UK Gun Owner Loses Licenses Over Social Media Presence ~ VIDEO


Surveillance Spying Government Big Brother Camera
Surveillance Spying Government Big Brother Camera

Fairfax, VA – -( In 2016, UK shooter and popular YouTube gun channel personality Callum Long-Collins told the BBC, “Being British and a firearms owner, it almost feels illegal to have any sort of opinion on using guns for self-defense.” The comments appear to have been proved correct. According to an April 23 article in The Times titled, “Gun licences stripped from shooting activist over YouTube comments,” Long-Collins told the publication that he lost an appeal to have his firearms licenses reinstated with the primary reason being the content of his YouTube page, EnglishShooting.

According to a 2018 report from PJMedia, Long-Collins’ firearms licenses were revoked in 2016 following a reportedly false assault allegation that was later dropped. However, after coming to the attention of the state, UK authorities began looking into Long-Collins’s social media presence.

Long-Collins’s primary offense appears to have been his advocacy for the right to armed self-defense. Back in 2015, following the attacks at the Bataclan theater in Paris, France, Long-Collins posted a video to his YouTube page about the event. In it, Long-Collins reportedly contemplated that the French should be able to exercise their Right-to-Carry a handgun for self-defense in order to prevent such terrorist violence.

In an attempt to preserve his ability to own firearms, Long-Collins announced in June 2018 that he would be no longer post videos to his YouTube Channel. In a farewell video, Long-Collins explained that after the initial incident, “police then looked at previous videos that I had made in previous views that I had voiced on the channel and they felt that that wasn't in keeping with that of a licensed firearms owner within the UK.” The shooter went on to note,

Over the past two years I've made significant efforts to change the direction of the channel change the videos and to change my own beliefs in views around fire firearms and firearm ownership, unfortunately, I've failed to bring the channel and the videos to the standard that the police feel is adequate.

Long-Collins also stated that, “due to repeated comments from other people on the videos [the licensing authorities] felt that the channel was a forum of extremism.”

In early 2019, Long-Collins began posting new videos to EnglishShooting. In an April 3, 2019 video Long-Collins explained to viewers that he no longer has a shotgun or firearm certificate.

Shortly after posting new content to the YouTube channel, Long-Collins sat down for an interview with The Times. The shooter told the paper, “The main issue was a video that I made around the Paris attacks where I advocated the French to be able to use handguns for self-defence because of the frequency of attacks that were happening at the time.”

The UK government does not respect its subjects’ natural right to keep and bear arms. In the UK, prospective firearms licensees are required to provide “good reason” for owning a firearm. In the majority of the UK, self-defense is not considered sufficient reason to own a firearm. Further, police are given wide discretion in determining whether a person has met the licensing criteria.

For an excellent overview of the firearms laws in Great Britain, please visit the Library of Congress at:

Moreover, the UK government does not recognize its subjects’ right to free speech.

Despite the protection provided by the First and Second Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, U.S. gun owners should view Long-Collins’s situation as a warning, rather than as further evidence of American superiority.

On this side of the pond, some anti-gun politicians have shown a willingness to restrict firearms rights based on a person’s speech. In January, Illinois State Rep. Daniel Didech introduced a legislation that would require the state police to “conduct a search of the purchasers' social media accounts available to the public to determine if there is any information that would disqualify the person from obtaining or require revocation of a currently valid Firearm Owner's Identification Card.”

In addition to opposition from gun rights organizations, the legislation prompted concerns from the American Civil Liberties Union. An ACLU representative told CBS Chicago, “A person’s political beliefs, a person’s religious beliefs, things that should not play a part in whether someone gets a FOID card.”

U.S. gun right supporters must pay close attention to the ongoing denigration of natural rights in the UK and other countries and redouble our efforts to ensure Americans never face these abuses of power.

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  • 14 thoughts on “UK Gun Owner Loses Licenses Over Social Media Presence ~ VIDEO

    1. It’s a similar scenario here in Australia. You better be really careful what you post on social media. The thought police are on the beat 24/7
      It’s also pretty much illegal here to protect yourself with anything considered a “weapon “ let alone talk about it.

    2. The Brits fought the NAZI 70+ years ago just to turn into them! The blood we gave to free them seems to have been wasted!

    3. The push for “Red Flag Laws” is a push into the “pre-crime” area of thought. It is a bad omen for us all, especially for gun owners. I received a reply from Sen. Rubio that he felt they were necessary for “safety” reasons. He will not get my vote next time.

    4. Obviously one must leverage some anonymity techniques to preach a gospel contrary to the State edict. These days that would include using a VPN with final endpoint in a free country, paid for with a gift card bought with cash, using anonymous email receivers to set up accounts (including for VPN), not putting your mug on camera, deleting EXIF/XMP data in videos, etc. Am I allowed to provide this info or will they come for me now? Shit, should have followed my own advice 😀 Glad most of my people don’t live in England anymore.

    5. As usual, LaPierre Inc. gets it wrong… the Rights they refer to are called “GOD-given rights” by our nation’s founders, and they call it that for a reason.

      Calling God-given Rights “natural rights” is a compromise intended to mollify atheist liberals. I don’t care if liberals are triggered at the mention of God; our rights are God-given BECAUSE WE WERE CREATED IN HIS IMAGE. And it is because we were created in His image that we have individual SOVEREIGNTY, from which we (the masters) create or form governments (the servants) to do our bidding.

      Atheist liberals want to turn that master-servant relationship on its head and make government our masters. But to do that, they have to convince We The People that there is no God, and thus destroy the true basis for We The People having power over government. I for one reject that premise, and assert that those who promote it are actually committing sedition. Therefore leftists should be physically removed. Deport them along with the illegal aliens. Then we can promote LEGAL immigration and increase the number of people who want to be here because they LOVE America and what it stands for, and who embrace our nation’s heritage!!

      At least LEGAL immigrants support and promote the concept of God-given Rights, not “natural rights” or worse, “civil rights” (which is just government-issued privilege).

      1. @Will Flatt, Have you ever taken a basic jurisprudence course. All of your definitions are a off. God given Rights and natural Rights were written about long before there were atheist liberals to compromise with. Civil Rights are the same thing, but distinct from ecclesiastical or military rights.
        I think that your heart is in the right place, but your words grate on the ears.

      2. Will,

        Wild Bill is right, your heart is in the right place, however your rhetoric actually inadvertently serves the left. To say leftist should be physically removed…deport them along with illegals is counterproductive. Leftist too are Americans, and have the same Rights as you. Advocating violating one citizens Rights violates all citizens Rights.

        Biatec point is harsh; his point better said you have lowered yourself to their level.

        Deport illegals, yes. “Physically” deport Americans because you disagree with their political dogma, not only no but hell no.

        Advocating on social media violence upon another citizen or group of citizens plays into the hands of those who push red flag laws, now using your words to justify their warped ideology.

        1. Great point John ! Just talking with the neighbor this morning who is a court house security scanner about the lack of respect of one another’s opinion’s anymore without them getting hateful and mean . Seems as anymore disagreements with others concerning beliefs , politics et’c .are dealt with in a hostile manner . He told me I would not believe the rage and hate & disrespect in a great deal of the people coming thru the Judicial system nowadays . He said he was afraid for the country and I told him I felt the same way also. Luckily our sheriff supports right to carry and all of our constitutional rights . He has Been elected three times and his office has been raided once by the FBI do to false allegations by the opposition political backers & money men in town who were supporting others to oust him .He is a man of God and and openly let’s Everyone know it. He teaches the Law side of the concealed carry course locally . Now that is support . When push comes to shove we in our county know whose side he will be on . We need more people like this in positions who can help us to prevent this Country from going the way of so many others .There is hope and support out there . Just how much is to be determined ?

        2. “Leftist too are Americans, and have the same Rights as you. Advocating violating one citizens Rights violates all citizens Rights.

          Biatec point is harsh; his point better said you have lowered yourself to their level.”

          No…Leftists stop being Americans when they undermined America, its people, their rights to the benefit of self hating cultural Marxists, hostile elites, and foreign hordes….

          You do not get to stay a part of a group after betraying it, its value, its foundation and its members.

          The idea of “Well if you hit your enemies, they win” and “its better to lose with nobility then win dishonorable” bit from conservies like you is why the left always wins, because they will do anything want and you will at most is just talk, maybe whine, but nothing more, mean while they run rough shot over our rights, but hey if we deport them to the 3rd world they adore, and remove them from the reach of harming our rights (the things you claim to value) ……some how…..WE are the badguys…

          Yeah, not buying it anymore.

          They can be marxists in the 3rd world where they belong (ideally they belong in hell, but in reality what is the 3rd world then hell on Earth?) we have only America to be free men inside of, you value freedom? Then defend it, I mean really defend it, not just playing around, trying to be “respectable”, lose nobility, and waste time and money in pointless waste and virtue signaling, because if you are going to do that, you are just helping the left.

    6. This is what the NRA is not grasping; We are already there. There is no form of “RED FLAG LAW” that can guard against them using our “FREE SPEECH” against us. PERIOD!

      There is a reason we have no predetermative laws in this country. Or, shouldn’t according to the Constitution.

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