never once asking the local/state orgs who they know is best. This has gotten us the likes of Harry Reid and Kirsten Gillibrand; yes, both endorsed by the NRA and that is just two of a long list of political landmines.
      It is passed time for the BoD to clean house and get proper leadership at the NRA’s political action arm.

    18. I am a NRA member. I support and believe in the mission of other gun rights organizations, and want to see them grow into mature associations which can and will apply pressure, and vehemently defend the inalienable rights of law-abiding gun owners; the Constitution of the United States of America; the 1st and 2nd Amendments (especially); and to exercise legal juris prudence to stop those who would do harm and act in disregard to the above mentioned.
      With that being said, I recognize that, despite the malignancies and corruption that exist within the NRA, it. is the ONLY organization/association in existence today which the Disarmament class fears, and which still holds greater sway and influence than any other gun rights group. Rooting for the collapse, disintegration, or dissolution of this oldest and largest civil rights protectorate is ludicrous, and is exactly what those bent on total confiscation of civilian arms and the repeal of the 2nd Amendment salivate over. Let the NRA fail, turn to dust, and blow away in the wind, and then be prepared to see what follows: the failure of; transformation into dust; and the wind carrying away the vestiges of, our collective rights. That’s what will happen. There is no group; organization; or association capable of taking on the mantle and standing in the gap (vacuum) that would be created if the NRA is destroyed.
      I am unhappy with the NRA. I am disgusted with the exorbitant salaries that NRA executives are paid. I am disgusted with how little of the association’s dollars are actually used to directly enjoin legal battle with the left/gun grabbers. I am disgusted by the number of ancillary ventures that the NRA has created, diluting the mission of the NRA with wine clubs and ineffective insurance plans. I am disgusted by the number and frequency of “fundraising” attempts, especially with the amount of (potential) financial impropriety and waste in existence.
      With that, I reassert: thad the NRA is the most impactful; largest; most powerful; and ardently-opposed gun rights organization in the world. Take away the NRA, and see how quickly Bloomberg, Cuomo, Pelosi, Steyer, and Co. mop the floor with GOA, FPC, SAF, and “clean house” on the smaller, less self-sufficient, less-feared organizations. Time to cut the poisonous head from the body of the snake? Yes! Time to throw the proverbial baby out with the dirty bath water? Do so at your own peril…

    19. NRA is #1 protector of our 2A rights. The rest are all wanna bees with zero record of effective and deliberate advocacy. No NRA is not perfect, but it is heads and shoulders above any other civil rights org on earth, bar none.

    20. What the NRA and most people don’t realize is that once LaPierre and his toadies are gone, the membership will see a marked increase. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of gun owners out there who have been alienated by the fiasco that is Wayne LaPierre, and as soon as he and his minions are gone (hopefully without his golden parachute), the NRA can begin to heal and get back on track.

      1. @JPM, LaPiere, Hammer, et al. have turned the NRA into their personal cash flow machine. They would never have found such high paying jobs, elsewhere. They will not let go of their golden goose until it is dead.
        They had eighty years to get repeal the NFA, and did not even try. They have had almost fifty years to repeal the GCA, and have not even tried. The recent gun parts sell out. Need I go on?

    21. There is a choice for gun owners. Sure NRA has done some stupid things but looking at the big picture, it is still a major force that not only fights for gun ownership but also is instrumental in continuing programs that introduce new shooters, young and old to the sport. They assist in training our LE and military. SO many things that the other gun groups can’t and don’t do.
      These latest efforts by those who call for the demise of the NRA can only be explained by again, not seeing the big picture or perhaps those who mask themselves as NRA members and gun right activists, but in reality are shills for the Democrats (Communists) and their gun grabbing agenda.

      We must remember a very important fact that animal prey in the wild experience every day:


    22. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. PERIOD

      I’m a NRA Member but being behind enemy lines in Kommieforniastan, I support CalGuns Foundation, they actually do something for this state and Firearms Policy Coalition.

    23. I am Life member of the NRA. Sadly they have lost their way and what they are supposed to be fighting for. In the early 2000’s the NRA abandoned NJ, and the NJARPC became its afiliate. I’m not trashing the NJARPC. Why that was done, don’t know. In that time early 2000’s and on the only mail I had received from the NRA was for upgrading my membership, nothing about what was happening in NJ with anti gun bills. They have lost their way and it’s hurting them. Wayne Lapierre, Chris Cox and others need to go. Need people on the NRA BOD and running the organization that will have the members best interest at heart and fight. No compromising with the Dems and anti. They don’t compromise with us. I had considered dropping my NRA membership, back in the day early 2000’s . At that time I had spoken with other NRA members from Nj who felt the same way. don’t know if they dropped their memberships or not.

    24. I’ve been an NRA member off and on for decades; continuous for the last 15 years. I’ve given memberships to my wife, kids and grand kids. But there comes a time when I have to ask myrself is what I’m paying to support the best use of my money. And I’ve slowly and begrudgingly come to the conclusion I no longer feel the NRA is acting in my best interest or using my money wisely. When NRA memberships I’ve paid for time out in a couple of years, there will be no renewals from me unless things change drastically within the NRA. Currently my choices of what organizations to support are Gun Owners of America and The 2nd Amendment Foundation. I tend toward loyalty, but enough is enough.

        1. So? What’s your point? I’m doing so because I believe the NRA is a lost cause not worth “reforming”. As a matter of free choice, I choose to support those whom I feel better support me. If you want to go down with the ship because of some false sense of right and wrong … have at it.

    25. How many large corporations have as big a board of directors as the NRA? Zero. By having a huge board, the leaders can dilute the effectiveness of anyone who wants to make changes. Plus, how many members actually study the profiles? Many folks just don’t vote, or vote for the ‘recommended” candidates.

      The net effect is that all power is concentrated in the NRA leadership, with little to no interference by the BOD. Therefore, the shortfalls ride squarely on the shoulders of its leadership. There are a lot of problems to be resolved, particularly the sweetheart deals for retirement for the leaders, and where the NRA goes in the future.

      Still, the organization is important, and I’ll keep trying to change it from within.

    26. NRA upper deck have, by their own doings, lost the confidence of the membership. The BOD equally has failed the membership.

      Any organization which believes it is to big to fail no matter what it does will get a stark reminder, lose the confidence of your membership, watch your cash cow dwindle.

      As a member, someone who has experience in running an organization of this size and who believe the 2nd Amendment tolerates no infringement, needs to be brought in and clean house of those who brought this mess upon the membership, all the while padding their pockets. Shameful!

      If the BOD fails in this regard, we will see more members money, originally budgeted for NRA, going to other entities.

    27. I don’t think the board actually has a function since it appears they do actually do any work. The heads of the NRA are almost as toxic as the Politicians they work with. At this point the NRA needs a deep cleaning from the Top down. No one getting a salary should be earning more than 170k per year. Donations and membership dues are better spent towards policy fights and education that’s Pro 2A. Right now all I see is waste. I’m a life member in case you don’t like my opinion. I believe in the good that could come from the NRA but lately all I see is privileged management that is only playing to maintain control.

      1. I suggest that we set the maximum annual compensation for any NRA board member to be equal to the salary of a United States Senator – currently a very generous $174,000.

    28. I’ve gone to 3 of the last 5 Conventions. That said, I’m not going this year. Instead I’m going to work the weekend and make more money to help support the NRA. Bitch all you want, but they’re the best we got. GOA has turned out to be a disappointment and I’m not sending them any more money. The real question is….how many of you get off your opinions on this thread and other anti NRA threads and contact your Senators and Representatives and let them know that they must take their oath of office seriously? How many of you are active in your State Government? Take some time to put your money where your mouth and keyboards are. Join your local Friends of the NRA and help to put a positive outlook on the NRA at the base level! I got involved 3 years ago and we do our best to let people know that we are out there and ready to serve.

      1. I hear you, but my Senators are Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell.
        The chances of inducing any form of sanity in those two is effectively zero. Actually, less than zero because even the attempt would likely put me some list of troublemakers who must be subjected to additional scrutiny.

    29. I’m a life member, have been since 1972, and until now a supporter of whatever came down the street. But that has ended and I will not give them one more Lincoln until this fiasco is cleared up and and the org gets back Kroger supporting the 2A instead of supporting themselves. They think they can be “union mob bosses” but what they forgot is that dues are not mandatory or automatically paid. Clean up your house NRA.

    30. I know the NRA sees these posts.

      NRA I stopped supporting you when you started selling out our Second Amendment right a little at a time over the years. Until you start supporting our right and bringing it all back you will not get another penny of support.

      How can you tell when the NRA sells out? When they support a “Bump Stock Ban” after one MIGHT have been used in a crime they cannot tells why it happened. (FBI WEAPONS STING GONE WRONG) When they cannot prove it was even used to kill anyone and yet NRA supported criminalizing 500,000 Law Abiding Citizens who own them.

      1. I agree. Myself and both of my sons are life members. I do not believe some wealthy idiot used a bump stock alone in vegas. Probably like kennedy your children will read the true story. The NRA has done a lot of moderate politicking over the years. They have done some good stuff like Eddy the Eagle and training anyone who wanted it but the top seems to be crooked and if the crooks in ny can prove them guilty so be it.

    31. I am an NRA member and will always remain one. Our 2A rights would be gone already if they weren’t out there fighting. We need to elect men & women that put God first in their lives. If they don’t follow the basic rules God has laid down for us then how do you expect them to follow the rules of this corrupt world? Drain the swamp.

    32. I am a Annual Member of GOA, and a Life Member of the NRA (since `78). I upgraded a couple of years ago to Patron Life. I wish now I would have used that $350 towards a Life Membership to the GOA.

    33. I am the NRA however I choose not to give one penny as as long as the current miscreants are running Negotiating Rights Away,Drain the NRA top to bottom.

    34. Maybe the NRA can make some of that money back by selling ” Take the guns first and follow due process later” Trump 2020 re-election bumper stickers, to the Trump sheep?

    35. And since you refused to ditch them they endorsed an avowed gun grabber for governor of Georgia, because he punished someone for taking money from the NRA once, over actual 2A supporter Kemp.

      Yeah, I think plenty good can come from the NRA’s collapse

      1. Good article. Thought provoking. Tools in the Box. Change must be brought forward at the Board level, in order to steer the NRA ship and pump the bilges. It appears as if the NRA is taking on “WATER” . Obvious and apparent, yes they do have issues like most large organizations. Considering all dynamics before us,we try to envision a Nation without the NRA, and what we see looks very dismal. GOA is an effective organization as well as others. We tend to view them all, as a TOOL of sorts.

        The NRA is made of people and most good trades people keep varying types of tools, on their TOOL Belts in their Tool Box. This is carried out in order to effectively get the job done. Use the tools provided, before the much needed Tools are taken away. Keep those bilges a pumping!

    36. I’m a lifetime member the only reason I haven’t trashed my membership is because I still want have something resembling a voice especially when a board of directors election takes place. But whenever I get a call from the NRA for a survey or to solicit money from me I tell them I’m not giving another red cent until they start to listen to members like myself because I can’t sign off on their recent actions.

    37. I will be genuinely shocked if anything happens. Let alone anything positive happens that would lead the NRA to actually care and fight to protect more than their fudd base. The people in the high tower are too corrupt to let go and the people who should have the power to put a stop to it are either powerless or complicit.

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