Daily Gun Deals: 1000 Rnds Wolf Gold 223 Rem FMJ Ammo $286.99 FREE S&H $0.286ea CODE

1000 Rnds Wolf Gold 223 Rem FMJ Ammo Deal 2
1000 Rnds Wolf Gold 223 Rem FMJ Ammo Deal 2

USA – Brownells has a sales on a 1000 rounds of Wolf Gold 223 Remington FMJ Ammunition that with coupon code “M8Y” at check out you can get them for $286.99 with FREE shipping. That is $0.286 each which is about as cheap as you can get this ammo today.

Editors Note: This deal was published in May of 2019 and now has expired. However you may find the Wolf ammunition your looking for below in the live price checker

Economy + Reliability For The High-Volume .223 Shooter. Wolf Gold .223 Remington 55gr FMJ rifle ammunition is great for high-volume shooting and is made for reliable ignition in adverse conditions. Wolf Gold .223 Remington 55gr FMJ ammo offers premium performance in a reloadable brass case.

  • Standard load for AR-15 type rifles
  • Full Metal Jacket bullet provides minimal-to-no expansion on impact
  • Reloadable brass cases
  • Available by the box or in case quantities

Next time you’re stocking up for a trip to the range for practice – or even your next competition – load up on Wolf Gold .223 Remington 55gr FMJ.

1000 Rnds Wolf Gold 223 Rem FMJ Ammo $286.99 FREE S&H $0.286ea CODE

Wolf ammo is well reviewed:

1000 Rnds Wolf Gold 223 Rem FMJ Ammo Cart Check 05/09/2019:

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Randall Schaefers

Brownell said that this price is no good. This has happened more than once to me where you advertise a price and it turns out to be bogus. Please get your facts and prices straight before you put them on your web site!


O.K. that 1000rnd deal for wolf gold 223 rem. I posted previously is no longer the $224.00 like I paid about a year ago, But my source is Target sports U.S.A and the cheapest they sell it for right now is $269.50 per 1000rnd case, delivered to your door, free shipping. As of right now, they are out, and you put in an email address, and they notify you when it comes in. They order it by a container at a time, and I got an email back from them yesterday that it is on its way, but did not… Read more »


I forgot to mention, go on their web site, and click on 223ammo, then go directly to the ninth page, second or third ammo down on right side.


I bought this exact ammo from an online dealer I use. 1000rnds wolf gold 223 fmj 55gr for $224.00 delivered to my front door, free shipping. One of the best rounds I fired. It is not steel case ammo, they are brass case. Now it’s been close to a year since I bought these, but I wouldn’t think the price would go that high, but prices do get a little crazy. I can’t think of the dealer right now, but I will look it up, and post it in a while, but I do know if you buy in bulk,… Read more »

David C

Please do post that source! Thanks!


I don’t shoot steel case ammo in my ARs and haven’t shot Wolf, but this new Wolf might be worth a try.